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A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

Last update 25 July 2015

Additional information is always gratefully received, whether entirely new records (particularly historical records), or information to fill in gaps or correct errors, via the contact link under the Miscellaneous entry in the navigation bar above.  Thank you.

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This is, as far as I can tell, a full list of post-1973 codes used to identify train maintenance depots.  Depot codes were applied as stickers to rolling stock; a rather work worn example on a class 40 is shown on this image; the observant will note that these form the inspiration for this site's logo.

Some codes changed over the years, and some codes were reused, so some depots and codes are listed more than once.  I have tried to identify which codes were used when, and also indicate whether a depot is still in use (with operator), or whether it has closed.  CRS, NLC, TIPLOC and Stanox codes are shown where known.  A full list of these codes can be found here.

Codes shown in bold red type are believed to be correct, but require confirmation from a separate source to verify.

Code Depot name CRS code NLC code TIPLOC STANOX Notes
AB Aberdeen Ferryhill       02081 Closed
AB Aberdeen Guild Street         DB Schenker
AC Whatley (ARC) Became WH from 1994
AC Aberdeen Clayhills XAC 897678 ABRDCH 02075 Virgin Trains East Coast
AD Ashford (Kent)         Hitachi
AF Ashford Chart Leacon (Kent) XEV 504300 CHRTLCN 89417 Bombardier
AF Ashford Station (Kent) AFK 500400 ASHFKY 89428 Closed.  CRS, STANOX, TIPLOC, NLC for station: depot codes not certain
AH Ashchurch   470011 ASHCMOD 68073 Ministry of Defence
AH Asfordby Technical Centre   185130 ASFRDBY 59119 Alstom
AK Manchester Ardwick XRK 296002 ARDWTMD 32043 Siemens (for Transpennine Express)
AL Aylesbury   149212 AYLSDMU 70354 (or 70354*) Chiltern Railways.  Replaced Marylebone (ME)
AN Allerton (Liverpool) XAL 221600 ALERTNS 36191 Network Rail
AO Acton         DB Schenker
AP Ashford Rail Plant         Balfour Beatty.  Should be AZ?
AT Alstom         Alstom general code
AV Vasteras Sweden         Bombardier
AV Avonmouth Bulk Handling Terminal         Freightliner
AW Ardwick West         Network Rail
AY Ayr XAY 946360 AYRRTMD 08614 DB Schenker
AZ Ashford (Kent)         Balfour Beatty
AZ Alizay (France)       00612 Axiom Rail
BA Barry     BARRYHS 78812 Closed
BA Basford Hall Yard (Crewe)   123907 CREWBLS 42159 (or 42158*) Freightliner
BB Billingham   792433 BLNGMAR 15021 SemCorp Utilities
  792431 BLNGRFS 15022
BB Boulby         Freightliner
BC Bescot Yard XBY 100361 BSCTYD 65700 DB Schenker
BC Birkenhead Mollington Street       38161 Closed
BC Birkenhead North CS   214508 BRKNUDS 38155 (or 38155*) General storage
BC Birch Coppice         Freightliner
BC Bicester BCD 310411 BCSTCOD 74554 Ministry Of Defence
BD Birkenhead North XDB 214564 BRKNMUD 38155 Merseyrail.  Formerly BN
BE Barnetby East         Freightliner
BE Bristol East Depot   323160 BRSTLED 81511 DB Schenker
BE Bedford Midland BCS 151202 BEDFDCS 62014 Govia Thameslink Railway
BF Beechbrook Farm   501611 BCHBKRP 89416 Closed
BF Bedford Cauldwell   151224 BEDFDCD 62015 Govia Thameslink Railway (formerly Southern for First Capital Connect) Class 319s carried BF1 stickers: the "1" may be for "First")
BG Hull Botanic Gardens Diesel Multiple Unit Depot XBG 812661 HULLDMU 19101 Northern Rail
BH Barrow Hill   661205 BRHLFHH 27221 Barrow Hill Roundhouse
  661260 BRHLLIP 27212
  661203 BRHLLFL 27213
BI Brighton Lovers Walk XBI 526812 LOVRSWS 87979 Southern
XDV 526801 BRGHLHS 87983
BJ Bristol Marsh Junction MJO 322162 MARSOTD 81526 Closed
BK Birkenhead Central   221704 BRKNCDS 38199 Closed by 2003
BK Bristol Barton Hill XHL 322060 BRSTLCW 81432 DB Schenker
BL Crewe Basford Hall         Freightliner
BL Blyth Cambois   768314 BLYTLIP 12230 Closed 17 September 1994
BM Bournemouth XBM 587672 BOMOCSD 86923 South West Trains
BN Bounds Green XGD 611925 BNDSGRN 54101 Virgin Trains East Coast
BN Birkenhead North Became BD from December 1976
BO Bedford Cauldwell See BF
BO Burton on Trent         Nemesis Rail
BP Beattock   960167 BEATCE 07990 Closed.  Code only used to December 1976.  Uncertain if CRS, STANOX, TIPLOC, NLC codes applied to depot
BP Blackpool North Carriage Sidings XNS 273901 BLCKNCS 30022 Network Rail
BQ Bury     BURYCRS   East Lancashire Railway.  Formerly BV
BQ Bardon Hill Quarry         Freightliner
BR Bristol Bath Road Traction Maintenance Depot XAB 321669 BRSTMD 81800 Closed 28 August 1995 (regulatory approval 27 October 1998)
BR Bristol Kingsland Road   322400 BRSTLKR 81608 Network Rail
BS Bescot BST 100303 BSCTTMD 65702 DB Schenker
BT Bo'ness         Scottish Railway Preservation Society
BU Burton-on-Trent BUR   BURTNMD 57702 Closed
BU Burngullow         Freightliner
BV Bury Became BQ from January 1975
BW Barry Wagon Repair Depot     BARRWRD   Network Rail
BW Barrow in Furness XBF 195477 BAROWCS 11233 Northern Rail
BX Buxton   294660 BUXTDMU 34202 Closed 12 October 1997 (replaced by Peak Forest: no code?)
