Signal box prefix codes

A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

'Boxes beginning W

Last update 21 March 2021

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Code Signal Box Note ELR Mileage Opened Closed Control to
WM Waddon Marsh CMJ 1m 13ch 25 May 1930 23 May 1982 Victoria Signalling Centre (VC)
EBG Wadhurst TTH 39m 25ch 1893 20 April 1986 Tonbridge (PE)
WY Wadsley Bridge Two codes quoted, unclear which used MAC3 38m 37ch 1912 11 August 1985 Woodburn Junction (W)
W Wainfleet GRS4 4m 15ch August 1899
Wakefield East See Wakefield Kirkgate East
K Wakefield Kirkgate MVN2 47m 76ch 25 April 1982 23 December 2007 last train; 27 December 2007 official Wakefield Kirkgate [new] (K)
K Wakefield Kirkgate [new] MVN2 47m 69ch 27 December 2007
WK Former Oakenshaw area signals
WE Wakefield Kirkgate East Also known as Wakefield East MVN2 ≈47m 76ch 1901 25 April 1982 Wakefield Kirkgate (K)
WW Wakefield Kirkgate West Also known as Wakefield West MVN2 25 April 1982 Wakefield Kirkgate (K)
Wakefield West See Wakefield Kirkgate West
WN Wakefield Westgate North DOL2 175m 75ch 1893 22 May 1971 Leeds (L)
WS Wakefield Westgate South DOL2 175m 55ch 1910 28 November 1970 Wakefield Westgate North (WN)
CF Wales Rail Operating Centre Formerly named South Wales Control Centre Cardiff area signals. Code used from 28 January 2013 SWM2 170m 67ch 4 January 2010
CWM Canton depot carriage washing machine signals. Code used from 29 December 2016
FH Fflint to Holyhead section. Code used from 26 March 2018
NS Newport to Shrewsbury section (planned)
NT Newport area signals
PT Port Talbot area signals. Code used from 4 March 2019
SC Shrewsbury to Crewe section. Code used from 14 October 2013
WN Walkden WBS1 7m 33ch 1888 29 July 2013 delayed from 25 March 2013 Manchester Piccadilly (MP)
Walnut Tree Junction CAM 7m 20ch ≈1910 27 January 1997 Radyr (VR)
WL Walsall BJW1 0m 59ch 6 December 1965 27 August 2013 West Midlands Signalling Centre (SB/BP/PD/RR/DR/WR)
RWL Banner repeater signals
WLR Repeater signals
Walsall No 1 See Walsall Yard
WD Walsall Yard Formerly named Walsall No 1 to 26 March 1966 BJW2 Walsall (WL)?
DM Waltham Down main line automatic signals MLN1 26m 21ch 19 January 1925 31 July 1961 Maidenhead West (MW)
DR Down relief line automatic signals
UM Up main line automatic signals
UR Up relief line automatic signals
WX Waltham Cross BGK 12m 70ch 1881? 11 January 1969 Liverpool Street (L)
WA Walton ECM1 PMJ 78m 52ch 19m 76ch 22 March 1971 20 December 1976 Peterborough (P)
WJ Walton Junction SJO2 WJK 3m 35ch 33m 1ch 1903 10 February 1994 Merseyrail (ML)
WT Code reported in error
WDM Walton On Thames BML1 17m 16ch ≈1882 22 March 1970 Surbiton [new] (S)
WS Walton Street Junction Possibly downgraded to gate box 30 March 1980 (some doubt) HBS 1m 29ch Hessle Road Junction (HR)
RWS Distant signals
WR Wantage Road MLN1 60m 21ch 7 October 1932 30 May 1965 Reading (R)
UM Up main line automatic signals
W Wardley FEP 19m 76ch 1954 13 July 1997
B Wardley Colliery Bunker Panel Also had draw-ahead signals in colliery sidings lettered A to D and W to Z, with no number FEP ≈19m 38ch 14 May 1989 Line closed
WA Ware Codes used from 24 January 1960 HEB 22m 21ch 24 January 1960 27 May 2003 Liverpool Street (L)
RWA Repeater signals
U Up line automatic signals
WR Wareham BML2 120m 63ch 25 March 1928 19 May 2014 Basingstoke Signalling Control Centre (PW)
WFL Warminster SAL 114m 40ch 19 June 1904 3 June 1979 Westbury (W)
WS Warmsworth Name board has 'Warmsworth Siding'. Also known as Warmsworth Lime Sidings PED5 20m 20ch 1880 22 April 1979 Hexthorpe Junction (HJ)
Warmsworth Lime Sidings See Warmsworth
Warmsworth Siding See Warmsworth
WM Warnham BTH3 33m 50ch 1877 22 August 2005 Three Bridges [new] (T)
WN Warrington CGJ3 182m 5ch 4 September 1972
R Repeater signals
WC Warrington Central MAJ 18m 34ch 11 November 1973
WCR Repeater signals
W Warsop Junction HIM 10m 59ch January 1899 29 January 1983 Shirebrook Junction (SJ)
WR Warwick Road CDM1 ≈2m 32ch by April 1969? Manchester Piccadilly (MP)
WH1 Washwood Heath No 1 DBP3 39m 62ch 1899
WW1 Unclear whether code used
WH2 Washwood Heath No 2 DBP3 39m 45ch 3 August 1986 Saltley (SY)
WH3 Washwood Heath No 3 DBP3 39m 20ch Washwood Heath No 1 (WW1)?
