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Bilingual Manx Gaelic station signs

Last update 17 June 2023

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This page shows all known instances of Manx Gaelic officially used on British and Manx railway stations. Links to photographic evidence are provided where possible.

Isle of Man stations

English name Manx Gaelic name
Ballabeg Balley Beg
Ballasalla Balley Sallagh
Castletown Balley ChashtalNot carried on signs
Colby ColbyName is the same in both languages
Douglas Doolish
Port Erin Purt ÇhiarnSome signs include cedilla Purt ChiarnSome signs do not include cedilla
Port St Mary Purt Le Moirrey
Port Soderick Purt Soderick
Ramsey Stashoon - Tram Rhumsaa
Ronaldsway Stad Roonysvaie
Santon Skylley Stondane
The Level Yn Laare

Other stations

English name Manx Gaelic name
Handforth Stashoon Aah Hannah