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Name Notes Length ELR Start mileage End mileage Spans
Lady Octavia     WYS 1m 3ch    
Ladybridge also called Lady Brook   CMP1 181m 4ch 181m 8ch  
Lady Brook see Ladybridge          
Ladyburn Street     GOU2 122m 22ch    
Laggansarroch     STR2 7m 23ch 7m 26ch  
Laira   222y TUR 0m 57ch 0m 67ch  
Lairds     ECN4 25m 25ch    
Lake   145y DAC 202m 53ch 202m 59ch  
Lamington also called Clyde;
concrete and masonry
  WCM1 62m 64ch 62m 70ch 4
Lancey Brook   47y BEZ 6m 65ch    
Landore   389y SWM2 214m 39ch 214m 57ch 22
Landore Low Level   360y MOR 0m 10ch 0m 26ch  
Langbank Street To Clyde Place Arches     WCM2 101m 51ch 101m 76ch  
Langley Moor     ECM5 64m 33ch 64m 39ch  
Langmuir see Bargeddie          
Langport also called Foal Mead 211y CCL 130m 15ch 130m 24ch 10
Langstone Bridge timber 367y HHI      
Langworth     NOB3 34m 28ch    
Larbert   220y SCM3 109m 61ch 109m 71ch  
Large River     NDN 221m 45ch    
Largin see East Largin          
Larich Mor     MLG2 31m 26ch 31m 28ch  
Larpool     MBW3 29m 77ch   10?
Lashbrook cross girders long timbers 93y HEN 33m 46ch 33m 50ch 6
Latchmere see Cabul Road          
Lavington segmental brick arches 120y SWY 86m 48ch 86m 53ch 8
Lawden Road     DCL 127m 72ch 128m 14ch 19
Lawley Street     PBJ 0m 1ch 0m 27ch 28
Lawley Street     RBS1 111m 70ch 111m 79ch  
Leaderfoot category A listed 272y RWR     19
Leamington Spa     DCL 105m 53ch 105m 78ch  
Leamington Spa     RTS 13m 63ch   13
Leamington Spa     RTS 13m 70ch   6
Leamington Spa     RTS 13m 75ch   8
Leamington Spa     RTS 14m 0ch   4
Lea Valley also called A J Wheele Bridge   TAH2 6m 56ch 6m 62ch 12
Ledbury semicircular brick arches 372y WAH 136m 39ch 136m 56ch 31
Leeds East     HUL4 20m 37ch 20m 50ch 57
Leftwich see Northwich          
Lenzie see Garngaber          
Lenziemill     SCM3 100m 11ch 100m 13ch  
Leonard's Mill   62y FNS2 1m 25ch    
Leri River timber 49y SBA2 85m 30ch 85m 32ch 7
Leven     NEM7 16m 25ch 16m 31ch  
Leven also called Plumpton 800y? CBC1 16m 57ch 17m 1ch 49
Leven Water     GBK 5m 70ch 5m 73ch  
Lewisham     LCH 6m 7ch 6m 9ch  
Lexden     LTN1 49m 63ch 49m 69ch  
Lig Burn see Ligg          
Ligg also called Lig Burn   STR2 10m 42ch 10m 45ch  
Lilly Lane   135m MRB 32m 11ch 32m 18ch  
Limber Hill see River Esk          
Limefield     EGS2 19m 14ch    
Linhouse     ECA2 88m 38ch 88m 48ch  
Lipwood     NEC2 30m 19ch 30m 23ch  
Liskeard   232y MLN3 264m 49ch 264m 60ch 12
Little     BJW3 22m 53ch 22m 54ch  
Little     SAC 239m 69ch    
Littleborough     MVN2 13m 69ch 13m 73ch  
Little Bytham     ECM1 92m 59ch 92m 63ch  
Little Haywood see Shugborough          
Little Petherick     NCL 258m 61ch    
Little Salkeld     SAC 289m 35ch 289m 41ch  
Little Water Of Fleet     CJD      
Littlewood     PSE 143m 43ch 143m 47ch  
Liverpool Exchange     HXS2 35m 14ch 35m 62 69
Liverpool Street Arches demolished   LTN1 0m 54ch 0m 62ch 10