WH4 Washwood Heath No 4 Details presumed DBP3 Washwood Heath No 1 (WW1)?
WH5 Washwood Heath No 5 DBP3 ≈39m 18ch 16 October 1994
W Waterbeach BGK 61m 1ch 1882 23 February 1985 Cambridge (CA)
WB Wateringbury PWS1 39m 72ch 1893
Waterloo HXS3 5m 39ch 1881 11 March 1994 Merseyrail (ML)
WB Waterloo Code used to 1989/90 BML1 0m 17ch 18 October 1936 30 September 1990 Waterloo [temporary panel] (WO)
WO Code used from 1989/90
WA Automatic signals
WO Waterloo [temporary panel] BML1 ≈0m 17ch 30 September 1990 21 April 1991 Wimbledon (W)
W Waterloo [Waterloo & City] DRN ≈0m 8ch 11 July 1898 28 May 1993 Waterloo [Waterloo & City] [new] (WK)
A Automatic signals
WK Waterloo [Waterloo & City] [new] In former staff gymnasium DRN ≈0m 8ch 12 July 1993 Transferred to London Underground 1 April 1994
WL Waterloo Loop NWL 0m 20ch 27 November 1961 17 March 1984 Newport (N)
TM Waterloo Tunnel Mouth EWG ≈0m 62ch 8? December 1973 Edge Hill (EH)
WL Watery Lane Downgraded to ground frame 14 August 1965: line controlled from Wolverhampton (WN) RBS2 7m 75ch 1942
WD Watford LEC1 Watford Junction (WJ)
HS Watford High Street CWJ 16m 50ch 1 November 1970 Watford Junction (WJ)
RWF Repeater signals
WJ Watford Junction LEC1 17m 24ch 5 July 1964 7 June 2004 in part; 29 December 2014 remainder Rugby Signalling Control Centre (WT/TK)/ Wembley Mainline (WS/WT)
R Banner repeater signals
WJR Repeater signals
WD3 Watford No 3 WSA ≈0m 20ch 25 November 1973 Watford Junction (WJ)
WF Watford No 4 CWJ 17m 38ch 8 January 1967 Watford Junction (WJ)
RWF Repeater signals
W Wath Central Station Code used from 20 June 1982 PED4 13m 45ch 1907 24 July 1988 Line closed
WC Earlier code
WH Code used to 20 June 1982, replaced by W
WN Wath North TJC3 ≈169m 24ch 12 November 1899 29 March 1981 Sheffield (S)
WR Wath Road Code used by 1973 SMJ1 167m 79ch 30 June 1901 23 November 1980 Sheffield (S)
S Wath Staithe Crossing Code probably used from 1980 PED4 14m 26ch 1907? 10 May 1980? Sheffield (S)
W Watton Code probably not carried HDB 24m 7ch 22 October 1874 21 March 1971 Kings Cross (KC)
E Waverley East Code used from 1938 ECM9 0m 21ch 6 November 1938 30 January 1977 Edinburgh (E)
W Waverley West Code used from 1936 ECN1 0m 13ch 11 October 1936 14 November 1976 Edinburgh (E)
WW Code used by December 1973
EH Wavertree Temporary code used from 1960 until taken over by Edge Hill WJL3 Edge Hill (EH)
W Wearmouth LEN3 13 October 1984 Monkwearmouth (MW)
WJ Weaver Junction CGJ1 174m 41ch 13 March 1961 14 September 1997 Winsford (WD)
W Weaverthorpe YMS 32m 69ch 1873
WJ Weddington Junction AJW 0m 59ch
WY Wednesbury DPJ 3m 26ch March 1993
Weeton PBN 10m 9ch 25 July 1993 Poulton No 3 (PT)
Welbeck Colliery Junction HIM 13m 20ch July 1915 20 December 1997 Clipstone Junction (C)
D Welbury Down line automatic signals LEN3 ≈48m 21ch Low Gates (LG)
U Up line automatic signals
WL Welling BEX 11m 34ch 1 May 1895 1 November 1970 Dartford (D)
WN Wellington Named Wellington No 2 to 30 September 1973 WSJ2 161m 21ch 20 March 1953 16 December 2002 Madeley Junction (MJ)
Wellington No 2 See Wellington
W Wellowgate Code possibly not carried MAC3 109m 14ch 1880 26 September 1993 Pasture Street (P)
W Welton Gate box: line controlled by Brough East (BE) HUL1 9m 35ch 1904 23 November 2018 last train; 26 November 2018 official delayed from 3 April 2018 York Rail Operating Centre (GH)
WC Welwyn Garden City ECM1 20m 20ch 19 September 1926 25 September 1976 Kings Cross (K)
W Welwyn North ECM1 21m 75ch 27 September 1882 14 September 1973 permanently switched out Welwyn Garden City (WC)
WM Wem Demolished 10 August 2015 SYC 21m 53ch 1883 12 October 2013 South Wales Control Centre (SC)
WB Wembley CWJ 8m 4ch 1913? 10 December 1988 Willesden Suburban (WS)
RWB Repeater signals
