Railway viaducts

A (hopefully) comprehensive listing

Locations beginning T-Z

Last update 6 January 2021

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Name Notes Length ELR Start
Taff see Red Bridge
Taff MEZ 0m 13ch
Taff River also called Afon Taff 122y SWM2 170m 38ch 170m 42ch
Taffs Well see River Taff
Tame official mileage 0m 44ch, actual approximately 0m 8ch GBN 0m 44ch 4
Tame HAJ 5m 20ch
Tame SAJ 0m 51ch
Tamerton 117y DAC 224m 76ch 225m 1ch 7
Tamworth LEC2 109m 70ch
Tamworth see Kettlebrook
Tanner Street LBC 0m 38ch 0m 45ch 22
Tanner Street LBW 0m 38ch 0m 45ch 15
Tarras RLB
Tavistock 150y DAC 213m 54ch 213m 61ch
Tavy 8 iron and 7 stone spans 497y DAC 224m 15ch 224m 38ch 15
Taw River see Umberleigh River
Tawe MSV 5m 23ch
Tay built 1862 SCM5 20m 4ch 20m 24ch
Tay Bridge 2m 364y ECN2 56m 37ch 58m 55ch 84
Tay Bridge [original] opened 1878; collapsed 28 December 1879 ≈3,500y 85
Tees Bridge built 1906 DSN2 11m 21ch 11m 26ch
Temple End see Hughenden Road
Tenby see Greenhill
Thames Bridge see Windsor
Thames Street And River Thames RDG1 19m 33ch
Tharston crosses River Tas LTN1 105m 62ch
Thorndell TBH1 52m 74ch
Three Arch rebuilt 2010;
three arches (infilled) and one span
CHW2 17m 56ch 4
Three Arches 33y AAM 2m 14ch 2m 16ch 3
Thurrock 1047m TRL3 30.549km 31.596km
Thurston Road NTL 7m 42ch 7m 49ch 14
Tickhill HAC 11m 69ch 11m 72ch
Tiddy see St Germans
Tilt HGL2 34m 72ch
Timberley built 1863 168m TBH1 53m 40ch
Tintern River Bridge 69y WYE 4m 32ch
Tinworth Street BML1 1m 4ch 1m 8ch 7
Tinworth Street RDG1 1m 4ch 1m 8ch 7
Tiverton Street HHH 1m 27ch 1m 31ch 6
Toddington also called Stanway 211y HCL 8m 66ch 8m 76ch 15
Todmorden MVN2 19m 20ch 19m 27ch
Tolney Lane NOB1 16m 39ch
Tomatin built 1897 HGL2 98m 39ch 98m 44ch 9
Tonge also called Astley Bridge 705m BBB 11m 30ch 11m 64ch 73
Tong Park GUE2 1m 55ch 1m 65ch
Tongwynlais CRY 3m 28ch
Tooley Street XTD 1m 64ch 10
Topley Stone Bridge CNB3 161m 32ch
Torksey 275m TYB3 18
Torrington THJ 0m 31ch
Town Quay VIR 33m 14ch
Traeth Bach also called Briwet Bridge 148y DJP 115m 76ch 116m 5ch
Traeth Mawr see Traeth River
Traeth River also called Traeth Mawr;
106y DJP 118m 37ch 118m 43ch 16
Tramway BWB 3m 76ch
Treffry 7?
