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Last update 16 January 2023

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Tunnels on industrial and other minor lines

Note that owing to the temporary nature of many industrial railways and the lack of documentation about them, this list could have omissions.

Name Other names, remarks Length Owner
Ashes Quarry 0m 62y Quarry railway in Stanhope
Ashey Down Quarry 0m 37y Quarry railway
Baileycroft Quarry No 1 0m 31y Quarry tramway
Baileycroft Quarry No 2 0m 23y Quarry tramway
Basfords Hill 0m 51y Ticknall Tramway
Bedford Basin 0m 296y Atherton Collieries Railway
Bedford Place 0m 38y Alloa Wagonway
Belmont 0m 55y Lambton Railway
Black Bank also called Newdigate 0m 42y Newdigate Colliery Railway
Blorenge 0m 45y Hill's Tramway
Boulby 0m 509y Boulby Ironstone Mine Tramway
Burham Quarry 0m 440y Burham Lime and Cement Works Railway
Calderbank Colliery 0m 224y Calderbank Colliery Railway
Calke Park 0m 138y Ticknall Tramway
Cann see Leigham
Carnkie 0m 22y Basset Mines Tramway
Carson's Road 0m 34y Avon and Gloucestershire Railway [mineral tramway]
Church Street 0m 43y Mineral Railway in Swadlincote
City Road 0m 28y Cape Hill Brewery Railway, Birmingham
Clifton Rocks ≈0m 137y Funicular railway in Bristol
Commercial Road 0m 35y Harton Colliery Railway - High Staithes branch
Coppet Hall Middle 0m 18y Saundersfoot Mineral Railway
Coppet Hall North 0m 111y Saundersfoot Mineral Railway
Coppet Hall South 0m 73y Saundersfoot Mineral Railway
Copt Hill 0m 118y Rainton and Seaham Railway
Cornubia Works originally 0m 114y 0m 80y Cornubia Works Railway, Widnes
Cowhorn Hill 0m 72y Avon and Gloucestershire Railway [mineral tramway]
Cranmore 0m 46y Waterlip Quarry Tramway
Crich Village 0m 63y Cliffe Quarry Tramway
Crossgates 0m 49y Butts Tramway
Dale Quarry 0m 478y Quarry tramway
Dial Wood also called New Hall 0m 84y Flockton Tramway
Drysdale Street 0m 28y Alloa Wagonway
Durham Road also called Low Barnes 0m 103y Hetton Colliery Railway
Fifth see Thorniewood Brickworks
Garn Ddyrys 0m 165y Hill's Tramway
Gatehouse 0m 51y Devonport Dockyard Railway
Grange Lane ≈0m 60y Denby Grange Colliery Railway
Great Laxey Mine 0m 76y Great Laxey Mine Railway
Groby 0m 61y Groby Quarry Railway
Hanley Deep Pit 0m 37y Deep Pit Colliery Railway
Hartshill Quarry 0m 46y Jee's Granite Quarry Tramway
Hastings on funicular railway 0m 121y West Hill Lift
Hazlehead 0m 455y Hazlehead Colliery Railway
Hetton Staiths Headshunt 0m 77y Hetton Colliery Railway
Higher Leigham see Leigham
Hill also called Kingsmoor or Saundersfoot 0m 490y Saundersfoot Mineral Railway
Hylton Road originally ≈0m 97y 0m 265y Hetton Colliery Railway
Kinghorn High Street 0m 62y Burntisland Oil Works Railway
Kingsmoor see Hill
Ladyha' 0m 228y Eglinton Ironworks Railway
Lambton Coal Drops 0m 209y Lambton Railway
Lambton Drops to Hetton Staiths Link 0m 110y Hetton Colliery Railway
Leigham also called Cann or Higher Leigham 0m 658y Plymouth and Dartmoor Railway [mineral tramway]
Low Barnes see Durham Road
Low Staithes No 1 originally ≈0m 190y 0m 178y Harton Colliery Railway - ballast line
Low Staithes No 2 0m 90y Harton Colliery Railway - ballast line
Meal Bank Quarry 0m 24y Quarry railway
Morice Yard 0m 367y Devonport Dockyard Railway
Morwellham 0m 124y Devon Greal Consols Mine tramway
Newbold 0m 90y Coleorton tramway
Newdigate see Black Bank
New Hall see Dial Wood
Oare ≈0m 28y Davington Light Railway [munitions factory]
Oldland 0m 66y Avon and Gloucestershire Railway [mineral tramway]
Pan Lane 0m 24y Marl pit railway
Peggs Green 0m 483y Coleorton Tramway
Plymouth Ironworks Trevithick's tunnel ≈0m 384y Merthyr Tramroad
Pontardulais opened out pre-1920 0m 85y Graig Merthyr Colliery Railway
Pontypool 0m 82y Colliery tramway, Pontypool, Monmouthshire
Port Dinorwic 0m 92y Padarn Railway [mineral tramway]
Porter Lane 0m 32y Middleton Quarry Railway (Killers Branch)
Port Mulgrave 0m 1729y Grinkle Mines Tramway
Pwllbach New Mine 1m 132y Colliery tramway, Ystalyfera, Glamorgan
Pwllbach New Mine South Branch 0m 36y Colliery tramway, Ystalyfera, Glamorgan
Pwll Du 1m 280y Hill's Tramway
Redness Point opened out pre-1899 0m 129y Parton Coal Depot Tramway
Rhymney Coke Works 1m 209y Coke works branch
Ridge Lane 0m 267y Grinkle Mines Tramway
Rosehall 0m 415y Rosehall Railway [mineral tramway]
St Hilda's Loop 0m 96y Harton Colliery Railway - connection to High Staithes branch
Saundersfoot see Hill
Seafield Road 0m 47y Portobello Brickworks siding
Seaham Harbour North 0m 16y Seaham Harbour Railway
Seaham Harbour South 0m 121y Seaham Harbour Railway
South Dock 0m 402y Devonport Dockyard Railway
Stella New 0m 99y Stargate & Greenside Railway
Stella Old 0m 148y Stella Coal Company Waggonway
Stock's Moor 0m 212y Denby Grange Colliery Railway
Stodhart 0m 94y Peak Forest Tramway
Stoney Stanton 0m 96y Lane's Hill Quarry Tramway
Temple Gasworks 0m 194y Temple Gasworks Railway
Thorniewood Brickworks also called Fifth 0m 118y Brickworks Railway
Thornton Limeworks 0m 136y Quarry tramway
Tootle Height 0m 56y Quarry railway
Top Of 'The Steep' 0m 51y Cliffe Quarry Tramway
Torrington 0m 34y Marland Light Railway [quarry railway]
Trafalgar Tramway 0m 129y Trafalgar Colliery Tramway
Truelove opened out pre-1886 0m 66y Lea Moor Tramway [quarries]
Turnchapel Harbour 0m 51y Harbour branch railway
Victoria 2m 2y Spital Tongues Colliery Tramway
Wareham Road East ≈0m 20y Middlehere Plateway
Wareham Road West ≈0m 20y Middlehere Plateway
West Cannock Colliery 0m 134y West Cannock Colliery Railway
West Wemyss 0m 794y Wemyss Private Railway
Whitfield 0m 404y Chatterley-Whitfield Colliery Railway
Willsbridge 0m 156y Avon and Gloucestershire Railway [mineral tramway]