Liverpool Street Arches     LTN1 0m 62ch 1m 58ch  
Llanbradach see Pwll-Y-Pant          
Llandaff Loop   110y LDA 4m 60ch 4m 65ch  
Llandegai     CNH3 237m 3ch 237m 14ch  
Llandulas     CNH3 215m 73ch 215m 76ch  
Llanerchymor     CNH3 197m 26ch 197m 29ch  
Llangadog     VOT 23m 33ch    
Llanthony No 1   68y GLD 0m 36ch 0m 38ch  
Llanthony No 2   37y GLD 0m 52ch 0m 54ch  
Llanthony No 3   99y GLD 0m 70ch 0m 74ch  
Lledr also called Cethin's Bridge   LJT1 17m 35ch 17m 51ch  
Llugwy     LJT1 14m 49ch 14m 54ch  
Llwynjack also called Afon Tywi 108y VOT 28m 31ch 28m 36ch  
LMS Goods Depot     MLN1 118m 17ch 118m 19ch 16
Lobb Mill     MVN2 20m 29ch 20m 35ch  
Loch Awe Side (1)     OBN2 53m 13ch    
Loch Awe Side (2)     OBN2 53m 20ch    
Lochnan Uamh see Glenmama          
Lochy     MLG1 0m 55ch 0m 60ch  
Lockwood   440m PEH 1m 44ch 1m 66ch 32
Loder Street     BTH1 2m 33ch 2m 38ch 14
London Road     BTL 0m 24ch 0m 44ch  
London Road includes tenanted arches   TJC1 157m 15ch    
London Road also called Guildford   NGL 29m 23ch 29m 26ch  
Long Bridge     BGK 19m 16ch    
Longford     AYR4 27m 7ch 27m 11ch  
Long Marton     SAC 279m 67ch 279m 72ch  
Long Meg also called Eden Lacy   SAC 291m 6ch 291m 12ch  
Longmore Avenue     ECM1 8m 63ch    
Long River     ILF 211m 62ch    
Longton     NSS 1m 75ch 2m 5ch  
Longwood replaced by embankment on new route 1923   TOR 227m 26ch    
Longwood see Milne          
Lostwithiel see Fowey          
Loth     WCK 95m 40ch    
Lothianbridge see Newbattle          
Loughborough Junction     HHH 3m 28ch 3m 47ch 33
Loughor timber trestles and steel superstructure 235y SWM2 221m 58ch 221m 69ch 18
Loughor also called Grovesend or Morlais 240y SDI2 9m 73ch 10m 4ch 1
Low Ellers     BKS 15m 77ch    
Lower Bentham     SKW1 247m 35ch 247m 39ch  
Lower Edmonton Station platform supporting arches   HDT 8m 42ch   22
Lower Town see Cober          
Lowther     CGJ7 48m 50ch 48m 57ch 6
Lucey Way     LBC 1m 1ch 1m 8ch 18
Lucey Way     LBW 1m 1ch 1m 8ch 18
Ludgate Line     FLL3 3m 40ch    
Lugar     GSW 49m 20ch 49m 31ch  
Luggie Glen see Bargeddie          
Lunan Bay     ECN4 24m 2ch 24m 6ch  
Lunds     SAC 257m 54ch 257m 59ch  
Lune     CGJ7 0m 26ch 0m 38ch 12
Lune     SKW2 260m 13ch    
Lydbrook     SLB 19m 67ch    
Lydbrook River Bridge   103y ROS 5m 15ch 5m 20ch  
Lydford   111y DAC 205m 53ch 205m 58ch  
Lydgate also called Knott Wood   FHR6 28m 65ch 28m 73ch 13
Lymington     BLP 97m 63ch 97m 66ch  
Maesycwmmer also called Hengoed or Rhymney 299y VON 10m 37ch 10m 50ch  
Maidenhead   237y MLN1 23m 21ch 23m 32ch 10
Maidstone And Waterside includes River Medway bridge   SBJ 39m 64ch 39m 70ch 5
Main Down   141y MLN1 117m 21ch 117m 27ch  
Main River   108y MLN1 117m 21ch 117m 27ch  
Main Up   186y MLN1 117m 25ch    
Main Water Of Luce     STR2 24m 75ch 24m 77ch  
Magpie   106y LAN2 9m 46ch 9m 51ch  
Manchester Ship Canal also called Acton Grange   CGJ2 180m 40ch    
