London & North Eastern Railway depot codes

A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

Last update 4 March 2023

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The London & North Eastern Railway gave its depots a code usually consisting of three letters based on the depot name, though a couple of depots had two-character codes.

Code Depot name
ABD Aberdeen Ferryhill
ANN Annesley
ARD Ardsley
BRN Barnsley
BGT Bathgate
BLA Blaydon
BOR Borough Gardens
BOS Boston
BFD Bradford
BRI Bridlington
BSE Bury St Edmunds
CAM Cambridge
CAR Carlisle Canal
COL Colchester
CLK Colwick
CON Consett
CUD Cudworth
DAR Darlington
DON Doncaster
DEE Dundee (Tay Bridge)
DFU Dunfermline
DUR Durham
EFD Eastfield
FW Fort William
FRO Frodingham
GHD Gateshead
GRA Grantham
HAT Hatfield
HAV Haverton Hill
HAW Hawick
HAY Haymarket
HTN Heaton
HIT Hitchin
HSY Hornsey
HLB Hull Botanic Gardens
HLD Hull Dairycoates
HLS Hull Springhead
IMM Immingham
IPS Ipswich
KEI Keith
KL King's Lynn
KX Kings Cross
KBY Kirkby Stephen
KIT Kittybrewster
LNG Langwith
NEV Leeds Neville Hill
LEI Leicester
LIN Lincoln
LTH Louth
LOW Lowestoft
MAL Malton
MAR March
MC Melton Constable
MEX Mexborough
MID Middlesborough
NEA Neasden
NWE New England
NPT Newport (Yorkshire)
NBH North Blyth
NLN Northallerton
NOR Norwich
PKS Parkeston
PKD Parkhead
PMN Percy Main
POL Polmont
RET Retford
SAL Saltburn
SCA Scarborough
SEL Selby
SHF Sheffield
SL South Lynn
STM St Margarets
SBK Starbeck
STV Staveley
STG Stirling (Shore Road)
SKN Stockton
STR Stratford
SUN Sunderland
THJ Thornton
TUX Tuxford
TWD Tweedmouth
TDK Tyne Dock
AUK West Auckland
WHL West Hartlepool
WBY Whitby
WFD Woodford Halse
YAR Yarmouth (South Town)
YB Yarmouth Beach
YK York