Signal box prefix codes

A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

'Boxes beginning Q

Last update 18 November 2023

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Code Signal Box Note ELRMileage Opened Closed Control to
QJ Quarry Junction PED27m 45ch 19 April 1960 17 November 1985 Jumble Lane (J)
QJ Queensferry Junction EGM142m 42ch 9 October 1949 30 April 1978 Edinburgh (EN)
D Down direction automatic signals
QP Queens Park [London] CWJ3m 66ch 26 March 1905 10 December 1988closure may have been in 1991 Willesden Suburban (WS)
RQP Repeater signals
WD Queens Road [London] Named Queens Road West to 17 May 1936 BML12m 65ch 1898 25 May 1990 Wimbledon (W)
Queens Road West See Queens Road [London]
R Queens Road [Manchester] Distant signals MVB11m 36ch 1904 14 July 1991 Line transferred to Manchester Metrolink
Q Queen Street EGM10m 17ch 1881 26 February 1967 Cowlairs (CQ)
QW Queen Street West Code used from 1935 NEM30m 44ch 15 March 1886 8 February 1960 High Street Junction (HS), Kelvinhaugh Junction (K)
QE Queensville LEC2132m 30ch 3 February 1935 28 May 1962closure took place in stages beginning 29 May 1960 Stafford No 4 (SD4)
Q Quintinshill Code used from 1971 WCM110m 19ch 25 September 1903 7 July 1973 Carlisle (CE)