Signal box prefix codes

A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

'Boxes beginning J

Last update 27 July 2021

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Code Signal Box Note ELR Mileage Opened Closed Control to
JS James Street MIR1 MIR1 0m 51ch 2m 3ch 1 May 1977 18 September 1994 Merseyrail (ML)
JC Jetty Ground Frame Frame extended 24 October 1971 RLY by 1971 Upminster IECC (UR)
Joan Croft Junction Gate box: line controlled by Doncaster (D) ECM2 160m 49ch ?
J Jumble Lane PED2 6m 59ch 29 October 1900 11 April 1998 Barnsley (BY)
JR Junction Road Junction GOJ TAH1 0m 58ch 2m 42ch 26 November 1882 10 November 1985 Upper Holloway (UH)
J Jurgens Crossing Stop boards TLL 17m 9ch 27 May 1996