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Station ELR Mileage Status Owner Operator Degrees
Failsworth MPR2 3m 54ch     Northern -2.1632 53.5109 SD893016
Fairbourne DJP 97m 72ch     Arriva Trains Wales -4.0488 52.6963 SH616128
Fairfield HAJ 3m 52ch     Northern -2.1456 53.4714 SJ904971
Fairlie LGS2 39m 1ch     First Scotrail -4.8530 55.7519 NS210546
Fairwater RAD 2m 60ch     Arriva Trains Wales -3.2338 51.4939 ST144779
Falconwood BEX 10m 27ch     South Eastern Trains 0.0798 51.4592 TQ446754
Falkirk Grahamston PMT 24m 20ch     First Scotrail -3.7849 56.0022 NS887802
Falkirk High EGM1 21m 63ch     First Scotrail -3.7928 55.9919 NS882790
Falls Of Cruachan OBN2 52m 69ch     First Scotrail -5.1135 56.3941 NN079267
Falmer BTL 3m 39ch     Southern -0.0876 50.8621 TQ347087
Falmouth Docks FAL3 312m 46ch     First Great Western -5.0557 50.1509 SW817323
Falmouth Town FAL3 312m 9ch     First Great Western -5.0642 50.1484 SW810320
Fambridge See North Fambridge
Fareham SDP2 84m 21ch     South West Trains -1.1920 50.8533 SU569063
Farnborough (Main) BML1 33m 17ch     South West Trains -0.7554 51.2966 SU868560
Farnborough North GTW2 53m 16ch     First Great Western -0.7428 51.3023 SU877566
Farncombe WPH1 33m 40ch     South West Trains -0.6050 51.1969 SU975451
Farnham PAA2 40m 33ch     South West Trains -0.7922 51.212 SU844465
Farningham Road VIR 20m 41ch     South Eastern Trains 0.2355 51.4016 TQ555693
Farnworth MVE1 8m 31ch     Northern -2.3875 53.5502 SD743060
Farringdon MCL 0m 62ch   London Underground London Underground -0.1054 51.5208 TQ315819
Fauldhouse EGS2 11m 70ch     First Scotrail -3.7196 55.8223 NS923601
Faversham VIR 51m 77ch     South Eastern Trains 0.8899 51.3119 TR015609
Faygate TBH1 34m 28ch     Southern -0.2628 51.0962 TQ216343
Fazakerley WJK 31m 31ch     Merseyrail -2.9367 53.469 SJ379973
Fearn WCK 40m 60ch     First Scotrail -3.9944 57.7779 NH815782
Featherstone WAG1 53m 71ch     Northern -1.3586 53.6788 SE423205
Felixstowe Town FEL 84m 30ch     Greater Anglia 1.3501 51.9671 TM301351
Fellgate LEN3 96m 8ch     Nexus -1.4878 54.9570 NZ329626
Feltham RDG1 14m 68ch     South West Trains -0.4094 51.4481 TQ106733
Feniton BAE2 159m 24ch     South West Trains -3.2855 50.7867 SY095993
Fenny Stratford BBM 1m 5ch     London Midland -0.7168 52.0000 SP881342
Fernhill ABD 20m 78ch     Arriva Trains Wales -3.3965 51.6867 ST035995
Ferriby HUL1 7m 42ch     Northern -0.5073 53.7171 SE985255
Ferryside SWM2 238m 51ch     Arriva Trains Wales -4.3694 51.7685 SN366104
Ffairfach LLA 17m 19ch     Arriva Trains Wales -3.9930 51.8733 SN629212
Filey HBS 44m 30ch     Northern -0.2937 54.2099 TA113806
Filton Abbey Wood BSW 4m 30ch     First Great Western -2.5628 51.5068 ST610786
Finchley Road & Frognal BOK2 2m 44ch     London Overground -0.1838 51.5499 TQ260850
Finsbury Park ECM1 2m 41ch     Govia Thameslink Railway -0.1064 51.5648 TQ313868
