Signal box prefix codes

A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

'Boxes beginning L

Last update 28 March 2024

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Code Signal Box Note ELRMileage Opened Closed Control to
BSC Lackenby No 2 Grid DSN2 ?
LG Ladbroke Grove MLN11m 65ch 1927 18 September 1967 Old Oak Common [new panel] (OO)
Lady Anne Crossing See Batley
L Ladybank Junction Named Ladybank North to 13 February 1966 ECN238m 67ch 22 September 1888 12 October 1980 Edinburgh (EB)
EB Temporary code until area taken over by Edinburgh
Ladybank North See Ladybank Junction
L Ladyburn GOU2121m 74ch 26 August 1900 11 June 1967 Paisley (P)
LA Laindon FSS222m 68ch 4 June 1995 Upminster IECC (UR)
D Down direction automatic signals
DE At least one down direction controlled signal set within several automatic signals
U Up direction automatic signals
L Laira Junction MLN1244m 02ch May 1903 10 November 1973 Plymouth (P)
LE Laisterdyke East Downgraded to ground frame 11 July 1970. Code used from 6 July 1969 LBE16m 49ch LBE2190m 24ch 1892 11 December 1970 Hammerton Street (HS)
D Down line automatic signals. Code used by 1966
U Up line automatic signals. Code used by 1966
L Lakenheath ETN82m 49ch 1883 20 August 2012delayed from 25 June 2012 Cambridge (EN)
LH Code used by 1980
LR Lancaster No 1 CGJ7 Preston (PN)
CCD Lancing Code used to 14 May 1988 BLI18m 15ch 15 June 1963
LG Code used from 14 May 1988 when new panel installed
LS Landor Street DBP340m 64ch 23 August 1969 Saltley (SY)
Lane Head Gate box: line controlled by Low Row (LR) NEC245m 38ch ?
LM Langham Junction GSM295m 05ch 27 October 1890
L Langley ECM127m 04ch 24 May 1917 29 February 1976 Hitchin (HT)
LG Langley Green Named Langley Green Middle to 29 April 1979 GSJ2134m 46ch October 1904 11 August 1990 Stourbridge Junction (SJ)
Langley Green Middle See Langley Green
L Langside Junction Code possibly not carried on signals GBA0m 61ch LFS20m 61ch 27 May 1917 7 August 1973 Glasgow Central (G)
LCS Langwith Colliery Sidings also had signal LCSZ with no number 28 April 1946? 16 February 1975 ?
L Langworth NOB335m 29ch 1890
LJ Lansdown Junction This 'box may have closed and reopened, as it is also reported as closing on 23 November 1968 BAG286m 73ch 26 July 1942 12 November 1977 Gloucester (G)
UM Up main line automatic signals
LH Lapworth Also known as Lapworth Station DCL116m 36ch 10 July 1932 30 August 1969 Saltley (SY)
LS Code used from 13 October 1957
Lapworth Station See Lapworth
LJ Larbert Junction Code used from 2001 SCM3109m 41ch 1871 12 May 2007last train; official closure 14 May 2007, delayed from 26 September 2006 Larbert North (LN)
LN Larbert North Code used from 2002 SCM3110m 30ch 19 October 1892 27 December 2017 Edinburgh (ECL)
Larbert South SCM3110m 18ch 24 January 1892 25 February 1973 Larbert North (LN)
LN Largin MLN3270m 01ch 24 Januaary 1906 9 December 1991 Lostwithiel (LL)
L Larkfield Junction WCM2100m 78ch 22 March 1908 25 February 1973 Glasgow Central (G)
LJ Latchmere Junction CKL2m 64ch 6 March 1904 24 April 1983 Victoria Signalling Centre (VC)
LK Laurencekirk Code used from 2002 ECN5210m 62ch 28 December 1910
Lawrence Hill BSW1m 06ch 1890 22 March 1970 Bristol (B)
LE Leagrave SPC132m 55ch 31 May 1980 West Hampstead (WH)
RLE Banner repeater signals
LN Leamington North Named Leamington Spa North to 10 July 1966 DCL106m 24ch 7 August 1910 8 September 1985 Leamington Spa (LN)
LN Leamington Spa Original code DCL106m 14ch 8 September 1985 8 August 2016 West Midlands Signalling Centre (LN, OL)
OL Oxford to Leamington section. Code used from 4 May 2004
Leamington Spa North See Leamington North
Leasowe CWK35m 61ch 1938 21 August 1994 Merseyrail (ML)
CBH Leatherhead Named Leatherhead South to 10 July 1927 BTH317m 74ch 1902 5 August 1990 Wimbledon (W)
CA Automatic signals
D Distant signals
Leatherhead South See Leatherhead
Lebberston Road Gate box: line controlled by Seamer West (SW) HBS46m 72ch ?
