Railway viaducts

A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

Locations beginning 0-9, A-C

Last update 16 January 2024

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Name Notes Length ELR Start mileage End mileage Spans
7 Arches built 1842; stone; grade A listed ≈98y EGM1 37m 24ch 37m 33ch 7
36 Arch also called Almond, Ratho or Newbridge; built 1842; stone; grade A listed EGM1 37m 49ch 38m 01ch 36
42 Arch see Hackney Central To Homerton Arches
A698 ≈57y ECM7 66m 30ch 66m 33ch 5
Abattoir Road also called Caversham Road; blind brick arches MLN1 36m 11ch 36m 12ch 8
Abbey also called School Arches; crosses Rea Brook; same as Coleham (220yd centred on 0m 35ch)? 660y SHL 0m 30ch 17
Abbeyhill Arches ECM8 0m 59ch 0m 67ch
Abbey Road transferred to DLR in 2012 DWW2 4m 46ch 12
Aber SED 11m 44ch
Aberdulais also called Aberdylais or Dulais; crosses River Neath 75y VON 39m 48ch 39m 51ch 5
Aberdylais see Aberdulais
Abernant MER 2m 34ch
Abronhill SCM3 102m 63ch 102m 64ch
Accrington FHR5 15m 72ch 16m 08ch 21
Achallader crosses Allt Choire Achaladair; steel/timber WHL 52m 20ch
Achanalt built 1870 KYL 20m 24ch 4
Acton Canal CAW 8m 27ch 8m 28ch
Acton Grange see Manchester Ship Canal [CGJ2]
Acton Grange see Manchester Ship Canal [CHW1]
Adam built 1946; reinforced concrete; grade II listed ≈40y WKL1 18m 47ch 18m 48ch 4
Adam Dales ≈27y DBP2 30m 62ch 30m 64ch
Afon Elái 79m BRY ≈1m 45ch
Afon Taff see Taff River
Afon Tywi see Llwynjack
Ais Gill stone 87y SAC 260m 53ch 260m 56ch 4
A J Wheele Bridge see Lea Valley Water Works
Alaska Street XTD 0m 52ch 7
Albert Edward 108y MJI2 160m 29ch 160m 34ch
Albert Road also called Relief Line; wrought iron girders and wrought iron truss girders 200y BRL 0m 66ch 0m 75ch 8
Allanwater built 1848; stone; grade B listed SCM4 123m 47ch 123m 50ch 4
Allhallows Lane CBM 0m 08ch 0m 14ch 16
Alloa see Throsk
Allt Na Crannaich see Barravourich
Allt an Fhionn BQB 21m 75ch 21m 79ch
Alma Street ≈58y PJW 1m 31ch 1m 34ch
Almond see 36 Arch
Almond crosses River Almond; steel ECN2 7m 22ch 7m 26ch
Almond crosses River Almond; brick HGL1 153m 54ch 153m 55ch
Almond Road LBC 1m 28ch 1m 48ch 45
Almond Road LBW 1m 28ch 1m 60ch 93
Alnmouth see Aln River
Aln River also called Alnmouth; grade II listed ≈195m ECM7 35m 40ch 35m 50ch 18
Alness built 1862; stone; grade B listed WCK 28m 23ch 2
Alpha 50y MCJ1 203m 01ch 203m 03ch 4
Alrewas Road see Burton Road
Amelia Street built 1908 HHH 1m 59ch 1m 65ch 10
America Street XTD 1m 23ch 4
Ancoats 625m PPA2 0m 20ch 0m 47ch 36
Angarrack grade II listed 235y MLN4 317m 52ch 317m 64ch 11
Annan also called River Annan; grade B listed ≈93y GSW 106m 67ch 106m 72ch 7
Apollo XTD 4m 07ch 20
Apperley [north side] crosses River Aire; stone/brick TJC3 203m 00ch 203m 10ch 10
Apperley [south side] track removed from this side; built 1908; crosses River Aire; steel TJC3 203m 00ch 203m 10ch 10
Appersett grade II listed HGE 261m 30ch 5
Appleford 95y DCL 55m 39ch 55m 43ch 6
Approach XTD 1m 52ch 20
Aqueduct Street brick/wrought iron CGJ6 0m 72ch
Arch Street HHH 1m 35ch 1m 40ch 10
Arches GOU2 107m 77ch 108m 05ch
Arches ≈98y RBS1 112m 23ch 112m 28ch
Arches 14-5 BMJ 0m 74ch 2
Ardchyle Burn CLB 20m 10ch 20m 12ch
Ardsley DOL2 181m 05ch
Ardwick ≈434y PPA1 3m 21ch 3m 41ch 32
Armathwaite stone SAC 297m 23ch 297m 30ch 9
Arnabol built 1897-1901; concrete ≈100y MLG2 26m 16ch 26m 20ch 6
