Signal box prefix codes

A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

'Boxes beginning C

Last update 28 March 2024

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Code Signal Box Note ELRMileage Opened Closed Control to
CR Cadder Named Cadder East to 11 November 1956 EGM15m 35ch 27 October 1901 4 January 1999 Cowlairs [new] (CG)
CD Unclear whether code used
Cadder East See Cadder
C Cadeby Colliery PED518m 57ch 1960 31 August 1980 Sheffield (S)
CA Cadoxton South Code used from 28 July 1957 BRY6m 06ch November 1895 27 July 1969 Barry (B)
CX Code used from 11 February 1967
CS Caersws Downgraded to gate box 21 September 1988: line controlled by Machynlleth (MH) SBA253m 27ch 15 June 1891 19 February 2011 Machynlleth (MH)
CB Calder Bridge WAG1 26 August 1979 Wakefield Kirkgate East (WE)
CJ Caldicot Code used when named Caldicot Junction. Downgraded to gate box 22 February 1969: line controlled by Newport (N) SWM2147m 06ch 11 October 1927 29 October 2012 South Wales Control Centre (NT)
CA Gate box code
Caldicot Junction See Caldicot
CC California Crossing Downgraded to gate box 10 August 1968: line controlled by Gloucester (G) BAG2≈93m 40ch (1?) December 1975 Line closed
CB Camberley Downgraded to gate box 8 September 1974 AAV35m 25ch June 1879 27 January 1975 Feltham (F)
T Cambria Junction Named Cambria Road Junction to 1919 ATL4m 57ch CAT3m 68ch 1871 7 February 1971 Loughborough Junction (U)
Cambria Road Junction See Cambria Junction
CA Cambridge BGK55m 35ch 17 October 1982
CAR Banner repeater signal on Ely West Curve
EN Ely to Norwich section. Code used from 25 June 2012
RCA Banner repeater signal near Shepreth Branch Junction
CN Cambridge North Code presumed: probably not carried BGK55m 78ch 20 September 1926 16 October 1982 Cambridge (CA)
CS Cambridge South Code used by 1978 BGK55m 41ch 20 June 1925 16 October 1982 Cambridge (CA)
CD2 Camden No 2 LEC1≈1m 24ch ≈July 1920 25 September 1965 Euston (EN)
EN Temporary code until taken over by Euston
R Repeater signals
CR Camden Road Junction Named Kentish Town Junction to 22 March 1955 BOK15m 09ch 1896 4 January 2011 Upminster IECC (NL)
CY Camden Yard LEC1≈1m 30ch Euston (EN)
CM Camlachie Code used from 1960 NEM21m 26ch 14 April 1907 20 September 1970 Yoker (YS)
C Campbell Road Junction FSS12m 72ch Upminster IECC (UR)
CJ Camps Junction Downgraded to gate box 23 November 1981: line controlled by Edinburgh (EJ) ECA291m 69ch 1921 24 August 1986 Edinburgh (EJ)
CL Canal Junction ETC96m 64ch 3 August 1969 Carlisle (CE)
Canal Junction See Elderslie No 1
CG Canley Gates Downgraded to shunt frame 2 July 1966: line controlled by Coventry (CY) RBS1≈95m 30ch 4 November 1979 Coventry (CY)
Canning Street North Out of use for many years, burnt out, unlikely to be used again, but officially still open CCS215m 29ch 1900
C Cannon Street Destroyed by fire CBM0m 20ch 27 July 1926 5 April 1957 Cannon Street [temporary panel] (C)
C Cannon Street [new] CBM0m 20ch 15 December 1957 15 April 1976 London Bridge (L)
C Cannon Street [temporary panel] CBM0m 23ch 5 May 1957 15 December 1957 Cannon Street [new] (C)
CB Canterbury East FDM61m 69ch ≈1911 24 December 2011 East Kent Signalling Centre (EK)
EDH Canterbury West ACR70m 37ch 1 January 1928
EBT Canterbury Wye Area Control Centre ACR70m 16ch 15 December 2003delayed from 10 November 2003
C Cantley Downgraded to gate box 1 April 2019: line controlled by Reedham Swing Bridge (RB) NOL10m 05ch 1887 24 February 2020 Colchester [new] (YL)
C Carcroft DOL1160m 07ch 19 January 1909 7 March 1970 Skellow Junction (S)
C Cardiff Original code SWM2170m 33ch 27 March 1966 24 December 2016last train; official closure 29 December 2016 Wales Rail Operating Centre (CF, CWM)
CF Later code
CWM Canton depot carriage washing machine signals
DB Down Barry line automatic signals
DC Down Caerphilly line automatic signals
DM Down main line automatic signals
DR Down relief line automatic signals
DT Down Treforest line automatic signals
GS Grangetown area shunt signals
UB Up Barry line automatic signals
UC Up Caerphilly line automatic signals
UL Up Llandaff (?) line automatic signals (code used at Cardiff Queen Street)
UM Up main line automatic signals
UR Up relief line automatic signals
