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Last update 25 September 2018

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Sometimes, a train's axle bearings overheat.  This can cause serious damage; in an extreme case a wheel can seize and cause a derailment.  At strategic points on the network, hot axle box detectors (HABDs), also known as hot axle bearing detectors, are placed to detect overheating.  HABDs are usually placed a few miles before suitable sidings/loops such that if a fault is detected the signaller can route the train out of the way whilst inspection and repair can take place.  Detectors usually take the form of four yellow boxes, one either side of each rail.

Other easily-detectable faults are flat points on wheels.  As the wheel turns so the flat spot causes a 'hammer blow' to the track and this is detectable by wheel impact load detectors (WILDs), also known as "Gotcha", "Wheelchex" (after their proprietary names) or vehicle health monitoring equipment (VHME).  The equipment minimises the possibility of track damage.  Again these are placed shortly before a suitable place to take the train out of service as required.

These lists show HABDs and WILDs as at 2015 and subsequent developments, with additional research for earlier activity, sorted by ELR and mileage.  Names are official where known or a suitable identifying place where they aren't.

Hot axle box detectors (HABDs)

ELR HABD Name Mileage Tracks Notes
BAG2 Spetchley 65m 17ch down main  
BAG2 Eckington 74m 51ch up main Installed 29 September 1997, later adjusted to 74m 46ch
74m 46ch up main Previously at 74m 51ch
BAG2 Ashchurch 79m 40ch up main Removed 29 September 1997
BAG2 Churchdown 89m 0ch down main Present in 1969, later moved to 89m 0ch
89m 6ch down main Previously at 89m 0ch
BGK Newport 39m 48ch up main  
BGK Shepreth 53m 10ch down main  
BGL2 Brookthorpe 97m 50ch up Charfield Present in 1969, later moved to 97m 58ch
97m 58ch up Charfield Previously at 97m 50ch in 1969
BHL Colthrop 48m 44ch up Westbury
down Westbury
Both later moved to 48m 66ch
48m 66ch up Westbury
down Westbury
Both previously at 48m 44ch
BHL Kintbury 58m 0ch up Westbury Moved to 58m 32ch 1 September 2018
58m 32ch up Westbury From 1 September 2018
BHL Pewsey 75m 26ch down Westbury Later moved to 75m 60ch
75m 60ch down Westbury Previously at 75m 26ch
BRY Dinas Powys 5m 22ch down Barry Later moved to 4m 31ch
4m 31ch down Barry Previously at 5m 22ch
BRY Dinas Powys 5m 22ch up Barry  
BSW Filton Junction 4m 75ch up Bristol  
BSW Pilning 9m 8ch up tunnel  
CBC3 Low Mill 24m 27ch down main  
CCL Keinton Mandeville 120m 6ch up  
CGJ1 Winsford 166m 38ch up main  
CGJ2 Norton 176m 39ch down main  
CGJ5 Coppull Hall 10m 60ch up main
down main
CGJ7 Hest Bank 2m 51ch down main  
CGJ7 Bolton-le-Sands 5m 8ch up main  
CGJ7 Low Gill 27m 6ch down main  
CGJ7 Harrison's Siding 41m 73ch up main  
CGJ7 Southwaite 62m 6ch down main  
CHR Barrow Hill 146m 69ch down Barrow Hill  
CHR Renishaw 152m 47ch up main  
CMD1 Harecastle 10m 58ch up main Later moved to 14m 9ch
14m 9ch up main Previously at 10m 58ch
CMD2 Barlaston 24m 47ch down main Later moved to 24m 39ch
24m 39ch down main Previously at 24m 47ch
CMP1 Holmes Chapel 166m 51ch down Wilmslow  
CMP1 Wilmslow 176m 34ch up Wilmslow  
DAC Newton St Cyres 176m 60ch Single  
DBP1 Branston 13m 44ch up Tamworth  
DBP1 Willington 6m 1ch down Tamworth  
DBP1 Tamworth 22m 30ch down main Possibly previously at 22m 40ch
DBP3 Whitacre 31m 69ch down slow Never installed?
DCL Radley 58m 58ch up main Present in 1969, later moved to 60m 0ch
60m 0ch up main Previously at 58m 58ch in 1969
DCL Cropredy 89m 79ch down main  
DOL1 Castle Mills 158m 60ch up No longer used?
DOW Thorne South 9m 41ch down main Later moved to 10m 12ch
10m 12ch down main Previously at 9m 41ch
DOW Keadby 17m 6ch up main  
ECA2 Auchengray 79m 35ch up  
ECM1 Langley 26m 62ch down fast
down slow
ECM1 Wymondley 29m 70ch up slow
up fast
Both later moved to 30m 60ch
30m 60ch up slow
up fast
Both previously at 29m 70ch