Arnolds Flood Bridge ≈182m NOB1 14m 49ch ≈15m 03ch 38
Arnside also called Kent; built 1857, rebuilt 2011; also quoted as 433y long 552y CBC1 6m 49ch 6m 72ch 51
Arten Gill built 1875; stone; grade II listed 220y SAC 252m 07ch 252m 17ch 11
Arthington built 1848 LEH1 9m 06ch 9m 28ch
Artillery Street XTD 2m 09ch 2m 12ch
Artro River also called Pensarn River Bridge; timber 104y DJP 108m 28ch 108m 34ch 16
Arun 68m TBH1 50m 11ch
Asfordby Brook GSM4 106m 49ch
Ashfield Road see Burnley
Ashford crosses ACR 1.430km TRL3 90.391km 91.821km
Ashton No 1 278y SAJ 0m 78ch 1m 11ch
Ashton No 2 195y SAJ 1m 12ch 1m 21ch
Ashton Swing Bridge swing bridge fixed by 1989 BWW 0m 65ch 0m 70ch
Ashwood Dale CNB3 162m 64ch
Astley Bridge see Tonge
Aston ≈71y PBJ 1m 59ch 1m 62ch
Atlantic Road VIR 3m 16ch
Attadale River KYL 48m 41ch
Attercliffe various parts brick, iron; crosses River Don TJC1 159m 37ch 159m 63ch 49
Attleboro Flyover under construction for HS2; up line, Birmingham spur ≈211m ≈164.141km ≈164.352km
Auch crosses Allt Kinglass; steel WHL 9
Auchindoune BQB 21m 53ch
Auchtertyre steel WHL 39m 63ch 39m 67ch
Audley End built 1843; brick BGK 41m 43ch
Aurs Burn 106m LPJ ≈106m 68ch ≈106m 73ch 6
Aveley TLL 14m 60ch 14m 70ch
Aveley 679m TRL3 27.215km 27.894km
Averham Weir crosses River Trent NOB1 15m 21ch 15m 35ch
Avon crosses River Avon EGM1 28m 06ch 28m 26ch 23
Avon Water reported as grade B listed, not found on Historic Environment Scotland register HMN2 5m 53ch
Awe crosses River Awe; iron/timber OBN2 56m 58ch 56m 62ch 2
Aycliffe ECM5 49m 14ch 49m 16ch
Aylestone crosses River Soar KSL 98m 36ch 98m 42ch ≥4
Aynho Flyover crosses DCL NAJ3 17m 67ch
Babylon Bridge see Orbiston
Bacons Yard LBC 0m 32ch 0m 38ch 13
Bacons Yard LBW 0m 32ch 0m 38ch 8
Bacons Yard XTD 2m 18ch 2m 20ch
Backney 97y GCT 134m 30ch 134m 34ch
Backwater built 1863, rebuilt on adjacent site 1909, demolished 1974 WTE 168m 68ch 5
Badley crosses River Gipping; steel LTN1 79m 08ch
Badsworth Road HHH 2m 60ch 2m 67ch 13
Baker built 2024 422m MDL1 32m 54ch 32m 75ch
Balbirnie built 1860; stone; grade B listed AMY2 10
Balder crosses River Balder; built 1868; stone and brick; grade II listed ≈107m TVB ≈3m 00ch 9
Ballater Street HST 0m 75ch
Ballochan Linn GSW 83m 51ch 83m 54ch
Ballochmyle built 1848; grade A listed GSW 44m 11ch 44m 20ch 7
Balnagown built 1864; grade A listed WCK 2
Balsall Common under construction for HS2; main line ≈268m ≈149.167km ≈149.435km
Banana also called Winstanley Road; brick/iron RDG1 3m 66ch 3m 76ch 30
Bankton EGS2 21m 23ch
Barber Booth see Cowburn
Barbush built 1848; grade B listed SCM4 4
Barford St Martin BAE2 88m 68ch
Bargeddie also called Langmuir or Luggie Glen ≈165y RCB ≈5m 17ch ≈5m 25ch 13
Bargoed 111y CAR 18m 16ch 18m 21ch 7
Barking Riverside 1.600km BKR 9m 32ch 10m 32ch
Barlings Eau see Langworth
Barmouth timber; built 1864; also listed as 113 spans, 913y or 751y; grade II* listed 820y DJP 99m 40ch 100m 00ch 121
Barnett's Lock possibly Barnard's Lock 40y BHL 55m 36ch 55m 38ch 2
Barns see Slitrig
Barravourich also called Allt Na Crannaich or Barravurich; crosses Allt Na Crannaich; steel/timber WHL 54m 03ch 54m 04ch 4
Barravurich see Barravourich
Barrhead crosses Cross Arthurlie Street LPJ 107m 53ch 107m 73ch
Barrow Haven built 1922 BAR 108m 08ch
Barry Island 153y BRY 8m 49ch 8m 56ch 18
Barton Brook brick CGJ6 4m 29ch
Bartons crosses River Lodden BML1 46m 15ch 46m 18ch
