Signal box prefix codes

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'Boxes beginning H

Last update 23 October 2019

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Code Signal Box Note ELR Mileage Opened Closed Control to
H Haborough   MAC3 101m 13ch   17 September 1988 Ulceby Junction (UJ)
SC Hackbridge   BTH1   12 August 1928 12 October 1969 Victoria Signalling Centre (VC)
HD Hackney Downs North Junction   BGK 3m 4ch 1872 28 May 1960 Hackney Downs [new] (H)
D Down line automatic signals
DC Down Chingford line automatic signals
DF Down fast line automatic signals
DS Down suburban line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
UC Up Chingford line automatic signals
UF Up fast line automatic signals
US Up suburban line automatic signals
H Hackney Downs [new]   BGK 3m 2ch 28 May 1960 25 May 2001 Liverpool Street [new] (L)
HD Code reported but unclear whether used
D Down line automatic signals
DF Down fast line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
UC Up Chingford line automatic signals
UF Up fast line automatic signals
HC Hademore Crossing   LEC2 113m 40ch 1899 18 March 2007 Lichfield Trent Valley Low Level (LD)
HD Hadfield   HAJ 12m 61ch 1 March 1964 7 December 1984 Dinting (DG)
HE Hadfield East   HAJ 12m 62ch 1896 1 March 1964 Hadfield (HD)
HW Hadfield West   HAJ 12m 47ch c1881 1 March 1964 Hadfield (HD)
  Hagside LC   MVB3 8m 34ch 16 March 1980 17 August 1991 Line transferred to Manchester Metrolink
LP Hainault Loop Exact name and location unknown          
  Hale   CDM2 8m 36ch c1875 22 July 1991 Deansgate Junction (DJ)
  Halewood East Junction   WJL2?        
  Halewood West Junction   WJL2?        
H Halifax Named Halifax East to 30 March 1969 MRB 32m 30ch 1884 20 October 2018 (last train);
23 October 2018 (official)
York Rail Operating Centre (MM)
HX Unclear if code carried
R Banner repeater signals
  Halifax East See Halifax
D Halifax Junction Down direction automatic signals LTN1 68m 4ch 1876 22 August 1970 Ipswich Station (IS)
HD Hall Dene At least one signal LEN3 85m 23ch 1905 6 November 2010 Seaham (S)
H Code not confirmed
HM Hallen Marsh   AMB 14m 41ch 11 February 1917 23 January 1988 St Andrews Junction [Bristol] (SA)
DA Down Avonmouth line automatic signals
HG Hall Green   TSB 1m 22ch 9 December 1907 12 August 1984 Saltley (SY)
  Halling Down line IBH for Rugby Sidings? PWS2 35m 18ch 1 March 1890 6 February 1972 Cuxton (CX)
HL Hall Lane Balieved code not carried DUH 191m 57ch 1886 5 August 1979
(delayed from 27 March 1979?)
Hammerton Street (HS)
HR Hall Road Downgraded to gate box 15 May 1994 HXS3 7m 10ch 1878 5 June 1994 Merseyrail (ML)
WBV Halterworth Crossing   ECR 79m 25ch     Eastleigh [new] (E)
HN Halton Junction   WJL1 179m 20ch 1897 early on 5 May 2018 (last train);
9 May 2018 (official)
Manchester Rail Operating Centre (WE)
R Distant signals
HW Haltwhistle (also had draw-ahead signals lettered A to E with no number in bunker siding, used from 17 August 1991) NEC2 37m 13ch c1915 23 May 1993 Haltwhistle [new] (HW)
H Code used on at least one signal (later changed to HW)
HW Haltwhistle [new] (also had draw-ahead signals lettered A to E with no number in bunker siding) NEC2 37m 20ch 30 May 1993    
B Bunker line signals
H Hamilton Engine Sheds   HMN1?   17 November 1896 26 August 1973 Motherwell (M)
H Hamilton Square   CWK1   28 October 1923? 8 May 1977 James Street (JS)
S Automatic signals
H Hammerton   HAY1 c8m 63ch   c1980 Hammerton [new] (H)
H Hammerton [new]   HAY1 8m 63ch c1980    
  Hammerton Road Gate box: line controlled by Hammerton (H) HAY1 9m 17ch      
HS Hammerton Street   LBE4 191m 19ch 1882 16 September 1979 Mill Lane Junction (M)
CDB Hampden Park Demolished 14 February 2015 KJE3 21m 71ch 1888 late on 13 February 2015
(delayed from 22 November 2013)
Three Bridges Rail Operating Centre (TEB)
HR Hampstead Road Junction   CRC1 5m 23ch     Euston (EN)
CRC2 5m 23ch
WP Hampton Court Junction   BML1 13m 30ch 28 June 1936 1 March 1970 Surbiton [new] (S)
HH Hams Hall National Distribution Park   DBP3 33m 5ch 7 July 1997    
HW Hamworthy Junction   BML2 115m 72ch 1893 19 May 2014 Basingstoke Signalling Control Centre (PW)
HS Handforth Sidings Shunt frame CMP1   29 June 1959   Wilmslow (WW)
H Handsworth Colliery   MAC3 44m 29ch July 1900 10 November 1971 Orgreaves Colliery (OC)
HH Handsworth Junction   PBJ     2 July 1966 Birmingham New Street (NS)
NS Temporary code until taken over by Birmingham New Street
W Code shown in 1956 notice
HL Hanwell   MLN1 7m 24ch 1898 20 March 1955 West Ealing (WE)
HG Hardengreen Junction           Line closed?
