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Last update 26 September 2018

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Code Line Name Route Availability
EA1000 All Lines  
EA1010 Liverpool Street to Seven Kings 8
EA1011 Seven Kings to Ipswich 8
EA1012 Ipswich to Trowse Junction 8
EA1013 Trowse Junction to Norwich
Replaced by new EA1013 from 19 April 2014
EA1013 Trowse Swing Bridge to Wensum Junction via Through Sidings/Wensum Curve
Replaced old EA1013 from 19 April 2014
EA1020 Carpenters Road South Junction to Carpenters Road North Junction 8
EA1030 Forest Gate Junction to Woodgrange Park Junction 8
EA1040 Romford to Upminster 8
EA1050 Shenfield Junction to Southend Victoria 7
EA1060 Wickford Junction to Southminster 7
EA1070 Witham to Braintree 6
EA1080 Marks Tey Junction to Sudbury 6
EA1090 Colchester Junction to Clacton 7
EA1100 East Gate Junction and Hythe Junction to Colchester Town 7
EA1110 Thorpe-le-Soken to Walton-on-Naze 7
EA1120 Manningtree (North and South Junctions) to Harwich Town 8
EA1130 Griffin Wharf Branch 8
EA1140 Ipswich Docks Branch 1
EA1150 Channelsea South Junction to Stratford Central Junction West 8
EA1160 Bethnal Green East Junction to Bishops Stortford Note 7
EA1161 Bishops Stortford to Ely North Junction 8
EA1162 Ely North Junction to Kings Lynn 8
EA1170 Hackney Downs North Junction to Enfield Town 8
EA1180 Reading Lane Junction to Navarino Road Junction (Graham Road Curve) 8
EA1190 Bury Street Junction to Cheshunt Junction 8
EA1200 Clapton Junction to Chingford 7
EA1210 Broxbourne Junction to Hertford East 9
EA1220 Stansted (South and North Junctions) to Stansted Airport 8
EA1230 Royston to Shepreth Branch Junction 9
EA1240 Chesterton Junction to Fen Drayton 6
EA1250 South Lynn to Kings Lynn Harbour 6
EA1260 Kings Lynn Harbour Branch 6
EA1270 Kings Lynn Junction to Middleton Towers 8
EA1280 Stratford Central Junction East to Coppermill Junction 8
EA1290 Tottenham South Junction to South Tottenham East Junction 8
EA1300 South Tottenham West Junction to Seven Sisters Junction 8
EA1310 Camden Road West Junction to Richmond Note 1
EA1320 Camden Road West Junction to North Woolwich
Replaced by new EA1320 14 May 2007
EA1320 Camden Road West Junction to Stratford Low Level
Replaced old EA1320 from 14 May 2007; replaced by new EA1320 from 2 January 2009
EA1320 Camden Road West Junction to Stratford Platforms 1 and 2
Replaced old EA1320 from 2 January 2009
EA1325 Dalston Junction to New Cross/New Cross Gate
Replaced by new EA1325 1 January 2011
EA1325 Highbury And Islington to New Cross/New Cross Gate
Replaced old EA1325 from 1 January 2011
EA1327 Silwood Junction to Old Kent Road Junction
From 23 June 2012
EA1330 South Acton Junction to Old Kew Junction & New Kew Junction 8
EA1340 Stratford Lea Junction to High Meads Junction 8
EA1350 Channelsea North Junction to Temple Mills East Junction 8
EA1360 Dudding Hill Junction to Acton Wells Junction 8
EA1370 Gospel Oak to Barking Tilbury Line Junction West 8
EA1380 Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness Note 2
EA1390 Barking Tilbury Line Junction East to Pitsea (via Tilbury) 8
EA1400 Gas Factory Junction to Bow Junction Note 3
EA1410 Upminster to West Thurrock Junction 8
EA1420 Thames Haven Junction to Thames Haven 8
EA1430 East Suffolk Junction to Oulton Broad North Junction Note 4
EA1440 Westerfield Junction to Felixstowe Town 7
EA1450 Trimley to Port of Felixstowe North Quay Terminal 7
EA1460 Felixstowe Beach Junction to Felixstowe Beach 7
EA1470 Norwich Thorpe Junction to Lowestoft Note 5
EA1474 See EA1744
EA1480 Whitlingham Junction to Cromer 6
EA1490 Cromer to Sheringham 6
EA1500 Brundall Junction to Yarmouth (via Acle) 7
EA1510 Reedham Junction to Yarmouth 7
EA1520 Saxmundham Junction to Sizewell 7
EA1530 Coldham Lane Junction to Haughley Junction 8
EA1540 Chippenham Junction to Ely Dock Junction 8
EA1550 Ely North Junction to Ely West Junction (Ely West Curve) 8
EA1560 Ely North Junction to Peterborough 8
EA1570 March (East and West Junctions) to Wisbech Note 6
EA1580 Ely North Junction to Trowse Junction 8
EA1744 Europa Junction to Boss Hall Junction
As defined; EA1474 looks a more likely intention
EA5380 North Pole Junction to Acton Wells Junction
Existence of code not confirmed
EA5390 Acton Canal Wharf to Willesden
Existence of code not confirmed
EA5440 Acton Wells Junction to Acton East 8
EA8992 Norwich Crown Point depot
Existence of code not confirmed


  1. Gunnersbury - Richmond RA4 (from 19 July 2008; previously RA6); remainder RA8
  2. Fenchurch St - Gas Factory Junction (to 16 April 2011)/Barking (from 16 April 2011) RA3; remainder RA8
  3. RA3, but certain locos of higher RA are permitted
  4. East Suffolk Junction - Westerfield Junction RA8; remainder RA7
  5. Thorpe Junction - Lowestoft RA7; Wensum Curve RA6
  6. March West Junction - Whitemoor Junction RA8; remainder RA6 to 20 February 2009, then all RA8
  7. Bethnal Green Junction - Hackney Downs Junction RA4 from 16 April 2011; remainder RA8


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