Transport for London asset codes

A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

Last update 22 November 2022

Additional information is always gratefully received, whether entirely new records (particularly historical records) or information to fill in gaps or correct errors, via the contact link under the Miscellaneous entry in the navigation bar above. Thank you.

All stations in which Transport for London has an interest, whether its subsidiaries own or simply serve the station, have TfL codes applied. This list, originally compiled by Vernon Smith, attempts to catalogue them. Metropolitan Railway/Line data runs only as far north as Aylesbury. Note that OD, OG, ON and OW codes are allocated but 'inactive'. This list also includes equivalent Network Rail/National Rail codes; the full list of these is available here.

Other codes, specifically for operational London Underground stations on its former 'live departure boards' site, are shown on a separate page.

The 'Group' column is a non-official means of categorising assets for sorting simplicity. Note that the table is large and can take a long time to sort.

Group Station TfL LCS code TfL station code NR NLC NR station code
Docklands Light Railway Abbey Road T835 ABR 0750 ZAL
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Abbey Wood CR149 ABX 7733 ABX
London Overground Acton Central ON143 ACC 1404 ACC
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Acton Main Line CR073 AML 3000 AML
London Underground Acton Town D205 ACT 0500 ZAT
Tramlink Addington Village XXX ADV 9441 X
Tramlink Addiscombe XXX ADS 9440 ACM
Proposed Albany Road B143 X X X
London Underground Aldgate D075 ALD 0502 ZAD
London Underground Aldgate East D071 ALE 0503 ZAE
historical/closed Aldwych P123 ALW 0504 X
historical/closed Alexandra Palace Z007 X X X
Docklands Light Railway All Saints T405 ALS 0850 ZAS
London Underground Alperton P087 ALP 0505 ZAP
London Underground Amersham M019 AME 0506 AMR
Tramlink Ampere Way XXX AMP 9442 X
London Overground Anerley E043 ANZ 5397 ANY
London Underground Angel N125 AGL 0507 ZAN
London Underground Archway N081 ACY 0508 ZAR
Tramlink Arena XXX ARN 9443 X
London Underground Arnos Grove P021 ASG 0509 ZAG
London Underground Arsenal P043 ASL 0510 ZAM
Tramlink Avenue Road XXX AVR 9444 X
historical/closed Aylesbury M011 AYS 1492 AYS
London Underground Baker Street B077 BAS 0511 ZBS
London Underground Balham N165 BLM 0512 ZBL
London Underground Bank N133 BAN 0513 ZBA
London Underground Bank Waterloo & City Line N133 BAN 5619 BNK
Docklands Light Railway Bank Docklands Light Railway N133 BAN 0844 ZBA
London Underground Barbican (Aldersgate) M133 BAB 0501 ZBB
London Overground Barking D031 BKG 7492 BKG
London Underground Barking D031 BAG 0514 ZKB
London Overground Barking Riverside OG127 X 1335 BGV
London Underground Barkingside C065 BAR 0515 ZBN
London Underground Barons Court D175 BAC 0516 ZBQ
London Underground Battersea Power Station N205 BAT 0832 X
London Underground Bayswater D119 BAY 0517 ZBY
Proposed Beckenham Junction B195 BKJ 5046 BKJ
Tramlink Beckenham Junction XXX BCJ 9445 X
Tramlink Beckenham Road XXX BCR 9446 X
Docklands Light Railway Beckton T315 BEC 0895 ZTN
Docklands Light Railway Beckton Park T285 BEP 0891 ZBJ
London Underground Becontree D025 BEC 0518 ZBZ
Tramlink Beddington Lane XXX BDL 9449 X
Tramlink Belgrave Walk XXX BGW 9450 X
London Underground Belsize Park N045 BZP 0519 ZBP
London Underground Bermondsey J011 BMY 0787 ZEO
London Underground Bethnal Green C095 BEG 0520 ZBE
London Overground Bethnal Green NR OW103 BET 6961 BET
Tramlink Birkbeck XXX BKB 9454 X
London Underground Blackfriars D091 BLA 0521 ZBF
Tramlink Blackhorse Lane XXX BHL 9459 X
London Overground Blackhorse Road V023 BHO 7400 BHO
London Underground Blackhorse Road V023 BLR 0522 ZBK
Docklands Light Railway Blackwall T215 BLA 0882 ZBH
historical/closed Blake Hall closed C013 X 0523 X
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Bond Street C125 BSZ 6553 BSZ
London Underground Bond Street C125 BOS 0524 ZBD
London Underground Borough N137 BOR 0525 ZBU
London Underground Boston Manor D217 BOS 0526 ZBM
London Underground Bounds Green P023 BDS 0527 ZBG