BY Bletchley XBQ 136062 BLTCTMD 70302 London Midland
BZ St Blazey (Par) SBL 353566 STBLTMD 85222 DB Schenker
CA Cambridge Coldhams Lane XCA 702262 CAMBTMD 47215 (or 47215*) Axiom Rail
CA Carlisle         DB Schenker
CB Crewe Brook Sidings         DB Schenker
CB Codnor Park BUZ 175813 BUTTMRC 56513 Midland Heritage Trust
CC Cambridge Coalfield Sidings   702600 CAMBCGF 47233 Network Rail
CC Clacton XCL 685063 CLACTCS 50022 Greater Anglia.  Formerly CL
CD Crewe Diesel   179752 CREWDED 42135 DB Schenker.  Formerly CE
CD Cricklewood East Became CW from December 1973
CE Crewe International Electric   122261 CREWEMD 42123 DB Schenker.  Formerly CW
CE Crewe Diesel Became CD from December 1973
CF Cardiff Canton XPC 381672 CANTTMD 78520 Arriva Trains Wales/Pullman Rail
CG Crewe Gresty Lane   123905 CREWEGL 42166 Network Rail
CG Crewe Gresty Bridge         Direct Rail Services
CG Croxley Green         Closed
CH Chester XCH 241262 CHSTRDD 40304 Alstom
CJ Chirk Kronospan         Colas Rail
CJ Clapham Junction XCP 559513 CLPHJCS 87219 (or 87219*) South West Trains
CK Corkerhill XCK 962770 CKHLCSD 07125 First Scotrail
CL Glasgow Cowlairs Became GC from October 1983
CL Clacton Became CC from December 1976
CL Carlisle Upperby XUM 211860 CARLTMD 09195 Closed
CM Camden Carriage Sidings XCM 136711 CMDNCSD 72401 London Midland
CN Carnforth         DB Schenker
CN Chaddesden         Freightliner
CO Cranmore CAE 329415 CRANMOR 82247 East Somerset Railway
CO Coquelles (France)   080605 CALACE 00715 Eurotunnel
CP Crewe Carriage Sidings XCR 124394 CREWECS 42145 DB Schenker (Arriva/London & North Western Railway)
CQ Crewe   124309 CREWMRA 42125 Railway Age
CR Colchester COC 686161 CLCHCSD 50048 (or 50048*) Greater Anglia
  686162 CLCHRCS 50048*
CR Crewe Gresty Bridge         Direct Rail Services
CS Carnforth   264012 CRNFSTM 11522 West Coast Railway Co
CT Chester Carriage & Wagon Maintenance Depot   241276 CHSTRCW 40301 Closed 1998
CT Cleethorpes       21141 First Transpennine Express
CU Carlisle Currock   211160 CARLWRD 09191  
CV Cardiff Canton Sprinter Depot XCC 381614 CANTNCS 78514 (or 78515) "Paper" code only.  See CF
CV Coalville Mantle Lane         Code used from mid-'80s; closed October 1994
CW Cricklewood East XCD   CRKLCS 63403 East Midlands Trains.  Formerly CD
151904 CRKLWDJ 63402
CW Crewe Electric/Crewe International Became CE from December 1973
CX Crofton XRF 858468 CRFTDEP 18035 Bombardier.  See also XW
CX Chalmerston         Freightliner
CY Crewe Coal/South Yard   124330 CREWECY 42128 Direct Rail Services
XCT 124324 CREWESY 42141
CY Clapham Junction Yard XCP 559513 CLPHJCS 87219 (or 87219*) General storage
CZ Barton Under Needwood Carriage Maintenance Depot (Central Rivers) XUN 165814 BTNUNMD 57725 Bombardier
DA Sheffield Darnall         Closed 1987, replaced by Sheffield (SM)
DC Hull Dairycoates   807911 HULLDCT 19168 Closed
DD Doncaster Wood Yard   641764 DONCWDY 23433 DB Schenker
DE Dundee West DUE 904000 DUNDWTC 03060 DB Schenker.  Uncertain if CRS, STANOX, TIPLOC, NLC codes applied to depot
DF Derby RTC   091201 DRBYFRG 57422 Rail Vehicle Engineering
DI Didcot Railway Centre DIG 303019 DIDCGWS 74311 Great Western Society
DL Doncaster Works   641064 DONCWFL 23413 Wabtec/Freightliner Heavy Haul.  TIPLOC may be DONCWFH: checking required
(Carr Shops) DCC 641063 DONCWCS 23420 Closed?