ECM1 Biggleswade 42m 10ch up slow
up fast
ECM1 Offord 54m 7ch up fast
down fast
ECM1 Abbots Ripton 64m 25ch up fast Moved to 64m 61ch by 2018
64m 61ch up fast Previously at 64m 25ch
ECM1 Holme 69m 28ch down fast  
ECM1 Lolham 83m 33ch up slow
up fast
ECM1 Stoke 99m 78ch down fast  
ECM1 Barkston 109m 56ch up main  
ECM1 Balderton 116m 70ch down main  
ECM1 Cromwell 124m 55ch up main  
ECM1 Gamston (Askam) 134m 37ch down main  
ECM1 Torworth 143m 17ch up main  
ECM1 Bawtry 148m 55ch down main  
ECM1 Daw Lane 159m 10ch up main  
ECM4 Earfit Lane 184m 4ch down Leeds
down main
ECM5 Sessay 16m 65ch up fast
up slow
down fast
down slow
ECM5 Danby Wiske 33m 50ch up main  
ECM5 Eryholme (East Cowton) 38m 72ch down main  
ECM5 Aycliffe 49m 36ch down main  
ECM5 Littleburn (Durham) 63m 59ch up fast  
ECM5 Plawsworth (Chester-le-Street) 70m 20ch down main  
ECM7 Dam Dykes 8m 45ch down main Removed 11 September 2017
8m 45ch up main  
ECM7 Longhirst 20m 20ch down main From 11 September 2017
ECM7 Chevington 25m 48ch up main  
ECM7 Stamford 40m 38ch down main Removed 14 September 2017
ECM7 Stamford 40m 38ch up main From 14 September 2017
ECM7 Newham 47m 8ch up main Removed 14 September 2017; replaced 8 February 2018
ECM7 Goswick 60m 66ch down main  
ECM8 Stenton 25m 48ch up Later moved to 24m 20ch
24m 20ch up Previously at 25m 48ch
ECM8 Oxwellmains 32m 65ch down  
ECM8 Lamberton 54m 6ch up main  
ECN2 Aberdour 16m 31ch up Fife circle  
EMP Second Drove 75m 58ch up Peterborough  
EMP Kings Dyke 96m 71ch down March From 14 November 2010
GSM1 Geddington (Corby) 77m 8ch up and down Corby  
HNL1 Tram Inn 5m 37ch up main  
HNL1 Nantyderry 28m 75ch up main
down main
HNR Roade 59m 72ch down Northampton  
HNR Althorpe Park 72m 4ch up Northampton  
HUL1 Hemingborough (Cliffe) 28m 0ch up Hull  
HUL3 Harrymore Lane 2m 78ch down Hull  
HUL4 Barrowby Lane (Garforth) 13m 74ch up Hull  
KMG2 Floriston 7m 45ch up arrival  
KWS Post Office Lane 62m 16ch down Doncaster  
LEC1 Northchurch 30m 7ch up slow
up fast
LEC1 Soulbury Road 42m 10ch down slow Removed by September 2017
LEC1 Soulbury Road 42m 74ch down fast Removed by September 2017
LEC1 Soulbury Road 42m 68ch down slow
down fast
From 7 October 2017
LEC1 Wolverton c50m 43ch up slow
up fast
Installed by 1969
LEC1 Castlethorpe North 55m 63ch up slow
up fast
LEC1 Kilsby North 78m 66ch down main Later moved to 79m 1ch
79m 1ch down main Previously at 78m 66ch
LEC2 Shilton 91m 26ch up Trent Valley slow
up Trent Valley fast
LEC2 Shilton 91m 30ch down Trent Valley  
LEC2 Armitage 121m 20ch up Trent Valley slow
up Trent Valley fast
LEC2 Milford and Brocton 129m 29ch down main  
LEC4 Shallowford 138m 30ch up fast
up slow
LEC4 Madeley 149m 74ch down fast
down slow
LEN3 Long Lane (Low Gates) 46m 32ch up Later moved to 45m 65ch
45m 65ch up Previously at 46m 32ch, moved to 46m 32ch by 14 October 2017
46m 32ch up Previously at 45m 65ch, returned to this position by 14 October 2017
LEN3 Easington 80m 15ch down slow
up slow
LTN1 Brentwood 17m 1ch down main
down electric
Previously at 17m 33ch
17m 33ch down main
down electric
Moved to 17m 1ch by 2011.  Higher mileage reported in error?
LTN1 Margaretting 25m 41ch up main Moved to 25m 78ch after 2011
25m 78ch up main Previously at 25m 41ch
MAC3 Manton Wood 60m 41ch up main Moved to 60m 60ch by 2014
60m 60ch up main Previously at 60m 41ch
MLN1 Maidenhead 24m 3ch up relief From 8 September 2016, brought into use 10 April 2017
24m 10ch up relief Moved to 24m 3ch 8 September 2016, also present in 1969
MLN1 Maidenhead 24m 10ch up main Also present in 1969
MLN1 Twyford 32m 2ch down relief
down main
Also present in 1969
MLN1 Basildon 43m 15ch up relief
up main
Present in 1969
later moved to 43m 42ch
48m 48ch down relief
down main
Present in 1969, later moved to 43m 42ch
43m 42ch up relief
up main
Previously at 43m 15ch
down main Previously at 48m 48ch; disconnected 10 December 2016
down relief Previously at 48m 48ch
MLN1 Wantage Road 61m 12ch up main Present in 1969, later moved to 59m 57ch
59m 57ch up main Previously at 61m 12ch in 1969