Barugh crosses River Dearne BAH2 50m 21ch
Bassaleg crosses River Ebbw BJR 0m 19ch 4
Baswich fast lines ≈124y LEC2 131m 51ch 131m 57ch
Baswich slow lines ≈135y LEC2 131m 51ch 131m 57ch
Bath Road 118y SAD 20m 26ch 20m 31ch
Bath Road VIR 33m 67ch 33m 71ch 8
Bath Station Arches And St James grade II listed 600y MLN1 106m 68ch 107m 20ch 79
Batley see Union Mill
Battersea Dogs Home VIR 1m 06ch 12
Battersea Dogs Home VTB1 1m 06ch 14
Battersea Park Station brick ATL 7m 22ch 7m 26ch 7
Battersea Park Station VTB1 1m 22ch 10
Battersea Pier Junction VIR 0m 79ch 17
Battersea Yard VTB1 1m 02ch 3
Batty Moss see Ribblehead
Bawtry ECM1 147m 09ch 147m 24ch 25
Beacon Hill 130m MRB 32m 30ch 32m 37ch
Beare 82y NDN 208m 40ch 208m 44ch
Beaufort MTA 11m 33ch
Beauly built 1890 WCK 9m 66ch
Bedford Road also called Corporation Yard; separate up and down side structures; part of Lawden Road viaduct? 110y? DCL 128m 03ch 128m 11ch 14
Bedlington crosses River Blyth 245m EJM 15m 12ch
Beela crosses River Beela CGJ7 13m 01ch
Beer VTB1 1m 28ch 3
Beighton see River Rother
Bekesbourne FDM 64m 66ch 3
Belah completed 1860; demolished 1962/3 347y DNT 16
Belinda Road ATL 4m 74ch 5m 02ch 18
Belinda Road CAT 3m 33ch 3m 51ch 49
Bell Busk built 1849; brick SKW1 227m 42ch 227m 45ch
Belper Road crosses River Derwent; steel SPC8 136m 11ch 136m 18ch
Belvedere Place HHH 1m 10ch 1m 15ch 20
Bennerley wrought iron trestles; built 1878; grade II* listed 484y BBL 16
Bennett Street CMP2 187m 62ch 187m 62ch 1
Beresford HHH 2m 25ch 2m 29ch 7
Berry End AAM 6m 49ch
Bervie Water ECN5 216m 78ch
Berw Road 77y NLN 14m 00ch 14m 03ch
Beta 50y MCJ1 203m 06ch
Bethnal Green To Hackney Downs Arches brick/iron BGK 1m 15ch 3m 04ch 253
Betts see Peto
Bevingtons XTD 2m 44ch 2m 53ch 37
Bexley also called High Street Bridge HDR 13m 77ch 14m 11ch
Bickleigh also called Bickley 159y LAN2 3m 38ch 3m 45ch 7
Bickleigh [original] 167y LAN2 ≈3m 37ch ≈3m 45ch 8
Bickley see Bickleigh
Big Water Of Fleet stone and brick CJD 20
Bilston Glen crosses Bilston Burn; built 1874; grade A listed LGC 10m 58ch 10m 67ch
Birchinlee stone and wood; built 1903; crosses Ouzelden Clough
Birdsmill crosses River Almond; built 1849; grade II listed NBE 33m 77ch 34m 03ch 8
Birkbeck brick and stone CGJ7 33m 27ch 33m 30ch 3
Birmingham & Fazely Canal under construction for HS2; main line ≈233m ≈167.581km ≈167.814km
Bishopsgate ELL1 1m 65ch 2m 05ch
Bishopsgate Goods Depot BIY 0m 00ch 321?
Bishton Flyover Bridge carries up relief line over main lines 200y SWM2 152m 25ch 152m 34ch
Bittaford also called Cornwood 138y MLN1 233m 00ch 233m 06ch 6
Blachford see Blatchford
Black Bridge 75y NDN 207m 62ch 207m 66ch
Black Bridge also called Glandulas SBA2 74m 17ch
Black Brook see Milton
Black Brook under construction for HS2; main line ≈101m ≈177.716km ≈177.817km
Blackfriars Lane New FTL 0m 37ch
Blackfriars River Bridge partially reconstructed HHH 0m 38ch
Blackmill crosses BMZ COB 7m 29ch
Black Morgan WYE 3m 25ch
Black Potts crosses River Thames SWE 24m 63ch 24m 75ch
Black Rabbit 48m TBH1 56m 59ch
Blackwater 127y MLN4 305m 68ch 305m 73ch 7
Blackwater KYL 9m 27ch
Blakedown also called Churchill 173y OWW 138m 17ch 138m 25ch
Blatchford also called Blachford; grade II listed 309y MLN1 237m 13ch 237m 27ch 12
Blea Moor see Ribblehead
Blenheim Road brick BTH1 3m 33ch 3m 37ch 14
Bletchley BFO DHF 0m 38ch 0m 76ch 0m 75ch 0m 76ch 37
Blue Anchor XTD 2m 78ch 3m 35ch 63?
