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Last update 29 October 2014

Additional information is always gratefully received, whether entirely new records (particularly historical records), or information to fill in gaps or correct errors, via the contact link under the Miscellaneous entry in the navigation bar above.  Thank you.

The British railway is, for a variety of reasons, awash with acronyms and codes of various kinds. This web site sets out to explain some of these related to the infrastructure and to operational issues. Not included in this site are abbreviations of company names, or information about trains themselves: this information is available elsewhere, and my main interest lies in infrastructure.

Taking Aspley Guise as an example, the codes BBM and MD140 apply to the route on which Aspley Guise station sits, and APG, 138000, ASPLEYG, and 62051 (ASPLY GSE) apply to the station itself.  All of these codes mean different things, and are used in different ways.  I hope that this site helps to explain these codes.

Most of the information contained in this site has taken many hours and letters to different companies to compile: I hope that you, the reader, will find it helpful to shed light on some of the codes found in railway documents.  I also hope that the records contained in this site are as complete as possible. If you are able to add to the data, please contact me.

Also on this site are lists of pseudo-legal data.  The first is a list of British railway services introduced under special legislation.  This legislation allows operators to consider certain services as "experimental", and withdraw them if considered necessary without going through full closure procedures.  The second is a list of licences and licence exemptions issued by the Office of the Rail Regulator.  Finally there is a list of routes designated as community rail partnerships.

Information about other assets such as signal box prefix codes, electrification mast codes, stations, depots and tunnel lengths is also available here.

For more information about day to day changes with Britain's railway infrastructure, please refer to the infrastructure section of the Railway Observer.

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Railway uniform neck ties, specifically DB Schenker, latest Southern Railway, Greater Anglia, Grand Central, NXEA, c2c, Heathrow Express, DRS, Freightliner, latest Merseyrail, Manchester Metrolink, Virgin Trains (striped), Chiltern "Mainline" (blue stripes), latest Arriva (square pattern), Govia Thameslink Railway.  Reasonable costs paid: please contact me if you can help.  Thank you.


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  14. Buckingham Group (infrastructure contractor)
  15. Carillion (infrastructure contractor)
  16. CH2MHill (consultancy formerly known as Halcrow)
  17. Chiltern Railways (passenger train operating company)
  18. Coffey (ground engineering/geotechnical)
  19. Cogitare (infrastructure optimisation consultancy)
  20. Cornerstone Information Systems (travel industry IT solutions)
  21. Costain (infrastructure contractor)
  22. Cotswold Rail (former charter train and freight train operator)
  23. Credo (strategy consultant)
  24. Cubic Transportation Systems (consultancy formerly known as Serco Integrated Transport)
  25. Delta Rail (consultant)
  26. Department for Transport (government department)
  27. East Midlands Trains (passenger train operating company)
  28. Faithful+Gould (construction project and cost management consultancy)
  29. FENS Information Limited (information services)
  30. Filter Worldwide (IT solutions)
  31. First Great Western (passenger train operating company)
  32. Fone Alarm Installations (customer information and monitoring)
  33. Galliford Try (infrastructure contractor)
  34. Haigh Rail (infrastructure contractor)
  35. HRS Services (environmental services)
  36. Hyder Consulting (consultant)
  37. Infotec (customer information system designer/supplier)
  38. Interfleet Technology (consultancy)
  39. ISC Best Practice (CAD models for listed building and railway consents)
  40. JNP Group (consulting engineers)
  41. Kier Rail (infrastructure contractor)
  42. Lancashire council (local government)
  43. Landlab (landscape architects)
  44. Lionverge (infrastructure staff supplier)
  45. MacRail Systems (progress reporting and workforce attendance monitoring)
  46. Mott MacDonald (consultant)
  47. Network Rail (infrastructure owner)
  48. Nexus Alpha (transport information systems supplier)
  49. Northern Rail (passenger train operating company)
  50. NG Bailey (infrastructure contractor)
  51. OLE Limited (electrification services)
  52. Onsite (water/drainage specialists)
  53. OwenWilliams Railways (former consultancy, now part of Amey)
  54. Parkeon Transit Systems (ticket vending machine manufacturer/maintainer)
  55. Peeping Passenger Counts (operations consultant)
  56. PRA-Rail Operations (operations consultant)
  57. Premtech Solutions Limited (consultancy)
  58. The Railway Engineering Co Ltd (consultancy)
  59. Rockshore (real time information systems)
  60. Scientifics (chemical analyst)
  61. SELRAP (campaign group)
  62. SKM anthony hunts (consultancy)
  63. Siemens (equipment manufacturer)
  64. Southern Railway (passenger train operating company)
  65. South West Trains (passenger train operating company)
  66. Stirling Geoenvironmental Ltd (earthworks examinations)
  67. telent (communications services)
  68. Trackmaps (infrastructure diagram publisher)
  69. Travelogix (data reporting software)
  70. Trevor Patrick Partnership (consultancy)
  71. University of Southampton (education establishment)
  72. URS (consultancy formerly known as Scott Wilson)
  73. Vital Rail (infrastructure contractor)
  74. WSP (consultancy)
  75. WycheGnome (passenger information consultancy)
  76. Yorcard (smart ticketing)

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... and something else (last update 25 August 2014):

You will find a small collection of my railway photographs here and on this second page.  I hope that you find them enjoyable and a little different to the usual "front three quarters in countryside" views.