HP Hare Park   DOL1 171m 72ch October 1886 28 November 1970 Wakefield Westgate North (WN)
HT Harlescott Crossing All signals seen in photographs SYC 30m 30ch 1882 12 October 2013
(demolished 22 August 2015)
South Wales Control Centre (SC)
HC Unclear whether code used
HX Unclear whether code used
HD Harlesden   CWJ 6m 2ch   10 December 1988 Willesden Suburban (WS)
RHD Repeater signals
HR Harling Road   ETN 101m 39ch 1883 2 December 2012 Cambridge (EN)
HA Harlow Mill   BGK 24m 34ch 24 July 1960 29 October 2003 Liverpool Street [new] (L)
D Down line automatic signals
RD Repeater to down line automatic signals
RHA Repeater to controlled signals
U Up line automatic signals
  Harrietsham   SBJ 47m 36ch   5 November 1972 Maidstone East (EBX)
HP Harringay Park Junction   TAH1 4m 15ch 8 February 1959 16 November 2009 South Tottenham Station Junction (S)
H Unclear whether code used
HW Harringay West Station   ECM1     4 August 1973 Finsbury Park No 5 (F5)
HG Harringay West Up Goods   ECM1     7 December 1974 Finsbury Park (FP)?
HH Harringworth Now preserved on Northampton & Lamport Railway GSM1 84m 79ch 1928 9 March 1996 Manton Junction (MJ)
HC Harrison & Camms Sidings         27 July 1975 Holmes Junction (HJ)
H Harrogate Formerly named Harrogate North.  Code used from renaming HAY2 20m 30ch 1947    
HN Code used when named Harrogate North
LH Leeds to Harrogate section.  Code used from 29 October 2012
  Harrogate North See Harrogate
HS Harrogate South   HAY2     20 June 1981 Harrogate North (HN)
HR Harrow No 2   CWJ 11m 24ch   10 December 1988 Willesden Suburban (WS)
RHR Repeater signals
HB Hartburn (also had a signal lettered B with no number)  LEN3 c59m 10ch 3 June 1928? November 1973 Bowesfield (B)
HJ Hartford Junction   CGJ1 170m 55ch 1925 14 September 1997 Winsford (WD)
HY Hartlebury   OWW 131m 73ch 24 June 1876
(inspection date)
28 August 2012 West Midlands Signalling Centre (DR)
H Harton   JAW2? c5m 30ch   30 March 1982 Line transferred to Metro
H Harwich   MAH 70m 63ch 1882 1 December 1985 Parkeston [temporary panel] (P)
H Harworth Colliery (also had draw-ahead signals lettered A to E with no number) HAC 15m 0ch   1983 Maltby Colliery (MC)
B Bunker line signals
EW Haslemere Code used from 18 July 1937 WPH1 42m 79ch 1895    
CE Hassocks   VTB3 43m 55ch 25 May 1913 8 August 1982 Keymer Crossing (CG)
CA Automatic signals
EDL Hastings   ATH 82m 26ch 1930    
TTH 62m 43ch
HE Hatch End   CWJ 13m 17ch   10 December 1988 Willesden Suburban (WS)
RHE Repeater signals
H Hatfield Named Hatfield No 2 to 20 May 1973 ECM1 17m 68ch 1895 3 March 1974 Kings Cross (K)
H2 Code when named Hatfield No 2
R2 Banner repeater signals
H1 Hatfield No 1   ECM1 17m 43ch 1891 19 May 1973 Hatfield (H)
  Hatfield No 2 See Hatfield
H3 Hatfield No 3 Code assumed: may not have been carried ECM1 17m 65ch c1890 20 December 1969 Hatfield No 2 (H2)
HN Hatton North Code used from 13 October 1957 DCL 112m 51ch 30 June 1897 1 September 1969 Saltley (SY)
HJ Haughley Junction   LTN1 83m 15ch by 1893 21 July 1985 Colchester [new] (CO)