Treforest see River Ely
Tregargle 94y MLN3 297m 7ch 297m 11ch 3
Tregarne 182y MLN3 296m 52ch 296m 60ch 7
Trehafod CTD 16m 39ch
Treharris 69y VON 14m 39ch 14m 42ch
Treherbert 101y RSB 0m 10ch 0m 15ch
Trenance concrete arches 154y NEW 302m 20ch 302m 27ch 9
Trent main lines SPC6 118m 77ch 119m 8ch
Trent goods lines SPC6 118m 77ch 119m 8ch
Trent Fields built 1959 CCB1 0m 10ch 0m 18ch
Tre'r Ddol timber;
crosses River Clettwr
28y SBA2 83m 31ch 7
Tresulgan 160y MLN3 260m 71ch 260m 79ch 6
Treveris Street HHH 0m 57ch 0m 60ch 4
Treviddo 140y MLN3 262m 48ch 262m 55ch 5
Trewyn Sands CNH3 256m 17ch 256m 19ch
Trowse LTN2 123m 37ch
Trundleys Road XTD 4m 12ch 7
Truro 443y MLN3 300m 9ch 300m 29ch 18
Tucking Mill 95y SAD 3m 19ch 3m 23ch
Tulketh PBN 0m 74ch 1m 3ch
Tulloch built 1894 WHL 81m 40ch 81m 43ch
Tunstall Road ATL 5m 37ch 5m 40ch 5
Turkey Mill SBJ 40m 73ch 41m 4ch 21
Turner Lane see Folds Road
Twemlow see Holmes Chapel
Twerton 638y MLN1 108m 29ch 108m 58ch 25
Twerton SAD 0m 14ch
Twyford MLN1 ≈31m 20ch
Tymawr see Glamorganshire Canal
Tynycaeau crosses SWM2 91y CTD 5m 11ch 5m 15ch
Ulverston Canal also called North Lonsdale Road 84y CBC1 18m 39ch 18m 43ch
Umberleigh River also called Taw River 70y NDN 204m 65ch 204m 68ch
Underbridge WHL 36m 40ch
Union Flag BML1 0m 41ch 0m 48ch 15
Union Flag RDG1 0m 41ch 0m 48ch 15
Union Mill also called Batley;
built 1848
MDL1 34m 60ch
Union Street built 1896 XTD 1m 8ch 38
Unstone TJC1 149m 69ch 149m 75ch
Upford also called Hackford;
semicircular brick arches
269y SWB 109m 52ch 109m 64ch 11
Up High Level up line only;
rebuilt 1979;
crosses LEC1
BOK3 5m 36ch 5m 47ch
Uppermill see Saddleworth
Upton 43m BML2 115m 20ch 115m 22ch
Vale VTB1 39m 59ch
Vale Royal CGJ1 168m 66ch 168m 72ch
Valley LJT2 21m 2ch
Vauxhall Station BML1 1m 27ch 1m 35ch 13
Vauxhall Station RDG1 1m 27ch 1m 35ch 13
Velindre 33y RSB 13m 31ch 13m 33ch
Venn Cross 159y BLE 175m 76ch 176m 4ch
Viaduct built 1840 BGK 2m 79ch
Viaduct crosses SDC CJC 4m 59ch
Viaduct CMP2 187m 59ch 187m 62ch 6
Viaduct crosses River Medlock CMP2 187m 63ch 188m 70ch 184
Viaduct COL 189m 28ch 1
Viaduct ≈44y DPJ 4m 63ch 4m 65ch
Viaduct ECM1 0m 47ch 7
Viaduct built 1850 ECM1 0m 53ch 55
Viaduct ECM1 2m 40ch
Viaduct built 1859 ECM1 18m 73ch
Viaduct ECM1 66m 32ch
Viaduct ECM1 83m 28ch
Viaduct ECM1 83m 36ch
Viaduct ECM7 0m 33ch 10
Viaduct ECM7 0m 41ch
Viaduct built 1904   LEN3 101m 19ch  
Viaduct MOR 0m 22ch
Viaduct 57y MSV 4m 75ch 4m 78ch
Viaduct MVE1 0m 9ch 0m71ch at least 63
Viaduct ≈605y MVM 0m 8ch 0m 35ch 52
Viaduct MVN1 0m 9ch 0m 23ch 22
Viaduct MVN2 10m 47ch
Viaduct ORG 0m 36ch
Viaduct PJW 1m 47ch 1m 59ch
Viaduct PPA2 0m 41ch
Viaduct PPA2 0m 46ch
Viaduct RTS 14m 3ch 6
Viaduct ≈68y SAS 2m 16ch 2m 19ch
Viaduct SDJ2 16m 75ch 17m 15ch 12
Viaduct crosses River Taff YNZ 24m 25ch
Viaduct 5 see Pendleton
Viaduct A TAI 1m 21ch
Viaduct No 1 crosses flood plain BML2 92m 7ch
Viaduct No 2 crosses stream BML2 92m 10ch
Viaduct No 3 crosses River Lymington BML2 92m 13ch
Viaduct No 20A MCJ1 203m 1ch 4
Viaduct No 21A MCJ1 203m 5ch 4
Viaduct Road also called Busby EKE 3m 17ch 3m 23ch
Victoria FEP 15m 25ch 15m 37ch
Victoria built 1849 MAC3 41m 12ch 41m 39ch 42
Victor Street see Ellis Street
Village 18y SBA2 58m 42ch
Villiers Street XTD 0m 1ch 6
Vineyard Close see Catford
Voltaire Road ATL 6m 15ch 6m 17ch 5
Voltaire Road VIR 2m 29ch 4
Wadsley see Herris Road
Wakefield built 1865 DOL1 174m 58ch 175m 32ch 88
Wakefield built 1856
date typo in source data c.f. row above?