MLN1 Bourton 72m 65ch down main Present in 1969, later moved to 72m 20ch
72m 20ch down main Previously at 72m 65ch in 1969
MLN1 Studley (Wootton Bassett) 81m 14ch up main Present in 1969, later moved to 81m 40ch
81m 34ch up main Previously at 81m 40ch to 2018
81m 40ch up main Previously at 81m 14ch in 1969, planned to move to 81m 34ch in 2018
MLN1 Twerton 108m 60ch down main  
MLN1 Nailsea 127m 41ch up main  
MLN1 Yatton 131m 20ch down main  
MLN1 Cogload 158m 43ch down main Present in 1969, later moved to 158m 70ch
158m 70ch down main Previously at 158m 43ch in 1969
MLN1 Nynehead 168m 59ch up main  
MLN1 Stoke Canon 188m 56ch down main  
MLN1 Exminster 198m 70ch up main  
MLN1 Dainton tunnel 217m 57ch up main  
MLN1 Dainton tunnel 217m 57ch down main Later moved to 217m 76ch
217m 76ch down main Previously at 217m 57ch
MLN2 Keyham 248m 77ch up main  
MLN3 Treverrin 279m 59ch up main
down main
MVL3 Heaton Lodge 29m 47ch up Huddersfield Into use 20 January 2018
NBS Searchlight Lane 3m 72ch up Norton Bridge On 2016 NBS line diversion
NEC2 Wetherall 56m 73ch down Newcastle  
NOB1 Netherfield 2m 26ch up Newark  
NOB1 Langford 20m 24ch up Lincoln  
NOC Church Fenton 11m 8ch up Normanton  
NOG1 Allington 108m 64ch up Nottingham  
NWO Arley 5m 60ch down Arley  
PED5 Warmsworth (Conisbrough) 19m 28ch up Sheffield  
PMJ Bainton Green 15m 33ch up Stamford  
RBS1 Brandon 89m 5ch down Coventry  
RBS1 Bradnocks Marsh 101m 14ch up main  
RBS3 Penkridge 24m 1ch down main  
RBS3 Penkridge 25m 20ch up main  
SAL Warminster 113m 73ch up Salisbury  
SHL Marsh Farm 14m 33ch down main  
SHL Ludlow 26m 64ch up main  
SHL Wellington 45m 32ch down main  
SKN Lifford East 46m 0ch up Camp Hill  
SKW1 Gargrave 226m 59ch up main  
SMJ2 Hickleton 15m 12ch down Pontefract  
SMJ2 Baghill 6m 70ch up Pontefract  
SPC1 Napsbury 18m 0ch up slow
up fast
SPC1 Chiltern Green 27m 69ch down slow
down fast
SPC2 Oakley 53m 60ch up slow
up fast
SPC3 Harrowden Junction (Finedon) 67m 36ch up and down slow
down fast
SPC3 East Langton 86m 20ch up main
down main
SPC5 Barrow-upon-Soar 108m 72ch down slow
down fast
SPC5 Loughborough 111m 5ch up slow
up fast
SPC8 Duffield 132m 63ch up main Removal planned
SPC8 Belper c134m 70ch up main Planned to replace Duffield HABD
SPD1 Cheal Road 48m 32ch down Spalding  
SPD2 Scopwick 70m 43ch up Spalding  
SPD2 Blankney 73m 21ch down Spalding  
SPD3 Sykes Lane 89m 17ch up Gainsborough  
SPD3 Gainsborough 98m 56ch down main  
SPD4 Haxey 105m 59ch up  
SPD4 Auckley 112m 73ch down main  
SWB Chipping Sodbury 105m 63ch up Badminton
down Badminton
Present in 1971
SWB Coalpit Heath 109m 27ch up Badminton
down Badminton
SWM2 Over? 117m 20ch up Present in 1969
SWM2 Bullo Pill 125m 59ch up main  
SWM2 Caldicot (Portskewett) 145m 50ch down main  
SWM2 Bishton 155m 7ch up main
up relief
SWM2 Marshfield 163m 73ch down main
down relief
SWM2 Pontsarn 175m 79ch up main Later moved to at 178m 39ch
178m 39ch up main Previously at 175m 79ch
SWM2 Pontsarn 178m 39ch down main  
SWM2 Bryn-Y-Gwynon 185m 10ch up main Never installed?
SWM2 Port Talbot West 203m 1ch down main  
SWM2 Briton Ferry 205m 36ch up main  
SWM2 Pembrey 228m 59ch up main  
SWY Urchfront 84m 28ch up Possibly previously at 83m 40ch
TCC Langley Mill 129m 27ch up and down Erewash slow
up Erewash fast
TCC Stoneyford 131m 19ch up slow
down main
Never installed?
TJC1 Tapton 146m 69ch down goods No longer used?
TJC1 Dore 154m 72ch down Sheffield  
TJC3 Methley North 188m 34ch down Midland  
TJC3 Calverley (Kirkstall Forge) 201m 40ch up Leeds  
TJC3 Kildwick 216m 50ch down Shipley main  
TJG2 Thorne North 12m 32ch up main  
TRL3 Wennington 29.723km down line  
29.839km up line  
WCM1 Floriston 6m 5ch up main  
WCM1 Nethercleugh 28m 51ch up  
WCM1 Wamphray 34m 42ch down  
WCM1 Crawford 55m 76ch up  
WCM1 Leggatfoot 70m 20ch down  
WCM1 Braidwood 80m 57ch up  
WEB Tinsley's 88m 58ch up Spalding  
WEY Upton Noble (Bruton) 125m 69ch down main  
WJL1 Sutton Weaver 177m 35ch down main  
WNS Narborough 12m 17ch up Nuneaton  
XTD Sevington 58m 42ch up main
down main