C Cardonald Junction AYR13m 25ch 1878 3 September 1967 Glasgow Central (G)
CG Temporary code until control passed to Glasgow Central. Code possibly plain G
CS Cardross Code used from 28 March 1960. Box burnt down NEM719m 51ch ≈1900 26 April 1971 Cardross [temporary] (CS)
CS Cardross [temporary] In station waiting room NEM7 ≈27 April 1971 ≈23 May 1971 Cardross [new] (CS)
CS Cardross [new] In station building with equipment from Croftengea NEM7 ≈23 May 1971 4 November 1984 Yoker (YC)
Cark CBC113m 48ch 1952 18 January 1998 Grange over Sands (GS)
CN Carleton Crossing Demolished 23 November 2017 PBN15m 43ch 1924 10 November 2017last train; official closure 26 March 2018 Manchester Rail Operating Centre (BL)
CE Carlisle CGJ768m 73ch 18 February 1973
CER At least one banner repeater signal (renumbered from CER213 to CE213BR from 6 January 2014)
R Repeater signals
UD Signal controlling up direction arrivals to Kingmoor yard
CE3 Carlisle No 3 WCM10m 53ch 14 March 1909 2 June 1973 Carlisle (CE)
CE12 Carlisle No 12 CGJ7≈68m 00ch 1946 2 June 1973 Carlisle (CE)
CE13 Carlisle No 13 CGJ7≈67m 65ch Carlisle (CE)
DT Carlisle Yard Down Tower KMG14m 13ch 18 February 1963 3 February 1985 Carlisle Yard Up Departure (UD)
UD Carlisle Yard Up Departure KMG14m 13ch 3 February 1985 29 March 1998 Carlisle (CE)
UT Carlisle Yard Up Tower KMG15m 50ch 18 February 1963 3 February 1985 Carlisle Yard Up Departure (UD)
CN Carlton Downgraded to gate box 13 January 1980: line controlled by Doncaster (D) ECM1126m 25ch 24 October 1976
CN Carlton & Netherfield NOB12m 78ch 28 September 1980 Netherfield Junction (NJ)
CJ Carmarthen Junction SWM2245m 10ch 5 February 1956 Wales Rail Operating Centre (PT) (planned)
CD Carmondean Junction Temporary panel NBE28m 52ch 16 March 1986 4 May 1986 Edinburgh (EN)
CM Carmont Named Newmill to 1 October 1912. Code used from 2002 ECN5219m 38ch 1876
CEJ Carmuirs East Junction Code used from 6 July 2002 PMT25m 79ch 3 June 1882 27 December 2017 Edinburgh (ECL)
CE Code used to 6 July 2002
CW Carmuirs West Junction Code used from 1975 SCM3108m 74ch 3 June 1882 11 July 2011 Carmuirs East Junction (CEJ)
Carnaby HBS28m 54ch 22 July 1990 Bridlington (BN)
Carnforth East Junction CEC0m 23ch SJC0m 29ch 19 January 1902 7 November 1998 Carnforth Station Junction (CS)
FMJ Carnforth Furness & Midland Junction CBC10m 63ch 29 March 1896 7 November 1998 Carnforth Station Junction (CS)
FMJR Distant signals
CH Carnforth No 2 Also named Carnforth Station CGJ7≈6m 10ch 6 November 1938 13 May 1973 Preston (PN)
Carnforth Station See Carnforth No 2
CS Carnforth Station Junction Code used by 1998 CBC10m 43ch CEC0m 09ch 22 October 1903
CSR Distant signals
CSJ Code reported but not seen on site
CO Carno Ground Frame SBA259m 17ch March 1928 Machynlleth (MH)
C Carnoustie Code used to 2002 ECN310m 28ch 1 May 1898
CA Code used from 2002
CP Carpenders Park CWJ14m 54ch 10 December 1988 Willesden Suburban (WS)
RCP Repeater signals
C Carr ECM1154m 47ch 12 July 1891 6 May 1979 Decoy No 2 (D2)
C Carriage Line Ground Frame [Old Oak Common depot] OOC12m 67ch 15 December 1977 Old Oak Common [new panel] (OO)
C Carstairs Temporary panel. Downgraded to Carstairs Local Signalling Panel (under Motherwell) 29 April 1973 WCM173m 49ch 6 August 1972 20 January 1996 Carstairs [temporary panel] (C)
C Carstairs [temporary panel] Probably same physical equipment as previous entry. Remained available for emergency use under Motherwell until 20 May 1996, controlling signals MCY and MCZ (with no number) WCM1≈73m 49ch 21 January 1996 26 February 1996 Motherwell (MC)
D Carterhatch Lane Ground Frame. Uncertain if dates for separate signal box HDT11m 24ch ≈1958 11 July 1965 Liverpool Street [new] (L)
CH Carterhouse Junction Code not carried. Permanently switched out 3 December 2006 SDJ216m 27ch 1896 ≈14 April 2007demolition date Fiddlers Ferry Power Station (FF)
CC Castle Cary CCL115m 38ch WEY129m 56ch 27 October 1942 2 February 1985 Westbury [new] (W)
CD Castle Donnington SSJ1123m 18ch 28 April 1901 29 September 1969 Trent (TT)
CD Castleford NOC21m 22ch 15 September 1997
Castleford See Castleford Station
CG Castleford Gates Code used by December 1977 NOC21m 22ch 1882 13 September 1997 Castleford (CD)
CS Castleford Station Formerly named Castleford. Code used by 12 November 1978 NOC20m 79ch 1882 13 September 1997 Castleford (CD)
