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Name Notes Length ELR Start mileage End mileage Spans
Quakers Bridge see Skewen          
Quaker's Yard   156y CAM 17m 57ch 17m 64ch 6
Quaker's Yard No 1   128y VON 15m 74ch 16m 0ch  
Quaker's Yard No 2     QYZ 0m 14ch    
Quay   155y SDP2 84m 78ch 85m 4ch  
Queen Æthelflæd see Runcorn Bridge          
Queen Alexandra Bridge built 1909;
originally joint road and rail
Queen Ethelfleda see Runcorn Bridge          
Queens also called Campbell's   AYR4 28m 40ch 28m 46ch  
Queens Passage     BTH1 2m 55ch 2m 63ch 26
Queenstown Road     BML1 2m 52ch 2m 61ch  
Queenstown Road     RDG1 2m 52ch 2m 61ch  
Queen Street     WCM2 99m 15ch    
Radcliffe     NOG1 123m 53ch 123m 71ch  
Radnor     FFH2 71m 62ch 71m 63ch 3
Radwell fast lines   SPC2 54m 77ch 55m 3ch  
Radwell slow lines   SPC2 54m 77ch 55m 3ch  
Raikes     BBB 22m 22ch 22m 25ch  
Rainbow Bridge     PED5 19m 28ch 19m 37ch  
Rainham   530m TRL3 23.538km 24.068km  
Rainham Creek     TLL 12m 42ch    
Randall Road     BML1 0m 77ch 1m 4ch 16
Randall Road     RDG1 0m 77ch 1m 4ch 16
Rannoch     WHL 64m 55ch 64m 64ch 9
Rastrick   103m MVN2 34m 13ch 23m 18ch  
Rathgar Road     LOC 3m 37ch 3m 51ch 19
Ratho see 36 Arch          
Rattery brick and stone 68y MLN1 227m 35ch 227m 39ch 6
Ravenglass     CBC1 58m 10ch 58m 14ch 4
Reading main lines only 1870y MLN1 36m 24ch 37m 29ch  
Reading Central     MLN1 36m 49ch 36m 66ch 14
Reading Feeder Line Flood Reliefs     RFR 36m 44ch 36m 46ch 8
Reading Festival Line     MLN1 36m 47ch 36m 55ch 6
Reading Western     MLN1 36m 77ch 37m 18ch 17
Red Bridge also called Taff 48y CAM 4m 64ch   5
Redbridge     SBO      
Redbrook   101y WYE 11m 33ch    
Redcliffe     BHB 118m 33ch    
Redcraig     ANN 48m 45ch 48m 70ch  
Redcross     CSW 1m 37ch 1m 41ch 6
Reddish also called Reddish Vale; brick arches   TTA2 43m 5ch 43m 18ch 17
Reddish Vale see Reddish          
Redruth   190y MLN4 309m 79ch 310m 8ch 8
Reedham Swing Bridge     NOL 13m 2ch 13m 7ch  
Relief Line see Albert Road          
Relieving Arches removed   LTN1 2m 25ch   7
Relly Mill     ECM5 65m 17ch 65m 23ch  
Rendlesham     HDB 10m 33ch 10m 40ch  
Rhondda   112y THT 13m 10ch   7
Rhondda   191y AVN 0m 22ch    
Rhy     BEV 0m 22ch    
Rhydyfelin     CRY 9m 23ch    
Rhymney see Maesycwmmer          
Ribble main lines   CGJ5 21m 21ch 21m 33ch  
Ribble goods lines   CGJ5 21m 21ch 21m 33ch  
Ribble also called Sherif Brow   SAC 239m 51ch    
Ribble     SAC 240m 48ch 240m 53ch  
Ribblehead also called Batty Moss or Blea Moor 440y SAC 247m 50ch 247m 70ch 24
Riddlesdown     SCU1 14m 59ch    
Ridgeway Road     LOC 3m 51ch 3m 68ch 43
Ridley Hall also called South Tyne   NEC2 31m 45ch 31m 50ch  