DOL2 175m 36ch 175m 70ch 43
Walkham 368y LAN2 10m 13ch 10m 30ch 15
Walkham [original] 367y? LAN2 10m 13ch 10m 30ch 17
Wallabrook 134y DAC 212m 60ch 212m 66ch
Wallington 242y SDP2 85m 32ch 85m 43ch
Walnut Tree 7 girders and 2 arches;
now dismantled
519y PRS 9m 46ch 9m 69ch 9
Walthamstow Queens's Road To Woodgrange Park Arches TAH2 8m 50ch 11m 49ch 395
Walton CHW2 17m 16ch
Walworth Road Station built 1862 HHH 2m 14ch 2m 17ch 8
Wandsworth Town RDG1 4m 70ch 5m 8ch 19
Wanless Road ATL 4m 58ch 4m 63ch 12
Wanless Road CAT 3m 61ch 3m 66ch 12
Wardsend also called Five Aches or Harries Road MAC3 38m 77ch 5
Wargrave HEN 33m 1ch 3
Warrington MAJ 18m 7ch 18m 27ch
Watercourse sold 1987 NMH 14m 18ch 14m 20ch
Watercourse sold NMH 15m 12ch 15m 14ch
Watercourse And Occupation CHW1 13m 74ch 13m 76ch
Waterfall see Slapewath
Water Of Leith see Slateford
Waterloo BML1 0m 0ch 0m 24ch 64
Waterloo RDG1 0m 0ch 0m 24ch 64
Waterside EGM1 8m 23ch 8m 26ch
Waterworks Approach Road WPH2 38m 38ch
Watling Street steel with concrete deck LEC1 47m 54ch 1
Watts see Stroud
Waukmill Glen Reservoir NNH 105m 48ch 105m 59ch
Wavertree WJL3 191m 11ch 191m 17ch
Weaver see Frodsham
Weedon Bec see Church Street
Weightmans NOB1 15m 4ch 15m 6ch
Weirmarsh 62y NDN 202m 34ch 202m 37ch
Welland Valley see Harringworth
Wellingborough (New) slow lines SPC2 64m 52ch 64m 57ch
Wellingborough (Old) fast lines SPC2 64m 51ch 64m 57ch
Wellington Street North built 1850 LEN3 101m 27ch 6
Wellow 51y SAD 5m 71ch 5m 74ch
Welsh Harp also called Brent;
crosses River Brent
SPC1 6m 21ch 6m 31ch
Welwyn also called Digswell 513y ECM1 21m 37ch 21m 60ch
Wenning also called Clapham SKW1 241m 70ch 241m 75ch
Went built 1875 SMJ2 7m 54ch 7m 60ch
Westdown Road CAT 8m 0ch 8m 1ch 3
West Gate see Harlaxton Road
West Hampstead 235y MCJ1 203m 24ch 203m 34ch
West Largin 65y MLN3 270m 21ch 270m 24ch 3
West Lune SJC 7m 30ch 7m 35ch
West Meon 62' high MEL
West Norwood BBJ 7m 9ch 10
Weston CHW1 10m 36ch 11m 3ch
Weston Mill 376y MLN2 249m 46ch 249m 63ch 10
West River And Flood Opening built 1904 BGK 67m 22ch
West Wine Cellar BML1 0m 18ch
West Wine Cellar RDG1 0m 18ch
Westwood 85y MLN3 269m 12ch 269m 16ch 4