C Code when named Castleford
CE Castleton East Junction Code used by 2003 MVN28m 53ch 1963
CM Caterham PAT19m 58ch 1 January 1900 25 September 1983 Purley (CU)
EBR Catford Bridge LCH7m 39ch ≈1890 4 April 1971 Parks Bridge Junction (M)
C Cathcart Code used from 1961. Some automatic signals known with A, B or C suffix CNC0m 17ch 2 October 1961 2 April 2013 West Of Scotland Signalling Centre (GC)
CR Banner repeater signals
C Cattal HAY110m 19ch ≈1892
CA Up home
CL also reported as Up home
Cattybrook Siding BSW8m 12ch 17 July 1886 20 February 1971 Bristol (B)
C Causeway Gate box: line controlled by Swindon B (SB). 'Slots' to Swindon B prefixed C within 'box only: no external C prefixes. Building probably relocated from Maidenhead MLN156m 73ch 17 November 1975 15 April 2012 Swindon B (SB)
C Cave Crossing Gate box: line controlled by Broomfleet (B) HUL113m 60ch 1904 23 November 2018last train; official closure 26 November 2018, delayed from 3 April 2018 York Rail Operating Centre (GH)
CL Caverswall NSS4m 20ch 27 September 1942 11 February 1989 Caverswall [temporary] (CL)
CL Caverswall [temporary] In caravan whilst resignalling took place NSS≈4m 20ch 11 February 1989 18 February 1989 Caverswall [reopened] (CL)
CL Caverswall [reopened] NSS4m 20ch 18 February 1989
CB Cawburn Junction Temporary panel NBE31m 60ch 16 March 1986 4 May 1986 Edinburgh (EN)
Cayton Gate box HBS48m 19ch 1908 25 June 2000 Seamer West (SW)
C Cemetery ECM17m 32ch 1891 18 February 1973 Finsbury Park (FP)
CN Cemetery North Destroyed by fire: temporary arrangements into use 23 December 2008 (appeared boarded up long before) LEN373m 49ch 1905 Tees Signalling Control Centre (NS) (proposed)
BD Central Rivers Depot Code derived from 'Bombardier' (depot operators) DBP1 27 December 2000
CN Chaddesden SPC6127m 10ch 23 March 1907 17 July 1977 Derby (DY)
C Chadwell Heath LTN110m 34ch 26 September 1949 1 October 1972 Liverpool Street [new] (L)
UE Up electric line automatic signals
UM Up main line automatic signals
CS Chadwell Heath Station LTN1≈9m 74ch June 1902 26 September 1949 Goodmayes (G)
CS Chaffers Sidings Downgraded to gate box 7 December 1986: line controlled by Preston (PN) GJC25m 62ch ? Crossing became trainman operated by December 2018
CH Challow Ground Frame MLN1≈63m 60ch 30 May 1965 Swindon B (SB)
C Chaloners Whin ECM4 York [PSB] (Y)?
CP Chapel Crossing SOY78m 52ch May 1899 11 October 1981 Eastleigh [new] (E)
CH Chapel en le Frith BEJ13m 71ch 1957
CL Chapel Lane Gate box: line controlled by Parbold (PB) WBS324m 05ch 2000or 2002?
CR Chapel Road Gate box: line controlled by Brundall Junction (BL) NAY7m 55ch 17 February 2020 Colchester [new] (YL)
C Chard Junction Code reported in 1968/1970 notices BAE2139m 32ch ≈1874 11 September 1982 Chard Junction [temporary panel] (C)
CJ Chard Junction [new] BAE2139m 32ch 11 December 1982 12 March 2012 Basingstoke Signalling Control Centre (SE)
C Chard Junction [temporary panel] Code reported in 1968/1970 notices BAE2139m 32ch 11 September 1982 11 December 1982 Chard Junction [new] (CJ)
CH Charfield Code used from 20 October 1969 BGL2113m 16ch 18 April 1909 16 May 1971 Bristol (B)
DC Down Charfield line automatic signals. Code used from 20 October 1969
UC Up Charfield line automatic signals. Code used from 20 October 1969
Charing SBJ53m 07ch 1 July 1884 14 April 1984 Maidstone East (ME)
CX Charing Cross XTD0m 21ch 27 June 1926 15 April 1976 London Bridge (L)
A Unclear if code used
C Charlestown Junction Code used from 1979 CWH116m 41ch KNE215m 33ch (August?) 1940 7 December 1980 Edinburgh (EO)
CL Charlton Lane Downgraded to gate box 15 March 1970: line controlled by St Johns (L) to 1976, thence London Bridge (L) NKL8m 01ch March 1894
CM Chartham Downgraded to gate box 15 December 2003: line controlled by Canterbury Wye Area Control Centre (EBT) it is possible that this 'box was also downgraded ≈9 May 1966 and reinstated later ACR67m 08ch ≈1880 17 December 2022 Canterbury Wye Area Control Centre (EBT)
EB Code reported in error 1962
EBT Later code in use by 1962
CL Chathill Code used from 1978 replacing all others ECM745m 78ch 1873 11 December 1990 Alnmouth (A); Tweedmouth (TW)
C Code from March 1961 to 1978
