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Locations beginning J

Last update 26 May 2021

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James Cook University Hospital JCH 950700 JAMCOK JAMESCOOK 15504
James Street LVJ 224400 JAMESST JAMES ST 38184
James Street LVJ 224404 JAMEST2
James Street LVJ 224405 JAMEST3
James Street Sidings 224403 JAMESDG 38184*
James Street Signal ML537 224401 JAME537 38184*
James Street Signal ML1504 224402 JAME504 38184*
Jarrow JAW 029100
Jarrow Freight Depot 775200 JARROW
Jarrow Shell 775213 JARROWS JARROWTML 13033
Jarrow Terminal JARROWT
Jarrow Tyne Coal Terminal GB Railfreight 776011 JARRGBF TYNEDK GB 13006
Jarrow Tyne Coal Terminal PTA 776015 JARRTCT TYNECOALT 13003
Jarrow Tyne Dock Carriage & Wagon TYNEDKC&W 13007
Jarrow Tyne Dock English Welsh & Scottish Railway (Automotive) 776005 JARRAUT TYNEDKAUT 13004
Jarrow Tyne Dock Freightliner (Automotive) 776013 JARRAFL TYNEDK DC 13009
Jarrow Tyne Dock Freightliner Heavy Haul 776010 JARRFHH TYNEDK FL 13002
Jarrow Tyne Dock Intermodal English Welsh & Scottish Railway 706509 JARRIFT TYNEDKINT 13005
Jarrow Tyne Dock Intermodal GB Railfreight 776006 JARRGIN TYNEDINTG 13008
Jarrow Tyne Dock Port of Tyne Authority 776012 JARRPTA TYNEDOCK 13001
Jarrow Tyne Dock Westoe Washery 13023
JBMT Head Quarters 566400 JBMTHQ -
Jefferstone Lane 500369 JFRSTNL -
Jersey Marine English Welsh & Scottish Railway JERMARINE 79254
Jersey Marine Freightliner Heavy Haul 417820 JERSFHH NEATH AWF 79250
Jersey Marine Junction North 417865 JERSMJN JERMAR NJ 79255
Jersey Marine Junction South 417864 JERSMJS JERMAR SJ 79252*
Jersey Marine South Junction Signal PT470 417866 JERS470 79252*
Jersey Marine Steel Supp 417815 JERSMSS JERMARINS 79253
Jersey Marine Yard 417800 JERSYMY JERMARINE 79252
Jeumont 080658 JEUMONT JEUMONT 00747
Jewellery Quarter see Birmingham Jewellery Quarter
Joan Croft Junction 641413 JNCROFT JOANCROFT 23103
Joan Croft Moss 641425 JNCRMOS MOSS 23185
Johnston (Pembs) formerly J. (Dyfed) JOH 408100 JHNSTND JOHNSTON 80111
Johnstone (Strathclyde) JHN 964800 JOHNSTN JOHNSTONE 07105
Joppa Straight 932467 JOPPSTR JOPPA STR 04638
Jordanhill JOR 999500 JORDANH JORDANHIL 06352
Junction Road Junction XJR 152401 JRDJ JUNCNRDJN 63640