Possession Resource Information Database (PRIDE)/Line Of Route (LOR) codes

A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

Codes beginning SC

Last update 12 February 2021

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Code Line Name Route Availability (RA)
SC001 Gretna Junction to Glasgow Central (via Beattock) Note 1
SC003 Carstairs South Junction to Haymarket East Junction 10
SC005 Carstairs Station Junction to Carstairs East Junction 10
SC007 Midcalder Junction to Holytown Junction 10
SC009 Lanark to Lanark Junction 5
SC011 Law Junction to Uddingston Junction (via Holytown) 10
SC013 Wishaw Central Junction to Shieldmuir Junction 10
SC015 Mossend East Junction to Mossend North Junction (North Curve) 10
SC017 Mossend East Junction to Mossend South Junction (East Curve) 10
SC019 Mossend South Junction to Mossend West Junction (West Curve) 10
SC021 Coltness to Garriongill Junction (Goods Line) Code deleted 18 May 2015 10
SC023 Motherwell to Newton, Hamilton Junction (via Hamilton) 7
SC024 Larkhall to Haughhead Junction 7
SC025 Rutherglen Central Junction to Finnieston including to Bridgeton Yard (via Arrival Line) (Goods line) 10
SC027 Rutherglen West Junction to Rutherglen North Junction (West Curve) 10
SC029 Larkfield Junction to Shields Junction including Shields Junction to Terminus Junction (Up Through Terminus) 10
SC031 Gretna Junction to Glasgow Central (via Kilmarnock) Note 2
SC033 Dumfries to Maxwelltown (Goods Line) 5
SC035 Bank Junction to Knockshinnock (Goods Line) 10
SC036 Greenburn Junction to Greenburn Opencast (Goods Line) 10
SC037 Kay Park Junction to Riccarton (Goods Line) 10
SC039 Kilmarnock to Barrasie 10
SC041 Shewalton Moss to Hillhouse (Goods line) Code deleted 9th June 2007 5
SC043 Giffen to Lugton (Goods Line) Replaced by new SC043 from 11 January 2009 5
SC043 Giffen to Lugton (Goods Line) (Out Of Use) Replaced old SC043 from 11 January 2009 5
SC045 East Kilbride to Busby Junction 5
SC047 Muirhouse South Junction to Larkfield Junction 10
SC049 Muirhouse Central Junction to Terminus Junction 10
SC051 Muirhouse Central Junction to Muirhouse North Junction (via Cathcart) (Cathcart Circle) 7
SC053 Neilston to Cathcart West Junction 5
SC055 Newton, Hamilton Junction to Cathcart West Junction 7
SC057 Cathcart East Junction to Cathcart North Junction 7
SC059 Glasgow Central to Stranraer Note 3
SC061 Shields Junction to Paisley Canal 10
SC063 Cardonald Junction to Deanside (Goods Line) 9
SC065 Paisley to Gourock Note 4
SC067 Wemyss Bay Junction to Wemyss Bay 5
SC069 Containerbase Junction to Greenock CPA Terminal (Goods Line) Line disconnected by 6 July 2015: unclear whether code deleted at same time 5
SC071 Ladyburn Junction to James Watt Dock (Goods Line) 5
SC073 Kilwinning Junction to Largs Note 5
SC075 Misk to Stevenston (Goods Line) Out of use by 6 July 2015 10
SC077 Ardrossan South Beach to Ardrossan Harbour 10
SC079 Hunterston to Hunterston Low Level Sidings (Goods Line) 10
SC081 Byrehill Junction to Dubbs Junction 10
SC083 Snodgrass to Bogside (Goods Line) 10
SC085 Ayr Harbour to Newton Junction (Goods Line) 10
SC087 Newton Junction to Mauchline (Goods Line) 10
SC089 Annbank to Killoch Colliery (Goods Line) 10
SC091 Dalrymple Junction to Chalmerston (Goods Line) 8
SC093 Motherwell to Greenhill Lower Junction 10
SC095 Ravenscraig No 3 to Mossend South Junction (Goods line) 10
SC097 Whifflet South Junction to Sunnyside Junction (Goods Line) 10
SC099 Whifflet North Junction to Rutherglen East Junction 10
SC101 Coatbridge Junction to Langloan Junction 10
SC103 Garnqueen North Junction to Cowlairs West Junction 10
SC105 Gartsherrie South Junction to Gartcosh Junction 10
SC106 Sighthill West Junction to Cowlairs South Junction (Chord Line) 8
SC107 Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow Queen Street (via Falkirk High) Note 6
SC109 Polmont Junction to Greenhill Upper Junction (via Falkirk Grahamston) 10
SC110 Carmuirs East Junction to Larbert Junction 10
SC111 Newbridge Junction to Bathgate including Carmondean Junction to Bathgate Yard (Goods line) 10
SC113 Winchburgh Junction to Dalmeny Junction 10
SC115 Cowlairs West Junction to Knightswood North Junction 10
SC115A Maryhill Park Junction to Anniesland Bay Platform See also SC1150 10
SC116 Cowlairs East Junction to Cowlairs North Junction 10
SC117 Grangemouth Junction to Grangemouth Oil Terminal and Docks Yark (Goods Lines) including Fouldubs Junction to BAC Sidings (Goods Line) 10
SC119 Greenhill Upper Junction to Dundee 10
