Engineer's Line References (ELRs)


Last update 24 September 2023

Additional information is always gratefully received, whether entirely new records (particularly historical records) or information to fill in gaps or correct errors, via the contact link under the Miscellaneous entry in the navigation bar above. Thank you.

Mileages are given in the form miles.chains unless stated otherwise. Figures prefixed with ≈ are approximate, those in parentheses are not on this route but are given for reference. Reference to 'start'/'end' of an asset are as read down the page.

RLG Rillington Junction to Grosmont Junction

   0.00	Rillington Junction with YMS (25.48)
   0.38	Marishes Junction with Scampston Curve (0.38)
   4.63	Black Bull siding
   6.11	Mill Lane Junction with PIS (0.00)
   6.13	Mill Lane Junction with HMY (18.49)
  12.43	LEVISHAM
  13.40	Raindale siding †
  14.09	Bridge No 16 †
  15.20	Newton Dale siding †
  15.59	NEWTONDALE preservation station
 ≈19.43	Summit Junction with Grosmont Old Branch (≈4.30)
  21.09	GOATHLAND formerly G. MILL
  24.16	Grosmont Deviation Junction with Grosmont Old Branch (0.00)
  24.38	GROSMONT
  24.44	Grosmont Junction with MBW2 (29.66) and MBW3 (24.44)

Note that items marked † may have been used as rudimentary unofficial 'stations'.  Note too that although the mileages at Marishes Junction are the same, the two routes measure from a different datum