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
CH Cheadle Hulme CMP1180m 57ch MCH0m 02ch 1901 27 August 2000 Cheadle Hulme [temporary panel] (CH)
CH Cheadle Hulme [temporary panel] Opposite side of line to original 'box CMP1180m 57ch MCH0m 02ch 27 August 2000 29 March 2003 Manchester South (MS)
CN Cheddington LEC1≈36m 09ch 3 July 1965 Bletchley (BY)
CH Cheetham Hill Junction CQR0m 73ch MVN10m 73ch 1890 15 September 1998 Line transferred to Manchester Metrolink
CD Chelford Shunt frame CMP1172m 20ch 29 June 1959
C Chelmsford LTN129m 65ch 1899 19 October 1996 Liverpool Street (L)
D Down line automatic signals
RC Repeater signals
U Up line automatic signals
KE Chelsfield Burnt out early 1971 XTD15m 29ch ≈1895 13 May 1971 Orpington [panel] (JE)
GA Cheltenham Alstone Downgraded to gate box 25 November 1968: line controlled by Gloucester (G). Named Alston to 1975 BAG286m 22ch 26 May 1891
CW Chepstow West Ground Frame SWM2141m 51ch 24 April 2006 Newport (N)
ET Cheriton RCC TML7.6km 1993
CH Cherry Hinton Downgraded to gate box: line controlled by Cambridge (CA) CCH2m 17ch 1892 31 May 1987 Cambridge (CA)
CY Chertsey Downgraded to gate box 8 September 1974 VWW22m 19ch 25 September 1895 22 January 1975 Feltham (F)
WFJ Original code
CJ Cheshunt Junction BGK13m 71ch 1891 27 May 2003 Liverpool Street (L)
C Code reported but believed not used
D Down line automatic signals
DM Down main line automatic signals
RD Repeaters to down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
CR2 Chester No 2 CNH2178m 74ch 6 May 1984 Chester PSB (CR)
CR4 Chester No 4 CNH2179m 29ch 6 May 1984 Chester PSB (CR)
CR6 Chester No 6 CNH2179m 47ch 1903 6 May 1984 Chester PSB (CR)
CR Chester PSB CNH2179m 00ch 4 May 1984
CRR Banner repeater signals
HN Hooton area signals. Code used from 29 September 2013
CJ Chesterton Junction BGK57m 57ch 29 March 1931 4 November 1984 Cambridge (CA)
CH Chettisham EMP73m 58ch 1883 11 May 1992 Cambridge (CA)
CN Chevington Code used from 1964 ECM725m 49ch 22 February 1991 Morpeth [temporary] (M)
D Down line automatic signals. Code used to 1980
U Up line automatic signals. Code used to 1980
WN Temporary code for former Widdington North signals. Code used from 22 June 1980
CC Chichester Named Chichester West to 17 March 1963 then Chichester B to 26 April 1973. Code used from 1 December 1985 when new panel brought into use TBH228m 60ch 1882
CCC Chichester A Named Chichester East to 17 March 1963 TBH228m 41ch 24 October 1875 26 April 1973 Chichester (CC)
Chichester B See Chichester
Chichester East See Chichester A
Chichester West See Chichester
CW Chilworth Downgraded to gate box 14 May 1978 RSJ39m 15ch ≈1893 13 June 1978 Shalford (WY)
CD Chingford CJC10m 17ch 1920 24 June 2002 Liverpool Street (L)
DC Down Chingford line automatic signals
RDC Banner repeaters for down Chingford line automatic signals
RUC Banner repeaters for up Chingford line automatic signals
UC Up Chingford line automatic signals
US Up slow line automatic signals
CY Chinley Named Chinley North Junction to 6 December 1981 TTA1168m 39ch 1980?
Chinley North Junction See Chinley
CM Chippenham Junction CCH16m 04ch 1893
Chipping Sodbury SWB104m 42ch 1 May 1903 8 May 1971 Bristol (B)
EJ Chislehurst Junction VIR≈12m 65ch XTD11m 52ch 31 May 1959 1983 in part 31 January 1993 remainder Victoria Signalling Centre (VS) in part Ashford IECC (AD) remainder
A Automatic signals
EDC Chislet Colliery Two wildly different closure scenarios given with equal reliability ACR75m 16ch 27 May 1962 23 July 1984 Canterbury West (EDH)
Two wildly different closure scenarios given with equal reliability 24 November 2003 Sturry (ST)
Chitts Hill Gate box: line controlled by Colchester [new] (CO) LTN149m 40ch 4 May 2009 Colchester [new] (CO)
CM Cholsey & Moulsford Code used by 1953 MLN148m 38ch 23 July 1908 9 May 1965 Reading (R)
CM Cholsey & Moulsford East Ground Frame It appears that three ground frames shared the same code (see below) MLN1 9 May 1965? Reading (R)?
CM Cholsey & Moulsford Middle Ground Frame It appears that three ground frames shared the same code (see above and below) MLN1 9 May 1965? Reading (R)?
CM Cholsey & Moulsford West Ground Frame It appears that three ground frames shared the same code (see above) MLN148m 42ch 9 May 1965? Reading (R)?