WD Wembley Depot NAJ1 ≈5m 27ch 8 July 2005
WM Wembley Mainline LEC1 6m 40ch 9 July 2000
SB HS2 construction sidings stop boards
WS Former Willesden Suburban signals
WT Watford to Tring section LLG 1m 74ch 18 July 2005
X Draw ahead signals
WY Wembley Yard LLG UHL 1m 72ch 2m 12ch 28 November 1993
Wennington Junction Last regularly manned 12 May 1988, mostly switched out since then SKW1 249m 42ch 1890 14 January 2006 Carnforth Station Junction (CS) and Settle Junction (SJ)
U Wendover Up direction automatic signals MCJ2 34m 14ch 16 August 1892 1 July 1984 Marylebone (M)
RU Repeaters to up direction automatic signals
WJ Wensum Junction Code used from 1976 NOL 0m 54ch ≈1910 4 July 1982 Norwich Crown Point Depot Control Cabin (CP)
WW Wentworth Junction PED2 3m 73ch ≈1928 5 May 1979 Barnsley (BY)
WJ Werrington Junction ECM1 79m 34ch 1 March 1891 25 February 1973 Peterborough (P)
West Blyth Staithes Had draw-ahead signals lettered A to C, with no number WTB Closed
WB West Burton MAC3 71m 40ch 11 October 1964 23 September 2013 Thrumpton (TN)
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
C West Burton Power Station Line C signals WBC 11 October 1964?
D Line D signals
E Line E signals
F Line F signals
K Line K signals
L Line L signals
WB Former West Burton signals
VD Westbourne Park MLN1 6 March 1971 Old Oak Common [new panel] (OO)
A Automatic signals
D Semi-automatic signals (up and down lines)
W Westbury Named Westbury North until 16 September 1978 WEY 109m 57ch 1899 28 April 1984 Westbury temporary block post (W)
WY Shunt signals. Code used by November 1983
Y Code reported in error in November 1983, should be WY
W Westbury [new] WEY 109m 50ch 13 May 1984
DA Down Athelney line automatic signals
DM Down main line set back indicators
DS Down East Somerset line automatic signals
DS Down Salisbury line set back indicators
DT Down Trowbridge line automatic signals
DW Down Westbury line automatic signals
R Reported for some East Somerset line signals
US Up East Somerset line automatic signals
UT Up Trowbridge line automatic signals
UW Up Westbury line automatic signals
WY Westbury Ground Frame SBA1 10m 25ch 1874 21 October 1988 Machynlleth (MH)
Westbury North See Westbury
W Westbury temporary block post WEY ≈109m 64ch 28 April 1984 13 May 1984 Westbury [new] (W)
WU West Byfleet BML1 21m 63ch ≈1880 22 March 1970 Surbiton [new] (S)
WC West Calder Code used from 1981 EGS2 18m 26ch 28 June 1889 23 November 1981 Edinburgh (EJ)
NC West Croydon Named West Croydon A to 18 October 1981 NFE 10m 18ch 16 May 1915 8 April 1984 Three Bridges [new] (T)
West Croydon A See West Croydon
WC West Croydon B Named West Croydon South to 2 October 1949 NFE 10m 39ch 16 May 1875 18 October 1981 West Croydon A (NC) and Victoria Signalling Centre (VC)
West Croydon South See West Croydon B
WD West Drayton East MLN1 13m 11ch 25 May 1936 9 February 1964 Slough (S)
WE West Ealing MLN1 6m 56ch 1898 16 March 1968 Old Oak Common [new panel] (OO)
DR Down relief line automatic signals
XE Westenhanger XTD 64m 12ch ≈1900 3 November 1968 Ashford (UE)
A Automatic signals
W Westerfield Junction ESK 72m 23ch 1913 14 March 1999 Colchester [new] (CO)
Westerleigh East SWB 106m 29ch 1 July 1942 8 May 1971 Bristol (B)
WW Westerleigh West Codes used from 19 January 1970 SWB 107m 7ch 1 May 1903 8 May 1971 Bristol (B)
DB Down Badminton line automatic signals
UB Up Badminton line automatic signals
W Westerton Named Milngavie Junction to 10 May 1959. Code used from renaming NEM5 6m 16ch 1900 21 October 1990 Yoker (YH)
FE Westgate on Sea VIR 72m 43ch 4 June 1972 Margate (GE)
W West Ham FSS1 4m 15ch 1 May 1961 Fenchurch Street (F)
WH West Hampstead Panels 2-4 still in use SPC1 4m 0ch 21 October 1979 15 March 2015 panel 1 only Three Bridges Rail Operating Centre (TWH) panel 1 only