Ringwell replaced by embankment 1933   FAL1 304m 4ch    
Risca   88y NMP 5m 69ch 5m 74ch  
Rispin Cleugh     LDS     8
River Aire sold 2007   BOO 5m 34ch    
River Aire     NOC 18m 11ch 18m 17ch  
River Aire Northern Approach Arches     SMJ2 1m 39ch    
River Aire Southern Approach Arches     SMJ2 1m 48ch    
River Amman track removed from up side   LLA 9m 79ch    
River Anker     LEC2 96m 36ch 96m 38ch  
River Arrow     SJT1 45m 28ch    
River Avon   66y AAM 2m 7ch 2m 10ch  
River Avon   83y BAG2 73m 57ch 73m 61ch 5
River Avon     BML2 104m 3ch    
River Avon was FNS2 22m 70ch 73y BRL 0m 33ch 0m 36ch  
River Avon also called Sea Mills 88y CNX 6m 4ch 6m 8ch  
River Avon three steel and two concrete decks with cast iron columns   DCL 107m 15ch 107m 18ch 5
River Avon     LEC2 84m 5ch 84m 9ch  
River Avon     LSC2 1m 17ch 1m 22ch  
River Avon   72y MLN1 90m 77ch 91m 0ch 5
River Avon (main lines)   108y MLN1 117m 22ch 117m 27ch  
River Avon (relief lines)   141y MLN1 117m 21ch 117m 27ch  
River Avon     OWW 107m 0ch 107m 4ch  
River Ayr   110m AYR6 40m 31ch 40m 36ch 4
River Blythe     ESK 99m 64ch    
River Blythe     DBP3 32m 22ch 32m 26ch  
River Brent   122y ANL 5m 58ch 5m 64ch 7
River Brue     EBU 11m 6ch    
River Brue     EBU 19m 47ch    
River Caerfanell     BND 6m 79ch    
River Calder   80m GRD 0m 71ch 0m 75ch  
River Calder     MVN2 29m 76ch 30m 12ch  
River Calder     MVN2 31m 16ch 31m 20ch  
River Calder     MVN2 48m 50ch    
River Cale     BAE2 110m 13ch 110m 13ch  
River Carron see Carronhill          
River Can     LTN1 29m 25ch 29m 30ch  
River Chelmer     LTN1 30m 25ch    
River Clyde     HST 0m 61ch 0m 67ch  
River Clyde     RCB 0m 53ch    
River Clyst all steel spans over estuary 114y EMT 4m 79ch 5m 4ch 5
River Cole     SAS 0m 11ch 0m 13ch  
River Colne     SUD 49m 66ch 50m 3ch  
River Colne see Colne          
River Conway     LJT1 13m 7ch 13m 11ch  
River Coquet     ECM7 29m 72ch 30m 1ch  
River Dart     MLN1 222m 48ch 222m 50ch 6
River Dee     ECN5 240m 8ch 240m 22ch  
River Derwent     NEC1 4m 7ch    
River Derwent see Hartleys          
River Devon     NOB1 17m 51ch 17m 59ch  
River Don     DOW 2m 69ch 2m 78ch  
River Don     HJB 0m 20ch    
River Don     ANI1 15m 59ch    
River Dove     DBP1 7m 76ch 7m 79ch  
River Esk also called Carr End or Limber Hill   MBW2 26m 59ch    
River Eye     GSM4 106m 11ch    
Riverford   117y LAN2 2m 65ch 2m 71ch  
River Frome   c.45y WEY 160m 28ch 160m 31ch  
River Frome     FUR 126m 74ch    
River Fynn     ESK 77m 15ch    
River Great Ouse     SOB2 11m 76ch    
River Great Ouse fast lines   SPC1 49m 33ch 49m 38ch  
River Great Ouse slow lines   SPC1 49m 34ch 49m 38ch  
River Idle     ECM1 138m 22ch    
River Irvine     GSW 35m 15ch 35m 21ch  