Docklands Light Railway Bow Church T435 BOC 0851 ZBC
London Underground Bow Road D051 BOR 0528 ZBR
London Underground Brent Cross (Brent) N033 BTX 0529 ZBT
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Brentwood CR127 BRE 6872 BRE
historical/closed British Museum W031 X X X
London Underground Brixton V059 BRI 0778 ZBX
historical/closed Broad Street XXX X 1366 X
London Overground Brockley E033 BCY 5404 BCY
historical/closed Brockley Hill N015 X X X
London Underground Bromley-by-Bow D043 BBB 0530 ZBW
historical/closed Brompton Road W013 X X X
London Overground Brondesbury ON133 BSY 1437 BSY
historical/closed Brondesbury Z061 BSY 1437 BSY
London Overground Brondesbury Park ON135 BSP 1438 BSP
historical/closed Brondesbury Park Z062 BSP 1438 BSP
London Overground Bruce Grove OW119 BCV 6958 BCV
London Underground Buckhurst Hill C023 BUH 0531 ZBI
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Burnham CR035 BNM 3176 BNM
London Underground Burnt Oak N023 BTK 0532 ZBO
London Overground Bush Hill Park OW127 BHK 6913 BHK
London Overground Bushey B015 BSH 1395 BSH
historical/closed Bushey B015 BSH 0533 BSH
historical/closed Bushey Heath N011 X X X
London Underground Caledonian Road P047 CAL 0534 ZCR
London Overground Caledonian Road & Barnsbury ON119 CIR 1439 CIR
historical/closed Caledonian Road & Barnsbury Z064 CIR 1439 CIR
Proposed Camberwell Green B145 X X X
London Overground Cambridge Heath OW105 CBH 6962 CBH
London Overground Camden Road ON121 CMD 1440 CMD
historical/closed Camden Road Z065 CMD 1440 CMD
London Underground Camden Town N091 CTN 0535 ZCT
London Overground Canada Water E027 ZCW 1659 ZCW
London Underground Canada Water J009 CWR 0788 CWR
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Canary Wharf CR143 CWF 6560 CWF
Docklands Light Railway Canary Wharf Docklands Light Railway T515 CAW 0842 X
London Underground Canary Wharf London Underground J007 CYF 0852 ZQC
London Underground Canary Wharf East London Line J007 CYF 0666 ZQC
London Underground Canning Town J003 CAT 0884 ZCB
historical/closed Canning Town XXX CNT 6963 CNT
Docklands Light Railway Canning Town Docklands Light Railway J003 CAT 0843 CGT
London Underground Cannon Street D083 CAS 0536 ZCS
London Overground Canonbury E009 CNN 1441 CNN
London Underground Canons Park B083 CPK 0537 ZCP
London Overground Carpenders Park B017 CPK 1442 CPK
historical/closed Carpenders Park B017 CPK 0538 CPK
Proposed Cassiobridge (Ascot Road) M053 X 0826 X
Proposed Catford Bridge B179 X 5407 CFB
Tramlink Centrale (Tamworth Road) XXX CEN 9488 X
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Chadwell Heath CR117 CTH 6874 CTH
London Underground Chalfont & Latimer M033 CAL 0539 CFO
London Underground Chalk Farm N047 CFM 0540 ZCF
London Underground Chancery Lane C115 CHL 0541 ZCY
London Underground Charing Cross (Strand) N109 CHC 0718 ZCX
London Underground Charing Cross (Trafalgar Square) N109 CHC 0732 ZCX
London Underground Chesham M031 CHE 0543 ZCM
London Overground Cheshunt OW309 CHN 6814 CHN
London Underground Chigwell C055 CHI 0544 ZCG
London Overground Chingford OW213 CHI 6914 CHI
London Underground Chiswick Park D203 CHP 0545 ZCI
London Underground Chorleywood M035 CHO 0546 CLW
Tramlink Church Street XXX CST 9460 X
historical/closed City Road W003 X X X
London Underground Clapham Common N155 CPC 0547 ZCC
London Overground Clapham High Street E311 CLP 5301 CLP
London Overground Clapham Junction E315 CLJ 5595 CLJ
London Underground Clapham North N153 CPN 0548 ZCN
London Underground Clapham South N163 CPS 0549 ZCA
London Overground Clapton OW203 CPT 6926 CPT
Proposed Clock House B185 CLK 5048 CLK
London Underground Cockfosters P011 CKS 0550 ZCK
London Underground Colindale N025 CND 0551 ZCD
London Underground Colliers Wood N173 CSD 0552 ZCL
Tramlink Coombe Lane XXX CLN 9464 X
London Underground Covent Garden P057 CGN 0553 ZCV
historical/closed Cranley Gardens Z003 X X X
Docklands Light Railway Crossharbour London Arena T545 CRO 0854 ZCH
historical/closed Crouch End Z013 X X X
London Overground Crouch Hill OG107 CRH 7406 CRH
London Underground Croxley M043 CRO 0554 ZCO
London Overground Crystal Palace E503 CYP 5356 CYP
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Custom House CR145 CUS 6561 CUS