Blue Anchor Lane LBC 1m 08ch 1m 28ch 58
Blue Anchor Lane LBW 1m 08ch 1m 28ch 43
Blythe also called Hampton-In-Arden ≈78y RBS1 101m 74ch 101m 77ch
BOC Yard RBS2 12m 30ch
Bodmin Road BOD 274m 13ch
Bodorgan masonry; crosses Afon Cefni CNH3 249m 65ch 249m 74ch
Bolehill see Kettlebrook
Bolina Road XTD 3m 54ch 27
Bolina Road see Jarrow Road
Bolitho 154y MLN3 264m 21ch 264m 28ch 7
Bollington MRH 23
Bolsover see Doe Lea
Bolton Hall MRB 35m 00ch
Bolton Upon Dearne built 1879; brick SMJ2 17m 04ch 17m 10ch 10
Bonhay Road also called St Davids ≈41m BAE2 171m 63ch 3
Bootle Beck 59y CBC1 51m 68ch 51m 71ch
Bordesley ≈914y DCL 128m 23ch 128m 66ch 63
Boreham brick LTN1 32m 69ch
Borough High Street XTD 1m 49ch 7
Borough Market CBM 0m 29ch 0m 33ch
Borrodale built 1901; concrete; grade A listed MLG2 29m 32ch 29m 35ch 1
Borrow Beck CGJ7 30m 58ch 30m 61ch 3
Borthwen also called Orielton; originally 113y, later reduced 99y DJP 100m 03ch 9
Bothal ECM7 17m 48ch 17m 57ch 8
Botley ETF 78m 43ch 78m 47ch
Bottom Hall 179m MRB 35m 15ch 35m 24ch
Bourne includes one blind arch 165y SWM1 99m 47ch 99m 55ch 14
Bourne Brook under construction for HS2; main line down line ≈126m ≈190.519km ≈190.645km
Bourne Brook under construction for HS2; main line up line ≈125m ≈190.519km ≈190.644km
Bourne End 162y WBB 28m 33ch 28m 40ch
Bourne End Stream also called Marlow 50y MWB 0m 25ch 0m 28ch 3
Brackley over River Ouse 225y MCJ3 22
Bradford 77y BFB 6m 77ch 7m 01ch 4
Bradford WEY 143m 23ch
Bradford Peverell 66y WEY 159m 26ch 159m 29ch
Bradley see Winterbourne
Bradshaw Brook BBB 16m 07ch 16m 15ch
Braidhurst also called Jerviston; crosses South Calder Water; stone; grade B listed SCM1 90m 26ch 90m 36ch 9
Brampton GCT 132m 33ch
Brampton see River Nene
Brandon ≈107y RBS1 88m 69ch 88m 74ch 8
Brand's BML1 1m 48ch 1m 59ch 18
Brand's RDG1 1m 48ch 1m 59ch 18
Branksome built 1893 BML2 110m 23ch 110m 29ch
Branksome East built 1888 Branksome east curve 110m 23ch 110m 28ch 10
Branksome West see Branksome
Break Hills Hermitage Mills see Kings Mill
Breich Water ADL 1m 09ch 1m 14ch
Brent 122y ANL 5m 58ch 5m 64ch
Brent 110y WEL1 7m 73ch 7m 78ch 5
Brent see Welsh Harp
Brentford BRB 3m 34ch
Brent Mill 57y MLN1 229m 62ch 229m 65ch
Brewers Lane XTD 0m 00ch 5
Brewery NKL 5m 26ch 5m 28ch 8
Brewery Fork 201y BPP 0m 04ch 0m 13ch 17
Bridge 11 sold to Northamptonshire County Council 28 March 1987 NMH 4m 29ch
Bridge 274 crosses land and rail HNR 84m 01ch 84m 19ch 1
Bridge No 3 see Knowl Street
Bridgegate HST 0m 53ch
Brightside tracks removed; brick/steel ≈132y BTJ 162m 12ch
Bristol Harbour BHB 118m 48ch
Bristol Road see Coalpit Heath
Bristol Temple Meads Station Arches ≈69y MLN1 118m 24ch 118m 28ch 19
Britannia Bridge spans have additional supports; grade II listed 522y CNH3 241m 09ch 241m 35ch 4
Briwet Bridge see Traeth Bach
Brixton brick/steel ATL 5m 02ch 5m 52ch
Brixton Station crosses CAT VIR 3m 10ch 27
Broad Dingle 92y BYB 128m 18ch 128m 22ch
Broadholme crosses River Derwent; steel 118m SPC8 136m 41ch 136m 47ch
Broadsands TOR 224m 06ch
Broad Street-Dalston iron/brick ELL1 0m 49ch 1m 53ch 191?
Bromham iron; crosses River Great Ouse SPC2 50m 72ch 50m 79ch 10
Bromsgrove Road ≈43y STO 126m 68ch 126m 70ch 5
Brook's River And Flood Arches WNS 13m 55ch 13m 58ch
Brookhouse metal spans; opened 1909 ≈118m BKS 5m 42ch 5m 48ch 5
Broom Hill brick ESK 78m 13ch
Brora WCK 90m 40ch
Broughton Street VTB1 1m 48ch 16
Browne House NKL 5m 08ch 5m 11ch 9
Bruce Grove To White Hart Lane Arches brick HDT 6m 73ch 7m 03ch 11?