LJ Leckwith Junction SWM2171m 49ch 29 November 1931 27 March 1966 Cardiff (C)
L Ledbury WAH136m 06ch 1885
LD Reported, but unclear if carried on signals
L Leeds HUL420m 47ch 1 May 1967 19 August 2001 in part; 16 June 2002 remainder York [IECC] (L)
D Down line automatic signals
DV Down viaduct line automatic signals
E Signal at Wintersett may be a graffitied 'L' plate
R Repeater signals
RL Some banner repeater signals
RU Banner repeater to up line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
UV Up viaduct line automatic signals
WST Notice board at Wintersett
LJ Leeds City Junction DOL2≈185m 44ch by 30 April 1967 Leeds (L)
E Leeds East Code used from June 1936 HUL420m 29ch 18xxbox shortened 1936 30 April 1967 Leeds (L)
P Leeds Parcels Concentration Depot Shunt signals by 1 May 1967 Depot closed, area rebuilt and reopened as Leeds station, platforms 1-6 controlled by York [IECC] (L)
W Leeds West DOL2185m 60ch 5 April 1937 30 April 1967 Leeds (L)
Leek Brook Junction Disused since 8 February 1989 CVL17m 50ch SCQ26m 58ch 1872 21 August 1993 Line closed
LR Leicester Code used from 1987 SPC599m 30ch 29 June 1986 2 January 2012 East Midlands Control Centre (LR)
LRR Banner repeater signals
X Creep signals at Kettering
LN Leicester North SPC5 14 May 1911 29 June 1986 Leicester (LR)
Leigh NSS10m 24ch by 1879 11 July 1999 Caverswall (CL)
LE Leigh-on-Sea FSS232m 30ch 9 July 1995 Upminster IECC (UR)
LN Leighton Buzzard No 1 LEC1≈40m 05ch Bletchley (BY)
L Leighton Buzzard No 2 LEC1≈40m 22ch 3 July 1965? Bletchley (BY)
L Leith Docks LHS10m 53ch 1 August 1903? Edinburgh (EP)
EBC Lenham Code used from opening SBJ49m 07ch 23 July 1961 28 April 1984 Maidstone East (ME)
LS Lenton South Junction TSN1≈125m 30ch 19 December 1969 Trent (TT)
LE Lenzie EGM16m 23ch March 1914 13 December 1971 Greenhill Junction (GJ)
LE Leominster Named Leominster South End to 16 October 1966 SHL38m 60ch 1875 Wales Rail Operating Centre (NS) (planned)
Leominster South End See Leominster
L Lesmahagow Junction WCM289m 49ch 2 February 1913 17 December 1972 Motherwell (M)
LE Letchworth SBR34m 43ch 16 June 1907 22 November 1975 Hitchin (HT)
LE Leuchars ECN250m 79ch 12 September 1920
L Lewden Crossing PED27m 18ch by 1904 20 July 1981 Barnsley (BY)
Lever Brothers Sidings See Port Sunlight Sidings
LW Lewes Named Lewes Main Junction to 1922, then Lewes Junction to 20 March 1963, then Lewes B to 6 August 1972 KJE150m 03ch 1888 1 December 2019delayed from 27 February 2015 and again from 11 March 2019 Three Bridges Rail Operating Centre (TLW)
Lewes B See Lewes
Lewes Junction See Lewes
Lewes Main Junction See Lewes
Ley Crossing Gate box: line controlled by Gloucester (G) SWM2120m 20ch 14 May 2012 Gloucester (G)
LC Lichfield City Named Lichfield City No 1 to ≈25 November 1973 BJW316m 61ch 12 October 1992 Aston (AN)