River Ithon     MLT 82m 38ch    
River Kennet brick arches 88y MLN1 34m 77ch 35m 1ch 5
River Lea     BGK 4m 29ch 4m 35ch 5
River Lee     ECM1 18m 57ch    
River Loddon brick arches 70y MLN1 31m 43ch 31m 46ch 7
River Loddon     RDG2 65m 16ch    
River May see Forteviot          
River Medway     RTT 40m 43ch 40m 46ch  
River Mersey     STY 5m 52ch 5m 59ch  
River Misbourne see Chalfonts No 1          
River Mole     LEJ 18m 24ch    
River Mole     RSJ 29m 29ch 29m 32ch  
River Nairn see Culloden          
River Nant     OBN2 58m 33ch    
River Nar removed   HAR 95m 57ch    
River Neath     APG 0m 30ch 0m 36ch  
River Neath   88y SWM2 208m 42ch 208m 46ch  
River Neath Swing Bridge originally RSB 19m 10ch-19m 17ch 150y SDI1 207m 61ch 207m 67ch 6
River Nene     EMP 99m 48ch 99m 55ch  
River Nene     EMP 100m 31ch    
River Nene concrete and brick decks   HNR 66m 4ch 66m 8ch 8
River Nene brick arches and steel deck   NCP 0m 51ch 0m 57ch 14
River Nene     NMH 0m 40ch    
River Nene     NMH 1m 4ch    
River Nene sold 1987   NMH 5m 13ch 5m 16ch  
River Nene sold 1987   NMH 5m 43ch    
River Nene sold 1987   NMH 6m 5ch    
River Nene     NMH 6m 50ch    
River Nene also called Brampton   HNR 67m 71ch 67m 77ch  
River Otter   79y BAE2 157m 75ch 157m 79ch  
River Parrett riveted metal plates (spans 1/2), brick masonry arches (spans 4/5) (span 3 unknown construction)   CCL 130m 30ch 130m 34ch 5
River Plym     MLN1 243m 13ch   5
River Rhymney up line only 117y CPY 5m 50ch 5m 55ch  
River Rhymney down line only 63y CPZ 6m 33ch 6m 36ch  
River Rother     MAC3 47m 2ch 47m 6ch  
River Severn   145y AAM 6m 18ch 6m 24ch  
River Severn Bridge included within Worcester          
River Skerne     ECM5 45m 30ch 45m 33ch  
River Skerne     ECM5 47m 24ch 47m 26ch  
River Sowe     RBS1 91m 64ch 91m 68ch  
River Spey     ELC     7
River Stour     LTN1 59m 71ch 59m 75ch  
River Taff also called Taffs Well 88y CAM 7m 74ch   5
River Tame     ALC1 0m 14ch 0m 18ch  
River Tame     BJW1 0m 12ch    
River Tame     HAJ 5m 19ch 5m 23ch  
River Tame     PBJ 6m 55ch 6m 56ch  
River Tame     PBJ 7m 1ch 7m 2ch  
River Tavy   497y DAC 224m 15ch 224m 38ch 17
River Taw     BAZ 209m 2ch    
River Tawe   95y SDI2 2m 71ch 2m 75ch  
River Teme   70y WAH 123m 65ch 123m 68ch 9
River Ter     LTN1 35m 22ch    
River Test     RTJ2 81m 17ch    
River Thame also called Chearsley   NAJ2 30m 75ch 30m 79ch 5
River Thames     NMS1 12m 28ch    
River Thames also called Cannon Street   CBM 0m 16ch    
River Tone   75y CHD 0m 21ch 0m 25ch  
River Torridge A   93y NDN 224m 41ch 224m 45ch  
River Torridge B   66y NDN 224m 60ch 224m 63ch  
River Torridge C   66y NDN 225m 0ch 225m 3ch  
River Towy see Glantowy          
River Trent     CLN3 29m 11ch    