Manchester Ship Canal also called Acton Grange   CHW1 16m 35ch    
Manod also called Gelly 108y LJT2 24m 78ch 25m 4ch  
Manor Place     HHH 1m 71ch 1m 75ch 8
Manor Place     HHH 2m 0ch 2m 4ch 7
Manse     WHL 18m 21ch    
Mansfield   217y PBS3 140m 55ch 140m 65ch  
Mansion Street     HHH 2m 52ch 2m 60ch 18
Manton     MAC3 58m 30ch 58m 36ch  
Market Rasen     NOB3 26m 33ch 26m 37ch  
Market also called Stewarts Lane   AHG 2m 36ch    
Markinch     ECN2 32m 71ch 33m 0ch  
Marland   225y THJ 0m 5ch 0m 15ch  
Marlow see Bourne End Stream          
Marple   308y TTA1 177m 23ch 177m 37ch  
Marquis Of Wellington also called Millstream   LBC 0m 45ch 0m 50ch 13
Marquis Of Wellington also called Millstream   LBW 0m 45ch 0m 50ch 11
Marsh Lane     HUL4 19m 65ch 20m 34ch 93
Marshfield     SAC 236m 50ch 236m 52ch  
Martholme     NLC     10
Martinton     GSW 90m 70ch 90m 78ch  
Maryhill     MRL2 4m 45ch 4m 50ch  
Marykirk also called North Eask   ECN5 205m 76ch 206m 12ch  
Matlock   91y AJM1     4
Maudland Arches     CGJ6 0m 31ch    
Meaford Old Hall Farm     CMD2 26m 41ch 26m 42ch  
Mechanics Path     NKL 4m 76ch 5m 8ch 32
Medlar Street     HHH 2m 68ch 2m 76ch 8
Medlock     PPA1 2m 43ch 2m 47ch  
Medway   1261m TRL3 49.967km 51.228km  
Mein Mater     WCM1 17m 65ch    
Meldon   183y DAC 199m 38ch 199m 46ch 6
Melingriffith Road see Glamorganshire Canal          
Mennock Water     GSW 67m 69ch 67m 72ch  
Merrywalks see Stroud          
Merthyr   90y CAM 13m 10ch    
Merthyr includes last 3 spans of former Merthyr viaduct on otherwise-closed route 351y CAM 24m 16ch 24m 41ch 20
Merthyr   394y MER 5m 61ch 5m 77ch  
Merthyr see Pontypridd          
Merthyr Vale     MVZ 0m 12ch    
Methley     TJC3 186m 53ch 186m 68ch  
Middlewood see Salford          
Midford     CMZ 2m 22ch 2m 25ch  
Midford   170y SAD 3m 72ch 4m 0ch  
Mile End Sand Drops     MED 1m 76ch   23
Milk Water     WCM1 23m 68ch 23m 75ch  
Mill Goit Stream And Flood Openings     LEC2 122m 22ch    
Mill Lane     BTH1 12m 2ch    
Mill O'Keir     SCM3 122m 34ch    
Mill Road     LCH 6m 10ch    
Mill Stream     SCU1 32m 2ch   5
Millstream see Marquis Of Wellington [LBC]          
Millstream see Marquis Of Wellington [LBW]          
Millstream No 1   59y OXD 26m 12ch 26m 14ch  
Millstream No 2   85y OXD 26m 27ch 26m 31ch 8
Milltown   144y MLN3 278m 49ch 278m 56ch 6
Milne also called Longwood 231m MVL3 23m 57ch 23m 69ch  
Milton     CYC 168m 8ch 168m 17ch  
Milton Ernest fast lines   SPC2 54m 17ch 54m 25ch  
Milton Ernest slow lines   SPC2 54m 18ch 54m 25ch  
Milverton   220m LSC1 106m 44ch 106m 55ch  
Mirfield     MVN2 38m 0ch    
Misbourne see Chalfonts No 1          
Molendinar Street Arches     HST 0m 28ch    
Mollington     CRR1 2m 42ch 2m 47ch  
Moncrieff     CAT 5m 17ch 5m 34ch 30
Monkwearmouth Bridge also called River Wear   LEN3 89m 77ch 90m 11ch 7
Monmouth     WYE 13m 40ch    
Monmouth River Bridge   99y ROS 12m 62ch 12m 66ch  
Monsal Dale           5