C Choppington Gate box EJM≈17m 06ch 14 or 21 November 1983 Bedlington North (BN)
WDY Christchurch BML2104m 21ch 30 May 1886 3 December 1972 Bournemouth (WFB)
CB Christon Bank Code used from March 1961 ECM742m 79ch 8 September 1974 Chathill (C)
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
CP Christ's Hospital Named Christ's Hospital North to May 1954 then Christ's Hospital A to 8 December 1968 TBH140m 03ch 28 April 1902 16 February 2000 Horsham (CBP)
Christ's Hospital A See Christ's Hospital
Christ's Hospital North See Christ's Hospital
C Churchdown BAG289m 63ch 28 June 1942 26 February 1967 Gloucester (G)
DM Down main line automatic signals
CE Church East FHR5≈15m 10ch 7 October 1973 Preston (PN)
CF Church Fenton Named Church Fenton North to 10 November 1968. Code used from renaming NOC10m 43ch 1904 21 April 2002 York [IECC] (CF)
CFN Code used when named Church Fenton North
D Distant signals
U Up direction automatic signals suffix indicated line, e.g. U2L Leeds lines, U2N Normanton lines
Church Fenton North See Church Fenton
CFS Church Fenton South NOC10m 77ch 1904 10 November 1968 Church Fenton (CF)
CP Church Pit ELR unknown4m 22ch from Newcastle 28 October 1973 Heaton (H)
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
CR Church Road BAG143m 40ch ≈1922 6 September 1969 Birmingham New Street (NS)
CRR Banner repeater signals
CS Church Stretton Not regularly staffed from 16 August 1993. Switched out owing to flooding from autumn 2000 to June 2001. Demolished November 2009 SHL12m 54ch 1872 19 January 2004signal arms and lamps removed Marsh Brook (MB)
CY Clachnaharry Downgraded to bridge box 21 August (possibly 31 July) 1988. Believed code not carried WCK1m 51ch ≈1890
C Clacton COC69m 42ch 1891 20 February 2021last train; official closure 14 March 2021 Colchester [new] (CO)
WF Clapham Junction A Code used by 1936 BML13m 65ch 4 February 1912 25 May 1990 Wimbledon (W)
EC Clapham Junction B VTB12m 48ch 12 October 1952 28 November 1980 Victoria Signalling Centre (VC)
WBB Clapham Junction C Named Clapham Junction E to 8 February 1959 RDG14m 00ch 27 May 1911 2 November 1980 Wimbledon (W)
Clapham Junction E See Clapham Junction C
CY Clapham Yard Shunter's panel RDG13m 70ch 28 May 1990 ≈2007 Clapham Yard [new] (CY)
CY Clapham Yard [new] Shunter's panel RDG1 ≈2007
C Clapton Junction BGK4m 39ch ≈1908 28 May 1960 Hackney Downs [new] (H)
DC Down Chingford line automatic signals
Clarbeston Road East See Clarbeston Road Junction
CR Clarbeston Road Junction Named Clarbeston Road East 4 February 1917 to 8 July 1923 SWM2271m 09ch 23 August 1906
CJ Clarborough Junction MAC368m 32ch 1880 12 November 1967 Thrumpton (T)
CR Clarence Road Code used from 19 July 1987. Demolished 20 November 2010 LEN371m 70ch 1904 15 November 2010 Ryhope Grange (NS)
Claxby & Usselby NOB323m 69ch 22 April 1989 Holton le Moor (H)
CS Clay Cross South Junction SPC9142m 09ch 11 October 1969 Trent (TT)
CN Claydon L&NE Junction OXD12m 57ch 30 September 1985delayed from 1 September 1985 18 January 2020 Claydon L&NE Junction [new]
CJ Code reported, possibly not carried
CL Code shown on 2000 diagram
CN Claydon L&NE Junction [new] Switched out from 12 February 2022 MCJ243m 05ch 28 January 2020 21 August 2022 Line closed; reopened 21 August 2022 controlled from Marylebone [new] (CJ)
CJ Code reported in sectional appendix, probably not carried
Clay Lane Crossing TBH229m 49ch 1988 Chichester (CC)
C Claypole Replaced by gate box on opposite side of line ECM1115m 27ch 28 April 1875inspected 24 August 1878 11 July 1977 Claypole (CL)
CL Claypole [new] Gate box: line controlled by Doncaster (D) ECM1115m 27ch 11 July 1977
CD Clayton Cutting VTB346m 11ch 5 May 1913 30 November 1972 Three Bridges (T)
CW Clayton West Junction PEH7m 67ch 1915 22 April 1989 Huddersfield (HU)
C Cleeve BAG282m 79ch 19 November 1944 17 February 1969 Gloucester (G)
CH Cliff House LEN370m 06ch 1958 9 July 2007 Greatham (GM)
Clifton Down CNX3m 76ch by 16 August 1877 17 October 1970 Bristol (B)
CM Clifton Mill CMR0m 41ch?
