UK railway electrification tariff zones

A (one day) comprehensive listing

Last update 26 May 2021

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If electric trains do not have their own meters, operators pay for their energy use separately by a formula that takes account of various parameters (e.g. train types used). These lists come from track access contracts found on the ORR public register. They show the Railtrack (as it was) and Network Rail zones for traction energy charging purposes, as distinct from the operational/asset maintenance zones.


Each zone has a two character identifier code. Those marked with † have only been seen on a single 2006 contract.

It is notable that the Great Western main line is not on the list. At the time applicable only for trains to Heathrow, it is likely that for energy calculations it was considered part of one of the other zones.

Code Energy tariff zone
EA East Anglia
EC East Coast Main Line
GE Great Eastern †
MD Midland Main Line
ME Merseyside †
MS Merseyside (North West DC traction)
NE North East
NL North London (DC traction)
SC Scotland
SO South
SW South West
WA West Anglia †
WC West Coast/North West

Network Rail

2010 track access contracts list tariff zones with different codes split into smaller areas.

Code Energy tariff zone
A East Coast Main Line Central
B East Coast Main Line North
C East Coast Main Line Leeds
D Scotland East
E Scotland North & West
F Scotland West Coast Main Line
G West Coast Main Line Central
H West Coast Main Line West Midlands
I West Coast Main Line Manchester deleted after February 2013 but by 1 April 2019
I Western West from 1 April 2019
J West Coast Main Line North
K South Wales from October 2016, replaced 1 April 2019 by 3
M Merseyside
N Midland Main Line
O London Tilbury & Southend
P Great Eastern
Q West Anglia
R East Coast Main Line South
S Scotland Glasgow
T West Coast Main Line South
U Southern
V Great Western replaced October 2016 by new V
V Western London to Stoke Gifford and branches from October 2016, replaced 1 April 2019 by new V
V Western East from 1 April 2019
Y Crossrail from October 2016
3 South Wales from 1 April 2019