R Banner repeater signals all variants reported in official documentation: unclear if all actually carried
WH West Holmes SPD3 83m 29ch 31 January 1907 31 August 2008 Lincoln Control Centre (LG/NL)
WK West Kilbride Code used from 1978 LGS2 35m 22ch 1 May 1878 inspected 24 April 1878 25 January 1981 Hunterston (H)
West Kirby CWK3 10m 36ch 1932 18 September 1994 Merseyrail (ML)
WE West London Junction BML1 3m 17ch 11 February 1912 25 May 1990 Wimbledon (W)
West Malling SBJ 34m 61ch 1882 9 December 1983 Maidstone East (EBX)
AW West Midlands Signalling Centre Aston to Wichnor section. Code used from 27 December 2017 DBP3 40m 38ch 29 August 2007
BA Barnt Green to Ashchurch section. Code used from 7 November 2016
BB Birmingham to Barnt Green/Redditch section. Code used from 7 November 2016
BP Bescot Junction to Pleck Junction section. Code used from 27 August 2013
BW Birmingham New Street to Wolverhampton section. Code used from 5 May 2015
CB Coventry to Birmingham section
CN Coventry to Nuneaton section
DR Droitwich to Ryecroft Junction section. Code used from 28 August 2012
GS Galton to Smethwick section. Code used from 3 January 2018
HS Hatton to Stratford section
LC Leamington Spa to Coventry section
LJ Leamington Spa to Jewellery Quarter section
LL Landor Street to Lifford section. Code used from 10 April 2012
LN Former Leamington signals. Code used from 8 August 2016
MJ Former Madeley Junction signals. Code used from 18 November 2012
NA Northolt to Aynho section. Code used from 8 August 2016
NW Nuneaton to Whitacre section. Code used from 28 November 2011
OL Oxford to Leamington section. Code used from 8 August 2016
OS Oxley to Shrewsbury section. Code used from 5 May 2015
PA Proof House to Aston section. Code used from 27 December 2017
PC Portobello Junction to Wolverhampton Crane Street section. Code used from 5 May 2015
PD Pleck Junction to Darlaston Junction section. Code used from 27 August 2013
RC Rugby to Coventry section
RR Rugeley to Ryecroft Junction section. Code used from 27 August 2013
SB Stechford to Bushbury Junction section. Code used from 27 August 2013
SG St Andrews to Grand Junction section. Code used from 10 April 2012
SJ Former Stourbridge Junction signals. Code used from 28 August 2012
SP Soho to Perry Barr section. Code used from 3 January 2018
TB Tyseley to Bearley Junction section
WB Worcester to Bromsgrove section. Code used from 7 November 2016
WM Used between Birmingham Moor St and Jewellery Quarter
WM Wilmcote to Stratford-upon-Avon section. Code used from 1 November 2010
WP Water Orton to Proof House Junction section. Code used from 10 April 2012
WR Water Orton to Ryecroft Junction section. Code used from 10 April 2012
WS Wolverhampton to Stafford section. Code used from 5 May 2015
WW Wichnor to Water Orton section. Code used from 28 November 2011
CFE West Norwood Junction Short-lived temporary code BBJ 6m 61ch 18 March 1870 13 April 1969 Victoria Central (VC)
W Westoe Colliery Code used from 8 August 1988 BNY1? ≈2m 60ch Line closed
G West Of Scotland Signalling Centre Former Glasgow Central Signalling Centre signals PNS 0m 27ch 27 December 2008
GB Barrhead interlocking. Code used from 2013
GC Cathcart interlocking. Code used from 2013
GG Glasgow Central interlocking
GMC Carstairs (and south) interlocking. Code used from 27 December 2019
GMH Holytown interlocking. Code used from 30 August 2018
GML Law Junction and Lanark Junction interlockings. Code used from 30 August 2018
GMM Motherwell interlocking. Code used from 30 August 2018
GMN Newton interlocking. Code used from 18 April 2017
GMW Whifflet interlocking. Code used from 3 April 2018
