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Locations beginning Q

Last update 26 May 2021

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Quadring Signal WS7070 638820 QUAD070 QUADG7070 46016
Quadring Signal WS7071 638821 QUAD071 QUADG7071 46017
Quainton Road QRD 149400 QUNTRD QUAINTNRD 70340
Quakers Yard QYD 399400 QUAKRSY QUAKERSYD 78146
Quarry Signal T187 547502 QURY187 QURYSG187 72283
Quedgeley Sidings QEDGLYS
Queenborough QBR 517600 QUENBRO QUEENBORO 89124
Queenborough Carriage Loading Sidings XQC 517611 QUENCLS QUENB MCD 89129
Queenborough Shipbuilding Yard XQS 517612 QUENSBS QUEENBSBS 89122
Queenborough Yard XQY 517602 QUENYD QUEENBOYD 89131
Queensbury LT ZQB 067900
Queens Park (Glasgow) QPK 982200 QUNPARK QUEENS P 07575
Queens Park Junction 141902 QPRKJ QUEENSPKJ 72309
Queen's Park (London) [AC lines] QPW 141901 QPRKAC QUEENSPRK 72310
Queen's Park (London) [DC lines] QPW 141900 QPRK QUEENS PK 72311
Queens Park LT 068000
Queens Park South Shed 068060 QPRKSS QUEENPKSS 72308
Queens Road (Peckham) see Peckham Queens Road
Queenstown Road [Battersea] QRB 559600 QTRDBAT QNSTWNRDB 87216
Queenstown Road (Battersea) Signal W927 559601 QTRD927 QTRSIG927 87229
Queensway LT ZQW 068100
Quidhampton Sidings ECC 550711 QUIDECC QUIDHMPTN 86124
Quintinshill 961061 QNTNSHL QUINTHLPS 07985
Quintinshill Down Passenger Loop 961071 QNTNDPL QUINMC862 07988
Quintinshill Up Passenger Loop 961073 QNTNUPL QUINMC863 07989
Quintrell Downs QUI 353100 QNTRLDW QUINTRLDN 85246