Docklands Light Railway Custom House Docklands Light Railway T255 CUH 0887 ZCE
Docklands Light Railway Cutty Sark T545 CUS 0879 ZAA
Docklands Light Railway Cyprus T295 CYP 0893 ZCQ
London Underground Dagenham East D019 DAE 0555 ZDE
London Underground Dagenham Heathway D023 DAH 0556 ZDH
London Overground Dalston Junction E011 DLC 1443 DJC
London Overground Dalston Kingsland ON113 DLK 1429 DLK
historical/closed Dalston Kingsland Z068 DLK 1429 DLK
London Underground Debden C023 DEB 0557 ZDD
London Overground Denmark Hill E309 DMK 5421 DMK
Proposed Denmark Hill E309 DMK 5421 DMK
Docklands Light Railway Deptford Bridge T595 DEB 0870 ZDB
Docklands Light Railway Devons Road T425 DER 0867 ZDR
London Underground Dollis Hill B095 DOH 0558 ZDO
historical/closed Down Street W012 X X X
historical/closed Drayton Park N183 DYP 0559 DYP
Tramlink Dundonald Road XXX DDR 9468 X
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Ealing Broadway C175 EAL 3190 EAL
London Underground Ealing Broadway C175 EAB 0560 ZEB
London Underground Ealing Common D243 ECO 0561 ZEC
London Underground Earl's Court P077 EAC 0562 ZET
London Underground East Acton C145 EAA 0563 ZEA
Tramlink East Croydon XXX ECR 9470 X
London Underground East Finchley N073 EFY 0565 ZEF
London Underground East Ham D033 EAH 0566 ZEH
Docklands Light Railway East India T225 EIA 0883 ZEI
London Underground East Putney D163 EAP 0567 ZPU
London Underground Eastcote P105 EAS 0564 ZEE
Proposed Eden Park B189 EDN 5056 EDN
London Underground Edgware N021 EGW 0568 ZED
London Underground Edgware Road Bakerloo Line B073 EDR 0774 ZER
London Underground Edgware Road Circle Line M169 EDR 0569 ZEM
London Overground Edmonton Green OW125 EDR 6941 EDR
London Underground Elephant & Castle N139 ELC 0570 ZEL
London Underground Elm Park D017 ELP 0571 ZEP
Proposed Elmers End B187 ELE 5049 ELE
Tramlink Elmers End XXX ELM 9471 X
historical/closed Elstree N013 X X X
Docklands Light Railway Elverson Road T605 ELR 0871 ZAC
London Underground Embankment (Charing Cross) N113 EMB 0542 ZEK
London Overground Emerson Park OW403 EMP 7473 EMP
Emirates Cable Car Emirates Greenwich Peninsula XXX X 0821 X
Emirates Cable Car Emirates Royal Docks XXX X 0822 X
London Overground Enfield Town OW129 ENF 6959 ENF
London Underground Epping C017 EPP 0572 ZEG
historical/closed Essex Road N187 EXR 0573 EXR
London Overground Euston OD103 EUS 1058 EUS
London Underground Euston N095 EUS 0574 ZEU
London Underground Euston Square M117 ESQ 0575 ZES
London Underground Fairlop C063 FAI 0576 ZFA
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Farringdon M123 FDX 6595 FDX
London Underground Farringdon M123 FAR 0577 ZFD
Tramlink Fieldway XXX FLW 9472 X
London Underground Finchley Central N071 FYC 0578 ZFC
London Underground Finchley Road B107 FIR 0579 ZFR
London Overground Finchley Road & Frognal ON129 FNY 1445 FNY
historical/closed Finchley Road & Frognal Z069 FNY 1445 FNY
London Underground Finsbury Park P041 FIP 0580 ZFP
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Forest Gate CR105 FOG 6876 FOG
London Overground Forest Hill E037 FOH 5362 FOH
London Underground Fulham Broadway D153 FUB 0581 ZFB
Docklands Light Railway Gallions Reach T305 GAR 0894 ZGC
London Underground Gants Hill C069 GAH 0582 ZGA
Tramlink George Street XXX GST 9473 X
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Gidea Park CR123 GDP 6877 GDP
London Underground Gloucester Road P075 GLR 0583 ZGR
London Underground Golders Green N041 GGN 0584 ZGG
London Underground Goldhawk Road M187 GOR 0585 ZGW
London Underground Goodge Street N103 GDG 0586 ZGS
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Goodmayes CR115 GMY 6878 GMY
London Overground Gospel Oak OG103 GPO 1409 GPO
historical/closed Gospel Oak Z071 GPO 1409 GPO
London Underground Grange Hill C057 GRH 0587 ZGH
Tramlink Gravel Hill XXX GVH 9474 X
historical/closed Great Missenden M017 GMN 1463 GMN
London Underground Great Portland Street M115 GPS 0588 ZGP
London Underground Green Park P065 GRP 0590 ZGE
London Underground Greenford C157 GRE 0589 ZGF
Docklands Light Railway Greenwich Docklands Light Railway T585 GRE 0872 GNW
London Overground Gunnersbury D193 GUN 5588 GUN