(Loco No 2)   641061 DONCWL2 23419 (or 23419*)
(Loco Shops)   641060 DONCWLS 23419 (or 23419*)
(Wagon Shops)   641062 DONCWWS 23419 (or 23419*)
DL Dollands Moor       89737 DB Schenker
DM Dagenham       51409 Freightliner
DN Darlington       15852 Closed
DP Devonport         Devonport Management
DR Doncaster Carr   641760 DONCLIP 23431 DB Schenker
DT Dunfermline Townhill   918205 TNHLJCE 03314 Closed
DT Didcot Triangle DIF 303011 DIDCTFP 74310 DB Schenker
DU Doncaster Up Decoy LMD         DB Schenker
DV Dover   503307 DOVERPS 89611 (or 89611*) Southeastern Trains
DW Doncaster West Yard XWV 641326 DONCWY 23418 Network Rail
DY Derby Etches Park XEP 168862 DRBYEPS 57412 East Midlands Trains
EA Eastleigh Airport Siding         DB Schenker
EA East Anglia Railway Museum         East Anglia Railway Museum
EC Edinburgh Craigentinny   932450 CRGNFHH 04522 Virgin Trains East Coast/Freightliner
XCN 932463 CRGNTNY 04521
ED Glasgow Eastfield XED 994660 EFLDTMD 06430 First Scotrail.  Closed 1992, rebuilt 2004
EE Exeter St Davids Carriage Sidings Fuelling Point         First Great Western
EG Liverpool Edge Hill XEG 216985 EDGHDHS 36173 (or 36173*) Closed
EH Eastleigh XEH 589970 ELGHTMD 86093 DB Schenker
EI Edinburgh Craigentinny Carriage Sidings         Virgin Trains East Coast
EJ Ebbw Junction         Closed
EJ Leith South          
EL Heywood       31020 East Lancashire Railway
EM East Ham XEM 744260 EHMEMUD 51602 c2c
EN Euston Downside XEN 144463 EUSTRES 72402 Closed
EP Edinburgh Portobello   932400 PORTOBL 04641 Merged with Craigentinny (EC) early 1990s
ER Eurre (France)         SNCF
ES Embsay         Embsay Steam Railway
ES Earles Sidings         Freightliner
ET Eastleigh   589972 ELGHFLD 86098 Freightliner
ET Coquelles (France)         Eurotunnel
EU East Usk Junction New Sidings     EUSKJNS 76119 DB Schenker
EU Euston Station   144406 EUSTNHS 72408 DB Schenker
EX Overseas Sites n/a
EX Exeter St Davids Servicing Depot XXF 341056 EXETRFP 83403 First Great Western
FA Fairwater         Freightliner
FB Ferrybridge   853713 FERYLD 16714 DB Schenker
FD Freightliner Diesels (general code) Freightliner
FE Freightliner Electrics (general code) Freightliner
FF Forest (Brussels)   081401 BRUXFOR 00855 SNCB/NMBS
FH Frodingham     FRGMLIP   Closed April 1993, now reopened and used by Grant Rail
FK Ferme Park Became FP, date unknown
FN Felixstowe North Docks         GB Railfreight
FP Ferme Park XFD 601113 FRMPKRS 54209 Virgin Trains East Coast/GB Railfreight.  Formerly FK
FP Finsbury Park       54235 Closed
FR Fratton XFR 553570 FRATTMD 86323 (or 86323*) South West Trains
FS Freightliner Shunters (general code) Freightliner
FT Frethun (France)         SNCF
FW Fort William   882761 FRTWJFL 06021 DB Schenker
FX Felixstowe         Felixstowe Dock & Railway Co
FY Merehead (Foster Yeoman) Became MD from 1994
FZ Fort William Yard         DB Schenker
GB Guide Bridge         Freightliner
GC Glasgow Cowlairs     CWLRCSD 06421 Closed.  Formerly CL
GD Gateshead XGT 774963 GTSHTMD 13240 Closed
GF South Gosforth         Nexus
GI Gillingham (Kent) XGI 516966 GLNGDEP 89016 Southeastern Trains
GL Gloucester GLP 475660 GLOSLIP 68101 Cotswold Rail
GM Grangemouth   987316 GRNGLD 05100 Direct Rail Services
GO Waterston (Gulf Oil) WAG 409516 WSTNSD 80104 Closed
GO Goole         Closed
GP Grove Park         South Eastern Trains
GS Glasgow Shields Became GW from March 1975
GS Glasgow Salkeld Street       07261 Closed