Wheel impact load detectors (WILDs)

ELR WILD Name Mileage Tracks Notes
AYR3 Howwood 12m 77ch down Ayr
up Ayr
BAG2 Eckington 75m 46ch down main
up main
BML1 Queenstown Road (Battersea) 2m 44ch up main fast
up main slow
BML1 Shawford 68m 56ch up
CGJ3 Dallam 183m 40ch up slow
up fast
down fast
down slow
Moved to 183m 68ch 8 September 2018
CGJ3 Dallam 183m 68ch up slow
up fast
down fast
down slow
From 8 September 2018
CMP1 Heaton Chapel 184m 27ch up slow
up fast
down fast
down slow
ECM1 Wymondley 30m 63ch up fast
up slow
From 8 September 2018
ECM5 Sessay 16m 65ch up fast
up slow
down fast
down slow
From 8 September 2018
ECM8 Innerwick 33m 62ch down Berwick
up Berwick
EGM1 Philpstoun 32m 1ch down E & G
up E & G
EMP Eastrea 93m 53ch up
Moved to 93m 60ch 29 July 2018
EMP Eastrea 93m 60ch up
From 29 July 2018
ETN Croxton 97m 57ch down main
up main
From 8 September 2018
GSW New Cumnock 56m 70ch down main
up main
HNL1 Tram Inn 2m 75ch up main
down main
From 23 April 2016
HXS3 Ainsdale 14m 18ch down Southport  
14m 3ch down Southport Reported from 7 April 2018; moved or earlier incorrect information?
LEC1 Cheddington 34m 60ch down fast
up fast
down slow
up slow
LTN1 Margaretting 24m 75ch up main
down main
Moved to 24m 79ch 29 July 2018
LTN1 Ingatestone 24m 79ch up main
down main
From 29 July 2018
MAS Grindleford 159m 45ch up main
down main
Moved to 159m 79ch 1 September 2018
159m 79ch up main
down main
From 1 September 2018
MLN1 Waltham 26m 21ch down main
up main
down relief
up relief
MLN1 Cholsey 49m 05ch down main
up main
down relief
up relief
MLN1 Exminster 198m 68ch down main
up main
SHL Bromfield 25m 0ch up main
down main
Removed 23 April 2016
SPC5 Thurmaston 101m 78ch down fast
up fast
up & down slow
SWB Alderton 98m 30ch up Badminton
down Badminton
SWM2 Marshfield 163m 63ch down main
up main
down relief
up relief
TRL3 Thurrock 29.723km down CTRL  
TRL3 Thurrock 29.739km up CTRL  
TRL3 Nashenden 52.864km down CTRL  
TRL3 Nashenden 52.995km up CTRL  
TRL3 Charing 79.731km up CTRL  
TRL3 Charing 79.822km down CTRL  
TRL3 Ashford 92.771km down CTRL
VIR Swanley 16m 8ch up fast
up slow
WCM1 Braidwood 80m 58ch down main
up main
XTD Sevington 58m 42ch up main
down main

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