Signal box prefix codes

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'Boxes beginning K

Last update 28 March 2024

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Code Signal Box Note ELRMileage Opened Closed Control to
KC Keadby Canal Downgraded to gate box 29 October 1972: line controlled by Scunthorpe (S) DOW18m 14ch 1926
K Unclear if code carried or even allocated
KJ Kearsley Junction MVE1 ≈7 September 1986 Bolton (BN)
K Keighley Station Junction TJC3212m 18ch 1884 22 October 1994 Leeds (L)
U Up line automatic signals
KJ Keith Junction Code used from 2002 ANI230m 34ch 9 October 1905
B Kellingley Colliery Bunker line shunt signals WAG1
also had draw-ahead signals in colliery sidings lettered A to H, with no number
K Kelvinhaugh Junction Code used from 1935 ARG22m 21ch 29 December 1935 20 May 1979 Hyndland (H)
KR Kempston Road Junction SPC149m 16ch 1 November 1980 West Hampstead (WH)
Kemsing SBJ26m 79ch 30 September 1964 Otford Junction (EBV)/ Borough Green (BG)
K Kendall Green PED25m 57ch 1924 17 July 1981 Barnsley (BY)
K Kennethmont Code used from 2002 ANI132m 71ch 30 July 1888
KN Code used from 4 January 2003
K Kennett Now preserved on Colne Valley Railway CCH18m 69ch 1880 by 18 December 2011removed; official closure 25 March 2012 Bury St Edmunds (BY)
K Kennington Junction DCL61m 03ch 1901 15 December 1973 Oxford (OX)
DX Down Oxford line automatic signals
UX Up Oxford line automatic signals
KG Kensal Green CWJ4m 34ch 10 December 1988 Willesden Suburban (WS)
KG Kensal Green Junction KGC≈0m 10ch 7 April 1985 Willesden High Level Junction (HL)
KN Kensington Formerly named Kensington North Main WLL3m 58ch February 1892 22 January 1983 Victoria Signalling Centre (VC)
Kensington North Main See Kensington
KS Kensington South Main WLL3m 34ch 1892 4 October 1992 Victoria Signalling Centre (VC)
Kentish Town Junction See Camden Road Junction
KT Kenton CWJ10m 15ch 10 December 1988 Willesden Suburban (WS)
RKT Repeater signals
K Ketton PMJ6m 59ch 14 January 1900
KE Kew East Junction BOK53m 32ch 1900 4 June 2012 Acton Wells Junction (AW)
K Keyham Formerly named Keyham Station MLN2249m 30ch 25 June 1900 30 June 1973 Plymouth (P)
Keyham Station See Keyham
CG Keymer Crossing VTB340m 79ch 1884 25 June 1983 Three Bridges [new] (T)
KE Keynsham & Somerdale East MLN1113m 19ch 15 July 1966 18 July 1970 Bristol (B)
DM Down main line automatic signals
KW Keynsham & Somerdale West MLN1113m 53ch 24 July 1933 18 July 1970 Bristol (B)
KJ Kidderminster Junction Demolished September 2015 OWW135m 17ch 25 October 1953 28 August 2012 West Midlands Signalling Centre (DR)
KC Kidsgrove Central CMD113m 66ch 24 July 1965 17 May 2002last train; official closure 27 May 2002 Stoke on Trent Signalling Centre (SOT)
KCR Repeater signals
K Kidwelly SWM2234m 24ch 1885 Wales Rail Operating Centre (PT) (planned)
KB Kilburn CWJ2m 67ch 10 December 1988 Willesden Suburban (WS)
K Kildwick TJC3216m 52ch 1895 22 October 1994 Leeds (L)
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
KK Kilkerran Code used from 2002 STR153m 75ch 29 April 1895
K Killingworth Code used from June 1962. Downgraded to gate box 15 January 1978 ECM75m 76ch 17 April 1991 Benton (B)
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
K Kilmarnock Code used from 1976, burnt down 25 December 2006, reopened 2 January 2007 BAK0m 03ch GBK23m 42ch 12 April 1976
Kilnhurst See Kilnhurst South
Kilnhurst Central WME8m 50ch 6 July 1980 Thrybergh Junction (T)
K Kilnhurst South Also called Kilnhurst West South or Kilnhurst. Code used from 1965 TJC3165m 58ch 23 November 1980 Sheffield (S)
Kilnhurst West South See Kilnhurst South
PK Kilwinning Local Signalling Panel See Paisley Kilwinning interlocking AYR425m 65ch 1887 5 April 1986 Paisley [new] (PK) (local control still possible)
KS Kimberley Sidings Ground Frame MLN1 10 September 1966 Old Oak Common (OO)
KR Kingmoor WCM11m 76ch 18 February 1963 16 June 1973 Carlisle (CE)
KY Kingsbury Shunt Frame DBP128m 26ch 1969
KC Kings Cross Existence of code not confirmed ECM1≈0m 15ch 1976closure took place in stages, beginning 26 September 1971 Kings Cross (K)