GS Gloucester Station GCR 476000 GLOSTER 68089 General storage
GU Guide Bridge         Closed
GW Glasgow Shields XGW 967960 SHLDSMD 07202 First Scotrail.  Formerly GS
HA Haymarket (Edinburgh) XHA 941963 HAYMTMD 04230 First Scotrail
HB East Coast Headquarters n/a
HB Horbury   842318 HORBMAR 18416 Marcroft Engineering
HC Hornsey Up Carriage Siding (London) HRU   HRNSYUS   DB Schenker
HC Holyhead Carriage Sidings   243712 HLYHCMD 40004 Arriva Trains Wales
HD Holyhead   243762 HLYHDLS 40005 Arriva Trains Wales
HE Hornsey   601513 HRNSYES 54206 Govia Thameslink Railway
XHE 601512 HRNSYMD 54208
HF Hereford   360705 HEREDSL 76369 DB Schenker
HG Hither Green   510705 HTHRGDD 88448 DB Schenker
HH Haworth         Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
HH Hams Hall         GB Railfreight
HI Hitchin Down Yard   608212 HITCHDY 53219 Balfour Beatty
Hitchin Engineers Yard XHY 608660 HITCCEE 53212
Hitchin Plant Civil Engineer's Sidings   608662 HITCISU 53211
Hitchin Signal & Telecommunications Engineer's Sidings   608671 HITCSTE 53214
HI Forest (Brussels) (dummy)   081401 BRUXFOR 00855 See FF
HJ Hoo Junction         DB Schenker.  See also HN
HM Healey Mills   842360 HLYMTMD 18421 DB Schenker
HN Hamilton         Closed
HN Hoo Junction         DB Schenker.  See also HJ
HO Leeds Holbeck   850309 HOLBFHH 17153 Network Rail
  850315 HOLBSDG 17150
HO North Pole International (London) (dummy)       72240 See NP
HP Hope Blue Circle         Freightliner
HQ BRB Headquarters "Paper" allocation only
HR Hall Road XHR 222960 HALLTMD 36067 Closed 31 May 1997, now reopened and used by Network Rail
HS Bradford Hammerton Street         Closed
HT Heaton XHT 760162 HTONTMD 12714 Northern Rail
HU Hunterston High Level         DB Schenker
HV Hunterston High Level         Freightliner
HY Oxford Hinksey Yard   311590 HINKSEY 74439 Network Rail
HY Hyndland         Closed
HZ Heysham       11610 Lancaster Carriage & Wagon
HZ Le Landy (Paris) (dummy)       00755 See LY
IG Isle of Grain       88746 Freightliner
IL Ilford XIF 688160 ILFEMUD 50422 Greater Anglia
IM Immingham   629360 IMNGTMD 21210 DB Schenker
  629305 IMNGDFL 21223
IN UK Industrial Sites n/a
IN Immingham Traction Maintenance Depot         Freightliner
IO Immingham Reception         Freightliner
IP Ipswich XIP 721775 IPSWCCS 49202 Freightliner
IS Inverness IND 864995 IVRNCSD 01112 First Scotrail
XIV 865060 IVRNTMD 01113
KC Carlisle Currock Wagon Repair Depot   211160 CARLWRD 09191 DB Schenker
KD Carlisle Kingmoor   211818 KGMRLIP 09148 Direct Rail Services.  Formerly KM
KD Carlisle New Yard Became KM from January 1975
KG Knottingley         Freightliner
KK Kirkdale XKK 224561 KRKDLCS 36058 Merseyrail
KM Carlisle Kingmoor Became KD from January 1975
KM Carlisle Kingmoor         Direct Rail Services.  Replaced Sellafield (SD)
KM Carlisle New Yard XKY 211920 CARLILY 09150 Closed by 1987.  Formerly KD
KR Kidderminster   192268 KDRMSVR 65941 Severn Valley Railway
KT Kineton   460001 KINETON 69411 (or 69411*) Ministry Of Defence
KX King's Cross York Way         Closed 1980
KY Knottingley   854700 KNTNYFD 18018 (or 18018*) DB Schenker
KZ Killoch Colliery         Freightliner
LA Laira XLZ 357762 LARATMD 84090 First Great Western
LB Loughborough   189711 LOGHBSH 59006 Brush Traction
LC Longsight Eurostar (Manchester) XLI 286309 LNGSEUR 32508 Alstom
LD Leeds Midland Road   857102 LEEDFHH 17172 Freightliner.  Codes for Balm Road: same as Midland Road?
