Railway viaducts

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Locations beginning H-K

Last update 27 March 2024

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Name Notes Length ELR Start mileage End mileage Spans
Hackford see Upford
Hackney Central Station infilled 1966 DWW2 1m 30ch 1m 40ch 11
Hackney Central To Homerton Arches also called 42 Arch; brick DWW2 1m 40ch 1m 72ch 42
Hackney Downs To Rectory Road Arches brick/steel/concrete HDT 3m 04ch 3m 43ch 60
Half up side only BLI1 4m 66ch 4m 72ch 6?
Half Moon Lane VIR 4m 06ch 10
Halfpenny Billies see Derwent
Halls crosses WVL 173y HRD2 1m 08ch
Ham see Ham Meadow
Hamble River built 1887 SDP1 8m 71ch 8m 79ch
Ham Green 170y LAN2 4m 27ch 4m 35ch 6
Ham Green [original] 190y LAN2 ≈4m 26ch ≈4m 35ch 10?
Ham Meadow also called Ham; pre-cast segmental concrete arches 172y SWM2 115m 16ch 115m 24ch 12
Hampton Court Flyover HAM 13m 16ch 13m 40ch 41
Hampton-In-Arden see Blythe
Hampton Street HHH 1m 52ch 1m 56ch 10
Hamwood 78y SAD 19m 27ch 19m 30ch
Handforth CMP1 178m 05ch 178m 11ch
Hanwell also called Golden Manor or Hanwell Small; brick; length also given as 72m 55y MLN1 7m 35ch 7m 38ch 7
Hanwell Small see Hanwell
Harbledown see Canterbury
Harbour built 1843; grade II listed FFH2 71m 63ch 71m 71ch 21
Hardengreen concrete 87y SBO
Hardess Street ATL 4m 64ch 4m 69ch 10
Hardess Street CAT 3m 55ch 3m 61ch 10
Hardham 77m TBH1 50m 31ch
Hareholme stone BCP 9
Harford also called Keswick Mill; crosses River Yare; steel ETN 120m 55ch
Harlaxton Road also called West Gate ECM1 105m 52ch
Harlesden Intersection crosses CWJ, KGC, LEC1, LLG CAW 8m 10ch 8m 24ch
Harpers Brook also called Geddington; brick; crosses Harpers Brook GSM1 77m 38ch 77m 50ch 11
Harringay Flyover [down side] built 1893 ECM1 3m 50ch
Harringay Flyover [up side] built 1893 ECM1 3m 34ch 3m 40ch
Harrington 101y CBC2 4m 42ch 4m 47ch
Harringworth also called Welland Valley; grade II listed; brick; also listed as 1164m long 1182m GSM1 85m 18ch 85m 76ch 82
Harthope rebuilt 2006; steel and concrete 130y WCM1 47m 00ch 47m 06ch
Hartleys crosses River Derwent; steel SPC8 137m 71ch 137m 76ch 4
Hartleys also called River Derwent; brick AJM1 137m 71ch 137m 76ch 5
Harts Wharf NKL 5m 17ch 5m 18ch 13
Harvey's Rough Flyover under construction for HS2; main line down line ≈129m ≈191.196km ≈191.325km
Harvey's Rough Flyover under construction for HS2; main line up line ≈129m ≈191.193km ≈191.322km
Hathersage MAS 161m 00ch 161m 06ch
Havelock Terrace VIR 1m 24ch 6
Haversham see Wolverton
Haverfordwest 58y SWM2 276m 35ch 276m 37ch
Hawarden Swing Bridge change of mileage on bridge, actually ends at 14m 11ch on WDB2; crosses CCQ1 WDB1 13m 24ch 13m 37ch 11
Hawthorn Dene LEN3 81m 67ch 81m 72ch
Hayle 277y MLN4 319m 35ch 319m 48ch 37
Hayley Dingle 106y BYB 127m 34ch 127m 39ch
Healey Mills down line only MVN2 42m 55ch
Healey Mills up line only MVN2 42m 62ch
Heath 63y CAR 3m 61ch 3
Heath Road TSJ 11m 72ch
Helmdon crosses River Tove and SJT2; opened July 1898 ≈123m MCJ3 ≈143m 22ch ≈143m 28ch 9
Hengoed LNWR route 387y
Hengoed see Maesycwmmer
Hepworth Foot 86y DJP 100m 56ch
Hermitage Brook Flood Openings steel SPC5 111m 38ch 111m 41ch
Herries Road see Wardsend
Hertford built 1915 278m HDB 19m 01ch 19m 14ch
Highfurlong Brook under construction for HS2; main line ≈202m ≈112.858km ≈113.060km
Highgate Road brick GOJ 0m 28ch
High Level Bridge actual bridge to 101m 46ch; ashlar and cast iron; grade I listed LEN3 101m 31ch 101m 49ch 14?