  Haughton Disused from 1991?.  Permanently switched out 6 March 1994.  Signals removed 11 March 1994 WSJ2 183m 26ch November 1900 c27 May 1995 Gobowen North (GN)
KW Havant Named Havant Junction to 1 May 1938 WPH2 37m 28ch 1876 29 October 2007 Havant Area Signalling Centre (HT)
WA Automatic signals
DWA Distant to automatic signals
HT Havant Area Signalling Centre   WPH2 c37m 28ch 29 October 2007    
  Havant Junction See Havant
H Havenhouse Unknown whether code carried GRS4 6m 0ch August 1899 18 March 1989 Wainfleet (W)
- Havensmouth Gate box: line controlled by Pevensey (CCV) WJB 26m 0ch   21 September 2013 Havensmouth [new]
- Havensmouth [New] Gate box: line controlled by Pevensey (CCV).  Accommodation moved to crossing north east corner. WJB 26m 0ch 21 September 2013 late on 13 February 2015
(delayed from 22 November 2013)
Three Bridges Rail Operating Centre (TEB)
H Hawkeridge Code used by 6 November 1955 WEY 109m 19ch 14 July 1942 11 May 1984 Westbury [new] (W)
HL Hawkesbury Lane   CNN 4m 70ch 1896 26 May 2009 Rugby Signalling Control Centre (CN)
EDJ Hawkesbury Street Junction   FDM 77m 72ch 1934 12 April 1998 Folkestone East (YE)
HL Hawkins Lane   DBP1 c10m 20ch 8 December 1929 2 February 1966 Derby (DY)
  Haxby Downgraded to gate box 5 December 1965.  Demolished 28 February 1988 YMS 4m 18ch   28 February 1988 Strensall (S)
  Haxby Road   YMS 3m 27ch   5? February 1989 Strensall (S)
HB Haydon Bridge   NEC2 28m 35ch 1877    
H Hayes & Harlington Code used by July 1955 MLN1 10m 67ch December 1912 10 June 1968 Old Oak Common [new panel] (OO)
HL Hay Lane Code used by 30 October 1953 MLN1 80m 0ch 1 June 1941 23 March 1968 Swindon (SN)
EH Haymarket [temporary panel]   EGM2 1m 51ch 15 December 1975 3 October 1976 Edinburgh (EH)
HC Haymarket Central Junction   EGM2 45m 53ch 7 October 1894 15 December 1975 Haymarket [temporary panel] (EH)
ECN2 1m 48ch
  Haymarket Depot   EGM2 45m 25ch by 2011    
CH Haywards Heath   VTB3 37m 65ch 12 June 1932 1983 Three Bridges [new] (T)
CA Automatic signals
HG Hazel Grove   BEJ 2m 21ch 1877
(possibly 1903)
H Hazlehead   MAC1 24m 46ch 1877 14 October 1973 Dunford East (DE)
TE Headcorn   XTD 45m 15ch   28 July 1968 Ashford (UE) and Tonbridge (PE)
A Automatic signals
H Headingley   LEH1       Leeds (L)
R Repeater signals
HL Headstone Lane   CWJ 12m 38ch   10 December 1988 Willesden Suburban (WS)
RHL Repeater signals
HM Healey Mills   MVN2 42m 64ch 16 June 1963 20 January 2018 York Rail Operating Centre (HM)
RHM Mechanical distant signals
D Down direction automatic signals
DB Down branch line automatic distant signals
R Banner repeater signals
U Up direction automatic signals
UB Up branch line automatic distant signals
HK Heatheryknowe Code used from 1960 NEM2 7m 2ch 6 October 1943 28 July 1991 Yoker (YS)
HJ Heath Junction   CAR 3m 29ch 18 November 1984 6 September 2013 South Wales Control Centre (CF)
DC Down Caerphilly line automatic signals
UC Up Caerphilly line automatic signals
H Heaton   HCS 2m 16ch 6 September 1964 1991 (by 21 April) Heaton Control Tower (CT) and Tyneside (T)
D Down line automatic signals.  Code used to 1977?