LE Landore XDL 421163 LADRTMD 79320 First Great Western
LF Leeds, Midland Road Wheel Lathe         Freightliner
LG Longsight Electric   286368 LNGSEMD 32514 Northern Rail
LH Lostock Hall         Closed
LJ Llandudno Junction     LANDJCS 40051 Closed
LK Lackenby South Bank         Corus
LL Liverpool (Downhills)   216965 EDGHCMD 36173 Alstom (Depot also referred to as "Edge Hill" or "Alstom Liverpool Traincare Centre")
XDG 216912 EDGHDWG 36174
XEG 216985 EDGHDHS 36173 (or 36173*)
LL Llangollen       41404 Llangollen Railway
LM Long Marston LMT 479611 LNGMSTN 67362 General storage site since 1999, now operated by Motorail Logistics
LN Lincoln XTT 634011 TERCESL 44049 Closed
LO Longsight Diesel   286360 LNGSTMD 32511 Northern Rail
LR Leicester LLP 194725 LESTLIP 59239 UK Rail Leasing
LS Manchester Longsight Wheel Lathe   286600 LNGSWL 32513 Alstom
LT Longtown (Cumbria)   208211 LNGTMOD 09131 Ministry Of Defence.  Unclear if code should be LW
LT Manchester Longsight Freight Terminal         unknown
LT Longport         DB Schenker
LV London Liverpool Street   696511 LIVSTHS   National Express East Anglia
LW Lawley Street         Freightliner
LY Le Landy (Paris)   081201 PARILLA 00756 SNCF
MA Longsight Carriage XML 286361 LNGSTCS 32512 Alstom
MB Middlesbrough   792925 MDLSMAR 15419 Closed
MC March Became MR from September 1973
MD Merehead MQY 329461 MERHDQ 82243 Mendip Rail.  Formerly FY
ME Marylebone XME   MARYDMU 63021 Closed 29 July 1992, replaced by Aylesbury (AL)
ME Manchester International (former Eurostar) XLI 286309 LNGSEUR 32508 Siemens (for Transpennine Express)
ME Mossend         DB Schenker
MG Margam MGL 418362 MRGMTMD 79771 DB Schenker
MH Millerhill MLL 932261 MLRHD 04724 DB Schenker
MI Motherwell         Direct Rail Services
MK Markinch MNC 916000 MKIN 03226 J Cameron.  CRS, STANOX, TIPLOC, NLC for station: depot codes not certain
ML Motherwell   969160 MOTHTMD 07452 Network Rail
MM Fire Service College, Moreton-in-Marsh       67358 Cotswold Rail
MN Machynlleth XMC 442210 MCHYNCS 64318 Arriva Trains Wales
MO Morris Cowley MOC 311400 MORRISC 74431 Closed
MO Muir Of Ord         Temporary depot used 7 February 1989 - 9 May 1990
MQ Meldon Quarry MQU 578663 MLDONQ 83301 Dartmoor Railway
MR March   716662 MARCHTD 46203 Closed.  Formerly MC
MS Mossend XMS 972900 MOSENY 07359 DB Schenker
MS Malaga (Spain)         ?
MS Mountsorrell         unknown
MV Manchester Victoria XVS 297005 MNCRVHS 31510 (or 31510*) unknown; unofficial code?
MY Mossend Yard MUY 972920 MOSEUPY 07357 Freightliner
NA Newton Abbot         Closed
NB New Brighton Electric Multiple Unit Depot Merseyrail
Siding No 1   215202 NBTNSD1 38010
Siding No 2   215203 NBTNSD2
Wall Siding   215204 NBTNWSG
NB New Biggin         GB Railfreight
NC Norwich Crown Point XNC 730925 NRCHTMD 48221 Greater Anglia.  Depot opened 27 October 1982, replaced Norwich Thorpe (NR)
ND Neasden         London Underground
NG New Cross Gate       87603 Closed by 1997
NG New Cross Gate         London Overground
NH Newton Heath XNN 297570 NWTNHDD 31300 Northern Rail
NJ Norwood Down Sorting Sidings   530211 NORWDDY 87640 ?
NL Neville Hill T&RSMD XNL 847666 NEVLTMD 17115 East Midlands Trains
NM Nottingham Eastcroft XNT 182603 NTNGMCS 55248 East Midlands Trains
NN Northampton Kings Heath   106918 NMPTEMD 70099 Siemens (for London Midland)
NO Norwich Thorpe Became NR from September 1973
NP North Pole International XNP 512704 NPLEINT 72239 Closed
NR Norwich Thorpe   730937 NRCHTHP 48228 Closed, replaced by Crown Point (NC).  Formerly NO
NR Norwich Crown Point Carriage Sidings         GB Railfreight
NT Northam XFS 591762 NTHMDEP 86508 Siemens (for South West Trains)
NV Neville Hill         Freightliner
NW Northwich     NTHWCSD   Brunner Mond
NY Grosmont   815511 GROSNYM 15521 North Yorkshire Moors Railway
OC Old Oak Common Locomotive XOL 309659 OLDOTMD 73220 Closed
OD Old Dalby Test Track   163300 OLDDALB 59101 Bombardier
OH Old Oak Common Electric Multiple Unit Depot XOE 309654 OLDOEMU 73228 Siemens (for Heathrow Express)
OK Okehampton         Dartmoor Railway
OM Old Oak Common Carriage XOC   OLDOCMD   First Great Western
ON Orpington   512264 ORPNGTD 88494 (or 88494*) Southeastern Trains
OO Old Oak Common HST XOO 309686 OLDOHST 73225 First Great Western
OW Orient Way Cariage Sidings XTX 694394 TMPLOCS 52202  
OX Oxford XOX 311567 OXFDCSD 74448 First Great Western
OY Oxley XOY 462911 OXLEYCS 65036 Alstom
PA St Pancras Cambridge Street         Closed
PB Peterborough Locomotive Inspection Point PIP 613460 PBROLIP 45107 DB Schenker
PC Polmadie Carriage Sidings XPO 978571 PLMDCMD 07268 Alstom
PE Peterborough Crescent (Nene Sidings)   713660 PBROCRE 45108 Govia Thameslink Railway
PE Peak Forest         Freightliner
PF Peak Forest         DB Schenker
PG Hull Paragon       19105 Closed?