London Underground Gunnersbury D193 GUN 0591 GUN
London Overground Hackney Central ON111 HKC 6977 HKC
historical/closed Hackney Central Z072 HKC 6977 HKC
London Overground Hackney Downs OW109 HAC 6867 HAC
London Overground Hackney Wick ON107 HKW 6978 HKW
historical/closed Hackney Wick Z073 HKW 6978 HKW
London Overground Haggerston E013 HGG 1022 HGG
London Underground Hainault C059 HAI 0592 ZHT
London Underground Hammersmith District Line D177 HAM 0593 ZHA
London Underground Hammersmith Hammersmith & City Line M189 HAM 0773 ZHZ
London Underground Hampstead N043 HTD 0594 ZHM
London Overground Hampstead Heath ON127 HDH 1413 HDH
London Overground Hampstead Heath Z074 HDH 1413 HDH
London Underground Hanger Lane C143 HAL 0595 ZHL
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Hanwell CR065 HAN 3191 HAN
London Overground Harlesden B045 HDN 1521 HDN
London Underground Harlesden B045 HSN 0596 ZRH
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Harold Wood CR125 HRO 6879 HRO
London Overground Harringay Green Lane OG109 HRY 7401 HRY
Tramlink Harrington Road XXX HRD 9475 X
London Underground Harrow and Wealdstone B031 HAW 0597 HRW
London Overground Harrow and Wealdstone B031 HRW 1397 HRW
London Underground Harrow-on-the-Hill M091 HOH 0598 HOH
London Overground Hatch End B019 HTE 1398 HTE
historical/closed Hatch End B019 HTE 0599 HTE
London Underground Hatton Cross D229 HNX 0779 ZHX
Proposed Hayes B193 HYS 5050 HYS
London Overground Headstone Lane B023 HDL 1434 HDL
historical/closed Headstone Lane B023 HDL 0600 HDL
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Heathrow Terminal 4 D235 HAF 7091 HAF
London Underground Heathrow Terminal 4 D235 HIV 0781 ZHF
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Heathrow Terminal 5 D237 HRV 9846 HWV
London Underground Heathrow Terminal 5 D237 HRV 0783 ZHH
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Heathrow Terminals 2&3 D233 HRV 7090 HXX
London Underground Heathrow Terminals 2&3 D233 HRC 0780 ZHJ
London Underground Hendon Central N031 HCL 0601 ZHN
Docklands Light Railway Heron Quays T525 HEQ 0855 ZHQ
London Underground High Barnet N061 HBT 0602 ZHB
London Underground High Street Kensington D115 HSK 0605 ZHS
London Overground Highams Park OW211 HIP 6919 HIP
London Underground Highbury & Islington N185 HII 0603 ZHI
historical/closed Highbury & Islington Northern City Line N185 X 6009 HHY
London Overground Highbury & Islington North London Line E007 HII 6886 HII
London Underground Highgate N075 HGT 0604 ZHG
historical/closed Highgate High Level N075 X X X
London Underground Hillingdon P129 HIL 0606 ZHD
historical/closed Hillingdon Swakeleys P115 HIL 0606 ZHD
London Underground Holborn P055 HOL 0607 ZHO
London Underground Holland Park C137 HOP 0608 ZHP
London Underground Holloway Road P045 HWY 0609 ZHR
London Overground Homerton ON109 HMN 6979 HMN
historical/closed Homerton Z075 HMN 6979 HMN
London Overground Honor Oak Park E035 HPA 5418 HPA
London Underground Hornchurch D015 HOR 0610 ZHU
London Underground Hounslow Central D225 HWC 0611 ZHC
London Underground Hounslow East D223 HWE 0612 ZHE
London Underground Hounslow West D227 HWW 0613 ZHW
London Overground Hoxton E015 HOX 1023 HOX
London Underground Hyde Park Corner P067 HPC 0614 ZHY
London Underground Ickenham P113 ICK 0615 ZIC
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Ilford CR109 IFD 6881 IFD
London Overground Imperial Wharf ON209 IMW 9586 IMW
Docklands Light Railway Island Gardens T565 ISG 0856 ZIG
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Iver CR043 IVR 3170 IVR
London Underground Kennington N143 KNG 0616 ZKE
London Overground Kensal Green B053 KNL 1447 KNL
London Underground Kensal Green B053 KSL 0617 KNL
Proposed Kensal Park (Old Oak Common) CR075 X X X
London Overground Kensal Rise ON137 KNR 1448 KNR
historical/closed Kensal Rise Z076 KNR 1448 KNR
London Overground Kensington Olympia D137 KPA 3092 KPA
London Underground Kensington Olympia D137 OLY 0618 KPA
London Underground Kentish Town N085 KSH 0619 ZKT
London Overground Kentish Town West ON123 KTW 1449 KTW
London Overground Kentish Town West Z077 KTW 1449 KTW
London Overground Kenton B033 KNT 1399 KNT