K Kings Cross ECM10m 20ch 26 September 1971 24 April 2021closure took place in stages beginning early on 3 December 2018 York Rail Operating Centre (K/WL/YA)
KC Code used by 1975
OJ A few signals on 'Widened Lines', see also London Underground codes
OJX A few signals on 'Widened Lines', see also London Underground codes
WL Hertford North to Langley Junction section. Code used from 4 May 2013 with ERTMS test track. Control from Hitchin when testing taking place
Kings Cross Freight Terminal Ground Frame See Freight Terminal Ground Frame [Kings Cross]
K Kings Dyke EMP96m 73ch 26 September 1989
RP Repeater (distant) signals
- Kingsferry Bridge Bridge box: line controlled by Sittingbourne (EV) SEJ247m 34ch 10 April 1960
KH Kings Heath SKN44m 21ch 6 September 1969 Saltley (SY)
K Kingsknowe Downgraded to gate box 17 August 1981: line controlled by Edinburgh (ES) ECA298m 15ch ≈1875 6 February 1983 Edinburgh (ES)
KH Kings Lynn Harbour Junction Downgraded to ground frame 14 October 1984 BGK95m 29ch March 1880 10 February 1985 Kings Lynn Junction (KL)
KL Kings Lynn Junction BGK96m 50ch December 1879
KLD One signal on Middleton Towers branch
KN Kings Norton BAG246m 75ch by 1925 6 September 1969 Saltley (SY)
KNE Kings Norton East Ground Frame BAG2≈47m 00ch Saltley (SY)
KJ Kingswinford Junction South Destroyed by fire KWD144m 33ch 8 February 1916 14 November 2001 Kingswinford Junction South [new] (KJ)
KJ Kingswinford Junction South [new] Replacement to original building destroyed by fire KWD144m 33ch 8 December 2003 delayed from 13 October 2003 28 August 2012 West Midlands Signalling Centre (DR)
KG Kingussie Named Kingussie North to 11 November 1928. Code used from 2002 HGL271m 48ch 1924
Kingussie North See Kingussie
K Kintbury BHL58m 43ch ≈1877 15 April 1978 Reading (R)
RK Kintbury Downgraded to gate box 15 July 1978: line controlled from Reading (R) BHL58m 43ch 16 April 1978 (planned)delayed from 23 June 2012
K Original, temporary, code until taken over by Reading (R)
TRK Code used from 31 December 2010 when line control passed to Thames Valley Signalling Centre
K Kirby Cross TWN67m 50ch 1899 31 October 1990delayed from 20 October 1990 Thorpe-le-Soken (T)
KS Kirkby Stephen SAC266m 40ch 21 October 1974
KS Kirkby Summit A Kirkby Summit box closed on 18 November 1994 (control to Pinxton), unclear if same box or even same general site PBS1138m 79ch 11 September 1995 12 September 2011 East Midlands Control Centre (MS)
KT Kirkby Thore SAC282m 02ch 25 September 1994
K Kirkcaldy Code used from 1979 ECN225m 78ch 6 December 1903 3 February 1980 Kirkcaldy [temporary panel] (K)
KE Reported: intended as EK for temporary panel?
EK Kirkcaldy [temporary panel] ECN227m 22ch 3 February 1980 8 June 1980 Edinburgh (EK)
K Unclear if code carried
KC Kirkconnel Code used from 2002 GSW62m 16ch 12 February 1911
KE Kirkdale East SJO1 James Street [new] (JS)
K Kirkham Abbey YMS15m 02ch 1873
KM Kirkham North Junction PBN8m 29ch 1903 10 November 2017last train; demolished 13 December 2017; official closure 29 January 2018 Manchester Rail Operating Centre (BL)
KS Kirk Sandall DOW3m 25ch 30 June 1916 17 February 1980 Doncaster (D)
KN Kirksanton Gate box: line controlled by Silecroft (ST) CBC147m 08ch
K Kirkstall Junction TJC3197m 78ch 1910 4 July 1994 Leeds (L)
RK Repeater signals
K Kirton Lane Crossing Downgraded to ground frame 15 October 1972: line controlled by Doncaster (D). Unclear if code carried DOW8m 47ch 1886 29 June 1980 Doncaster (D)
K Kirton Lime Sidings MAC386m 20ch 1886
KLS At least one signal
KS Kiveton Park Station Code used from 26 October 1980 MAC351m 54ch 1916
K Knaresborough HAY116m 55ch 1873
LE Knockholt XTD16m 41ch 1898 1 August 1973 Ashford (US)
K Knottingley Named Knottingley Depot East to 8 January 1967 WAG159m 27ch 26 August 2006last train; official closure 29 August 2006 Ferrybridge [new] (FE)
Knottingley Depot East See Knottingley
Knutsford Named Knutsford East to 1 May 1966 CDM214m 36ch 1886 27 October 1996 Mobberley (MY)
Knutsford East See Knutsford