PG Peterborough         Electro-Motive Services.  Code used from May 2009
PH Perth XPH 879962 PERTHCS 03128 First Scotrail
PI Pwllheli         Closed (used 1980 only)
PI North Pole International XNP 512704 NPLEINT 72239 Closed
PM Saint Philips Marsh XPM 322962 STPHHST 81524 First Great Western
PN Preston Station XPT 275379 PRSTNCS 30118 Northern Rail
PN Poznan         Axiom
PO Polmadie XPO 978500 PLMDIEE 07268 (or 07268*) Alstom
PP Polmadie Eurostar   978530 PLMDEPS 07263 Alstom
PQ Harwich Parkeston Quay       49407 DB Schenker
PR Private Preservation Sites "Paper" allocation only
PR Matlock   158113 MATLPR 57005 Peak Rail
PR Preston Bakehouse Sidings         unknown
PT Preston         Closed
PT Peterborough New England   613401 PBROGBF 45112 Former OLE depot used by GB Railfreight since 2001
PY Shoeburyness (Pigs Bay)   745511 SHBRYMD 51002 QinetiQ
PY Pyle Hill       81811 Closed
PZ Penzance   352661 PENZTMD 85731 First Great Western
QR Quainton Road   149400 QUNTRD 70340 Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.  CRS, STANOX, TIPLOC, NLC for station: depot codes not certain
RB Ranelagh Bridge         Closed
RB Rylstone         Tilcon
RD Reading West Yard         Closed
RE Ramsgate XRE 502368 RAMSGTD 89472 Southeastern Trains.  Formerly RM
RG Reading XRG 314961 REDGDMU 74239 Closed
  314916 RDNGTMD 74259
RG Reading         First Great Western
RL Ropley   592464 ROPLEY 87019 Mid Hants Railway.  CRS, STANOX, TIPLOC, NLC for station: depot codes not certain
RL Ripple Lane RPL 743864 RPLLLIP 51509 (or 51509*) Closed
RM Ramsgate Became RE from December 1976
RO Rotherham Steel Terminal         DB Schenker
RR Doncaster Roberts Road         GB Railfreight
RR Radyr         Closed 1987
RS Doncaster Roberts Road         GB Railfreight
RS Reddish         Closed
RT Rotherham Steel Terminal         DB Schenker
RU Rugby RCS 108762 RUGBYCS 70031 (or 70030*) Colas
RV Ravenstruther         Freightliner
RY Ryde   554368 RYDSEMU 86308 Island Line
SA Salisbury XFU 566306 SLSBRYD 86123 South West Trains
SB Shirebrook     SHRBLIP 28101 Closed 28 September 1996
SB Stourbridge Junction         Chiltern Railways
SB Shrewsbury Coleham         Network Rail
SC Scunthorpe         DB Schenker
SD Sellafield   200411 SELABNF 10202 Closed 1999, replaced by Carlisle Kingmoor (KM)
SD Springburn       06521 Closed
SE St Leonards XSM 521201 STLNDEM 88282 St Leonards Railway Engineering/GB Railfreight
SF Stratford XSR 693660 STFDMPD 52230 Closed.  Formerly SX
SG Slade Green XSG 515467 SLADEGD 88425 Southeastern Trains
SH Southampton       86533 Freightliner
SH Strawberry Hill Became ST, date unknown
SH Southall   318762 STHAFSS 73664 West Coast Railway Company.  Formerly SZ to 1987
SI Soho XSZ 115160 SOHODED 65828 London Midland
SI Strawberry Hill See ST, believed noted in error
SJ Shelton       43112 Network Rail
SJ Stourbridge Junction (Town Platform)         London Midland
SK Swanwick BUZ 175813 BUTTMRC 56513 Midland Railway Centre
SK Sunderland South Dock   763511 SDOCPSA 14125 Closed
SK Stoke Gifford         Freightliner
SL Stewarts Lane XSL 537170 STWTTMD 87238 Southern (Gatwick Express)/DB Schenker
SM Sheffield   669181 SHEFSRF 25698 Northern Rail.  Replaced Sheffield Darnall (DA)
SN Shoeburyness Carriage Sidings XXS 745563 SHBRYCS 51003 c2c
SN Stranraer   955600 STRNRTN 08651 First Scotrail
SO Southampton Maritime       86533 Freightliner
SO Southall Became SZ, date unknown
SO Southport   226263 SOUTCHS 35003 (or 35003*) General storage
SP Springs Branch Component Recovery & Distribution Centre XWM 226764 WIGANDD 35150 DB Schenker