DN Down north line automatic signals.  Code used to 1977
DT Down Tynemouth line automatic signals.  Code used to 1977
HJ Signals jointly controlled by Metro
RUN Banner repeaters to up north line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals.  Code used to 1977
UN Up north line automatic signals.  Code used to 1977?
UT Up Tynemouth line automatic signals.  Code used to 1977?
CT Heaton Control Tower   ECM7 2m 16ch 21 March 1977    
CTR Off indicators
HL Heaton Lodge Junction   MVL4 c29m 54ch   18 October 1970 Healey Mills (HM)
MVL3 c29m 54ch
MVN2 37m 15ch
HN Heaton Norris Junction Code used from 3 September 2004 CMP2 183m 63ch 5 March 1955    
HNA Automatic signals
HW Hebburn West Believed code used from 1960 JAW 1m 59ch?   2 December 1967 Pelaw (P)
HB Hebden Bridge   MVN2 23m 55ch 1891 20 October 2018 (last train);
23 October 2018 (official)
York Rail Operating Centre (HG)
HN Heckington   GRS2 125m 54ch 1876    
H Unclear whether code used
  Heck Lane Gate box: line controlled by Hensall (H) WAG1 64m 74ch      
H Heckmondwike         20 June 1971 Route closed?
HD Hednesford At least two signals RRN2 9m 12ch 1877 27 August 2013 West Midlands Signalling Centre (RR)
H Heighington   DAE1 5m 9ch 1872    
HR Unclear whether code used
D Distant signals
HC Helensburgh Central Code used from 1960 NEM7 24m 31ch 17 January 1960 4 November 1984 Craigendoran [new] (C)
HD Hellifield Most signals, where plates carried SKW1 231m 14ch 1911 24 December 2006 Hellifield [temporary]
H Some distant signals
  Hellifield [temporary] No signals/points controlled SKW1 c231m 14ch 24 December 2006 4 January 2007 Hellifield [reopened] (HD)
HD Hellifield [reopened] Most signals, where plates carried SKW1 231m 14ch 4 January 2007    
H Some distant signals
H Helpringham   SPD1 58m 13ch 6 March 1882 4 October 1979 Sleaford South [new] (SS)
RD Automatic down line distant signals
RU Automatic up line distant signals
U Up direction automatic signals
HE Helpston Formerly named Helpston East.  Code when named Helpston East ECM1 81m 69ch 2 March 1898    
H Code used from 26 June 1975 when downgraded to gate box: line controlled by Peterborough (P)
  Helpston East See Helpston
HW Helpston West   ECM1       Peterborough (P)
HY Helsby Junction   CHW1 7m 34ch 1900    
HHJ 8m 61ch
  Helsby West Cheshire Junction   HHJ 8m 13ch   20 October 1991 Helsby Junction (HY)
H Hemingborough   HUL1 28m 2ch 1873 26 October 1997 Selby Panel (S)
HW Henbury West   AFR 116m 36ch 4 April 1993 28 June 1994 Bristol (B)
HS Hendon Station   SPC1 7m 8ch 1890   West Hampstead (WH)
RHS Repeater signals
  Hendon [Tyne & Wear]   HNB 1m 53ch   21 August 1995 Ryhope Grange (RG)
HY Hendy Junction   LLA 4m 64ch 1913 7 July 1973 Port Talbot (PT)
HA Henley in Arden   TSB 13m 34ch 9 December 1907 1 November 2010 (official)
(demolished 29 October 2010)
West Midlands Signalling Centre (TB)
HY Henley on Thames Code used by 10 December 1961 HEN 35m 22ch 1897 11 March 1972 Reading (R)
H Hensall Later code WAG1 64m 41ch 1875 27 May 2014 Ferrybridge [new] (FE)
HL Earlier code
R Distant signals
HK Henwick   WAH 121m 66ch 1875    
HH Henwick Hall Downgraded to gate box 22 March 1970: up line controlled by Shaftholme (SH), down line controlled by Brayton (BN).  Demolished 1-8 February 2014 TCW1 172m 20ch 1912 1983? Selby Panel (S)
