Engineer's Line References (ELRs)


Last update 3 May 2018

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Mileages are given in the form miles.chains. Figures prefixed with ≈ are approximate, those in parentheses are not on this route but are given for reference. Reference to 'start'/'end' of an asset are as read down the page.

DLT Duffryn Llynvi and Porthcawl Tramway

Very few details are known about this route.
The formation was reused by POR south of Hoel Y Sheet (6.55 on POR), except for a minor diversion at Smoky Cot.  POR used its own but similar formation to north of SWM2, and then the same route to Cefn Junction (2.44 on POR).  North of here, DLT was a very different route, though broadly parallel to OVE and BAL.  Finally, DLT gave its formation to CNZ (from 9.21 on CNZ) almost to the end of the line, from where DLT diverged to serve Duffryn colliery.