Licences issued to railway companies by bodies other than the Office of the Rail Regulator

A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

Last update 20 January 2021

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This data is collated from the hidden depths of the Offices of various utility regulators.

The data presented here is the best that could be found thus far: it is hoped that erroneous data may be corrected in due course.

From the French rail regulator

Licences only listed when there is a clear link to a UK operator

Euro Cargo Rail

EWS subsidiary

Operating licence

From 8 August 2006; expired 8 August 2007

European freight licence 03-2006

From 20 August 2006

European passenger licence 04-2011

From 6 October 2011

Europorte 2

Eurotunnel subsidiary

Operating licence

From 12 February 2004; invalidated by there being no services run by 12 February 2006

Operating licence

From 17 February 2006; expired 13 August 2007

Eurostar France SAS

European passenger licence FR 01 2019 0002

From 22 March 2019

From Offpost

Red Star Parcels

Trading as Lynx Mail


From 15 August 2005

Consolidation of mailings for conveyance to Royal Mail Group plc and subsequent conveyance by Royal Mail Group plc

London Underground


From 22 May 2002

Only between LRT/TfL office buildings

From Oftel (now Ofcom)

British Railways Board

Closed user group licence

From 30 November 1990; now lapsed

Particular person (general) licence

From 1 August 1990; now lapsed


International facilities licence without code powers

From 18 December 1996; now revoked

International Facilities Licences (IFL) - a licence granted under the Telecommunications Act 1984 authorising the connection of a UK telecommunication system to a telecommunication system outside the UK and the provision of telecommunication services over the system to countries outside the UK

Particular person (general) licence

From 20 May 1993

Particular person (general) licence

From 21 December 1995; revoked 22 August 1998

Railtrack plc

Particular person (general) licence

From 1 May 2001

BR Telecommunications Limited

Particular person (general) licence

From 31 March 1994; now lapsed

Particular person (general) licence

From 28 July 1995; now lapsed

Ffestiniog Railway Company

Particular person (general) licence

From 2 October 1990; now lapsed

Racal-BR Telecommunications Limited

Particular person (general) licence

From 13 March 1996; now revoked