CS Clifton Sidings Control Tower [York] ECM5≈0m 32ch 6 February 1983
CR Clink Road Junction WEY114m 39ch 18 December 1932 6 October 1984 Westbury [new] (W)
Clipstone See Clipstone Junction
C Clipstone Junction Code used from July 1986. Also known as Clipstone West Junction or Clipstone. Manned only as required from 3 April 2022 CWS10m 76ch HIM15m 20ch 21 January 1918
CL Code used to July 1986
Clipstone West Junction See Clipstone Junction
CD Clydebank Dock Junction Code used from 1959 YKR2m 05ch 3 March 1907 2 July 1989 Yoker (YY)
CW Clyde Iron Works Downgraded to ground frame 16 December 1973 RCB0m 76ch 23 June 1957 14 December 1980 Motherwell (M)
C Cobbinshaw Code used from 1979 ECA282m 47ch 5 June 1979 11 October 1981 Edinburgh (EJ)
CF Codford SAL120m 44ch 5 March 1877 22 June 1982 Salisbury (SY)
CL Codsall WSJ2146m 26ch 27 November 1929 14 October 2006last train; official closure 23 October 2006 Madeley Junction (MJ)
CO Cogan Sidings Code used from 28 July 1957 BRY2m 73ch 1926 2 February 1967 Cardiff (C)
C Cogload Junction Code used by 12 March 1972. Box preserved at Coleford MLN1158m 31ch 2 April 1906 4 April 1986 Exeter (E)
DM Down main line automatic signals
CO Colchester LTN151m 49ch 4 February 1962 4 December 1983 Colchester [new] (CO)
CO Colchester [new] Code used from opening LTN151m 37ch 3 December 1983
D Down line automatic signals
E Early controlled signal code, replaced by CO
ES East Suffolk section. Code used from 24 February 2020
FW Felixstowe workstation signals. Code used from 29 May 2019
NV Norwich Victoria sidings stop boards. Code used from 27 January 2020
U Up line automatic signals
YL Whitlingham Junction to Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft section. Code used from 16 February 2020
CJ Colchester Junction LTN151m 72ch 1921 4 February 1962 Colchester [new] (CO)
Colchester Road Gate box: line controlled by East Gate Junction (EG) COC58m 06ch 2 March 2009 Colchester [new] (CO)
CS Colchester Station LTN151m 49ch 17 September 1960 4 February 1962 Colchester [new] (CO)
CL Coldham Lane BGK56m 26ch 16 May 1896 17 October 1982 Cambridge (CA)
CS Collyhurst Street MVM1m 09ch 1894 15 September 1998 Manchester North (MN)
CJ Colne Junction CWJ16m 26ch 10 December 1988 Willesden Suburban (WS)
C Colthrop (Sidings) Code used to 14 January 1978 BHL48m 76ch 12 August 1912 (planned)delayed from 23 June 2012 Thames Valley Signalling Centre (TR) (planned)
RC Downgraded to gate box 14 January 1978: line controlled by Reading (R) (but crossing protection controlled from Colthrop). Code used from regrading
TRC Code used from 31 December 2010 when line control passed to Thames Valley Signalling Centre
CH Colwich LEC2127m 10ch 28 May 1961 10 June 2005last train; official closure 12 June 2005 Stoke on Trent Signalling Centre (CH)
CB Colwyn Bay Demolished 19 March 2000 CNH3219m 45ch 15 September 1968 2 November 1991 Llandudno Junction (CB)
C Concentration Sidings [Mansfield] Near Rufford Colliery. Panel added 4 July 1981 RUB1 1918 12 July 1986 Clipstone Junction (CJ)
CN Connington North ECM168m 27ch 26 April 1954 13 December 1975 Peterborough (P)
CS Connington South ECM167m 29ch 1899 13 December 1975 Peterborough (P)
Conoco See Continental Oil Company Siding
C Cononley TJC3218m 22ch 28 June 1964 22 October 1994 Leeds (L)
D Down line automatic signals
CC Continental Oil Company Siding Also called Conoco BRI2≈103m 20ch
CM Conwy Morfa Operations Department Supervisor Cabins There were two cabins, only one used at any time depending on nearby construction requirements. Disused signals and down side hut were still being removed at 16 January 1994 CNH3225m 62chwest box CNH3225m 41cheast box 19 October 1986west box 11 February 1987east box by May 1987 Llandudno Junction (LJ)
CO Cooksbridge KJE147m 35ch 1872 13 February 1985 Lewes (LW)
CK Cooks Crossing Gate box. Upgraded to block post 22 January 1961. Downgraded to gate box 1 March 1970: line controlled by Surbiton [new] NGL17m 39ch 2 February 1885 28 April 1974 Surbiton [new] (S)
DCK Distant signals
CS Cook Street Named West Street to 15 April 1925 AYR10m 19ch 1878 4 April 1966 Glasgow Central (G)
C Unclear if code carried
C Copmanthorpe ECM4184m 26ch NOC4m 14ch 12 November 1950 13 March 1983 York [PSB] (Y)
U Up direction automatic signals suffix indicated line, e.g. U2L Leeds lines, U2N Normanton lines
CJ Coppenhall Junction CGJ1≈161m 14ch 3 June 1961 8 September 1979 Crewe Coal Yard (CY)
CM Copper Mill Junction BGK4m 70ch 16 April 1899 12 February 1969 Liverpool Street (L)
CW Copper Works Junction MWT0m 12ch 5 February 1950 5 February 1967 Port Talbot (PT)
CP Copy Pit FHR6≈26m 20ch 21 October 1973 Preston (PN)
- Coquelles Control Centre Can take over from Cheriton RCC in emergency TML 1994
CG Corby Gates NEC255m 54ch 1955
CG Corby Glen ECM197m 14ch 2 December 1912 26 April 1975 Stoke (S)
D Down direction automatic signals
CN Corby North GSM179m 25ch 1937 1996 Corby [temporary] (CN)
CN Corby [temporary] GSM1≈79m 25ch 1996 23 August 1998 Manton Junction (MJ)