H Hepscott   EJM c19m 44ch   26 February 1984 Morpeth [new] (M)
H Hereford Named Ayleston Hill to 8 June 1973 SHL 51m 13ch July 1884   Wales Rail Operating Centre (NS) (planned)
EK Herne Bay   VIR 62m 55ch   1971 Margate (GE) and Faversham (EY)
A Automatic signals
EE Herne Hill   VIR 3m 65ch 3 June 1956 6 December 1981 Victoria Signalling Centre (VS)
A Automatic signals
HE Hertford East Codes used from 24 January 1960 HEB 24m 7ch by 27 February 1888 18 May 2003 Liverpool Street [new] (L)
D Down line automatic signals
HD Hertford North   HDB 19m 29ch 4 April 1910 4 July 1976 Kings Cross (K)
  Heslerton Station Downgraded to gate box 10 June 1970 YMS 29m 32ch   19 December 1993 Malton (M)
H Hessay Gate box: line controlled by Hammerton (H) HAY1 5m 11ch      
HE Hessle East   HUL1 c3m 20ch     Hessle Road Junction (HR)
HH Hessle Haven Believed code used from 1975 HUL1 4m 24ch   26 February 1983 Hessle Road Junction (HR)/
Melton Lane (ML) (some signals)
H Earlier code
D Down line automatic signals
R Repeater signals
U Up line automatic signals
UG Up goods line automatic signals
UM Up main line automatic signals
HR Hessle Road Junction   HUL1 1m 74ch 14 October 1962    
U Up line automatic signals
  Hest Bank Gate box: line controlled by Preston (PN) CGJ7 3m 12ch 1958    
HT Hethersett
(also had signals labelled HTA and HTB with no number)
  ETN 117m 78ch 1885 28 June 1987 Colchester [new] (CO)
HM Hett Mill Code used by January 1971.  Downgraded to gate box 28 November 1971 ECM5 c60m 21ch   11 March 1984 Ferryhill (F)
- Hever   SCU1 27m 27ch   7 January 1990 Oxted [new] (OD)
H Hexham Named Hexham East to September 1966 NEC2 20m 53ch 1918    
R Banner repeater signals
  Hexham East See Hexham
HJ Hexthorpe Junction   PED5 21m 4ch 25 July 1910 31 August 1980 Doncaster (D)
H Code reported but probably not carried
HY Heyford Ground Frame           Rugby (RY)
HR Heywood Road   SWY 94m 45ch 1 January 1933 11 May 1984 Westbury [new] (W)
DW Down Westbury line automatic signals WES 94m 45ch
UW Up Westbury line automatic signals
  Heyworth Downgraded to gate box ECM2 162m 54ch   25 April 2015 Doncaster (D)
H Hickleton Named Hickleton Main Colliery to 3 May 1981 SMJ2 15m 5ch 1 April 1933 31 May 2011 York [IECC] (L)
  Hickleton Main Colliery See Hickleton
H Higham Temporary 'box for track renewals CCH 22m 45ch 15 May 1988 2 August 1988 Kennett (K)/
Bury St Edmunds (BY)
  Highams Park Gate box CJC 8m 45ch February 1925 24 February 2002 Highams Park [temporary]
  Highams Park [temporary] Gate box (opposite side of line to permanent 'box) CJC 8m 45ch 24 February 2002 5 June 2002 Highams Park [reopened]
  Highams Park [reopened] Gate box CJC 8m 45ch 5 June 2002 24 June 2002 Liverpool Street [new] (L)
HB Highbridge Code used from 23 January 1972 MLN1 145m 21ch 1914 18 March 1972 Bristol (B)
DM Down main line automatic signals.  Code used from 29 January 1972
H High Dyke   ECM1 101m 25ch 11 June 1882 24 October 1977 Grantham (G)
  High Eggborough Gate box: line controlled by Hensall (H) WAG1 63m 33ch      
HF High Ferry Downgraded to gate box 12 April 1981: line controlled by Sibsey (SY) GRS3 111m 23ch 22 November 1890 18 December 1982 Sibsey (SY)
