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Last update 30 November 2018

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The historical Great Western Railway gave its principal depots a code of two to five letters based on the depot name.  Sub-sheds shared the main depot's code except, it seems, Crewe (sub-shed to Wellington) that had its own code.

Code Depot name
ABEEG Aberbeeg
AYN Abercynon
ABDR Aberdare
ABH Aberystwyth
BAN Banbury
BRY Barry
BHD Birkenhead
BCN Brecon
BRD Bristol Bath Road
SPM Bristol St Philip's Marsh
CDF Cardiff Canton
CHYS Cardiff Cathays
CED Cardiff East Dock
RYR Cardiff Radyr
CAR Carmarthen
CHEL Cheltenham
CHR Chester
CRW Crewe
DG Danygraig
DID Didcot
DYD Duffryn Yard
EXE Exeter
FDL Ferndale
FGD Fishguard
GLO Gloucester
HFD Hereford
KDR Kidderminster
LDR Landore
LMTN Leamington Spa
LLY Llanelly
LTS Llantrisant
LYD Lydney
MCH Machynlleth
MTHR Merthyr
NEA Neath
NPT Newport Ebbw Junction
PILL Newport Pill
NA Newton Abbot
NEY Neyland
PDN Old Oak Common ("Paddington")
OSW Oswestry
OXF Oxford
PFN Pantyffynnon
PZ Penzance
LA Plymouth Laira
PPRD Pontypool Road
RDG Reading
RHY Rhymney
STJ Severn Tunnel Junction
SALOP Shrewsbury
SLO Slough
SHL Southall
SBZ St Blazey
STB Stourbridge
SED Swansea East Dock
SDN Swindon
TN Taunton
TDU Tondu
THT Treherbert
TR Truro
TYS Tyseley
WLN Wellington
WES Westbury
WEY Weymouth
WTD Whitland
OXY Wolverhampton Oxley
SRD Wolverhampton Stafford Road
WOS Worcester
YEO Yeovil Pen Mill


Introduction | Two character TOPS codes | Four digit pre-TOPS codes | 1950 system (pre-TOPS) codes | GWR codes