Brunswick LBC 0m 20ch 0m 23ch 4
Brunswick LBW 0m 20ch 0m 23ch 4
Brunswick XTD 2m 10ch 2m 12ch 4
Buckie Den built 1911; steel ECN4 26m 00ch 26m 04ch 4
Bucksburn brick ANI1 4m 06ch 4m 06ch? 4
Bugsworth opened 1866, collapsed shortly after opening and line diverted TTA1 5
Bull's Lock 66y BHL 51m 29ch 51m 32ch
Bullo Dock 40y SWM2 126m 38ch 126m 40ch
Burley crosses River Derwent; steel 74m SPC8 131m 54ch 131m 58ch
Burngrange EGS2 17m 40ch
Burnley also called Ashfield Road; grade II listed ≈400m GJC 21m 60ch 21m 75ch 15
Burnoch Water ACL 52m 50ch 52m 45ch
Burntisland steel ECN2 19m 74ch 20m 01ch 9
Burnton stone; crosses Purclewan Burn; stone; opened 1856; grade B listed 246y WAT 45m 38ch 45m 50ch 16
Burrell Street HHH 0m 52ch 0m 57ch 5
Burrows RSB 14m 11ch
Burton Road formerly called Alrewas Road LEC2 114m 40ch
Bury also called Radcliffe; reported as listed, not found on Historic England register MVB2
Busby see Viaduct Road
Bushbury ≈328y RBS2 13m 69ch 14m 05ch 19
Bushey brick ≈364y CWJ 16m 05ch 16m 22ch
Bushey Arches fast lines; brick arches ≈126y LEC1 16m 05ch 16m 11ch
Bushey Arches slow lines; steel beams LEC1 16m 05ch 16m 11ch
Bush Road built 1840 BGK 2m 09ch
Bute Dock Feeder SWM2 170m 01ch
Butlers Leap brick arches RSD 0m 41ch 6
Buttington Gates Flood Openings built 1915 38y SBA2 32m 30ch 32m 32ch
Butts Branch adjacent to Worcester viaduct 553y BBZ 121m 18ch 121m 30ch 39
Buxton Junction Bridge CNB3 161m 20ch
Cabbagehall crosses River Leven LLB 0m 10ch 0m 20ch
Cabul Road also called Cabul Street or Latchmere; brick CJL 0m 48ch 0m 58ch 17
Cabul Street see Cabul Road
Cainscross see Carpenters
Calder also called Carfin or Calder Water 146m WWD 88m 15ch 88m 23ch
Caldercruix crosses Calder Water NEM1 3
Calder also called Sellafield CBC1 63m 30ch 63m 34ch
Calder Water see Calder
Caldew goods lines; wrought iron WCM1 0m 59ch 0m 66ch
Caldew main lines; steel WCM1 0m 60ch 0m 66ch
Caledonian Road To Kentish Town Arches steel/concrete/iron BOK1 4m 51ch 5m 09ch 75
Calstock built 1908; concrete; grade II* listed 290y CAL 1m 38ch 1m 51ch 12
Calverley [north side] crosses River Aire; steel/brick TJC3 201m 14ch 201m 24ch 5
Calverley [south side] track removed from this side; built 1883; crosses River Aire; iron TJC3 201m 14ch 201m 24ch 5
Cam 31y DLY 106m 08ch 106m 09ch
Camberwell Station HHH 3m 02ch 3m 10ch 28
Cambus 51y SAA 4m 26ch 4m 28ch
Camden Goods Yard CAY 5m 23ch
Camelon removed; stone EGM1 20m 54ch 20m 60ch
Camp built 1885; crosses River Almond; grade B listed CJN 9
Campbell's see Queens
Cample built 1850; crosses Cample Water; grade B listed GSW 79m 13ch 79m 16ch 4
Camps crosses River Clyde HMN1 1m 07ch 1m 17ch
Canal ALC1 0m 45ch 0m 49ch
Canal Road VIR 32m 77ch 33m 00ch 6
Canal Side Arches various parts brick, iron, concrete DOL2 185m 60ch 185m 70ch 39
Canley Brook under construction for HS2; main line ≈51m ≈143.170km ≈143.221km
Cann 117y LAN2 2m 15ch 2m 21ch 6
Cann [original] 108y LAN2 ≈2m 15ch ≈2m 21ch 7
Cannington LYM 5m 26ch
Cannon Street see River Thames
Cannon Street North Arches see Cannon Street Station
Cannon Street South Arches see Cousin Lane
Cannon Street Station also called Cannon Street North Arches CBM 0m 01ch 0m 08ch 15
Canterbury also called Harbledown FDM 61m 31ch 61m 33ch
Canterbury Junction CAT 3m 24ch 3m 30ch 11
Capels 253y SWM1 101m 60ch 101m 72ch 25
Capern Wray also called Keer; stone/brick SJC 2m 22ch 2m 32ch 8
Capper's Lane under construction for HS2; main line ≈244m ≈183.286km ≈183.500km
Carbis Bay 78y SIV 324m 03ch 324m 07ch 4
Cardenden CWH3 30m 16ch
Carfin see Calder
Carlisle BML1 0m 35ch 0m 41ch 14
Carlisle RDG1 0m 35ch 0m 41ch 14
Carmarthen Bridge rolling lift bridge (now fixed) 130y SWM2 245m 30ch 245m 36ch 6
Carmel GBK 22m 03ch 22m 07ch
Carnon (New) 253y FAL1 304m 26ch 304m 38ch 12
Carpenters also called Cainscross; segmental brick arches 46y SWM1 103m 09ch 103m 11ch 5
Carr End see River Esk
Carr Mill 116m SBH3 6m 72ch 7m 01ch
Carr Vale see Doe Lea
Carriage Shed brick ATL 6m 75ch 7m 00ch 7?