London Underground Kenton B033 KNT 0620 KNT
London Overground Kew Gardens D195 KWG 5594 KWG
London Underground Kew Gardens D195 KWG 0621 KWG
London Underground Kilburn B103 KBN 0622 ZKI
London Overground Kilburn High Road B149 KBN 1415 KBN
London Underground Kilburn Park B063 KIP 0623 ZKP
Docklands Light Railway King George V T745 KGV 0523 ZKG
Tramlink King Henry's Drive XXX KHD 9476 X
historical/closed King William Street W004 X X X
London Underground Kings Cross St Pancras Metropolitan Line N123 KIC 0772 ZKX
London Underground Kings Cross St Pancras Northern Line N123 KIC 0600 ZZZ
London Underground Kings Cross St Pancras Victoria Line N123 KIC 0625 ZKX
London Underground Kingsbury B087 KBY 0624 ZKY
London Underground Knightsbridge P069 KNB 0626 ZKN
London Underground Ladbroke Grove M177 LAD 0627 ZLG
Proposed Ladywell B177 X 5057 LAD
London Underground Lambeth North B137 LAN 0628 ZLN
London Underground Lancaster Gate C129 LAG 0629 ZLA
Docklands Light Railway Langdon Park (Carmen Street) T415 LAP 0853 ZLP
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Langley CR039 LNY 3171 LNY
London Underground Latimer Road M177 LAR 0630 ZLR
Tramlink Lebanon Road XXX LEB 9477 X
London Underground Leicester Square N107 LSQ 0631 ZLS
Docklands Light Railway Lewisham Docklands Light Railway T615 LEW 0940 LEW
London Underground Leyton C083 LEY 0632 ZLY
London Overground Leyton Midland Road OG117 LEM 7402 LEM
London Underground Leytonstone C081 LES 0633 ZLE
London Overground Leytonstone High Road OG119 LER 7403 LER
Docklands Light Railway Limehouse T115 LIM 0862 ZLH
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Liverpool Street C101 LIS 6594 LSX
London Underground Liverpool Street C101 LIS 0634 ZLV
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Liverpool Street Main Line XXX LST 6965 LST
London Overground Liverpool Street Main Line OW101 LST 6965 LST
Tramlink Lloyd Park XXX LPK 9478 X
London Underground London Bridge N135 LNB 0635 ZLB
Docklands Light Railway London City Airport T735 LCA 0533 ZAF
London Overground London Fields OW107 LOF 6966 LOF
historical/closed Lords W050later code X X X
historical/closed Lords W105original code X X X
London Underground Loughton C031 LOU 0636 ZLO
Proposed Lower Sydenham B181 X 5053 LSY
London Underground Maida Vale B065 MAV 0637 ZMV
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Maidenhead CR031 MAI 3147 MAI
London Underground Manor House P029 MRH 0638 ZMR
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Manor Park CR107 MHP 6883 MHP
London Underground Mansion House D085 MAH 0639 ZMH
London Underground Marble Arch C127 MAA 0640 ZMA
historical/closed Mark Lane W052 X X X
historical/closed Marlborough Road W031later code X X X
historical/closed Marlborough Road W107original code X X X
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Maryland CR103 MYL 6970 MYL
London Underground Marylebone B075 MAR 0641 ZMY
Tramlink Merton Park XXX MPK 9479 X
London Underground Mile End D053 MIE 0642 ZME
London Underground Mill Hill East N053 MHL 0643 ZML
historical/closed Mill Hill The Hale W005 X X X
Tramlink Mitcham XXX MTM 9480 X
Tramlink Mitcham Junction XXX MTJ 9481 X
London Underground Monument N133later code MON 0644 ZMM
London Underground Monument D079original code MON 0644 ZMM
London Underground Moor Park M063 MOP 0646 MPA
London Underground Moorgate M135 MOO 0645 ZMG
historical/closed Moorgate Northern City Line M135 X 6005 MOG
London Underground Morden N177 MDN 0647 ZMO
Tramlink Morden Road XXX MRD 9482 X
London Underground Mornington Crescent N093 MTC 0648 ZMC
Docklands Light Railway Mudchute T555 MUD 0857 ZMU
historical/closed Muswell Hill Z005 X X X
London Underground Neasden B093 NDN 0649 ZNN
Tramlink New Addington XXX NAD 9484 X
Proposed New Beckenham B183 X 5058 NBC
London Overground New Cross E403 NWX 5150 NWX
historical/closed New Cross M167 NWX 0651 NWX
London Overground New Cross Gate E031 NXG 5345 NXG
historical/closed New Cross Gate M165 NXG 0652 NXG
London Underground Newbury Park C067 NEP 0650 ZNP
London Underground Nine Elms N203 NIE 0831 ZNM
London Underground North Acton C147 NOA 0653 ZNA
London Underground North Ealing P083 NOE 0654 ZNE
historical/closed North End (Bull & Bush) W001 X X X