GMX Newton (and other) interlocking areas (temporary code used on plans only, not on signals)
GMY Mossend interlocking. Code used from 3 April 2018
GP Paisley interlocking. Code used from 30 December 2011
GPA Ayr interlocking. Code used from 27 December 2011
GPB Barassie interlocking. Code used from 27 December 2011
GPD Dunrod interlocking. Code used from 27 December 2011
GPE Elderslie interlocking. Code used from 27 December 2011
GPG Glengarnock interlocking. Code used from 27 December 2011
GPH Hunterston interlocking. Code used from 27 December 2011
GPK Kilwinning interlocking. Code used from 27 December 2011
GPL Ladyburn interlocking. Code used from 27 December 2011
GPU Gourock interlocking. Code used from 27 December 2011
GPW Wemyss Bay interlocking. Code used from 27 December 2011
GR Rutherglen interlocking. Code used from 16 July 2018
GS Shields interlocking. Code used from 19 July 2011
Weston Rhyn Downgraded to gate box 3 August 1991: line controlled by Gobowen North (GN) WSJ2 191m 40ch 1924 9 October 1991 delayed from 15 September 1991 Gobowen North (GN)
Weston Super Mare Named Weston Super Mare East to 25 September 1955 WSM 137m 22ch 23 April 1922 29 January 1972 Bristol (B)
Weston Super Mare East See Weston Super Mare
WP West Parade HUL1 0m 46ch 1928 30 March 1980 in part; December 1984 remainder Hessle Road Junction (HR) in part; Hull Paragon (HP) remainder
R West Riding Junction Banner repeater signals 27 September 1965 Oakenshaw North (ON)
WR West Ruislip NAJ2 1m 68ch 1905 11 August 1990 Marylebone (ME)
WS West Silkstone Junction PED2 1m 36ch 14 July 1880 17 August 1981 Barnsley (BY)
WS West Sleekburn BWC ≈0m 78ch 7 July 1973 Bedlington North (BN)
West Street See Cook Street
West Street Junction See Boston West Street Junction
WT West Thurrock Junction TLL UPG 18m 74ch 6m 46ch 1892 8 April 1996 Upminster [new] (UR)
WD Westwood ECM1 77m 5ch 5 January 1873 20 March 1971 Spital Junction (SJ)
WS Wetmore Sidings DBP1 9m 49ch 12 June 1949 13 October 1985 Derby (DY)
WS Weybridge BML1 19m 25ch ≈1882 22 March 1970 Surbiton [new] (S)
WW Wharncliffe Wood MAC2 34m 53ch 18 September 1977 Deepcar (DC)
WN Whifflet North Junction SCM2 94m 12ch 22 November 1891 16 December 1973 Motherwell (M)
Whissendine GSM2 99m 14ch 10 November 1940
WH Whitchurch Named Whitchurch Goods Yard to 15 June 1969. Latterly only open for emergency working, engineering work or S & T testing. Switched out at all other times. Permanently switched out from 19 April 2011 SYC 13m 35ch 1897 12 October 2013 South Wales Control Centre (SC)
Whitchurch Goods Yard See Whitchurch
EN Whitechapel CDT ≈1m 77ch 1907
WBP White Hart Crossing Downgraded to gate box 2 June 1974 RDG1 7m 65ch ≈1880 19 December 1976 Wimbledon A (WH)
WJ Whitehall Junction TJC3 195m 55ch 27 September 1908 29 April 1967 Leeds (L)
L Temporary code from ≈18 December 1966 until control passed to Leeds
W Whitehouse DSN2 15m 77ch 1874
WJ Whitemoor Junction WIG 86m 18ch September 1928 29 November 1987 March East Junction [reopened] (ME)
WN White Notley Gate box BRA 21m 11ch by 1893 12 June 1977 White Notley [new] (WN)
WN White Notley [new] Gate box with combined ticket office, still present in 2014 BRA ≈21m 10ch 12 June 1977 26 May 1997 Liverpool Street (L)
W Whitland SWM2 258m 68ch 2 September 1972
TY Tenby point indicators
Whitley Bridge Downgraded to gate box 24 October 1968 WAG1 62m 58ch 1875 28 February 1988 Sudforth Lane (S)
WH Whitlingham Junction NOL 1m 69ch 1909 26 June 2000 Trowse Swing Bridge [new] (TB)
BE Whitstable VIR 58m 79ch 23 June 1968 Herne Bay (EK)/ Faversham (EY)
A Automatic signals
W Whittington CHR Sheffield (S)
Whittington Low Level Downgraded to gate box 14 March 1992: line controlled by Gobowen North (GN) WSJ2 187m 67ch 1881 14 March 1992 Gobowen North (GN)
