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Last update 8 June 2018

Additional information is always gratefully received, whether entirely new records (particularly historical records), or information to fill in gaps or correct errors, via the contact link under the Miscellaneous entry in the navigation bar above.  Thank you.

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This listing gives the British Waterways/Canal & River Trust equivalent to the ELR system.  Information is derived from records quoting codes in use and there are thus some gaps for which "translations" are unknown (the codes themselves are known).  There are also canals for which the code is not known.  In both cases, further information would be welcome.

Code Canal Branch (if applicable)
AI River Aire  
AL Aire & Calder Navigation Aire & Calder Main Line
AN Ashton Canal  
AS Ashby Canal  
AW Aire & Calder Navigation Wakefield Branch
BA Birmingham Canal Navigation (Wyrley & Essington Canal) Anglesey Branch
BB Bow Back Rivers (not confirmed)  
BC Birmingham Canal Navigation New Main Line
BE Birmingham Canal Navigation Netherton Tunnel Branch
BF Birmingham Canal Navigation (Birmingham & Fazeley Canal)  
BG Birmingham Canal Navigation Gower Branch
BI Birmingham Canal Navigation Icknield Port Loop
BJ Birmingham Canal Navigation (Wednesbury Old Canal) Ridgacre Branch
BK Birmingham Canal Navigation (Dudley Canal) Dudley No 2 Canal
BO Birmingham Canal Navigation Oozells Street Loop
BP Birmingham Canal Navigation (Dudley Canal) Dudley No 1 Canal
BR Birmingham Canal Navigation (Wednesbury Old Canal)  
BS Birmingham Canal Navigation Soho Loop
BT Bridgwater & Taunton Canal  
CA Calder & Hebble Navigation  
CB Calder & Hebble Navigation Dewsbury Arm
CC Coventry Canal  
CD Caledonian Canal  
CH Chesterfield Canal  
CI Crinan Canal (not confirmed)  
CL Caldon Canal  
CM Cromford Canal  
DE Birmingham Canal Navigation (Wyrley & Essington Canal) Daw End Canal
ER Erewash Canal  
FC Forth & Clyde Canal (not confirmed)  
FK Stainforth & Keadby Canal  
FO Foss Dyke (not confirmed)  
FT Sheffield & Tinsley Canal  
GA Grand Union Canal Aylesbury Arm
GB Birmingham & Warwick Junction Canal  
GG Grand Union Canal Slough Arm
GH Grand Union Canal Market Harborough Arm
GL Grand Union Canal Leicester Line
GN Grand Union Canal Northampton Arm
GP Grand Union Canal Paddington Arm
GR Grantham Canal  
GS Gloucester & Sharpness Canal  
GU Grand Union Canal  
GV Grand Union Canal Wendover Arm
HB Huddersfield Broad Canal  
HN Huddersfield Narrow Canal  
HT Hatherton Canal  
HU Hertford Union Canal  
KA Kennet & Avon Canal  
LA Llangollen Canal  
LB Limehouse Basin  
LC Lancaster Canal  
LE Leeds & Liverpool Canal Leigh Branch
LG Lancaster Canal Glasson Branch
LL Leeds & Liverpool Canal  
LN Lee Navigation  
LR Leeds & Liverpool Canal Rufford Branch
MA Macclesfield Canal  
MB Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal  
MC Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal  
MD   Middle Dock
ME Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal Bolton Arm
MG Montgomery Canal  
MI   Millwall Inner Dock
MW   Millwall Dock
NJ New Junction Canal  
OG Boddington Reservior Canal Feeder - inflow
ON Boddington Reservior Canal Feeder - outflow
OX Oxford Canal  
PB Peak Forest Canal Bugsworth Arm
PF Peak Forest Canal  
PO Pocklington Canal  
RC Birmingham Canal Navigation (Rushall Canal)  
RD Rochdale Canal  
RE Regent's Canal  
RI Ripon Canal (not confirmed)  
RL Ribble Link (not confirmed)  
RO River Ouse (not confirmed)  
RS River Severn Navigation  
RT River Trent (not confirmed)
River Stort? (not confirmed)
RU Ure Navigation  
SA Swansea Canal  
SD   South Dock
SE Selby Canal  
SH Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigations  
SJ Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigations (New Junction Canal) (not confirmed)  
SM Shropshire Union Canal Middlewich Branch
SN North Stratford Canal  
SO River Soar  
SS South Stratford Canal  
ST Stourbridge Canal  
SU Shropshire Union Canal  
SW Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal  
TD Birmingham Canal Navigation (Titford Canal) (not confirmed)  
TM Trent & Mersey Canal  
TN Tees Navigation (not confirmed)  
TV Tame Valley Canal (not confirmed)  
UN Union Canal (not confirmed)  
WA Birmingham Canal Navigation (Walsall Canal) Anson Branch
WB Worcester & Birmingham Canal  
WE Birmingham Canal Navigation (Wyrley & Essington Canal)  
WI River Witham  
WK Waterworks River  
WN Weaver Navigation  
WO Birmingham Canal Navigation (Walsall Canal) Ocker Hill Tunnel Branch
WR Birmingham Canal Navigation (Dudley Canal) Dudley Tunnel Branch
WS Birmingham Canal Navigation (Walsall Canal)  
WV Birmingham Canal Navigation Old Main Line
WW Birmingham Canal Navigation Bradley Arm
WX Birmingham Canal Navigation (Wyrley & Essington Canal) Cannock Extension Canal
WZ Birmingham Canal Navigation (Birmingham & Fazeley Canal) Digbeth Branch

Canals without known codes

  1. Basingstoke Canal
  2. Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation
  3. Chichester Ship Canal
  4. Droitwich Canal
  5. Exeter Ship Canal
  6. Godalming Navigation
  7. Grand Union Canal - Welford Arm
  8. Great Western Canal
  9. River Medway
  10. Somerset Coal Canal
  11. Stover Canal (note that this had the railway code STZ)
  12. Stroudwater Navigation
  13. Thames & Medway Canal
  14. Thames & Severn Canal
  15. Wiltshire & Berkshire Canal
  16. Wey Navigation
  17. Wey & Arun Canal


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