SQ Stockport Carriage Maintenance Depot   277162 STKPCS 32531 Northern Rail
SR Stratford Major Depot/Level 5   696911 STFDRPD 52228 Closed 31 March 1991.  Also known as "High Meads", "Stratford New Works", and "Stratford Traction Repair Shops"
SR Shrewsbury Coleham         Network Rail
SS Salillas/Catalayud (Spain)         RENFE
ST Southport   226263 SOUTCHS 35003 (or 35003*) Merseyrail
ST Strawberry Hill XSX 560712 STRWBHD 87151 South West Trains.  East side of depot (west side is VZ).  Formerly SH
ST Severn Tunnel Junction       76091 Closed
SU Selhurst XSH 543474 SLHRSTD 87639 Southern
SV Wembley Wheel Lathe   145412 WMBYWHL 72102 Alstom.  Although listed as being the wheel lathe, the code presumably also applies to an extended site, as some shunters and class 66s are "allocated" to SV
SV Wembley XWY 150902 WEMBLMD 63002 Chiltern Railways.  Code is listed, but may be recorded in error (see also Wembley Wheel Lathe)
SW Swindon XSW 333380 SDONLIP 75013 Closed 1990s
SX Stratford Running Depot Became SF from September 1973
SX Shrewsbury         Arriva Trains Wales
SY Saltley SLP 110360 SLTLYHS 66320 Closed 24 April 2005
SZ Southampton Maritime       86533 Freightliner/GB Railfreight
SZ Southall Formerly SO, became SH 1987
TB Three Bridges XTB 549109 THBDWRS 87924 (or 87924*) DB Schenker
TB Tilburg (Netherlands)   081703 TILBURG 00907 NS
TD Temple Mills (Stratford)   694302 TMPLTMD 52202 DB Schenker
TE Thornaby XTE 797660 TABYTMD 15401 DB Schenker
TF Thornton Field Carriage Sidings XTF 693662 TFCARMD 52227 Closed
TF York Yard South         Freightliner
TG Teigngrace         Colas Rail
TG Tonbridge   522972 TONBLHS 89358 Closed
TG Tonbridge Jubilee Sidings XJU 522914 TONBJUB 89359 South Eastern Trains
TH Thornaby XTE 797660 TABYTMD 15401 Freightliner
TI Tinsley Yard XTD 668160 TINSTMD 25201 Closed
TI Temple Mills International         Eurostar (UK)
TJ Tavistock Junction TVJ 359800 TVSTCKJ 84081 Colas Rail
TJ Thornton Junction XTJ 917770 THRNTHS 03251 DB Schenker/Scotrail
TK Tyne Dock         GB Railfreight
TL Tilbury         Closed
TL Tilbury Rail Container Terminal         Freightliner
TM Tyseley Standard Gauge Steam Trust   451811 TYSLSTM 66426 Birmingham Railway Museum
Tyseley Light Maintenance Depot XTS 451815 TYSLSDG 66424
TN Taunton         West Somerset Railway
TN Thornton Junction         DB Schenker
TO Toton   172063 TOTOTMD 56580 DB Schenker
TP Trafford Park (Barton Dock)       33012 DB Schenker/Freightliner
TS Tyseley   451861 TYSLTMD 66425 London Midland
TT Toton Training School         DB Schenker
TU Toton Up Yard TNB 172136 TOTONNB 56590 DB Schenker
TW Tunbridge Wells West         Closed
TW Toton Wagon Repair Depot   172066 TOTOWRD 56582 DB Schenker
TY Tyne Yard   773861 TYNEYD 13551 DB Schenker
TZ Thoresby Colliery Junction         Freightliner
VI Victoria         South Eastern Trains
VM Velim Test Track         Czech Republic test track
VR Aberystwyth   430310 ABRYSNS 64607 Arriva Trains Wales
VR Aberystwyth Vale of Rheidol         Vale of Rheidol Railway
VW Alstom HG (West Coast)         Alstom
VZ Strawberry Hill XSX 560712 STRWBHD 87151 Siemens.  West side of depot (east side is SH)
WA Warrington Arpley   238302 ARPLEYS 35550 DB Schenker
WA Wishaw         Goodmans
WB Wembley Carriage Sidings     WMBYLHS 72113 Alstom
WC Waterloo and City     WACWMUD   London Underground
WD Wimbledon   561567 WDONEMU 87252 South West Trains.  Formerly WM
WE Wembley XWF 142401 WMBYICD 72111 DB Schenker
WE Willesden Brent WBS 142520 WLSDBRS 72230 DB Schenker
WF Wansford   612916 WANSFD   Nene Valley Railway
WH Wath   949040 WTHH 09027 Closed
WH Whatley WHQ 570712 WHATLYQ 82202 Mendip Rail.  Formerly AC