Wetheral crosses River Eden NEC2 55m 64ch 55m 72ch 5
Whalley built 1850 DJH 17m 27ch 17m 58ch 49
Wharncliffe or 8 spans? 297y MLN1 7m 43ch 7m 56ch 10
Whatlington A TTH 53m 62ch
Wheatley THA 12m 6ch
Wheatley's Bridge crosses River Calder;
built 1840
MVN2 39m 1ch
White Lion BML1 1m 19ch 1m 23ch 8
White Lion RDG1 1m 19ch 1m 23ch 8
Whites Ground LBC 0m 19ch 0m 20ch 2
Whites Ground LBW 0m 19ch 0m 20ch 2
Whitgift BML1 0m 68ch 0m 73ch 9
Whitgift RDG1 0m 68ch 0m 73ch 9
Whitley MVN2 22m 55ch
Whitting Moor Road built 1929 TJC1 148m 45ch
Wichnor BJW3 22m 65ch 22m 78ch
Wichnor DBP1 16m 58ch 16m 79ch
Wildon MTA 4m 10ch
Willoughby MCJ3 13
Willow Vale 37y FNS2 0m 30ch
Wilmslow STY 0m 26ch 0m 35ch
Wilmslow Old CMP1 176m 79ch 177m 8ch
Winchester CBM 0m 27ch 0m 29ch 3
Wincobank also called Meadowhall Road;
built 1991?
TJC2 162m 0ch 162m 2ch
Windsor includes Thames Bridge WIN 20m 55ch-20m 58ch 1m 290y WIN 20m 6ch 21m 18ch 285?
Wing GSM1 89m 65ch 89m 68ch
Winterbourne also called Bradley;
segmental brick arches
139y SWB 110m 36ch 110m 42ch 5
Winstanley Road see Banana
Withy Brook ≈56y LEC2 90m 33ch 90m 36ch
Wivelscombe SGZ 253m 44ch
Woldingham SCU1 16m 45ch
Wolverhampton ≈142y RBS2 12m 36ch 12m 42ch
Wolverton also called Haversham;
brick arches
LEC1 52m 72ch 53m 1ch 14
Woodbank 192y BCL 102m 57ch
Woodhouse MAC3 47m 15ch 47m 20ch
Woodhouse crosses CHR;
built 1849;
same as previous entry?
60m MAC3 47m 22ch
Woodmill Street also called Dunfermline CWH1 16m 54ch 16m 60ch
Wood Street Station platform supporting arches CJC 7m 3ch 29
Woolston MJB 225m 29ch
Wootton Street XTD 0m 56ch 16
Worcester includes River Severn Bridge 935y WAH 121m 10ch 121m 52ch 64
Workington see Halfpenny Billies
Worleston CNH1 161m 5ch 161m 12ch
Wressle River Bridge crosses River Derwent HUL1 25m 15ch 25m 20ch
Wroxham WHC1 8m 50ch 8m 55ch
Wyre CGJ6 13m 1ch 6
Yarm also quoted as 612y (560m) long 633m LEN3 55m 32ch 55m 63ch
Yarnbrook Bridge two spans filled in WEY 107m 56ch 5
Yarrow MVE2 21m 25ch 21m 29ch 5
Ynisdavid SWJ 2m 25ch
Ynisdawley also called Ynysdawley 51y NAB 8m 23ch 8m 25ch
Ynysdawley See Ynisdawley
Ynysforgan see Morriston
Ynystawe SDI2 ≈2m 70ch
Yorkhill NEM3 2m 53ch 2m 59ch