London Underground North Greenwich J005 NGW 0789 NGR
London Underground North Harrow M073 NHA 0656 ZNH
historical/closed North Weald C015 X 0658 ZNW
London Overground North Wembley B037 NWB 1422 NWB
London Underground North Wembley B037 NWY 0659 NWB
London Underground Northfields D215 NFD 0655 ZNF
historical/closed Northfields & Little Ealing W045 X X X
London Underground Northolt C163 NOR 0657 ZNO
London Underground Northwick Park M093 NOP 0660 ZNK
London Underground Northwood M065 NOD 0661 ZND
London Underground Northwood Hills M067 NOH 0662 ZNS
London Overground Norwood Junction E045 NWD 5376 NWD
London Underground Notting Hill Gate C135 NHG 0663 ZNG
London Underground Oakwood P013 OAK 0664 ZOA
Proposed Old Kent Road 1 B165 X X X
Proposed Old Kent Road 2 B167 X X X
London Underground Old Street N127 ODS 0665 ZOS
historical/closed Old Street Northern City Line N127 X 6003 OLD
historical/closed Ongar C011 X 0666 ZON
London Underground Osterley D219 OSY 0667 ZOY
London Underground Oval N145 OVL 0668 ZOV
London Underground Oxford Circus C123 OXC 0669 ZOC
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Paddington CR081 PAD 6552 PDX
London Underground Paddington B071 PAD 0670 ZPA
London Underground Paddington Suburban/Hammersmith & City Line M171 PAD 0670 ZPA
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Paddington Main Line CR081 PAD 3087 PAD
London Underground Park Royal P085 PKR 0671 ZPK
London Underground Parsons Green D155 PAG 0672 ZPG
London Overground Peckham Rye E307 PMR 5423 PMR
London Overground Penge West E041 PNW 5378 PNW
London Underground Perivale C155 PER 0673 ZPE
Tramlink Phipps Bridge XXX PBR 9485 X
London Underground Piccadilly Circus P063 PIC 0674 ZPC
London Underground Pimlico V053 PIM 0776 ZPO
London Underground Pinner M071 PIN 0675 ZPI
London Underground Plaistow D037 PLA 0676 ZPS
Docklands Light Railway Pontoon Dock T725 PDK 0538 ZAH
Docklands Light Railway Poplar T205 POP 0858 ZPL
London Underground Preston Road M095 PRR 0677 ZPR
Docklands Light Railway Prince Regent T265 PRR 0888 ZPD
Docklands Light Railway Pudding Mill Lane T445 PML 0859 ZPM
London Underground Putney Bridge D157 PUB 0678 ZPB
London Overground Queen's Park B061 QPW 1419 QPW
London Underground Queen's Park B061 QUP 0680 QPW
London Overground Queen's Road Peckham E305 QRP 5424 QRP
London Underground Queensbury B085 QBY 0679 ZQB
London Underground Queensway C133 QUE 0681 ZQW
London Underground Ravenscourt Park D179 RAP 0682 ZRA
London Underground Rayners Lane P103 RAL 0683 ZRL
London Overground Rectory Road OW111 REC 6967 REC
London Underground Redbridge C073 REB 0684 ZRE
Tramlink Reeves Corner XXX RVC 9486 X
London Underground Regent's Park B123 REP 0685 ZRP
London Underground Richmond D197 RMD 0686 RMD
London Overground Richmond NLL D197 RMD 5570 RMD
London Underground Rickmansworth M061 RIH 0687 RIC
London Underground Roding Valley C053 ROV 0688 ZRV
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Romford CR119 RMF 6886 RMF
London Overground Romford OW401 RMF 6886 RMF
London Overground Rotherhithe E025 ROE 1039 ROE
historical/closed Rotherhithe M159 X 0689 ZRO
Docklands Light Railway Royal Albert T275 ROA 0890 ZRC
London Underground Royal Oak M173 ROO 0690 ZRY
Docklands Light Railway Royal Victoria T245 ROV 0886 ZRB
London Underground Ruislip P109 RUI 0691 ZRU
London Underground Ruislip Gardens C167 RUG 0692 ZRG
London Underground Ruislip Manor P107 RUM 0693 ZRM
London Underground Russell Square P053 RSQ 0694 ZRS
Tramlink Sandilands XXX SAN 9487 X
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Seven Kings CR113 SVK 6893 SVK
London Overground Seven Sisters OW117 SVS 6931 SVS
London Underground Seven Sisters V027 SES 0698 ZSV
London Overground Shadwell E021 SDE 1082 SDE
historical/closed Shadwell M155 X 0699 ZSW
Docklands Light Railway Shadwell Docklands Light Railway T125 SHA 0860 ZSW
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Shenfield CR129 SNF 6888 SNF
London Overground Shepherd's Bush ON203 SPB 9587 SPB
London Underground Shepherd's Bush C139 SHB 0700 ZSZ
historical/closed Shepherd's Bush disused station W047 X X X
London Underground Shepherd's Bush Market M185 SBM 0775 ZSB