WI Wilton   795344 WLTNMAR 15647 SemCorp Utilities
WJ Watford Junction   140201 WATFJCS 71044 Closed
WK West Kirby Merseyrail
Siding No 1   220103 WKIRSD1 38001 (or 38001*)
Siding No 2   220104 WKIRSD2 38001 (or 38001*)
WK Workington     WKNTLIP   Northern Rail
WL Wellingborough         GB Railfreight
WM Wimbledon Became WD from December 1976
WN Willesden XWT 142413 WLSDTMD 72271 London Overground
WO Wellingborough       61109 Closed
WP Worksop Wagon Repair Depot         Closed
WQ DB Schenker Board n/a
WR West Ruislip WRD 305912 WRUILUL 73424 London Underground
WS Worcester XWR 489195 WORCSCS 67115 London Midland
WS Worksop   657463 WORKWRD 26228 DB Schenker
WT Warrington Arpley   238302 ARPLEYS 35550 DB Schenker
WT Westhouses       56130 Closed.  Formerly WU
WU Westhouses Became WT from January 1975
WU Wembley Traction Maintenance Depot         Chiltern Railways
WV Manistry Wharf         Freightliner
WW Washwood Heath Loco Servicing Road 26         DB Schenker
WY Wembley Yard         DB Schenker.  Possibly recorded in error (see WB, WE and Westbury(WY))
WY Westbury XWB 571267 WSTBLIP 82099 DB Schenker
WZ Warsaw (Poland)         Freightliner
XW Crofton Depot XRF 858468 CRFTDEP 18035 Bombardier.  See also CX
XX Not Yet Allocated
YC York Clifton         Closed
YK York   826380 YORKWRD 16412 DB Schenker
YK York XYK 826322 YORKTPE 16413 Siemens (for Transpennine Express)
YL York Leeman Road         Freightliner
YM York National Railway Museum   826321 YORKNRM 16409 Science Museum
YO Yoker XYD 999060 YOKERCS 06349 First Scotrail
YS York South Sidings XYS 826813 YORKYS 16441 (or 16441*) DB Schenker
ZA RTC Business Park (Derby)   091200 DRBYRTC 57421 Rail Vehicle Engineering
ZB Doncaster Works DOB 641000 DONCBRE 23419 Wabtec
ZC Crewe Works   124211 CREWWKS 42121 (or 42121*) Bombardier
ZD Derby Litchurch Lane Works   182310 DRBYALL 57442 Bombardier
ZE Washwood Heath WHH 110315 WSHWHMC 66315 Closed March 2005, reopened and used by Boden Rail, Colas Rail and Hanson Rail
ZE Derby Loco Works       57401 Closed (demolished 2006)
ZF Doncaster Works DCC 641063 DONCWCS 23420 Bombardier
ZG Eastleigh Works XFB 589800 ELGHBRM 86092 Closed 31 March 2006, reopened and now used by Arlington Fleet Services
  589927 ELGHAFL 86127
ZH Springburn Works Glasgow   989200 GLGWWKS 06506 Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems (UK) Limited
ZI Ilford Works   688187 ILFEL5D 50420 Bombardier
ZJ Immingham   629313 IMNGRFT 21251 Immingham Railfreight Terminals scrapyard
ZJ Horwich Works       30301 Closed
ZJ Stoke On Trent Same site as ZW (Marcroft) Turner's
ZK Shildon Wagon Works         Closed
ZK Kilmarnock Works   951314 KILMBCY 08718 Wabtec
ZL Dewsbury         Closed 2006 (RMS Locotech moved to Wakefield)
ZL Swindon Works     SDONWKS 75014 Closed
ZL Cardiff Cathays Works     CATHWRD   Closed
ZM Glasgow   999760 SPRNMCP 06509 Closed 1999
ZM Temple Mills Wagon Works   693500 TMPLBRE   Closed
ZN Wolverton Works XGH 136300 WLVRTNW 70211 Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems (UK) Limited
ZO Polmadie       07264 Alstom
ZP Horbury Works (Wakefield) XHB 842311 HORBOM 18413 Closed
ZQ BRB Headquarters n/a
ZR Rotherham   667312 MBROBPS 25014 C F Booth
ZR York Works YCW 826200 YORKCRW 16429 Network Rail
ZS Wakefield         RMS Locotech
ZT Stockton   796118 STOCTMS 15224 T J Thomson
ZU Level 5 Selhurst SFA 543465 SDEPFA 87638 Southern
ZW Stoke On Trent   131414 STOKMAR 43231 Axiom Rail
ZX Raxstar (S Wales)         Raxstar
ZZ Various Sites For Scrap "Paper" allocation only


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