Carron KYL 44m 20ch
Carron WCK 58m 55ch
Carrongill Glen see Newlands
Carronhill also called River Carron GSW 74m 31ch 74m 36ch
Carter Street HHH 2m 04ch 2m 08ch 9
Cartuther 165y MLN3 263m 74ch 264m 00ch 5
Carvedras crosses River Kenwyn; grade II listed 264y MLN3 300m 40ch 300m 51ch 10
Cary 97y GCT 136m 61ch 136m 65ch
Castlecary also called Red Burn; grade B listed ≈122m EGM1 15m 50ch 15m 59ch 8
Castle Eden also called Horden 152m LEN3 78m 15ch 78m 26ch
Castlefield built 1882; iron and brick; grade II listed ≈300m MAJ 33m 10ch ≈33m 25ch
Castle Hill also called Filleigh 232y BLE 199m 75ch 200m 06ch 7
Castle Keep ECM7 0m 21ch 9
Castlemilk WCM1 ≈15m 60ch
Catcliffe brick BTJ 159m 19ch
Catesby MCJ3 12
Catford also called Vineyard Close CAT 8m 07ch 8m 11ch 10
Cathcart Road steel, brick and concrete WCM2 100m 75ch
Cattawade Creek built 1904; iron LTN1 60m 06ch 60m 10ch 6
Cattle Pens 572y? SYC 32m 26ch 5
Caversham Road see Abattoir Road
Cawledge possibly also called Cowledge; brick ≈139m ACK ≈1m 23ch ≈1m 30ch 7
Cefn also called Newbridge; reported as listed, not found on Cadw register 418y WSJ2 194m 55ch 194m 74ch
Cefn built 1866; stone and brick; grade II* listed 257y MJR 21m 33ch 21m 45ch 15
Cefn-Y-Bedd crosses Clewedog River WDB1 4m 09ch 4m 13ch
Cegin crosses Afon Cegin; brick CNH3 237m 78ch 238m 03ch
Cemetery deck removed, now acts as a retaining wall DCL 130m 06ch 130m 11ch
Centre CBM 0m 21ch 0m 27ch 19
Cessnock Water ≈30y DAS1 36m 48ch 36m 50ch 3
Cessnock Water GSW 36m 37ch 36m 40ch
Cessnock Water GSW 38m 66ch 38m 67ch
Cethin's Bridge see Lledr
Chacewater 94y MLN3 305m 44ch 305m 48ch 5
Chalfonts No 1 also called Misbourne or River Misbourne 112y NAJ2 6m 16ch 6m 21ch 5
Chalfonts No 2 162y NAJ2 6m 35ch 6m 43ch 5
Chalford brick segmental and semicircular arches 222y SWM1 97m 56ch 97m 66ch 19
Chalk Farm Road CRC1 5m 09ch 5m 23ch 23
Chalk Farm Road CRC2 5m 25ch 5m 35ch 33
Chancel Street HHH 0m 60ch 0m 66ch 6
Chapel HHH 2m 29ch 2m 33ch 8
Chapel Milton CNB1 168m 06ch 168m 17ch
Chapeltown SHB 165m 63ch
Chappel also called Colne Valley; crosses River Colne; brick (7 million used); grade II listed 355y SUD 49m 66ch 50m 03ch 32
Charlestown GUE2 3m 00ch 3m 06ch
Charlton 310y SAD 20m 75ch 21m 09ch
Chearsley see River Thame
Cheers Flood Opening CDM2 34m 18ch
Cheetham Hill Road MVM 0m 07ch 0m 08ch 10
Chelfham built 1896; brick; grade II listed 132y BEZ 4m 49ch 8
Chelmsford brick LTN1 29m 40ch 29m 64ch 62
Chelsea River Bridge built 1862 WLL 1m 20ch 1m 32ch 6
Cheltenham Road 145y CNX 3m 03ch 3m 09ch 9
Chepstow River Bridge built 1849 and extensively rebuilt 1962; cast/wrought iron/steel; grade II listed 200y SWM2 141m 06ch 141m 15ch
Chester Moor also called Dene ECM5 70m 77ch 71m 07ch 8
Chester-Le-Street built 1868 ECM5 72m 09ch 72m 20ch 11
Chevet TJC3 179m 47ch
Chew Brook see Greenfield
Childers Street NKL 4m 24ch 4m 26ch 8
Chiltern Green fast lines; brick SPC1 26m 66ch 26m 72ch
Chiltern Green slow lines; steel/brick SPC1 26m 66ch 26m 72ch
Chilvers Coton ≈93y CNN 8m 66ch 8m 70ch
Chippenham built 1841; stone/brick; grade II* listed 90y MLN1 94m 08ch 94m 13ch 9
Chipstead TAT 19m 27ch
Chirk crosses River Ceiriog; grade II* listed 269y WSJ2 192m 20ch 192m 32ch 16
Church FHR5 14m 64ch 14m 70ch
Church also called Settle; brick SAC 236m 58ch 236m 62ch 6
Churchill see Blakedown
Church Street also called Weedon Bec; brick arches ≈116y LEC1 69m 10ch 69m 16ch 5
Churchwell stone ≈97m MDL1 39m 40ch 39m 44ch 6
Circular Railway Approach also called Crack Sidings WJL3 191m 56ch
Clapham iron; crosses River Great Ouse SPC2 51m 78ch 52m 04ch
Clapham see Wenning
Clarendon Park see Sir Frederick's
Clarnico's steel DWW2 2m 74ch