historical/closed Shoreditch M151 X 0701 ZSD
London Overground Shoreditch High Street E017 SDC 1024 SDC
London Overground Silver Street OW123 SLV 6972 SLV
London Underground Sloane Square D107 SLS 0702 ZLQ
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Slough CR037 SLO 3172 SLO
London Underground Snaresbrook C039 SNA 0703 ZSN
London Overground South Acton ON145 SAT 1452 SAT
historical/closed South Acton Z083 SAT 1452 SAT
historical/closed South Acton disused station W043 X X X
London Underground South Ealing D213 SOE 0704 ZSE
London Overground South Hampstead OD105 SOH 1451 SOH
historical/closed South Hampstead Z084 SOH 1451 SOH
London Underground South Harrow P095 SHH 0707 ZSX
London Underground South Kensington D109 SOK 0708 ZSK
historical/closed South Kentish Town W002 X X X
London Overground South Kenton B035 SOK 1453 SOK
London Underground South Kenton B035 SKT 0709 SOK
Docklands Light Railway South Quay T535 SOQ 0861 ZSQ
London Underground South Ruislip C165 SOR 0710 ZSR
London Overground South Tottenham OG111 STD 7404 STO
London Underground South Wimbledon N175 SWN 0711 ZSI
London Underground South Woodford C037 SOW 0712 ZQS
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Southall CR063 STL 3187 STL
London Overground Southbury OW303 SBU 6947 SBU
London Underground Southfields D165 SOU 0705 SFS
London Underground Southgate P015 SGT 0706 ZSA
London Underground Southwark J013 SWK 0784 ZSO
London Overground St James Street OW205 SJS 6973 SJS
London Underground St James's Park D103 SJP 0695 ZSS
London Underground St John's Wood B113 SJW 0696 ZSJ
London Underground St Paul's C113 STP 0697 ZSP
London Underground Stamford Brook D183 STB 0713 ZSF
London Overground Stamford Hill OW115 SMH 6968 SMH
London Underground Stanmore B081 STM 0714 ZSM
Docklands Light Railway Star Lane T815 STL 0889 ZCJ
London Underground Stepney Green D055 STG 0715 ZSG
London Underground Stockwell N147 STO 0716 ZSL
historical/closed Stoke Mandeville M013 SKM 1467 SKM
London Overground Stoke Newington OW113 SKW 6934 SKW
London Overground Stonebridge Park B043 SPB 1454 SBP
London Underground Stonebridge Park B043 SBG 0717 SBP
historical/closed Strand N019 X 0718 X
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Stratford C091 SRA 6969 SRA
London Overground Stratford C091 SRA 6960 SFW
London Underground Stratford C091 STR 0719 SRA
Docklands Light Railway Stratford Docklands Light Railway C091 STR 0863 ZTR
Docklands Light Railway Stratford High Street T845 SHS 0749 ZST
Docklands Light Railway Stratford International T865 STI 0504 ZAW
Proposed Streatham V065 X 5383 STE
Proposed Streatham Hill V063 X 5435 SRH
historical/closed Stroud Green Z015 X X X
London Underground Sudbury Hill P093 SUH 0720 ZSH
London Underground Sudbury Town P089 SUT 0721 ZSY
Proposed Surrey Canal Road E303 X X X
London Overground Surrey Quays E029 SQE 1083 SQE
historical/closed Surrey Quays (Surrey Docks) M163 X 0722 X
London Underground Swiss Cottage B111 SWC 0723 ZSC
historical/closed Swiss Cottage W048later code X X X
historical/closed Swiss Cottage M103original code X X X
London Overground Sydenham E039 SYD 5437 SYD
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Taplow CR033 TAP 3151 TAP
London Underground Temple D093 TEM 0724 ZTM
Proposed Thames Wharf T805 X 0885 ZTA
London Overground Theobalds Grove OW307 TEO 6949 TEO
Tramlink Therapia Lane XXX TPL 9491 X
London Underground Theydon Bois C019 THB 0725 ZTY
London Underground Tooting Bec N167 TBC 0726 ZTB
London Underground Tooting Broadway N169 TBY 0727 ZTO
London Underground Tottenham Court Road N105 TCR 0728 ZTC
London Underground Tottenham Hale V025 THA 0729 ZTT
London Underground Totteridge & Whetstone N063 TOT 0730 ZTW
Docklands Light Railway Tower Gateway T135 TOG 0864 ZTG
London Underground Tower Hill D077 TOH 0731 ZTH
historical/closed Trafalgar Square B131 X 0732 X
London Underground Tufnell Park N083 TFP 0733 ZTP
London Overground Turkey Street OW305 TUR 6952 TUR
London Underground Turnham Green D185 TUG 0734 ZTU
London Underground Turnpike Lane P027 TPN 0735 ZTL
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Twyford CR023 TWY 3155 TWY
historical/closed Twyford Abbey for Park Royal W046 X X X
