Engineer's Line References (ELRs)

A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

Codes beginning Q

Last update 19 February 2022

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ELR Line name Mileages Datum Notes
QAB Queen Alexandra Bridge Branch ?? - ?? Duplicates ALB?
QBL Queenborough to Leysdown Lie (Sheppey Light Railway) 49.22 - 57.69 Victoria via Herne Hill
QDS Queensferry and Dalmeny South (Kirkliston) Branch 0.00 - 4.05/ 7.54 - 11.59 Ratho Junction/Edinburgh Waverley
QLT Queens Park London Underground Lines see separate portions
QLT1 Up Lines 3.69 - 3.71 Euston
QLT2 Down Lines 3.67 - 3.70 Euston
QSB Quayside Branch ?? - ?? North Tyneside area
QUB Quarry Branch (Tavistock) 0.00 - 0.34 Pitts Cleave Quarry Siding Junction
QYB Quakers Yard Branch 15.21 - 15.70 Taff Vale Extension Junction
QYZ Quakers Yard and Merthyr Line 0.00 - 5.75 Quakers Yard