Lichfield City No 1 See Lichfield City
TV Lichfield Trent Valley Junction BJW318m 13ch 1897
LD Lichfield Trent Valley Low Level LEC2116m 23ch 1911 27 May 2008 Rugby Signalling Control Centre (LS, NL)
LDR Banner repeater signals
LN Code used from 11 December 2007
LN Lidlington Believed code not carried BBM8m 49ch 6 September 2004 Marston Vale (MV)
L Lightmoor Junction MJI1160m 15ch 1951 23 October 2006 Madeley Junction (MJ)
LK Lime Kiln Crossing Named Lime Kiln Sidings to 25 February 1994. Code used by 1969. Downgraded to Gate Box 14 December 1997, mostly out of use since then. WVL6m 14ch 1887 20 June 2007demolished; official closure 30 November 2007 Park Junction (PJ)
DM Down main line automatic signals
UM Up main line automatic signals
Lime Kiln Sidings See Lime Kiln Crossing
LH Limestone Hall Gate box: line controlled by Silecroft (ST) CBC147m 44ch
Limpley Stoke Out of use for long time before closure BFB4m 24ch 25 April 1910 24 August 1969 Bathampton Junction (BH)
BL Lincoln Control Centre Barnetby to Lincoln section SPD383m 30ch 1 September 2008
LG Lincoln to Gainsborough section
NL Newark to Lincoln section
SL Spalding to Lincoln section
WS Werrington Junction to Sleaford Junction section
HS Lincoln High Street SPD382m 49ch 1874 31 August 2008 Lincoln Control Centre (LG)
Lincoln Road [Enfield] Downgraded to gate box 26 November 2001: line controlled by Liverpool Street [new] (L) ENT10m 25ch ?
LR Lincoln Road [Retford] ECM1133m 04ch 21 August 1938 24 October 1976 Retford (RD)
LS Lincoln Street Crossing RAC127m 60ch 1916 29 September 2001 Trent (TT)
CT Lindsey Oil Terminal Control Tower ?≈103m 53ch by 26 October 1967
- Lingfield HGG126m 15ch 10 March 1884 11 July 1987 Oxted [new] (OD)
Lingwood Downgraded to gate box 10 May 1967: line controlled by Brundall Junction (BL) NAY8m 02ch 1882 17 February 2020 Colchester [new] (YL)
D Linlithgow Down direction automatic signals EGM129m 54ch ≈1897 10 February 1979 Edinburgh (EL)
LP Lipson Junction MLN1244m 29ch February 1891 26 November 1960 Plymouth (P)
LD Liskeard Junction MLN3264m 66ch 3 June 1915
RW Liss WPH151m 40ch 1878 16 February 1975 Petersfield (PF)
Little Barford CEGB ECM149m 69ch ? Peterborough (P)
PN Littleborough Temporary block post MVN2≈14m 40ch 9 February 1985 19 August 1985 Preston (PN), Smithy Bridge (SB)
LB Little Bytham ECM192m 27ch 1 December 1912 5 July 1975 Peterborough (P)
D Down direction automatic signals
U Up direction automatic signals
L Littlefield Believed code not carried MAC3108m 73ch 1884 26 September 1993 Pasture Street (P)
LH Littlehampton BLI261m 69ch 1886
LHY Littlehampton depot sidings
CA Automatic signals
LH Littlehaven Downgraded to gate box 1986: line controlled by Horsham (CBP) TBH136m 49ch 13 March 1938 15 October 2012 Three Bridges [new] (T)
LT Unclear whether code used
L1 Little Ilford No 1 FSS26m 47ch ? ?