WH Whittlesea EMP 94m 55ch 1887
WL Whitwell Code used from 1966 FEP 6m 29ch 1991
Whitwell PSE 150m 45ch 1893 4 May 1997 Elmton & Creswell Junction (E/EC)
W Whitwood Code in use by December 1977 MEW2 NOC 0m 1ch 22m 4ch 1890 13 September 1997 Castleford (CD)
W Whixley Gate box: line controlled by Cattal (C) HAY1 11m 8ch
WH Code shown on 2020 plan
Whyke Road TBH2 27m 70ch 1900 1 December 1985 Chichester (CC)
CM Whyteleafe South Crossing Code from 1983 PAT 18m 20ch 19 December 1982
WL Downgraded to gate box 1982: line now controlled by Three Bridges [new] (T). Controls signals T564, T565, T566, T567
DC Wick Down Charfield line automatic signals BGL2 110m 30ch? 4 November 1951 13 October 1968 Wickwar
W Wickenby Code used from 27 January 1990 NOB3 30m 54ch 1890
W Wickford Code used by 1938 SSV 29m 9ch 1889 21 August 1993 Liverpool Street (L)
DS Down Southend line automatic signals
US Up Southend line automatic signals
Wickham Siding PWS2 32m 49ch ≈1899 22 November 1970 Strood Junction (EQ)
Wickwar BGL2 115m 15ch 4 October 1908 2 November 1965 Rangeworthy
W Widdrington Code used from December 1962 ECM7 23m 22ch 17 August 1980 Chevington (CN)
D Down line automatic signals
WN Widdrington North Code used from December 1962. 'Box reused from Stonefall (Starbeck) ECM7 24m 64ch April 1952 by 2 August 1980 probably late July 1980 Chevington (CN)
WS Widnes West Deviation Junction SDJ2 17m 50ch ≈27 December 1987 Ditton Junction No 1 (DN1)
WW Wigan Wallgate WBS3 18m 9ch 1941
WN Wigton CBC3 16m 5ch 1957
WR Wilford Road TSN2 ≈123m 60ch 19 December 1969 Trent (TT)
U Willerby & Kirk Ella Station Up line automatic signals HBR2 ≈7m 7ch Line closed
- Willesborough Crossing Gate box. Last level crossing between London and Paris XTD 56m 74ch 22 April 2001 Ashford IECC (AD)
CM Willesden Carriage Shed Middle WCL 2m 25ch 1953
CN Willesden Carriage Shed North WCL 2m 50ch 1953
X Set back signals
N Code mentioned in 1986 notice: possibly not carried
CS Willesden Carriage Shed South WCL 2m 0ch 1953
S Code mentioned in 1986 notice: possibly not carried
X Set back signals
NI Willesden Freightliner Terminal North End Overseer's Cabin
SI Willesden Freightliner Terminal South End Overseer's Cabin
HL Willesden High Level Junction BOK3 5m 48ch 1930 27 February 2011 Upminster [new] (NL)
WN Willesden New CWJ 5m 28ch 10 December 1988 Willesden Suburban (WS)
WN Willesden PSB Demolished March 2009 BOK3 5m 65ch 12 July 1965 24 December 2000 Wembley Mainline (WM)
WNR Banner repeater signals
X Draw ahead signals
WS Willesden Suburban CWJ 5m 26ch 10 December 1988 18 July 2005 Wembley Mainline (WS)
WB Willey Bridge Junction Code not confirmed MAC2 29m 36ch 13 August 1887 20 May 1973 Barnsley Junction (BJ)
WW Wilmslow CMP1 176m 65ch 29 June 1959 11 December 2005 last train; 11 March 2006 official Manchester South (MS)
W Wilstrop Gate box: line controlled by Hammerton [new] (H) HAY1 7m 45ch
WN Wilton Named Wilton South to 27 March 1973. Code used from renaming. Box now on Mid Hants Railway BAE2 86m 10ch ≈1875 29 November 1981 Salisbury (SY)
WS Code to 27 March 1973
Wilton South See Wilton
W Wimbledon BML1 7m 49ch 16 April 1990
WH Wimbledon A BML1 7m 14ch 22 February 1948 11 February 1991 delayed from 24 September 1990 Wimbledon (W)
WJ Wimbledon B BML1 7m 42ch 27 February 1928 23 May 1982 Wimbledon A (WH)
WK Wimbledon C BML1 7m 66ch 28 April 1929 1 August 1982 Wimbledon A (WH)
WBF Wimbledon Park PPW 7m 49ch 1889 11 February 1991 delayed from 24 September 1990 Wimbledon (W)
TY Wimbledon Park Top Yard Shunters BML1 6m 45ch 22 February 1976
EE Stop board near wheel lathe
W Winchburgh Junction EGM1 34m 46ch 4 March 1890 12 February 1979 Edinburgh (EW)