S High Marnham Shunt signals.  A High Marnham box closed 25 March 1984 (control to Boughton Junction (BJ)): different structure? HIM       Power station closed
HM High Meads Junction   LLS1 0m 23ch by 1946 1 April 1967 Stratford (S)
  High Street East Junction See High Street Junction
HS High Street Junction Named High Street East Junction to 8 February 1960.  Code used from renaming NEM2 0m 26ch 1904 20 November 1989 Yoker (YF)
HN Hightown   HXS3 9m 4ch 1878 11 March 1994 Merseyrail (ML)
HW Highworth Junction   MLN1 76m 29ch June 1913 2 March 1968 Swindon (SN)
HW High Wycombe Named High Wycombe South to 21 December 1952.  Code used from renaming NAJ2 16m 12ch 1905 10 August 1990 Marylebone [new] (ME)
WS Code used when named High Wycombe South
  High Wycombe South See High Wycombe
  Hillhouse No 1 See Huddersfield Hillhouse Junction
HJ Hilton Junction Code used from 21 September 1997 SCM4 149m 17ch 6 August 1873    
H Unclear whether code carried CDC2 45m 62ch
HY Hinckley   WNS 3m 70ch 1894 28 July 2006 Croft (CT)
  Hirst Lane Gate box: line controlled by Ashington Junction (A) BWC 3m 21ch      
HT Hitchin Formerly named Hitchin (Cambridge Junction).  Code used from renaming ECM1 32m 13ch c1868 16 January 1977 Kings Cross (K)
J Code when named Hitchin (Cambridge Junction)
WL Hitchin ERTMS test track (Hertford North-Langley Junction) control point.  Control from Kings Cross when testing not taking place ECM1   4 May 2013    
  Hitchin (Cambridge Junction) See Hitchin
H Hitchin South Code used by 1974 ECM1 31m 46ch 1 March 1894 9 February 1975 Hitchin (HT)
D Down direction automatic signals
UM Up main line automatic signals
Y Hitchin Yard Code used by 1974 ECM1 32m 0ch June 1878 16 November 1974 Hitchin (Cambridge Junction) (J)
P Hither Green   XTD 7m 2ch 4 February 1962 4 November 1976 London Bridge (L)
A Automatic signals
EBW Hither Green Sidings C Code used from c1960 XTD 8m 16ch   3 February 1962 Hither Green (P)
P Hither Green Station A Code used from 30 June 1929 on two signals only XTD 7m 2ch   3 February 1962 London Bridge (L)
HS Hockley South   DCL 130m 5ch 1902 17 September 1972 Line closed.  Controlled by Saltley (SY) on reopening
A Holborn Code used to c1927 HHH 0m 18ch 2 March 1874 10 March 1974 Blackfriars (J)
H Code used from c1927
- Hollingbourne   SBJ 45m 6ch 1 July 1884 14 April 1984 Maidstone East (ME)
  Hollinwood   MPR2 4m 52ch   26 June 1994 Thorpes Bridge Junction [reopened] (TB)
H Holloway   ECM1 c1m 35ch 17 May 1976 7 August 1976 Kings Cross (K)
ND Holloway North Down   ECM1 1m 60ch 30 May 1948 31 July 1976 Holloway (H)
SD Holloway South Down   ECM1 1m 33ch 1901 31 July 1976 Holloway (H)
SU Holloway South Up   ECM1 c1m 52ch 1876 16 May 1976 Holloway (H)
H Holme Possibly same structure as Holme gate box ECM1 69m 25ch 19 May 1895 13 December 1975 Holme [new] (H)
U Up direction automatic signals
H Holme [new] Gate box: line controlled by Peterborough (P).  Still available as emergency control panel ECM1 69m 26ch 14 December 1975 3 May 1998 Peterborough (P)
  Holmes Chapel   CMP1 166m 52ch 5 June 1959 10 December 2005 Manchester South (MS)
HJ Holmes Junction Code used by 1965 TJC2 163m 43ch 17 April 1904
(inspection date)
29 July 1979 Sheffield (S)
CBL Holmwood   BTH3 27m 6ch 1877 3 August 2004 Three Bridges [new] (T)
H Holton le Moor   NOB3 21m 10ch 1890    