High Stand Gill see Cotehill
High Street PAA1 34m 66ch
High Street Bridge see Bexley
Hill Place see Imberhorne
Hindburn removed SKW2 250m 68ch 250m 71ch
Hinton Road HHH 3m 47ch 3m 57ch 16
Hodshrove BTL 2m 21ch 2m 23ch
Hoghton see Hoghton Tower
Hoghton Tower also called Hoghton FHR4 6m 51ch 6m 56ch
Holbeck see Farnley
Holderness Road built 1882 ADH1 HJS 0m 45ch 4m 77ch 0m 59ch 5m 11ch
Holleys CMZ 2m 44ch
Holloway see St James
Holloway Flyover ECM1 1m 15ch
Holly Grove brick BTH1 3m 43ch 6
Holly Grove CAT 4m 59ch 4m 64ch 6
Holmes Chapel also called Dane or Twemlow; brick arches; grade II listed 569y CMP1 166m 78ch 167m 24ch 20
Holsworthy MJB 217m 40ch
Holywell ELL1 1m 56ch 1m 64ch
Hoo Brook also called Kidderminster 371y OWW 134m 36ch 134m 52ch
Hooelake contains swing bridge in centre 94y TUR 2m 05ch 3
Hoodown TOR 228m 45ch
Hookhill TOR 224m 38ch
Hook Norton No 1 188y BNK 91m 48ch
Hook Norton No 2 296y BNK 91m 71ch
Home Farm 48y SAD 8m 37ch 8m 39ch
Horden see Castle Eden
Horns see Hornsmill
Horns Bridge opened 1897; part demolished 1960, remainder demolished 1985; 7 brick arches and 4 girders; crosses CLO and SPC9 ≈187m CLN1 11
Hornsmill also called Horns 142m HDB 18m 50ch 18m 56ch
Horsburgh PBA 5
Horse Shoe built 1894; crosses Allt Chonog; steel/timber WHL 45m 38ch 45m 47ch 9
Hospital CAT 5m 34ch 5m 48ch 25
Hospital Road SBJ 45m 74ch
Howdon see Willington
Hownes Gill completed 1858; brick arches; grade II* listed 243y DAE2 12
Huddersfield built 1840, widened 1890 610m MVL3 25m 68ch 26m 26ch 47
Huddlesford Lichfield Road down side LEC2 115m 22ch
Huddlesford Lichfield Road up side; rebuilt 2006 LEC2 115m 22ch
Huddlesford Road LEC2 115m 13ch
Hughenden Road also called Temple End 79y NAJ2 16m 61ch 16m 65ch 4
Hundred Foot River also called New Bedford River; steel EMP 77m 77ch 78m 15ch
Hungerford River Bridge crosses River Thames XTD 0m 12ch
Huntingdon North also called Great Ouse Offord North ECM1 58m 06ch 58m 08ch
Huntspill part reinforced concrete slabs ≈37y MLN1 146m 72ch 146m 74ch 5
Hurligham PBE 7m 22ch 7m 24ch
Hurstbourne BAE1 61m 11ch 61m 18ch
Huyton MVE2 18m 70ch
Hyde 131m RYH2 7m 16ch 7m 22ch 5
Hyde Station 96m RYH2 7m 22ch 7m 27ch 10
Hymers Court LEN3 PLG1 101m 15ch ? 101m 31ch ?