VW Winchfield BML1 39m 65ch 25 September 1904 30 October 1966 Basingstoke A (YW)
VWR Distant signals
WA Automatic signals
RWA Distant to automatic signals
WN Wincobank North Junction TJC2 162m 29ch 18 October 1896 21 March 1971 Sheffield (S)
W Wincobank Station Junction TJC2 161m 59ch 4 April 1897 14 January 1979 delayed from 7 May 1978 Sheffield (S)
WB Windsor Bridge MVE1 1m 66ch 22 April 1989 Manchester Piccadilly (MP)
W Winning Earlier code WSB 0m 36ch 1895
WG Later code
WD Winsford Renamed from Winsford Junction 8 October 1972 CGJ1 166m 70ch 1897
WS Winsford Station CGJ1 165m 7ch 8 October 1972 Winsford (WD)
Winterbourne SWB 109m 73ch 1 May 1903 6 June 1970 Stoke Gifford East (SE)
WH Wisbech Junction PMJ 21m 39ch 20 March 1971 Spital Junction (SJ)
W Wishaw North Possibly sometimes referred to as Wishaw Central WWD 86m 57ch 1 April 1897 21 October 1973 Motherwell (M)
W Witham LTN1 38m 53ch 19 November 1961 18 October 1997 Liverpool Street (L)
D Down line automatic signals
RW Banner repeater signals
U Up line automatic signals
WT Witham WEY 120m 76ch by 1880 24 November 1984 Westbury [new] (W)
Witton le Wear Gate box: line controlled by Shildon (S); upgraded to full signal box 28 April 1990 DAE3 1m 14ch Line closed
W Wivenhoe COC 56m 8ch 1886 23 July 1967 East Gate Junction (EG)
RU Repeaters to up line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
WS Woburn Sands Believed code not carried BBM 4m 12ch 1904 23 July 2004 last train; 6 September 2004 official Marston Vale (MV)
WV Woking BML1 24m 32ch 27 June 1937 22 August 1997 delayed from 1 April 1997 Woking ASC (WK)
WA Automatic signals
WK Woking ASC BML1 24m 20ch 22 August 1997
WFF Wokingham Code used to 1973 RDG2 62m 2ch 23 April 1933 Basingstoke Rail Operating Centre (BEF) (planned)
WM Code used from 1973
- Woldingham SCU1 17m 12ch 23 February 1885 2 November 1985 Oxted (OD)
WJ Wolvercot Junction DCL 66m 31ch 1900 14 October 1973 Oxford (OX)
DM Down main line automatic signals
UM Up main line automatic signals
WN Wolverhampton RBS2 12m 69ch 16 August 1965 5 May 2015 delayed from 26 August 2014 West Midlands Signalling Centre (BW/OS/PC/SB/WS)
W Code reported in 1988, but believed not carried
WN2 Wolverton No 2 Downgraded to ground frame LEC1 ≈52m 25ch 13 July 1986 Wolverton Centre power ground frame
BY Temporary code until taken over by Bletchley
WN Wolverton North LEC1 Bletchley (BY)
WS Wolverton South LEC1 Bletchley (BY)
SGF Wolverton South Ground Frame LEC1 13 July 1986 29 December 2008 Rugby Signalling Control Centre (KR)
WL Wombwell PED3 10m 72ch 1875 July 1965 Aldam Junction (A)
WM Wombwell Main Junction PED3 8m 32ch 1 November 1905 14 February 1982 Aldam Junction (A)
WH Woodborough BHL 78m 71ch 27 September 1944 20 January 1979 Reading (R)
WJ Woodburn Junction MAC3 42m 28ch ≈1906 6 December 1992 Woodburn Junction [new] (W)
W Woodburn Junction [new] MAC3 42m 29ch 6 December 1992 22 March 2021 York Rail Operating Centre (MS/W)
MS Meadowhall South area signals (for Sheffield Tram-Train operation)
Woodgate Crossing TBH2 22m 53ch 1876 1 December 1985 Barnham (BH)
WP Woodgrange Park TAH4 12m 7ch 1894 after 1997 Liverpool Street (L)
WG Wood Green Formerly named Wood Green No 4 ECM1 4m 74ch 4 October 1883 7 August 1976 Kings Cross (K)
W4 Code when named Wood Green No 4
WG1 Wood Green No 1 ECM1 4m 66ch 1892 7 September 1974 Wood Green (WG)
W1 Code shown in 1973/1974 weekly notices
WG2 Wood Green No 2 ECM1 5m 8ch 2 July 1871 14 September 1974 Wood Green (WG)
R Banner repeater signals
Wood Green No 4 See Wood Green (WG)
W Woodhead MAC1 19m 11ch 1953 18 July 1981 Line closed
WH Woodhouse Junction Named Woodhouse East Junction to 21 March 1970 MAC3 46m 52ch 1926 22 March 2021 York Rail Operating Centre (WN)
WE Code reported in error?