HD Holyhead Named Holyhead No 1 to 23 January 1938 (one week), then named Holyhead Station CNH3 263m 26ch 16 January 1938    
  Holyhead Freight Terminal   CNH3 263m 47ch 1968   Holyhead (HD)
  Holyhead No 1 See Holyhead
  Holyhead Station See Holyhead
H Holytown Junction Code used from 1973 EGS2 1m 26ch 1 June 1879 21 October 1973 Motherwell (M)
HJ Holywell Junction Opening date may be 1902 CNH3 195m 75ch June 1903 early on 24 March 2018 (last train);
26 March 2018 (official)
Wales Rail Operating Centre (FH)
HW Holywood Code used from 2002 GSW 88m 30ch      
HN Honiton   BAE2 154m 60ch 16 June 1957 26 March 2012 Basingstoke Signalling Control Centre (SE)
EDF Hoo Junction Code used from opening HDR 27m 23ch 14 June 1964 16 May 1971 Dartford (D)
XW Hook   BML1 42m 11ch 25 September 1904 22 October 1966 Basingstoke A (YW)
WA Automatic signals
RWA Distant to automatic signals
HN Hooton Code used by 1984 CRR2 ~7m 70ch   19 May 1985 Hooton [new] (HN)
HN Hooton [new]   CRR2 7m 73ch 19 May 1985 10 November 2013
(delayed from 25 February 2013, again from June 2013 and then from 28 September 2013)
Chester PSB (HN)
HJ Horbury Junction   MVN2 45m 38ch 1927    
D Automatic signals
H Horden Code used from March 1977 LEN3 78m 58ch 28 March 1977 14 February 1990 Easington (E)
  Horley B See Horley South
CP Horley North   VTB3 25m 42ch   1970 Three Bridges (T)
CN Horley South Believed formerly named Horley B VTB3 25m 75ch   23 September 1960 Horley North (CP)
HC Hornchurch   FSS2 13m 52ch   27 March 1961 Upminster (UM)
HB Horninglow Bridge Downgraded to shunt frame 14 June 1969 DBP1 10m 30ch 6 August 1893 2 December 1973 Derby (DY)
HY Hornsey Carriage Sidings   ECM1 4m 15ch 21 July 1976    
H1 Hornsey No 1   ECM1 4m 0ch August 1888 14 December 1974 Wood Green (WG)
HO Hornsey Up Goods   ECM1 4m 16ch 5 April 1900 21 July 1976 Finsbury Park (FP)?
HD Horrocksford Junction At least two colour light signals DJH 21m 60ch 1873    
HJ Later code
HJR Distant signals: later code
R Distant signals: earlier code
H Horsemoor   EMP 84m 31ch 1899 13 November 1988 March South Junction (MS)
H Horsforth   LEH1 4m 70ch 1883 29 October 2012 Harrogate (LH)
D Some down line automatic signals
RU Banner repeaters for up line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
CBP Horsham Code used from new BTH3 35m 34ch 24 April 1938 27 August 2005 (last train);
30 August 2005 (official)
Three Bridges [new] (T)
HL Hospital Crossing   FHR4 c3m 24ch     Preston (PN)
EBS Hothfield Code used to 1980 SBJ 55m 61ch   16 February 1985
(apparently delayed from 28 April 1984)
Maidstone East (ME)
HF Code used from 1980 when panel provided
H Hougham   ECM1 111m 42ch 2 February 1891 30 April 1972 Grantham (G)
HG Hough Green   MAJ 10m 52ch 1961 18 December 1988 Hunts Cross (HC)
HV Hove Formerly named Hove A BLI1 1m 16ch by 1911 17 March 1985 Three Bridges [new] (T)
  Hove A See Hove
CCL Hove B   BLI1 c1m 42ch by 1911 25 November 1973 Hove A (HV)
W Hoveton & Wroxham   WHC1 8m 70ch 1901 26 June 2000 Trowse Swing Bridge [new] (TB)
  Howden   HUL1 22m 27ch 1873 26 October 1997 Selby Panel (S)
H Howden-On-Tyne     5m 23ch from Newcastle   10 August 1980? Line transferred to Metro
HS Howe & Co's Siding   SAC 302m 77ch 1916    
  How Mill   NEC2 52m 66ch 28 January 1875
(inspection date)