Ickles steel/brick; crosses WME CHR 161m 28ch 161m 40ch 12
Icknield Street DCL 130m 16ch 130m 17ch
Ilford Flyover steel LTN1 6m 48ch
Ilkley SKI 211m 43ch
Imberhorne also called Hill Place; also shown as HGG1 30m 30ch to 30m 39ch for asset liability records HGG2 16m 57ch 16m 66ch
Ingate Place brick ATL 7m 06ch 7m 12ch 9
Ingleton stone; built 1860; grade II listed ≈223y INL ≈18m 62ch ≈18m 72ch 11
Inkerman Street PJW 1m 34ch
Inver stone; grade B listed HGL2 16m 50ch 16m 51ch 1
Inverhaggernie WHL 37m 64ch
Invershin same as Oykel? WCK 5
Invertiel stone ECN2 24m 72ch 24m 78ch 7
Inveruglas steel/timber WHL 23m 12ch 23m 16ch
Irchester fast lines; built 1856; brick; crosses River Nene SPC2 63m 60ch 63m 67ch
Irchester slow lines; built 1884; brick/iron; crosses River Nene SPC2 63m 60ch 63m 67ch
Irlam MAJ 26m 42ch 26m 50ch
Irvine see Gatehead
Ivybridge [new] crosses River Erme; grade II listed 229y MLN1 234m 78ch 235m 08ch 9
Ivybridge [old] crosses River Erme; replaced by new structure on down (south) side MLN1 ≈234m 78ch ≈235m 08ch 11
Jack Lane MDL1 34m 20ch
Jamestown built 1890; steel 147y ECN2 11m 64ch 11m 71ch 6
Janes Creek built 1901 PWS2 31m 39ch
Jarrow Road also called Bolina Road LBC 1m 61ch 1m 66ch 10
Jarrow Road LBW 1m 60ch 1m 62ch 12
Jarrow Road XTD 3m 38ch 46
Jerviston see Braidhurst
Joan Street XTD 0m 69ch 6
Keadby Lift Bridge also called King George V Bridge; built 1916 DOW 19m 27ch
Kearsney FDM 74m 78ch 3
Keekle CWO 7
Keer see Capern Wray
Keighley Road SKS1 TJC3 222m 24ch 222m 24ch 222m 27ch 222m 27ch
Kelvin brick ≈118m NEM3 2m 60ch 2m 65ch 9
Kelvinhaugh brick NEM3 2m 27ch 2m 39ch 29
Kendrum crosses Kendrum Burn; 7 brick arches and 1 girder ≈120y BQB 28m 79ch 29m 05ch 8
Kendrum Burn CLB 13m 20ch 13m 23ch
Kenilworth Stoneleigh Road also called Dalehouse Lane; brick/stone/steel ≈57y LSC2 4m 21ch 4m 24ch 3
Kennet And Avon Canal East 55y BHL 54m 61ch 54m 64ch 1
Kennet And Avon Canal West 66y BHL 59m 65ch 59m 68ch
Kennington 81y THA 18m 25ch 18m 29ch
Kennishead GBK 4m 20ch 4m 26ch
Kent 69m OXW 2m 28ch 2m 32ch
Kent see Arnside
Kentish Town To Gospel Oak Arches brick BOK2 0m 00ch 0m 58ch 94
Kerne Bridge 147y ROS 4m 30ch 4m 37ch
Kerry Road NKL 4m 45ch 4m 57ch 36
Keswick Mill see Harford
Kettlebrook also called Bolehill or Tamworth; crosses River Anker; opened 1839; grade II listed; also reported as 242y long 269y DBP1 24m 06ch 24m 17ch 19
Ketton see River Skerne
Kew iron SAR2 10m 43ch 10m 52ch 5
Keyham 161y MLN2 248m 68ch 248m 76ch 7
