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Last update 22 February 2019

These external links are simply those of interest to the editor; it is hoped that they are to you, too.  There is no relevance to the order, nor is there necessarily any endorsement of any sites.  Further links will follow whenever something is found that may interest this site's readers.


Railway Correspondence & Travel Society (publisher of the Railway Observer)

Branchline Society

North Eastern Railway Association

St Albans South Signal Box Preservation Trust

Signalling Record Society

Swindon Panel Society

London & North Western Railway Society (direct link to telegraph code pages)

Specialist infrastructure enthusiast sites

Rail Signs (any sign you might want to know about, past or present)

Old Dalby test track

Kent Rail (articles about Kentish railway history)

The Signal Box (anything and everything to do with mechanical signalling)

British Power Signalling Register (power signalling interlocking details)

Forgotten Relics (all about disused railway assets)

Passenger Train Services over Unusual Lines (PSUL) (how to travel over those rare curves and links: scheduled services)

Gensheet (how to travel over those rare curves and links: diverted services)

Communications Museum Trust (all things telecommunications: railway communications to appear in due course)

Rail Chronology

ABC Railway Guide

Guide to the history of Monmouth's railways

Overhead Line Electrification for Railways (download a guide of everything you ever wanted to know about OLE)

Commercial sites

Trackmaps (track diagrams)

Barry Doe (independent consultant; site covers bus and train timetables)

Iain Ellis (Ellis' British Railway Engineering Encyclopaedia)

Royal British Legion Industries (Britain's foremost railway sign manufacturer, and doing good at the same time!)


Parliamentary publications

Office of Rail Regulation

Government legislation pages

Community rail routes

Tram system enthusiast sites

Croydon Tramlink unofficial site

Nottingham Trams unofficial site (broken link at 31 August 2016)

Miscellaneous sites

Joyce's World of Transport Eclectia (broken link at 2 January 2016)

Timetable World

Creative Review article illustrating Railtrack's Major Station symbols (site now requires free registration to read full article)

ABRail (database with lots of details of trains and their codes)

Railways Archive (accident reports aplenty, plus other defining legislation and reports)

RailUK Forums (discuss all things railway)

And finally…

Station digital clock (your chance to use the clock seen in the menu bar above)