FRL1 Fog repeater signals
L2 Little Ilford No 2 FSS26m 69ch ? 10 April 1961 Barking (BK)
FRL2 Fog repeater signals
LM Little Mill Code used from September 1961 ECM7≈39m 33ch 15 April 1978 Alnmouth (A)
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
LM Little Mill Junction HNL130m 52ch 1883 Wales Rail Operating Centre (NS) (planned)
DH Down Hereford line automatic signals
UH Up Hereford line automatic signals
L Littleport BGK75m 76ch 1882
Little Steeping GRS3120m 20ch June 1889 11 March 1989 Bellwater Junction (BJ)
X Littleton Colliery Draw ahead signals RBS322m 74ch Wolverhampton (WN)
LCX Setback signals
LT Littleworth Code not carried on all signals WEB87m 61ch 1875 3 November 2014delayed from 3 March 2014 Lincoln Control Centre (WS)
L Unclear whether code ever used
LM Littons Mill Crossing Downgraded to gate box 9 July 2012: line controlled by Monks Siding (MS) SDJ211m 45ch 1890
A Liverpool Central East Code shown on 1934 plan HXS2 1892 27 July 1975 Line closed; controlled from James Street [new] (JS) on reopening
B Liverpool Central West Code shown on 1934 plan HXS2 1892 27 July 1975 Line closed; controlled from James Street [new] (JS) on reopening
Liverpool Edge Hill See Edge Hill
LE1 Liverpool Exchange No 1 Code used by 1973 LXJ 30 April 1977 James Street [new] (JS)
LS Liverpool Lime Street WJL4193m 37ch 25 January 1948 13 July 2018last train; official closure 30 July 2018 Manchester Rail Operating Centre (LL)
L Liverpool Street LTN10m 22ch 11 September 1949 24 March 1989 Liverpool Street [new] (L)
DE Down electric (through) line automatic signals
DM Down main (local) line automatic signals
DS Down suburban line automatic signals
US Up suburban line automatic signals
L Liverpool Street [new] LTN10m 22ch 2 April 1989 4 January 2011 North London lines Upminster IECC (NL) and Liverpool Street [new] (L) North London lines
DS Down Southend line automatic signals
R Some banner repeater signals (most used suffix R)
RMD Romford-Upminster line, Romford-bound. Code quoted in Crossrail works document but not shown on signalling plan
UMD Romford-Upminster line, Upminster-bound. Code quoted in Crossrail works document but not shown on signalling plan
US Up Southend line automatic signals
S North London Lines (controlled from Stratford North London Lines workstation in a separate part of the building to the Great Eastern and West Anglia workstations)
LW Liverpool Street West LTN10m 22ch 2 July 1894 25 September 1949 Liverpool Street (L)
LL Llandaff Loop Junction CAM4m 37ch 1900 12 May 1998 Radyr (VR)
LJ Code shown in 1966 plan
UL Up Llandaf line automatic signals
LY Llandarcy Named Lonlas South to 1 May 1923. Downgraded to ground frame 25 February 1973 SDI20m 37ch December 1920 Wales Rail Operating Centre (PT) (planned)
Llandeilo Junction See Llandilo Junction
Llandilo East Junction See Llandilo Junction
LJ Llandilo Junction Named Llandilo East Junction to 26 November 1966. Also known as Llandeilo Junction SWM2223m 50ch 1913 8 December 1973 Port Talbot (PT)
LE Llandre Crossing Downgraded to ground frame ≈1966 SBA289m 58ch 21 July 1911 Machynlleth (MH)
LJ Llandudno Junction CNH3223m 55ch 10 February 1985
CB Former Colwyn Bay signals. Code used from 2 November 1991 to 10 November 1991
Llandudno No 2 See Llandudno Station
LS Llandudno Station Named Llandudno No 2 to 13 September 1970. Code not carried. Closed 19 February 1978, reopened 19 March 1978 LLJ3m 00ch June 1891 Wales Rail Operating Centre (planned)
LO Code shown on 2009 signalling plan
Llanelli West Downgraded to gate box 2 February 1969: line controlled by Port Talbot (PT). 'Slots' signals 247, 286 SWM2225m 29ch 1877
Llanfair P G See Llanfairpwll
Llanfairpwll Downgraded to gate box 2 December 1973: line controlled by Bangor (BR). Name board has 'Llanfair P G' CNH3242m 22ch 1871