Kidderminster see Hoo Brook
Kidwelly 92y SWM2 234m 40ch 234m 44ch 4
Kilburn possibly filled in 286y MCJ1 202m 69ch 202m 78ch
Kilburn see Gamma
Kilkewydd 74y SBA2 35m 71ch
Kilknockie EGP 41m 12ch 41m 16ch
Killiecrankie built 1863; stone; grade B listed 170y HGL2 31m 60ch 31m 66ch 10
Kilmarnock Water also called Garden Street GSW 33m 59ch 33m 78ch 10
Kilton crosses Kilton Beck; iron girders; infilled 1911 to create an embankment 13
Kincardine also called Kincardine Glen; crosses Ruthven Water; stone; grade B listed SCM4 137m 17ch 137m 24ch 6
Kincardine Glen see Kincardine
Kinclair built 1876; crosses Water of Assel; grade B listed STR2 5m 49ch 5m 58ch 11
King Edward Bridge ECM5 79m 53ch 79m 70ch 4
King Edward Bridge Northern approach see Forth Banks Yard
King Edward Bridge Southern approach ECM5 79m 49ch 79m 53ch
King George V Bridge see Keadby Lift Bridge
Kingford 68y NDN 200m 61ch 200m 64ch
Kinghorn stone ECN2 22m 66ch 22m 68ch 4
Kingsferry also called Swale SEJ2 47m 27ch
Kings Mill built 1819 on original route PBS2 5
Kings Mill built 1871 on realigned route, originally wood and replaced by stone 1899; also called Break Hills Hermitage Mills PBS2 139m 33ch 139m 38ch 8?
Kingston replaced by embankment BLI1 5m 15ch
King Street rebuilt 2010 HAJ 5m 78ch
King Street Arches HST 0m 48ch
Kinnes EFL 33m 58ch 33m 59ch 3
Kip WYS 6m 45ch 6m 50ch
Kippenross built 1848; crosses Allan Water; stone/steel SCM3 122m 73ch
Kirkby Pool rebuilt 1912 35y CBC1 38m 44ch 38m 46ch
Kirkdale ≈72y HMY ≈10m 50ch 3
Kirkland Glen LGS2 33m 07ch 33m 13ch
Kirkstall crosses River Aire and Leeds & Liverpool Canal; grade II listed LEH1 0m 47ch 0m 68ch 21
Kirkstall Forge [north side] track removed; built 1890; steel TJC3 199m 03ch 199m 09ch
Kirkstall Forge [south side] steel TJC3 199m 03ch 199m 09ch
Kirkwood same as Bargeddie? RCB 5m 20ch 5m 26ch
Kirtlebridge also called Kirtle Water; built 1847 GSW 113m 45ch 113m 47ch
Kirtle Water built 1847; stone; grade B listed WCM1 15m 57ch 15m 62ch 9
Kirtle Water see Kirtlebridge
Kitroyd SHB 169m 23ch 169m 27ch
Knaresborough crosses River Nidd; grade II* listed ≈100m HAY1 16m 56ch 4
Knighton built 1873; crosses Saffron Brook; brick SPC4 97m 30ch 97m 34ch
Knitsley infilled in 1915 with colliery waste 233y SDM
Knott Wood see Lydgate
Knowle crosses River Meon ETF 81m 75ch 81m 79ch
Knowles MOB 8m 10ch
Knowl Street also called Bridge No 3; brick; demolished 1991 330y MIK 16
Knucklas grade II* listed 214y CWL2 15m 08ch 15m 17ch 13