23 August 1989 Corby Gates (CG)
H Howsham Gate box YMS 13m 29ch 1873    
  Howsham (Lincs)   NOB3 16m 17ch 1890 7 May 1989 Holton le Moor (H)
  Hoylake   CWK3 9m 32ch 1889 18 September 1994 Merseyrail (ML)
HB Hubberts Bridge   GRS2 133m 43ch 29 January 1961    
U Up line automatic signals
  Hucknall Colliery (had draw-ahead signals lettered V to Z with no number)       15 January 1987 Bestwood Park Junction (BP)
HU Huddersfield   MVL3 25m 60ch 30 November 1958 20 January 2018 York Rail Operating Centre (HU)
HD Possibly earlier code, though not likely
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
H Huddersfield Hillhouse Junction Believed renamed from Hillhouse No 1 MVL3 26m 16ch   September 1970 Huddersfield (HU)
  Huddersfield Junction See Penistone
  Huish Crossing Downgraded to gate box 29 January 1972.  Demolished 1990 MLN1 132m 11ch 13 October 1903 16 December 1973 Bristol (B)
HL Hullavington   SWB 94m 17ch 1 May 1903 23 March 1968 Swindon (SN)
DB Down Badminton line automatic signals
HB Hull Bridge   ADH1 1m 66ch 1885    
D Hull Dock Control Cabin   KGD        
HP Hull Paragon Code used from December 1984.  Once world's largest relay interlocking HUL1 0m 18ch 25 April 1938    
P Code used from opening to December 1984
HR Humber Road Junction   RBS1   10 August 1914? 13 September 1964 Coventry (CY)
  Huncoat Station Local Control Frame   FHR5 17m 35ch 1902 22 November 2014  
H Hungerford   BHL 61m 47ch 19 March 1972 15 July 1978 Reading (R)
H Hunmanby   HBS 41m 51ch 1875 5 March 2001 Seamer [reopened] (SR)
H Hunslet   TJC3       Stourton (S)
H Hunterston Junction Code used from 1978 LGS2 36m 47ch 2 April 1978 28 August 1992 Paisley [new] (PH)
  Hunterston Emergency Signalling Panel See Paisley Hunterston interlocking LGS2 36m 45ch 9 November 1986    
H Hunterston High Level Code not certain LGS2 37m 16ch 1978    
H Hunterston BSC Control Tower   LGS2 37m 48ch 2 June 1979 1992 Hunterston BSC Control Tower [reopened] (H)
H Hunterston BSC Control Tower [reopened]   LGS2 37m 48ch 1996    
HU1 Huntingdon North No 1   ECM1 58m 58ch 29 October 1899 13 March 1977 Peterborough (P)
R Banner repeater signals
HU2 Huntingdon North No 2   ECM1 59m 2ch 15 July 1894 13 March 1977 Peterborough (P)
H Huntly Formerly named Huntly South.  Code used from 2002 to 2003 ANI1 40m 43ch 3 March 1890    
HT Code used from 4 January 2003
  Huntly South See Huntly
HC Hunts Cross   MAJ 7m 13ch 5 December 1982    
HC Hunts Cross West Junction   MAJ 6m 22ch 2 December 1956 4 December 1982 Hunts Cross (HC)
  Huntspill   MLN1 147m 4ch 19 May 1940 18 March 1972 Bristol (B)
H Hurlford Named Hurlford South to 8 July 1934.  Code used from 1976 to 2002 GSW 35m 50ch 1926    
HF Code used from 2003
  Hurlford South See Hurlford
CCN Hurst Green   SCU1 21m 31ch   11 July 1987 Oxted [new] (OD)
HN Huyton Demolished 8 July 2014 DSE 5m 50ch 1899 5 July 2014 Manchester Rail Operating Centre (LL)
H Hyde Junction   HAJ 6m 15ch February 1903 9 December 1984 Guide Bridge (GB)
HR Hyde Road Junction   GTP2 1m 16ch 29 January 1906 15 October 1988 Line closed
H Hyndland Code used from 1979 NEM3 3m 48ch 3 July 1960 20 November 1989 Yoker (YH)
HY Code used from opening
HF Finnieston interlocking.  Code used from 1979


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