VA Core Valley Lines Integrated Control Centre Former Abercynon signals 3 May 2023
VR Former Radyr signals
Corkickle No 1 CBC173m 40ch ≈19 April 1958 16 February 1997 Bransty (BY)
GF Corkerhill Depot Shunting Frame ZZB22m 30ch 24 June 1990
S Corkerhill shunter's bothy ZZB22m 42ch 19 August 1984
Corkickle No 2 CBC173m 66ch 1958 1990s Bransty (BY)
CE Cornbrook Junction East MAJ1m 17ch 4 May 1969 Manchester Piccadilly (MP)
C Cornbrook West Junction MAJ Manchester Piccadilly (MP)
Corstorphine Junction See Saughton Junction
CD Cosford Unclear whether code used WSJ2151m 07ch December 1938 14 October 2006last train; official closure 23 October 2006 Madeley Junction (MJ)
NW Cosham Station SDP290m 00ch August 1890 20 June 1982 Portsmouth (PW)
CC Coton Crossing LEC2111m 45ch 28 June 1987 Tamworth (TH)
CN One signal (CN103) taken over from Hademore
C Cottam Power Station Control Room Code not carried CPS 28 March 1976
CEGB Believed code not carried
C Cottingham North HBS4m 17ch 1906 15 November 1987 Beverley (BS)
CS Cottingham South HBS2m 11ch 17 September 1972 Hessle Road Junction (HR)
CT Coulsdon North Named Coulsdon North No 1 to 2 May 1937 (earlier renamings not listed here). Downgraded to ground frame 25 September 1983 VTB214m 72ch 5 November 1899 9 October 1983 Purley (CU)
Coulsdon North No 1 See Coulsdon North
CT Coulsdon North No 2 Renamings not listed here VTB314m 79ch 5 November 1899 2 May 1937 Coulsdon North (CT)
Coundon Road See Coundon Road Station
CR Coundon Road Station Also called Coundon Road CNN1m 02ch March 1876 26 May 2009 West Midlands Signalling Centre (CN)
CY Coventry RBS193m 63ch 16 April 1962 25 August 2007last train; official closure 29 August 2007, delayed from 9 April 2007 West Midlands Signalling Centre (CB, CN, LC, RC)
CYR Banner repeater signals
CR Cowbridge Road VOG18m 53ch 13 September 1965 9 March 2013last train; official closure delayed from 28 January 2013 South Wales Control Centre (CF)
C Cowlairs Code used from 1956 EGM11m 71ch 11 November 1956 25 December 1998 Cowlairs [new] (CC)
CE Unclear whether code used
CQ Queen St interlocking. Code used from 26 February 1967
CC Cowlairs [new] Cowlairs interlocking. Code used from 1998 EGM11m 71ch 28 December 1998 6 October 2013 Edinburgh (SC)
CE Eastfield interlocking. Code used from 1999
CG Gartshore interlocking. Code used from 1999
CN Garnqueen interlocking. Code used from 1999
CQ Queen St interlocking
CB Cowley Bridge Junction MLN1192m 52ch January 1894 29 March 1985 Exeter (E)
CC Crabley Creek Downgraded to gate box 26 November 2018delayed from 3 April 2018: line controlled by York Rail Operating Centre (GH) HUL112m 57ch 1891
CT Crabtree Crossing Downgraded to gate box 1 November 1970 NKL13m 22ch 24 July 1949 2 April 1989 Dartford (D)
Crag Hall SSK133m 69ch 1878 8 February 1970
CH Crag Hall Reopened 1878 'box. Code used by March 2014 SSK133m 69ch 31 March 1974
CM Crag Mill Code used from 10 April 1960. Downgraded to gate box 25 February 1962 ECM752m 47ch 24 September 1977 Belford (BD)
D Down line automatic signals
U UP line automatic signals
CN Craigendoran Named Craigendoran Junction to 28 March 1960. Code used from renaming NEM723m 01ch 1894 4 November 1984 Craigendoran [new] (C)
C Craigendoran [new] NEM7≈22m 58ch 4 November 1984 22 February 1992 Yoker (YC)
Craigendoran Junction See Craigendoran
C Craigentinny ECM82m 19ch 4 July 1909 25 April 1976 Portobello (EP)
C Craigentinny CSD Code used from 1976 ECM8≈2m 45ch 22 April 1976
CO Craigo Closed 15 July 1990: reopened 29 July 1990. Code used from 2002 ECN5205m 15ch 1877
CA Craven Arms Named Long Lane Crossing to 26 March 1956 SHL19m 48ch March 1931 Wales Rail Operating Centre (NS) (planned)
CY Crawley TBH130m 64ch 31 March 1877 20 April 1986 Three Bridges [new] (T)
PC Crawley Horsham Road No 7 Crossing TBH131m 06ch January 1898 21 August 1977 Crawley (CY)
CN Crediton DAC179m 26ch 2 June 1875
EG Eggesford point indicators
CT Crescent PBJ Wolverhampton (WN)
CT Crescent Junction ECM175m 16ch 14 November 1874 10 March 1973 Peterborough (P)
C Cressing Gate box. Removed 26 June 1977 (now preserved on Colne Valley Railway) BRA19m 76ch 1893 12 June 1977 Cressing [panel] (C)
C Cressing [panel] Gate box. Small panel inside station building BRA≈19m 70ch 12 June 1977 26 May 1997 Liverpool Street [new] (L)
CW Crewe Uncertain 'box, possibly Flag Lane (inside the works) Crewe Signalling Centre (CE)
CB Crewe Bank (Shrewsbury) Switched out from 2 February 2007 SYC31m 79ch 1943 12 October 2013 South Wales Control Centre (SC)
CY Crewe Coal Yard LEC5158m 68ch 10 December 1939
CJ Crewe Junction [Shrewsbury] WSJ2171m 58ch January 1903
CN Crewe North Junction LEC5158m 21ch 29 March 1940 19 July 1985 Crewe Signalling Centre (CE)
CE Temporary code from 2 June 1985 until taken over by Crewe Signalling Centre
CE Crewe Signalling Centre LLI158m 21ch 20 July 1985
MD Crewe Sorting Sidings Middle Down BHI 22 October 1961 3 September 1972 Basford Hall Junction (BH)
MDR Hump shunting engine release signals
MU Crewe Sorting Sidings Middle Up BHI156m 67ch 22 October 1961 22 October 1989 hand points, etc.