Monxton     BAE1 68m 38ch 68m 38ch  
Moorcock also called Dandy Mire or Garsdale 227y SAC 257m 1ch 257m 12ch 12
Moorswater   268y MLN3 265m 38ch 265m 50ch 8
Morar     MLG2 36m 16ch 36m 19ch  
Morlais see Loughor          
Morriston also called Ynysforgan 185y SDI2 3m 25ch 3m 34ch 8
Mortimer Street     GOJ 0m 23ch 0m 26ch  
Mosque Arches     HST 0m 67ch    
Moss Dale Gill     HGE 259m 19ch    
Moss Lane     MVN2 10m 51ch    
Mottram     HAJ 10m 7ch 10m 15ch  
Mottram Arches     HAJ 9m 72ch 10m 2ch  
Moulsford   147y MLN1 47m 27ch 47m 34ch  
Mousewater     WCM1 76m 8ch 76m 13ch  
Moy     HGL2 103m 34ch    
Muchalls     ECN5 229m 68ch    
Muchalls Mill     ECN5 229m 3ch 229m 9ch  
Musgrave           3
Music Hall     BML1 0m 19ch 0m 27ch  
Music Hall     RDG1 0m 19ch 0m 27ch  
Muskham     ECM1 121m 16ch 121m 31ch  
Mytholmroy     MVN2 24m 60ch    
Nairn River     ANI3 128m 50ch    
Nancy Brook     BEZ 6m 65ch    
Large River     NDN 221m 45ch    
Neath   88y SWM2 208m 42ch 208m 46ch  
Neath A also VON 41m 11ch   NEJ 208m 48ch    
Neath Abbey   85y SWM2 209m 29ch 209m 33ch 5
Necropolis     BML1 0m 27ch 0m 32ch 7
Necropolis     RDG1 0m 27ch 0m 32ch 7
Neidpath     PBB 17m 75ch   8
Nelson     GJC 25m 43ch 25m 44ch 5
Ness     WCK 0m 37ch 0m 46ch  
Nettlebridge   87y SAD 15m 39ch 15m 43ch  
Newbattle also called Lothianbridge;
built 1849
c.300y SBO     23
New Bedford River see Hundred Foot River          
New Biggin also called Crowdundle   SAC 283m 64ch 283m 68ch  
Newbridge See 36 Arch          
New Cut originally RSB 18m 66ch-18m 69ch 68y SDI1 207m 36ch 207m 39ch  
New Fory down side;
  CNH3 209m 69ch 210m 8ch  
New Holland Pier     NHP 0m 9ch    
Newlands also called Carrongill Glen   GSW 76m 14ch 76m 18ch  
New Mills     TTA1 172m 75ch 172m 77ch  
Newport     BGK 40m 36ch    
Newport Street     BML1 0m 60ch 0m 68ch 15
Newport Street     RDG1 0m 60ch 0m 68ch 15
New Skelton Bridge     ECM5 3m 12ch 3m 16ch  
Newton     DSE 15m 55ch 15m 57ch  
Newton     HAJ 7m 32ch 7m 37ch  
Newton Cap     DBA     11
Newton St Cyres flood openings   50y DAC 177m 20ch 177m 22ch  
Newtown     NMC1 172m 49ch 172m 60ch  
Niffany also called Niphany   SKW1 222m 76ch    
Nine Elms wrought iron part   BML1 1m 59ch 2m 8ch 72
Nine Elms wrought iron part   RDG1 1m 59ch 2m 8ch 72
Nine Elms Flyover Ramp     AHG 2m 14ch    
Niphany see Niffany          
Nith     MAX 0m 46ch    
No 19A     MCJ1 202m 78ch   5
No 47     SKI 216m 0ch    
No 127     BSP1 1m 16ch    
Norbury     NMC1 177m 39ch 177m 44ch  
North Approach     ECN2 c.11m 5ch    
North Bank     HHH 0m 21ch 0m 27ch  
North Dock Branch   807y SND 216m 5ch 216m 42ch  
North Drain     WEB 82m 32ch    
North Dulwich     BTH1 4m 79ch 5m 31ch 46
North Esk see Marykirk          
North London Incline     CRF1 0m 20ch    
North Lonsdale Road see Ulverston Canal          
North Rode     CMD1 5m 35ch 5m 54ch  
North Row   46y FNS2 0m 52ch    
North Seaton     BWC 1m 58ch    