LR Llanidloes Road Gate box: line controlled by Machynlleth (MH) SBA252m 70ch ? 19 February 2011 Machynlleth (MH)
LT Llanrwst Code in use by 2013 LJT111m 08ch 1880
LC Llanstephan Crossing Rebuilt July 1960. Code in use by March 1972 SWM2245m 58ch by 1885 25 March 1979 Carmarthen Junction (CJ)
LJ Llantarnam Junction HNL136m 26ch November 1913 29 November 1983 Newport (N)
UH Up Hereford line automatic signals
LE Llantrisant East Downgraded to ground frame 25 April 1966 SWM2181m 43ch 1891 ≈10 November 1984 Cardiff (C)
LW Llantrisant West Downgraded to ground frame 5 May 1966 SWM2181m 76ch 1876 18 September 2011 Cardiff (C)
Llanwern SWM2154m 70ch 1891 17 April 1961 East Usk (EU, U)
S Llanwern Spencer Works
C Coal hopper discharge bunker lines. Code used from 1988
L Lockerbie Code used from 1971 WCM125m 58ch 18 January 1892 29 April 1973 Motherwell (MC)
LS Lockes Siding MVN2 28 February 1982 Wakefield Kirkgate East (WE)
LL Lock Lane Crossing Downgraded to gate box 29 September 1969: line controlled by Trent (TT) SSJ1120m 30ch January 1957 4 January 2010? East Midlands Control Centre (SS)
LW Lockwood Formerly named Lockwood No 2. Believed code used from 9 July 1961 PEH1m 47ch 1968 Huddersfield (HU)
Lockwood No 2 See Lockwood
WC Loco Junction BML12m 01ch 8 September 1918 16 June 1974 Queens Road [London] (WD)
Lodge Farm Crossing Downgraded to gate box 19 January 1930 BTH325m 38ch 1877 1 December 1985 Holmwood (CBL)
LN Lofthouse North DOL2178m 44ch June 1893 28 November 1970 Wakefield Westgate North (WN)
LM Code reported in 1970 notice, probably in error
LO Lolham Downgraded to gate box 13 April 1975: line controlled by Tallington (T) ECM183m 32ch 10 September 1898 20 May 1975 Tallington (T)
London Bridge See London Bridge Eastern
L London Bridge LBC0m 13ch LBW0m 13ch XTD2m 02ch 19 July 1975 25 July 2020closed in stages from 23 December 2017 Three Bridges Rail Operating Centre (TL)
E London Bridge Eastern Named London Bridge to 19 July 1975 LBC0m 20ch LBW0m 20ch XTD2m 09ch 17 June 1928 15 April 1976 London Bridge (L)
A Automatic signals
R1D Distant signals
R2D Distant signals
LG London Gateway Port THN? 24 June 2013delayed from 2 April 2013 and again from 3 June 2013
L1 London Road No 1 [Manchester] 31 October 1909 2 January 1960 Manchester London Road (LR)
LR London Road Junction SPC498m 74ch 29 June 1986 Leicester (LR)
LR London Road Junction DBP10m 00ch SPC7128m 23ch SPC8127m 54ch 12 July 1969 Derby (DY)
LG Longannet KNE15m 62ch 9 September 1969
S Longannet SSEB control room
L Longbeck Gate box before 1932. Code used from 8 February 1970 DSN325m 32ch 1932
LE Longbridge HND1 Line closed
Longbridge East Downgraded to shunt frame 27 April 1997 HND10m 26ch 12 November 1916 Line closed
Longbridge Shunt Frame BAG249m 21ch ? Line closed
LE Long Eaton Town Crossing TCC≈120m 52ch 18 October 1969 Trent (TT)
EN Longfield Named Fawkham to 12 June 1961 VIR23m 22ch by 1873 28 November 1965 Farningham Road (EM)
A Automatic signals
LF Longforgan Code used from 2002 SCM55m 55ch 1929
OC Longhedge Junction FLL11m 64ch 1890 23 July 1978 Stewarts Lane (S, SL)
LT Longhirst Downgraded to gate box 12 November 1978: line controlled by Morpeth [new] (M). Code used from December 1962 ECM720m 17ch ≈2 October 1988 Morpeth [new] (M)
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
LH Longhoughton Code used from September 1961 ECM7≈37m 60ch Alnmouth (A)
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
LL Long Lane LEN346m 34ch 1873 29 November 1997 Low Gates (LG)
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
Long Lane Crossing See Craven Arms
LT Longport Junction CMD216m 71ch 31 December 1939 17 May 2002last train; official closure 27 May 2002 Stoke on Trent Signalling Centre (SOT)
CS Longsight Carriage Maintenance Depot Depot shunt signals CMP2? ?