Large bridges that are not officially tunnels but could appear to be so

Note that this can never be a complete list as it is by necessity subjective.

Name Other names, remarks Length Owner Between…
A470/A472 (north) 0m 39y TV Abercynon Quakers Yard
A470/A472 (south) 0m 31y TV Abercynon Quakers Yard
A720 0m 159y NB Edinburgh Park Gogar
A9 Aberdeen line 0m 155y High Inverness Allanfearn
A9 Perth line 0m 160y High Inverness Culloden Moor
Dudley Southern Bypass 0m 51y Rltk Harts Hill & Netherton Blowers Green
Edgeley New replaced Edgeley Nos 1-3 0m 55y LNW Stockport Cheadle Hulme
M40 0m 56y GWR Kings Sutton Banbury
M60 0m 145y GC Fairfield Guide Bridge
Manchester Airport twin bore 0m 41y BR Heald Green Manchester Airport
St Helens Road 0m 37y LNW Rumworth & Daubhill Chequerbent
Saxelby Covered Way 0m 100y Mid Melton Mowbray Grimston
Southerham 0m 30y LBSC Lewes Glynde
Telford Way 0m 53y LNW Smethwick Rolfe Street Spon Lane
Wimbledon also called Bridge House Umbrella ≈0m 66y LSW Wimbledon Raynes Park
Woolton Road 0m 62y CLC Garston Hunts Cross