North Somerset   128y SAD 10m 52ch 10m 58ch  
North Tawton   62y DAC 191m 21ch 191m 24ch  
Northwich also called Leftwich   CDM2 21m 16ch 21m 57ch 51
Norwood Road     HHT 4m 2ch 4m 19ch 16
Noss replaced by embankment on new route 1923   TOR 227m 39ch    
Nottar   206y MLN2 254m 78ch 255m 8ch 8
Notter     SGZ 255m 41ch    
Nottingham Road   73m SPC8 128m 40ch 128m 43ch  
Nuneham   99y DCL 57m 24ch 57m 29ch  
Oakbank     EGS2 22m 12ch 22m 18ch  
Oakley fast lines   SPC2 53m 29ch 53m 35ch  
Oakley slow lines   SPC2 53m 29ch 53m 35ch  
Old Bedford River     EMP 78m 41ch 78m 57ch  
Old Canal     TJC3 186m 51ch    
Old Chapel   78y DJP 100m 18ch 100m 23ch  
Old Deer Park     RDG1 10m 8ch 10m 24ch  
Old Dover Shed     HHH 0m 45ch    
Old Fory up side   CNH3 209m 69ch 210m 8ch  
Old Goods Sidings     FLL1 0m 37ch   14
Old Loco Sidings also called Goods Shed   FLL1 0m 23ch   5
Old Sneddon Street Arches     AYR1 6m 41ch 6m 50ch  
Old Stour River also called Conveyor   ACR 66m 9ch 66m 9ch  
Old Trent Dyke     NOB1 15m 79ch 16m 2ch  
Oldmill Street also called Seven Arches or Stoke   CMD2 20m 22ch 20m 26ch 7
One Mile Bridge     NOL 1m 0ch 1m 40ch  
Orbiston also called Babylon Bridge   WCM2 90m 57ch 90m 62ch  
Orchy     OBN2 48m 42ch 48m 49ch  
Ordie     HGL1 156m 18ch    
Orielton see Borthwen          
Ormside     SAC 275m 20ch 275m 29ch  
Ottery St Mary   55y SID 164m 5ch    
Oulton Broad Swing Bridge     ESK 115m 76ch    
Oundle Road see Peterborough          
Ouseburn     ECM7 1m 4ch 1m 18ch  
Over Bridge   91y SWM2 115m 43ch 115m 47ch 5
Oxford Street Arches   233y MLN1 118m 12ch 118m 15ch 10
Oxley brick arches 188y WSJ2 143m 2ch 143m 13ch 12
Oxspring     PED2 0m 14ch    
Oxted     SCU1 20m 40ch 20m 46ch  
Oykel also called Shin   WCK 61m 25ch 61m 32ch  
Paddock   214m PEH 0m 56ch 0m 71ch 4
Paddys Market Arches     HST 0m 55ch    
Padfield Road     LTC 3m 52   20
Palmerston Road Arches     ECN5 240m 59ch    
Par Harbour   73y MLN3 282m 20ch 282m 24ch 5
Park Hall     DBP3 35m 40ch 35m 43ch  
Park Street     CSW 1m 59ch   5
Park Street North     CBM 0m 21ch 0m 27ch 28
Park Street South     CSW 1m 41ch 1m 46ch 8
Parkfield Road up line;
concrete deck
  RBS1 83m 63ch   3
Parkfield Road down line;
concrete deck
  RBS1 83m 64ch    
Parkhead   164y OWW 146m 45ch 146m 52ch  
Partington     WJP1 25m 68ch    
Pascoe replaced by embankment 1923   FAL1 307m 22ch    
Patcham Terrace     ATL 7m 13ch 7m 18ch 15
Payne Street     NKL 4m 60ch 4m 66ch 19
Peabody     HHT 4m 33ch 4m 37ch 8
Peckham Rye     CAT 4m 66ch 5m 16ch 21
Pecking Mill   60y SAD 25m 12ch 25m 15ch  
Pelier Street     HHH 2m 17ch 2m 25ch 21
Penadlake   101y MLN3 272m 20ch 272m 25ch 8
Pendleton also called Viaduct 5   WBS1 2m 36ch 2m 51ch 28
Penistone     PEH 13m 14ch 13m 34ch  
Penkridge     RBS3 23m 52ch 23m 56ch  
Penmaenmawr also called Pen-Y-Clip   CNH3 230m 14ch 230m 22ch  
Penn see Sir Philip Rose's          