NH Crewe Sorting Sidings North Code used by 1993 BHI157m 23ch 3 June 1962
NY Later code
SSN Code used by 1985
SH Crewe Sorting Sidings South BHI156m 41ch 22 October 1989 Basford Hall Junction (BH)
CS Crewe South Junction Downgraded to shunt frame 2 June 1985 LEC5157m 61ch SYC0m 00ch 29 September 1940 6 June 1985 Crewe Signalling Centre (CE)?
CA Crewe Station A February 1907 2 June 1985ceased to be block post Crewe Signalling Centre (CE)
SW Crewe Steelworks At least five signals CNH1159m 41ch 1935
WDD Crewkerne Code used from 1963 BAE2131m 29ch 6 November 1960 26 February 1967 Yeovil Junction (YJ)
WDE Crewkerne Gates Code used from 1963 BAE2132m 03ch 20 June 1901 12 November 1967 Yeovil Junction (YJ)
CD Cricklewood Depot SPC15m 65ch 4 November 1979
Cricklewood South Junction Had signals lettered A to F and V to Z with no number SPC1
C Crigglestone Junction BAH145m 56ch BAH245m 56ch CHS1m 53ch 1901 12 January 1997 Horbury Junction (HJ)
DB Down branch line automatic signals
UB Up branch line automatic signals
C Crimple Code used by 1957 LEH3≈15m 20ch Harrogate (HN)
CN Croes Newydd North Fork WSJ2201m 42ch August 1905
CT Croft Named Croft Sidings to 28 July 2006. Code used from renaming WNS10m 04ch 1901 2 January 2012 East Midlands Control Centre (CT)
CG Croftengea BCH19m 58ch 11 March 1973 Yoker (YD)
CW Crofton West WAG1≈49m 42ch 9 May 1970 Oakenshaw (O)
R Repeater signals
Croft Sidings See Croft
C Cromer WHC346m 35ch 1920 26 June 2000 Trowse Swing Bridge [new] (TB)
CC Crosfields Crossing Code not carried SDJ211m 35ch 1913 9 July 2012 Monks Siding (MS)
CX Unknown whether code carried
CG Cross Gates HUL4≈15m 50ch Neville Hill East (NHE)
- Crowborough SCU139m 16ch 1908 7 January 1990 Oxted [new] (OD)
C Crowden MAC117m 18ch 1909 9 December 1973 Woodhead (W)
C Crowle Central DOW15m 42ch 1955 14 October 1972 Stainforth Junction (ST)
U Up line automatic signals
CN Crow Nest Junction WBS114m 62ch 1 October 1972 29 July 2013delayed from 25 March 2013 Manchester Piccadilly (MP)
D Crow Park Down direction automatic signals ECM1127m 35ch 30 September 1875 14 July 1969 Carlton (CN)
U Up direction automatic signals
Crumpsall MVB22m 38ch 1880 17 August 1991 Line transferred to Manchester Metrolink
CFB Crystal Palace C One signal only, for four weeks SCP7m 34ch 31 December 1872 13 July 1969 Norwood Junction (JC)
LS C Sidings Yard Control [Wembley] Code used from 2015 WEF12m 19ch 2015?
C Cudworth Formerly named Cudworth Station. Burnt down TJC3175m 03ch 24 July 1984? Royston Junction (RJ)
DG Down goods line automatic signals
C Cudworth [new] TJC3175m 03ch 20 August 1989delayed from 3 April 1989 Line closed
Cudworth Station See Cudworth
C Culgaith SAC284m 55ch 1908
C Culham Code used by 18 October 1953 DCL56m 19ch 16 November 1952 12 February 1961 Swindon B (SB)
C Culham Ground Frame Unclear if code used DCL 12 February 1961? Swindon B (SB)
CD Cumbernauld Code used from 1975 SCM3101m 16ch 1873 1 May 1999 Cowlairs [new] (CN)
CP Cupar ECN244m 58ch
C Unclear whether code used
CS Curzon Street No 1 RBS1 4 June 1966 Curzon Street (CS)
CS Curzon Street 1966 9 June 1990 Birmingham New Street (NS)
C Cutsyke Junction [temporary] Replaced original burnt down CPM1≈59m 00ch 20 January 1974 20 April 1975 Cutsyke Junction (CJ)
CJ Cutsyke Junction CPM159m 00ch 20 April 1975 24 December 2023 (planned) Ferrybridge [new] (FE) (planned)
CX Cuxton PWS233m 40ch 1892
CXA Semi-automatic signals controlled from Ground Frame A
CR Cuxton Road Code used to 6 June 1959 VIR30m 72ch ≈1888 4 August 1968 Strood Junction (EQ)
EBJ Code used from 7 June 1959
A Automatic signals