Woodhouse East Junction See Woodhouse Junction
WW Woodhouse West Junction MAC3 46m 22ch ≈1900 21 March 1970 Woodhouse Junction (WH)
WL Wood Lane Crossing HOU 11m 69ch ≈1882 13 December 1974 Feltham (F)
WJ Woodley Junction RYH1 ≈179m 44ch 21 September 1985 Romiley Junction (RJ)
WS Woodside EEA 12m 16ch 1877 24 June 1984 Addiscombe (AC)
W Woofferton Junction SHL 32m 2ch 1889 Wales Rail Operating Centre (NS) (planned)
WF Code shown in 1991 notice
WO Wool BML2 125m 72ch by 1889 19 May 2014 Basingstoke Signalling Control Centre (PW)
W Woolley Coal Siding May be same as later 'box. Also had draw-ahead signals in colliery sidings lettered A to F, with no number BAH2 48m 43ch? April 1983 1996? Woolley Coal Siding [new] (W)?
W Woolley Coal Siding [new] BAH2 48m 43ch 1996
G Woolmer Green ECM1 23m 39ch 27 March 1890 5 October 1973 Welwyn Garden City (WC)
WBE Wootton Bassett East Code used by 30 October 1953 MLN1 83m 3ch 13 July 1902 23 March 1968 Swindon (SN)
BW Wootton Bassett West MLN1 83m 22ch 17 November 1901 23 March 1968 Swindon (SN)
DM Down main line automatic signals
UM Up main line automatic signals
SH Worcester Shrub Hill OWW 120m 31ch October 1935
TJ Worcester Tunnel Junction OWW 120m 72ch 26 February 1905
WN2 Workington Main No 2 CBC2 6m 53ch 1889
WM2 Code reported, seems unlikely
WN3 Workington Main No 3 Code presumed CBC2 6m 74ch 1886
WP Worksop MAC3 56m 57ch 30 November 1997
WE Worksop East Downgraded to gate box 16 August 1998: line controlled by Worksop (WP) MAC3 56m 65ch 1880 10 October 1999 Worksop (WP)
D Down line automatic signals
WS Worksop Sidings MAC3 56m 7ch 1906 8 December 1985 hand points, etc.
WW Worksop West MAC3 56m 42ch 1874 25 April 1998 Worksop (WP)
Worle Junction MLN1 WSM 135m 17ch 135m 17ch 1 March 1884 29 January 1972 Bristol (B)
WY Wormley BGK 16m 5ch 1872 21 April 1985 Broxbourne (BN)
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
WW Worplesdon WPH1 26m 66ch 1 March 1883 3 January 1965 Woking (WV)
WO Worsborough Bridge Crossing PED2 6m 18ch 1981 Barnsley (BY)
WD Worsborough Dale Crossing PED2 6m 65ch 30 September 1979 Glasshouse Crossing (GC)
WR Worthing Named Worthing B to 30 December 1975 BLI1 10m 59ch 1877 4 June 1988 Lancing (LG)
Worthing B See Worthing
ZW Worting Junction BML1 50m 22ch 30 May 1897 20 November 1966 Basingstoke [panel] (YW)
W Wortley (Station?) MAC2 32m 45ch after 1969 Deepcar (D)
WN Wortley North [Leeds] Code not certain LBE1 30 April 1967 Leeds (L)
WW Wortley West [Leeds] LBE1 0m 53ch 1 November 1893 6 July 1969 Leeds (L)
W Code shown in notice in error
WJ Wrawby Junction NOB3 12m 55ch 7 May 1916 30 December 2015 York Rail Operating Centre (BD/BG/BL/CB)
WY Wrenbury SYC 8m 52ch 1882 12 October 2013 South Wales Control Centre (SC)
W Wressle HUL1 25m 3ch ≈1873 13 July 1987 Hemingborough (H)
WE Wrexham Exchange WDB1 ≈0m 66ch 26 March 1988 Croes Newydd North Fork (CN)
Wrotham See Borough Green
WY Wyberton Downgraded to gate box 3 May 1981: line controlled by Boston West Street Junction (WS) GRS2 135m 57ch November 1904 18 December 1983 Boston West Street Junction (WS)
EBT Wye ACR 60m 35ch 1893 15 December 2003 delayed from 10 November 2003 Canterbury Wye Area Control Centre (EBT)
WE Wye Gate box: line controlled by Canterbury Wye Area Control Centre (EBT). Panel in booking office. Code not carried ACR ≈60m 32ch 15 December 2003
WV Wye Valley Junction Ground Frame SWM2 140m 52ch
WM Wylam Code used on all signals by 2008 NEC2 8m 35ch 1897
W Code used from 1969
WY Wylye Formerly named Wylye No 2 SAL 124m 41ch 4 March 1877 19 April 1982 Salisbury (SY)
Wylye No 2 See Wylye
W Wymondham South Junction ETN 113m 69ch 1877 2 December 2012 Cambridge (EN)