Penpergwm River Bridge see River Usk          
Penponds   120y MLN4 314m 49ch 314m 54ch 5
Penrhos over CAP, PEZ and WNT;
removed 1937
  PRS 12m 30ch    
Penrose Street     HHH 1m 75ch 2m 0ch 10
Penryn replaced by embankment 1923   FAL2 308m 73ch    
Pensarn River Bridge see Artro River          
Pensford   330y FNS2 17m 3ch 17m 19ch  
Pentyrch River Bridge   66y CAM 6m 51ch   5
Pen-Y-Clip see Penmaenmawr          
Penyrheol over SED;
removed 1937
  PRS 13m 56ch    
Penwithers replaced by embankment 1926   FAL1 301m 50ch    
Penwithers   139y MLN3 302m 3ch 302m 10ch 7
Penzance replaced by embankment 1921 on line doubling   MLN4 326m 10ch    
Peover brick arches   CMP1 170m 20ch 170m 27ch 10
Perran (New)   79y FAL1 305m 70ch 305m 74ch  
Perran (Old) replaced by new viaduct 1927   FAL1 305m 73ch    
Perseverance also called Gedling Street   LBC 0m 50ch 0m 53ch 6
Perseverance also called Gedling Street   LBW 0m 50ch 0m 53ch 11
Peterborough also called Oundle Road   ECM1 75m 65ch 75m 68ch  
Peto also called Betts   RBS2 12m 25ch 12m 28ch  
Pictor     CNB3 162m 17ch    
Pilkington     SBH1 4m 54ch 4m 60ch  
Pill segmental brick arches 92y POD 125m 79ch 126m 3ch 6
Pillowell     TDZ 11m 29ch    
Pipeline Bridge     HTG 38m 28ch    
Pitcombe     SAD 29m 0ch    
Pitmore     SUD 55m 46ch    
Plawsworth     ECM5 69m 54ch 69m 60ch  
Pleasington     FHR4 7m 71ch 7m 74ch  
Plessey     ECM7 12m 17ch 12m 23ch  
Plumpton see Leven          
Polesworth North down lines   LEC2 106m 48ch 106m 52ch  
Polesworth North up lines   LEC2 106m 48ch 106m 52ch  
Polesworth South     LEC2 105m 71ch 105m 75ch  
Pollokshaws     GBK 2m 50ch 2m 53ch  
Ponsanooth (New)   220y FAL1 306m 75ch 307m 5ch 9
Ponsanooth (Old) replaced by new viaduct 1930   FAL1 307m 0ch    
Pont-Aber-Nant-Y-Felin     PEN 9m 14ch    
Pontlottyn   129y CAR 22m 75ch 23m 0ch 10
Pontrhydyfen   167y SWJ 3m 30ch 3m 37ch  
Pontsarn   150y MJR 19m 53ch 19m 60ch  
Pontsmill   92y NEW 283m 53ch 283m 57ch  
Pontymoel   112y EVY 8m 53ch 8m 58ch  
Pontypridd also called Merthyr 90y CAM 13m 10ch    
Pontypridd see Pwllgwaun          
Popes     CAT 3m 16ch 3m 24ch 16
Port Glasgow Arches     GOU2 121m 14ch    
Porthkerry   376y VOG 1m 50ch 1m 67ch 19
Portrack     GSW 86m 69ch 86m 79ch  
Portslade Road     ATL 6m 56ch 6m 75ch 33
Postern Road   90y NAB 32m 58ch 32m 64ch  
Poundbury   c.30y WEY 160m 61ch 160m 63ch  
Prestleigh   121y SAD 22m 75ch 23m 1ch  
Prideaux   52y NEW 283m 19ch 283m 21ch  
Primrose     DJH 20m 21ch 20m 28ch  
Princes Street     SCM5 20m 25ch 20m 34ch  
Pumping Station     SLJ 6m 16ch   18
Punch Bowl     SKW1 247m 48ch 247m 51ch  
Putney Cutting Down     PWW 5m 20ch   37
Putney Cutting Down     PWW 5m 45ch   6
Putney Cutting Up     PWW 5m 42ch   6
Putney Cutting Up     PWW 5m 47ch   3
Pwllgwaun also called Pontypridd   CTD 15m 3ch    
Pwll-Y-Pant also called Llanbradach;
over CAR
  PRS 14m 54ch    


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