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Multiple station codes explanatory note

Last update 26 December 2017

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Some stations running over two separate lines have a different CRS code for each line.  Normally only one works for national rail enquiries.

The reason for most of these stations having two codes was for the old Disabled Passenger Reporting System (DPRS), which allowed staff assisting disabled passengers to know to which part of the station to direct their attention.  DPRS no longer exists.

Stations where this applies are shown below:

Glasgow Queen Street		GLQ	GQL
Glasgow Central			GLC	GCL
Heworth				HEW	HEZ
Highbury & Islington		HHY	HII	XHZ
Lichfield Trent Valley		LTV	LIF
Liverpool Lime Street		LIV	LVL
Liverpool South Parkway		LPY	ALE
Retford				RET	XRO
St Pancras			STP	SPL	SPX
Smethwick Galton Bridge		SGB	GTI
Tamworth			TAM	TAH
Willesden Junction		WIJ	WJH	WJL

The first code shown above defines the whole station for all passenger ticketing and train enquiries.  The subsequent code(s) in each group are recognised by most retail systems but are converted to the first code in the background.

At Heworth, HEW covers the National Rail platforms and HEZ the Tyne & Wear Metro ones.

At St Pancras, STP covers the high-level platforms used by East Midlands Trains, SPL is the low-level 'Thameslink' station and SPX covers the Eurostar platforms and Southeastern platforms for services running over HS1.  However, for passenger enquiry and ticketing purposes there is a fix so that all domestic services use STP, with SPX just used for Eurostar.

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