Structure numbers: the Docklands Light Railway system

A (one day) comprehensive listing

Last update 28 October 2022

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This listing, kindly compiled by Richard Counter, gives the Docklands Light Railway's equivalent to the ELR system. It is probably not complete; any missing data would be welcome.

Code Structure
BELV Beckton Extension Link Viaduct
CONV Connaught Viaduct
CROV Crossharbour Viaduct
CYPU Cyprus Underpass
DOCV Docks Crossing Viaduct
EGAR Egar Underpass
EGGS Eastern Gateway
EHLW East India High Level Walkway
GALV Gallions Reach Viaduct
HAEV Harbour Exchange Viaduct
HECV Harbour Exchange Curve
LEAB Lea Bridge
LEX Lewisham Extension
LIMV Limehouse Viaduct
MAWV Marsh Wall Viaduct
NARV Naval Row Viaduct
NEKB Newark Knok Bridge
NOQV North Quay Viaduct
NORB Northern Relief Bridge
PHLW Poplar High Level Walkway
PREB Preston Road Bridge
PMLV Pudding Mill Lane Viaduct
PRRV Prince Regent Viaduct
SER Silvertown
SHAV Shadwell Viaduct
SILV Silvertown Way
SOQV South Quay Viaduct
SORB Selsdon Way Road Bridge
STEV Full details unknown; same bridge as FSS1/B/530, numbered in middle of WERB set
TECV Telcom Curve Viaduct
WERB West India Dock Road Bridge