London Overground Upminster D011 UPM 7464 UPM
London Underground Upminster D011 UPM 0736 ZUM
London Underground Upminster Bridge D013 UPB 0737 ZUB
London Underground Upney D027 UPN 0738 ZUY
London Overground Upper Holloway OG105 UHL 1524 UHL
London Underground Upton Park D035 UPP 0739 ZUP
London Underground Uxbridge P117 UXB 0740 ZUX
London Underground Vauxhall V055 VAU 0777 ZVA
London Underground Victoria V047 VIC 0741 ZVI
London Underground Victoria London Underground V047 VIC 0722 ZSU
Tramlink Waddon Marsh XXX WDM 9497 X
London Overground Walthamstow Central OW207 WHC 6953 WHC
London Underground Walthamstow Central V021 WAC 0742 ZWW
London Overground Walthamstow Queens Road OG115 WNW 7407 WNW
Tramlink Wandle Park XXX WPK 9498 X
London Underground Wanstead C075 WAN 0743 ZWN
London Overground Wanstead Park OG121 WNP 7408 WNP
London Overground Wapping E023 WPE 1085 WPE
historical/closed Wapping M157 X 0744 ZWP
London Underground Warren Street N101 WAS 0745 ZWS
London Underground Warwick Avenue B067 WAA 0746 ZWV
London Underground Waterloo N115 WAT 0747 ZWA
London Underground Waterloo Waterloo & City Line N115 WAT 0747 ZWA
London Underground Waterloo Jubilee Line N115 WAT 0796 ZWA
London Underground Watford M041 WAF 0748 ZWT
London Overground Watford High Street B013 WFH 1455 WFH
historical/closed Watford High Street B013 X 0749 X
London Overground Watford Junction B011 WFJ 1402 WFJ
historical/closed Watford Junction B011 X 0750 WFJ
Proposed Watford Vicarage Road M051 X 0827 X
Tramlink Wellesley Road XXX WLR 9499 X
London Overground Wembley Central B039 WMB 1423 WMB
London Underground Wembley Central B039 WYC 0751 WMB
London Underground Wembley Park B091 WEP 0752 ZWY
historical/closed Wendover M015 WND 1466 WND
London Underground West Acton C173 WEA 0753 ZWE
London Underground West Brompton D143 WEB 0755 ZWB
London Overground West Brompton D143 WPB 8875 WBP
London Overground West Croydon E047 WCY 5411 WCY
Tramlink West Croydon Tramlink XXX WCR 8776 X
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail West Drayton CR045 WDT 3174 WDT
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail West Ealing CR067 WEA 3188 WEA
London Underground West Finchley N067 WFN 0756 ZWF
London Underground West Ham D039 WFN 0757 ZWZ
Docklands Light Railway West Ham (Docklands Light Railway) D039 WEH 0757 WZW
London Overground West Hampstead ON131 WHD 1421 WHD
London Underground West Hampstead B105 WHP 0758 ZWH
London Underground West Harrow M083 WSH 0759 ZWX
Docklands Light Railway West India Quay T505 WIQ 0866 ZIQ
London Underground West Kensington D173 WEK 0760 ZWK
London Underground West Ruislip C169 WER 0762 ZWR
Docklands Light Railway West Silvertown T715 WST 0559 ZAI
Proposed West Wickham B191 X 5054 WWI
London Underground Westbourne Park M175 WSP 0754 ZWU
Docklands Light Railway Westferry T105 WES 0865 ZFW
London Underground Westminster D101 WES 0761 ZWM
London Underground White City C143 WHC 0764 ZWC
London Overground White Hart Lane OW121 WHL 6956 WHL
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Whitechapel D061 WHX 6557 WHX
London Overground Whitechapel E019 ZWL 4935 ZLW
London Underground Whitechapel D061 WHI 0763 ZWL
historical/closed Whitechapel East London Line M153 X 0763 ZWL
London Underground Willesden Green B097 WIG 0765 ZWG
London Underground Willesden Junction B051 WIJ 0766 WIJ
London Overground Willesden Junction High Level ON139 WJN 1459 WJH
London Overground Willesden Junction Low Level OD113 WJN 1458 WJL
London Underground Willesden Junction Low Level B051 WJN 1458 WJL
Tramlink Wimbledon XXX WMB 8777 X
London Underground Wimbledon D169 WIM 0767 WIM
London Underground Wimbledon Park D167 WIP 0768 WPK
London Underground Wood Green P025 WOG 0770 ZWD
London Underground Wood Lane M183 WOL 0599 ZWQ
historical/closed Wood Lane W032 X X X
London Overground Wood Street OW209 WST 6954 WST
London Underground Woodford C035 WOO 0769 ZWO
London Overground Woodgrange Park OG123 WGR 7467 WGR
Tramlink Woodside XXX WDS 8779 X
London Underground Woodside Park N065 WOP 0771 ZWI
Elizabeth Line/TfL Rail Woolwich CR147 WWC 6562 WWC
Docklands Light Railway Woolwich Arsenal T755 WOA 0573 ZAJ
historical/closed York Road W011 X X X