Classics BML1 0m 33ch 0m 35ch 5
Classics RDG1 0m 33ch 0m 35ch 5
Clay Dry River see Prideaux
Clayton MVL1 3m 34ch 3m 39ch
Clayton Vale noneon mineral branch to Stuart Street power station and Clayton Aniline company 3
CLC TTA1 179m 46ch 179m 50ch
Cleland EGS2 3m 68ch 3m 74ch
Cleland Lane Arches HST 1m 08ch
Clements XTD 2m 71ch 2m 74ch
Clifton stone; built 1848; 13 arches grade II listed ≈280m CTA1 ≈4m 78ch ≈5m 12ch 18
Clifton M6 Motorway concrete ≈120m CGJ7 48m 23ch 48m 29ch 3
Clifton Road concrete/brick BTH1 2m 44ch 5
Clinnick grade II listed 88y MLN3 271m 46ch 271m 50ch 6
Clintsfield iron SKW1 248m 30ch
Cluny CWH3 32m 12ch
Clydach MTA 6m 46ch
Clydach 123y PWE 1m 54ch
Clyde [1] replaced by second structure adjacent ARG2 0m 40ch
Clyde [2] built 1861 ARG2 0m 38ch 0m 44ch 5
Clyde built 1900; steel; crosses River Clyde 90m WCM2 94m 16ch 3
Clyde see Lamington
Clyde Place WCM2 101m 78ch
Coalbrookdale 279y MJI2 161m 24ch 161m 37ch 26
Coalpit Heath also called Bristol Road 95y SWB 108m 79ch 3
Coal Sidings also called Running Shed FLL1 0m 22ch 15
Coatdyke brick NEM2 9m 53ch 9m 60ch 10
Cober also called Lower Town 121y HEL 7m 60ch 7m 66ch 6
Cobwall DJH 11m 36ch 11m 43ch
Cockden MVN2 21m 22ch
Cockmarsh Common same as Spices Underbridge? 44y WBB 28m 27ch 28m 29ch
Cocks see Cox
Cockwood [1] filled in 1968 MLN1 203m 10ch
Cockwood [2] MLN1 203m 16ch 3
Cogrie crosses River Annan; steel WCM1 35m 66ch 35m 70ch
Coldharbour Lane ATL 5m 11ch 5m 28ch 26
Coldrenick reported as listed, not found on Historic England register 267y MLN3 261m 42ch 261m 54ch 13
Cole SAD 28m 43ch
Cole WEY 127m 62ch 3
Colesbrook see Southborough
Coleshill East under construction for HS2; Birmingham spur up line ≈445m ≈160.855km ≈161.300km
Coleshill North under construction for HS2; main line ≈277m ≈162.658km ≈162.935km
Coleshill South under construction for HS2; main line ≈89m ≈162.346km ≈162.435km
Coleshill West under construction for HS2; Birmingham spur down line ≈460m ≈160.852km ≈161.312km
Coleshill West under construction for HS2; main line ≈457m ≈160.854km ≈161.311km
Collegewood 300y FAL3 309m 32ch 309m 45ch 11
Colne GJC 27m 22ch 27m 29ch
Colne ≈60y LEC1 16m 63ch 16m 66ch
Colne also called River Colne; built 1850, rebuilt 1890 MVL3 28m 60ch
Colne also called River Colne 125y NAJ2 4m 17ch 4m 23ch 4
Colne see Lexden
Colne Road TSJ 11m 69ch 11m 77ch
Colne Valley see Chappel
Colne Valley under construction for HS2; main line ≈3.419km ≈25.987km ≈29.406km 57
Colombo Street XTD 0m 74ch 3?
Colonade 39y MLN1 206m 14ch 206m 15ch
Coltbridge masonry 3
Colton Road see Rugeley Station Road
Colwyn brick 66y CNH3 218m 19ch 218m 22ch
Comberford Flood Openings brick and concrete arches LEC2 112m 24ch 3
Comberford Flood Openings LEC2 112m 39ch
Commerce Street AYR1 0m 00ch
Commerce Street WCM2 101m 53ch
Compton crosses River Yeo WEY 140m 36ch
Comrie crosses River Earn and Dundas Street BQB 15m 20ch 15m 28ch
Conder crosses River Conder; brick CGJ6 16m 73ch 16m 75ch 6
Congleton also called Dane in Shawbrook; brick arches; grade II listed CMD1 7m 58ch 7m 68ch 10
Connel Ferry 1 steel span 348y long plus 6? stone arches CFY 0m 22ch 7?
Conon reported as listed, not found on Historic Environment Scotland register WCK 16m 54ch 16m 62ch
Cononish stone OBN2 33m 60ch 33m 61ch
Conveyor see Old Stour River
Conwy Tubular tubular wrought iron; grade I listed CNH3 224m 00ch 224m 07ch
Cooks Pond see Cookspond
Cookspond built 1881 234m HGG1 28m 43ch 28m 55ch
Coombe also called St Stephens; reported as listed, not found on Historic England register 235y MLN3 291m 16ch 291m 27ch 10
Coombe By Saltash 205y MLN2 251m 38ch 251m 47ch 7
Copeland Road CAT 5m 33ch 2?
