Signal box prefix codes

A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

'Boxes beginning V

Last update 18 November 2023

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Code Signal Box Note ELRMileage Opened Closed Control to
V Valehouse MAC113m 68ch after 1973 Torside (T)
VY Valley CNH3260m 07ch 1904
VY Dn Emerg Usually unlit, down direction emergency signals controlled from nearby airfield 'numbered' X and Y
VY Up Emerg Usually unlit, up direction emergency signals controlled from nearby airfield 'numbered' X and Y
VL Vauxhall [West Midlands] Building reused as Aston (AN) PBJ0m 37ch 1957 1992 Birmingham New Street (NS) main line Aston (AN) remaining shunt frame functions
VS Verdins Sidings CGJ1≈167m 52ch 27 August 1972 Winsford (WD)
VJ Viaduct Junction DSE? Edge Hill (EH)
VJ Viaduct Junction [Kensington] WLL4m 51ch 8 September 1969 27 April 1975 Kensington North Main (KN)
Victoria Cabin A See Victoria Eastern
VC Victoria Central Central side VTB10m 25ch 4 June 1939 9 May 1980 17 May 1980 Victoria Signalling Centre (VC) Central/South Eastern lines Victoria Signalling Centre (VS) Eastern lines
VS South Eastern side
VE Temporary panel taking over from Victoria Eastern (VE)signalling notice throws some doubt on existence of this
VE Victoria Eastern Named Victoria Cabin A to 3 June 1939 VIR≈0m 20ch 4 January 1920 13 May 1979 Victoria Central (VE)
VP Victoria Park DWW2≈2m 50ch 23 April 1961 27 October 1984 Stratford (S)
VC Victoria Signalling Centre Central VTB12m 51ch WLL0m 21ch 16 March 1980 15 March 2015 South lines Three Bridges Rail Operating Centre (TVS) South lines
CA Automatic signalsexistence of code in doubt
VS South
VS Victoria South VTB10m 22ch 1906 4 June 1939 Victoria Central (VC)
WFH Virginia Water Named Virginia Water A to 26 June 1966 RDG123m 10ch 1898 8 September 1974 Feltham (F)
Virginia Water A See Virginia Water
VW Vitriol Works MVN24m 64ch 1954
VWR Repeater signals