CMN North end signals. Code used from 12 October 1986
CMS South end signals. Code used from 12 October 1986
LT Longsight No 1 Downgraded to shunt frame by May 1976 CMP2 17 April 1977 Manchester London Road (LR)
LN Longtown Junction Carlisle (CE)
LG Longwood Goods Believed code used from 9 July 1961 MVL323m 34ch ≈4 March 1978 Huddersfield (HU)
L Code used at closure
Lonlas South See Llandarcy
LL Lostwithiel MLN3277m 34ch 1893 11 March 2024 Exeter (CL)
LH Loughborough SPC5≈111m 58ch 19 June 1892 11 April 1987 Leicester (LR)
U Loughborough Junction HHH3m 37ch ≈1870 29 November 1981 Victoria Signalling Centre (VS)
A Automatic signals
LC Loversall Carr ECM1152m 28ch 17 May 1909 12 January 1975 Rossington? (R)
LM Lowdham NOB17m 26ch 14 June 1896 1 October 2016 East Midlands Control Centre (NN)
LE Low Ellers Unclear if code carried BKS15m 78ch January 1909 20 May 1979 Decoy No 1 (DY)
L Lowestoft NOL23m 23ch 1885 24 February 2020 Colchester [new] (YL)
LF Low Fell ECM5 20 April 1963 Tyne Yard (TY)
LFS Low Fell Sidings Downgraded to ground frame 20 April 1963 BLF Tyne Yard (TY)
L Lowfield BON7m 13ch 3 January 1887 26 April 1987 Line closed
LJ Lowfield Junction PED517m 48ch 12 July 1908 8 June 1980 Denaby Crossing (DX)
LG Low Gates LEN343m 25ch 1956
LB Former Boroughbridge Road signals
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
LH Low House Crossing SAC299m 55ch 1900
LM Low Moor Formerly Low Moor No 2 MRB37m 38ch 20 July 1986 Mill Lane Junction (M)
LR Low Row NEC246m 24ch 1874 6 April 2009 Low Row [new]
LR Low Row [new] NEC246m 19ch 6 April 2009
L Low Street TLL24m 11ch 8 April 1996 Upminster IECC (UR)
LR Lucker Code used from March 1961 ECM749m 17ch 20 August 1978 Chathill (CL)
CL Temporary code for one day until transferred to Chathill
D Down line automatic signals
U Up line automatic signals
- Luffenham Junction PMJ≈4m 10ch 11 March 1990 Manton Junction (MJ)
LU Lugton Code used from 2002. Supposed to be permanently switched out from 4 December 2012 but cancelled GBK13m 50ch 5 May 1929
GL Lydney Downgraded to gate box 3 March 1969: line controlled by Newport (N) and Gloucester (G) SWM2133m 41ch 1918 29 October 2012 South Wales Control Centre (NT)
LY Lydney Junction Downgraded to ground frame 22 February 1969: line controlled by Newport (N) SWM2133m 21ch 1904 1 June 2019 Wales Rail Operating Centre (NT)
WDX Lymington Junction BML293m 65ch 18 July 1915 17 October 1978 Brockenhurst (BH)
RWA Distant to automatic signals
WA Automatic signals
CCS Lyminster Crossing BLI118m 01ch 1877 22 January 1980 Arundel (AR)
B Lynemouth Alcan Bunker line signals BWC6m 12ch 1956
also had draw-ahead signals lettered A to D, F, H, J with no number