Copley built 1850 380m MRB 29m 73ch 30m 12ch
Coquet see River Coquet
Corby NEC2 55m 42ch 55m 48ch
Corby Bridge see Wetheral
Cornbrook CDM1 0m 42ch
Cornwall Loop segmental stone arches; was CNP 246m 19ch then MLN1 246m 19ch 123y MLN2 247m 34ch 247m 38ch 6
Cornwood see Bittaford
Coronation BML1 1m 39ch 1m 48ch 20
Coronation RDG1 1m 39ch 1m 48ch 20
Corporation Yard see Bedford Road
Corton SCM3 120m 22ch 122m 24ch
Cotehill also called High Stand Gill; brick SAC 301m 02ch 301m 05ch 4
Cottage Grove brick VIR 2m 37ch 2m 39ch 3?
Cottage Pie 24y SBA2 80m 19ch
Coupland Beck 5
Cousin Lane also called Cannon Street South Arches CBM 0m 08ch 0m 16ch 12
Cove Brook Culverts BML1 33m 74ch
Coventry also called Spon End 360y CNN 0m 47ch 0m 63ch
Cow Bridge steel; crosses BBM SPC1 48m 23ch 48m 27ch 5
Cowburn also called Barber Booth; crosses River Noe; masonry MAS 170m 01ch 170m 04ch ≥4
Cowdale Bar CNB3 162m 43ch
Cowledge see Cawledge
Cox also called Cocks 89y TNG 8m 49ch 8m 53ch
Crack Sidings see Circular Railway Approach
Craggie Burn WCK 109m 30ch
Craigenarden also called Creagan Ardain; concrete WHL 24m 08ch 24m 14ch
Crane Street ≈263y RBS2 12m 48ch 12m 60ch
Crawford wrought iron and steel WCM1 55m 57ch 55m 62ch
Crawick Water built 1850 GSW 65m 07ch 65m 11ch
Cray VIR 15m 05ch 15m 10ch
Creagan Ardain see Craigenarden
Creekmoor built 1937 47m BML2 114m 64ch 114m 66ch
Creens SKW1 245m 16ch
Creigiau crosses LTO CTD 9m 33ch
Crianlarich steel/timber WHL 39m 39ch 36m 41ch
Crigglestone 402yd CHS 1m 05ch 21
Crimble 221m MVL3 21m 33ch 21m 44ch
Crimdon Dene 211m LEN3 75m 36ch 75m 47ch
Crimple maximum height 110ft; also called Crimple Valley or Crimple Beck; grade II* listed 624yd LEH3 15m 30ch 15m 56ch 31
Crimple Beck see Crimple
Crimple Valley see Crimple
Croal built 1847 146m BBB 11m 05ch 11m 13ch 9
Croft also called Tees Bridge ECM5 41m 05ch 41m 11ch 5
Cromford crosses River Derwent AJM1 143m 03ch
Crook-O-Lune No 121 stone/iron SKW2 256m 36ch 256m 39ch
Crook-O-Lune No 123 stone/iron SKW2 256m 46ch 256m 50ch
Crosby Garrett brick SAC 269m 35ch 269m 40ch 6
Crowdundle see New Biggin
Crowhurst opened 1902; blown up 1969; also called Combe Haven, Filsham or Sidley 416y 17
Crown Street HHH 2m 42ch 2m 52ch 22
Crown Street ≈132y MAJ 18m 27ch 18m 33ch 10
Crown Wharf CBM 0m 20ch 0m 21ch 11
Croxdale ECM5 62m 09ch 62m 18ch 12
Croxley CCG2 17m 79ch
Croy crosses Moss Water; built 1842; stone EGM1 10m 74ch 10m 78ch
Crucifix Lane XTD 2m 07ch
Crumlin opened 1857; demolished 1966 537y VON 5m 46ch 5m 70ch 10
Cullen crosses Burn of Cullen; grade B listed ELC 3
Culloden also called Nairn or River Nairn; built 1898; crosses River Nairn; grade A listed 549m HGL2 110m 58ch 111m 05ch 29
Culmore Road concrete/brick BTH1 2m 40ch 7
Culvert Place VTB1 1m 71ch 13
Cummersdale 84y CBC3 25m 58ch 25m 62ch
Curborough under construction for HS2; main line up line ≈152m ≈187.448km ≈187.600km
Curdworth under construction for HS2; north chord down line ≈340m ≈0.257km ≈0.597km
Curdworth under construction for HS2; main line ≈349m ≈164.751km ≈165.100km
Curzon Street No 1 under construction for HS2; Birmingham spur; crosses River Rea ≈695m ≈173.808km ≈174.503km
Curzon Street No 2 under construction for HS2; Birmingham spur; crosses PBJ ≈131m ≈174.503km ≈174.634km
Curzon Street No 3 under construction for HS2; Birmingham spur; crosses Digbeth Branch canal ≈557m ≈174.634km ≈175.191km
Cwm see Cwm Road
Cwm Road also called Cwm; crosses River Clydach 55y CAM 15m 11ch 3
Cymmer 150y CYM 11m 19ch 11m 25ch 7
Cynghordy built 1867; 100ft high; grade II* listed 283y CWL2 53m 61ch 53m 74ch 18