Finstock OWW 75m 10ch     First Great Western -1.4693 51.853 SP365173
Fishbourne (Sussex) TBH2 30m 12ch     Southern -0.8152 50.8392 SU834050
Fishersgate BLI1 3m 47ch     Southern -0.2189 50.8342 TQ255053
Fishguard And Goodwick NPF 287m 48ch   Pembrokeshire County Council Arriva Trains Wales -4.9932 52.0049 SM945383
Fishguard Harbour FSH 288m 18ch   Stena Sealink Arriva Trains Wales -4.9866 52.0098 SM951389
Fiskerton NOB1 12m 46ch     East Midlands Trains -0.9121 53.0603 SK730520
Fitzwilliam DOL1 169m 15ch     Northern -1.3734 53.6324 SE414153
Five Ways BAG1 43m 18ch     London Midland -1.9132 52.4712 SP059858
Fleet BML1 36m 38ch     South West Trains -0.8318 51.2905 SU816552
Flimby CBC2 10m 42ch     Northern -3.5207 54.6898 NY020338
Flint CNH3 191m 47ch     Arriva Trains Wales -3.1329 53.2501 SJ245731
Flitwick SPC1 40m 18ch     Govia Thameslink Railway -0.4952 52.0038 TL033350
Flixton MAJ 27m 65ch     Northern -2.3841 53.4436 SJ746941
Flowery Field HAJ 6m 56ch     Northern -2.0808 53.4619 SJ947960
Folkestone Central XTD 69m 73ch     South Eastern Trains 1.1697 51.0829 TR220362
Folkestone Harbour FFH2 72m 7ch Shipping Specials Only   South Eastern Trains 1.1870 51.0783 TR234357
Folkestone West XTD 69m 22ch     South Eastern Trains 1.1535 51.0847 TR209364
Ford TBH2 19m 55ch     Southern -0.5788 50.8295 TQ001042
Forest Gate LTN1 5m 21ch     Greater Anglia 0.0242 51.5494 TQ404853
Forest Hill LBW 5m 50ch     Southern -0.0533 51.4393 TQ353729
Formby HXS3 11m 14ch     Merseyrail -3.0711 53.5536 SD291069
Forres ANI3 119m 26ch     First Scotrail -3.6262 57.6093 NJ029589
Forsinard WCK 125m 69ch     First Scotrail -3.8971 58.3567 NC890424
Fort Matilda GOU2 125m 40ch     First Scotrail -4.7951 55.9591 NS256775
Fort William WHL 99m 37ch     First Scotrail -5.1058 56.8202 NN105741
Four Oaks ALC2 6m 26ch     London Midland -1.8283 52.5798 SP117980
Foxfield CBC1 40m 37ch     Northern -3.2161 54.2584 SD208854
Foxton SBR 50m 77ch     Govia Thameslink Railway 0.0562 52.1193 TL409487
Frant TTH 36m 53ch     South Eastern Trains 0.2945 51.1041 TQ607363
Fratton WPH2 43m 64ch     South West Trains -1.0758 50.7963 SU653000
Freshfield HXS3 12m 3ch     Merseyrail -3.0717 53.5661 SD291083
Freshford BFB 4m 70ch     First Great Western -2.3008 51.3421 ST791604
Frimley AAV 37m 48ch     South West Trains -0.7469 51.3119 SU874576
Frinton-On-Sea TWN 68m 66ch     Greater Anglia 1.2434 51.8377 TM235204
Frizinghall SBF 206m 67ch     Northern -1.7688 53.8199 SE153359
Frodsham CHW1 9m 68ch     Arriva Trains Wales -2.7243 53.2956 SJ518779
Frome WEY 115m 44ch     First Great Western -2.3101 51.2272 ST784476
Fulwell NMS2 12m 75ch     South West Trains -0.3507 51.4335 TQ148718
Furness Vale BEJ 8m 62ch     Northern -1.9891 53.3486 SK008835
Furze Platt WBB 25m 41ch     First Great Western -0.7290 51.533 SU882823

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