Engineer's Line References (ELRs)


Last update 3 September 2023

Additional information is always gratefully received, whether entirely new records (particularly historical records) or information to fill in gaps or correct errors, via the contact link under the Miscellaneous entry in the navigation bar above. Thank you.

Mileages are given in the form miles.chains unless stated otherwise. Figures prefixed with ≈ are approximate, those in parentheses are not on this route but are given for reference. Reference to 'start'/'end' of an asset are as read down the page.

KSL Knighton Junction Swannington and Leicester Junction Line

  97.45	Knighton South Junction with SPC4
  97.76	Saffron Lane Junction with Knighton North Curve (0.00)
  98.21	Leicester Corporation gas sidings
  98.26	electricity sidings
  98.53	bridge over MCJ3 (104.03)
  98.59	Narborough Road wharf
 101.40	Alexandra Paving Stone Company's siding
 104.10	Desford Junction with WBZ (0.00)
≈104.61	DESFORD [1]
 104.68	DESFORD [2]
≈106.26	MERRYLEES [1] formerly MERRY LEES
 106.33	MERRYLEES [2]
	start of deviation
	THORNTON formerly STAG & CASTLE INN on original line
	BAGWORTH on original line
	end of deviation
 109.16	BAGWORTH & ELLISTOWN formerly B.
 109.39	Nailstone Branch Junction with colliery lines
 109.74	Ibstock Branch Junction with colliery lines
 109.74	Bagworth Junction with SFQ (0.00)
 110.54	Cliff Hill Granite Company's sidings
 111.19	BARDON HILL formerly ASHBY ROAD
 112.13	Coalville Junction with ASC (0.00)/CFJ (0.00)
 112.66	COALVILLE TOWN formerly LONG LANE; C.
 113.03	Mantle Lane Junction with STI
 113.05	Coalville goods depot
 113.20	COALVILLE MANTLE LANE open day platform
 114.72	Coleorton Junction with colliery lines
 117.47	ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH formerly A.
 117.66	Ashby Junction with MJS2 (0.00)
 120.04	MOIRA
 120.31	Moira East Junction with Moira East Junction to South Junction Curve (0.00)
 120.73	Moira West Junction with AMS (0.00)
 121.18	Woodville Junction with SCH2
 122.44	GRESLEY [2]
≈122.55	GRESLEY [1]
 122.61	junction with NSB
 124.20	Swadlincote Junction with SCH1 (128.29)
 124.38	Bretby Branch Junction with BBC (0.00)
 125.17	Drakelow East Curve Junction with power station lines
 125.59	Drakelow West Curve Junction with power station lines
 126.40	Birmingham Curve Junction with BCJ
 127.00	Leicester Junction with DBP1 (11.20)