SC121 Stirling North to Cambus Junction (Goods Line) including Cambus Junction to Menstrie (Goods Line) Incorporated into SC183 from 25 March 2008 Note 7
SC123 Drumgelloch to Helensburgh (via Singer) Replaced by new SC123 from October 2010 Note 8
SC123 Bathgate to Helensburgh (via Singer) Replaced old SC123 from October 2010 Note 8
SC125 Hyndland East Junction to Dalmuir (via Yoker) Note 9
SC127 Sunnyside Junction to Gunnie (Goods Line) 10
SC129 Springburn to Bellgrove Junction 10
SC131 High Street Junction to Shields Junction 8
SC133 Westerton Junction to Milngavie 5
SC135 Dalreoch Junction to Balloch 6
SC136 Hyndland North Junction to Hyndland West Junction 10
SC137 Yoker CSD to Rothsay Dock (Goods Line) 10
SC139 Clydebank Junction to Dalmuir Riverside (Goods Line) 5
SC141 Craigendoran Junction to Fort William 5
SC143 Crianlarich to Oban 5
SC145 Fort William Junction to Mallaig 5
SC147 Berwick to Haymarket West Junction (via Waverley) 8 RA10 to January 2013
SC149 North Berwick to Drem Junction 5
SC151 Portobello to Leith South Yard (Goods Line) 10
SC153 Craigentinny to Powderhall (Goods Line) 10
SC155 Monktonhall Junction to Millerhill Yard (Goods Line) 10
SC157 Millerhill South Junction to Millerhill East Junction (Goods Line) 10
SC159 Bilston Glen to Millerhill Yard (Goods Line) Replaced by new SC159 from 14 April 2002 5
SC159 End of Line (former Bilston Branch) to Millerhill Yard (Goods Line) Replaced old SC159 from 14 April 2002 5
SC161 Millerhill Yard to Portobello (Goods Line) Replaced by new SC161 from 15 April 2002 10
SC161 Millerhill Yard to Portobello Replaced old SC161 from 15 April 2002 10
SC163 Portobello to Niddrie West (Goods Line) Replaced by new SC163 from 15 April 2002 10
SC163 Portobello to Niddrie West Replaced old SC163 from 15 April 2002 10
SC164 Newcraighall North Junction to Tweedbank 3
SC165 Niddrie South Junction to Haymarket West Junction 10
SC167 Craiglockhart Junction to Slateford Junction 10
SC169 Gorgie Junction to Haymarket Central Junction 10
SC171 Edinburgh Waverley to Dundee (via Kirkcaldy) Note 10
SC173 Inverkeithing Central Junction to Thornton North Junction (via Cowdenbeath) Note 11
SC175 Rosyth Dockyard to Inverkeithing South Junction (Goods Line) 8
SC176 Inverkeithing North Junction to Inverkeithing East Junction (Inverkeithing Curve) 10
SC177 Thornton North Junction to Methill Power Station (Goods Line) Replaced by new SC177 from 20 September 2008 8
SC177 Thornton North Junction to (former) Methill Power Station (Goods Line) Replaced old SC177 from 20 September 2008; code deleted 9 September 2017 8
SC178 Thornton South Junction to Thornton West Junction 8
SC179 Auchmuty to Markinch Down Sidings Ground Frame (Goods Line) Out of use from May 2012 (?) 8
SC181 Ladybank Junction to Hilton Junction 10
SC183 Kincardine Power Station to Charlestown Junction (Goods Line) Replaced by new SC183 from 25 March 2008 8
SC183 Stirling to Charlestown Junction Replaced old SC121 and SC183 from 25 March 2008 8
SC185 Elbowend Junction to Crombie RNAD (Goods Line) Code deleted 6 July 2008 5
SC187 Glencraig Ground Frame to Bowhill (Goods line) Code deleted 17 February 2008 5
SC189 Westfield to Redford Junction (Goods Line) 8
SC191 Dundee to Aberdeen 10
SC193 Perth to Inverness 8
SC195 Aberdeen to Inverness 10
SC197 Kittybrewster Ground Frame to Waterloo Goods (Goods line) 8
SC199 Keith Branch 10
SC201 Alves Ground Frame to Burghead (Goods Line) Removed from Sectional Appendix 17 October 2017 10
SC203 Inverness to Wick Note 12
SC205 Dingwall to Kyle of Lochalsh 5
SC207 Georgemas Junction to Thurso 5
SC1150 Maryhill Park Junction to Anniesland Bay Platform See also SC115A 10


  1. Gretna Junction - Larkfield Junction RA10; remainder RA8
  2. Gretna Junction - Eglinton Street Junction RA10; remainder RA8
  3. Shields Junction - Newton Junction RA10; remainder RA8
  4. Paisley - Bishopton RA10; remainder RA7
  5. Kilwinning - Hunterston Junction RA10; remainder RA5
  6. Edinburgh - Cowlairs West Junction RA10; remainder RA8
  7. Stirling North - Cambus Junction RA10; Cambus Junction - Menstrie RA5
  8. Drumgelloch - High Street Junction RA10; High Street Junction - Finnieston Junctions RA5; Finnieston Junctions - Hyndland North Junction RA7; Hyndland North Junction - Knightswood North Junction RA10; remainder RA8
  9. Hyndland East Junction - Hyndland West Junction RA7; remainder RA10
  10. Edinburgh - Dalmeny RA10; Dalmeny - North Queensferry RA8; North Queensferry - Taybridge South RA10; remainder RA8
  11. Inverkeithing - Cowdenbeath RA10; remainder RA8
  12. Inverness - Invergordon RA10; remainder RA5