River Trent     CLN3 29m 18ch    
River Trent     KSL 125m 61ch 125m 70ch  
River Trent down side, masonry arches   LEC2 122m 13ch 122m 17ch  
River Trent up side, metalic decks   LEC2 122m 13ch 122m 17ch  
River Trent brick arches   RRN2 14m 15ch   5
River Trent     SSJ1 120m 65ch 120m 68ch  
River Trent     SSJ1 124m 50ch 124m 57ch  
River Trent (South)     CLN3 28m 75ch    
River Usk   59y BND 6m 53ch 6m 56ch  
River Usk also called Penpergwm River Bridge 92y HNL1 25m 78ch 26m 2ch 3
River Usk   80y MTA 1m 59ch 1m 63ch  
River Usk   215y SWM2 158m 21ch 158m 30ch 12
River Usk Bridge     ROS 25m 21ch    
River Waveney     LTN1 94m 54ch    
River Waver     CBC3 13m 40ch    
River Wear see Monkwearmouth Bridge          
River Wey     AJB 0m 20ch 0m 25ch  
River Wey     BML1 19m 52ch 19m 54ch  
River Wharfe, Ulleskelf     NOC 8m 36ch    
River Wiske     LEN3 49m 60ch 49m 62ch  
River Wissey     BGK 83m 23ch    
River Wye     MLT 80m 75ch    
River Yare     LTN1 112m 43ch    
River Yarrow slow lines only   CGJ5 14m 50ch 14m 55ch  
River Yeo     YVT 1m 38ch    
Robbery Lane     ECM1 23m 32ch    
Rockingham Street     HHH 1m 31ch 1m 35ch 5
Rockley Sands     BML2 116m 78ch    
Rock Mill   52y NEW 284m 33ch 284m 36ch  
Roodee     CNH3 180m 23ch 180m 47ch  
Roper Lane     LBC 0m 23ch 0m 30ch 16
Roper Lane     LBW 0m 23ch 0m 30ch 16
Rossendale Road Arches     CTC 3m 56ch    
Rossie     ECN4 29m 54ch 29m 63ch  
Rotherhithe Road     LBC 1m 49ch 1m 59ch 7
Rotherhithe Road     LBC 1m 49ch 1m 59ch 7
Rothiemay see Deveron          
Rouel Road     LBC 0m 67ch 0m 69ch 6
Rouel Road     LBW 0m 67ch 0m 69ch 10
Rowton House     BML1 1m 35ch 1m 39ch 6
Rowton House     RDG1 1m 35ch 1m 39ch 6
Royal Albert Bridge   730y MLN2 250m 70ch 251m 23ch 19
Royal Border Bridge   720y ECM7 66m 41ch 66m 74ch 28
Ruckley   90y WSJ2 152m 8ch 152m 12ch  
Rugby North Flyover     RBS1 83m 32ch 83m 52ch At least 12
Rumney River main lines only   SWM2 167m 67ch    
Runcorn Bridge also called Queen Ethelfleda or or Queen Æthelflæd 915y WJL1 180m 77ch 181m 11ch 3
Runcorn North     WJL1 181m 11ch 181m 25ch 16
Runcorn South     WJL1 180m 48ch 180m 77ch 33
Running Shed see Coal Sidings          
Rushworth Street     HHH 1m 8ch 1m 10ch 3
Ruswarp     MBW3 29m 26ch    
Ryde Pier     IOW 0m 0ch 0m 31ch  
Rye Lane     BTH1 3m 28ch   10
Rythers     ECM3 180m 3ch 180m 28ch  
Saddleworth also called Uppermill   MVL3 13m 50ch 13m 64ch 21?
St Annes Park Arches     MLN1 115m 25ch 115m 29ch  
St Austell   207y MLN3 286m 60ch 286m 70ch 10
St Catherine's Meadow   84y SWM2 115m 0ch 115m 4ch 7
St Erth   31y MLN4 320m 36ch    
St Germans   326y MLN2 255m 74ch 256m 8ch 13
St Ives   106y SIV 325m 2ch 325m 7ch 10
St James     MLN1 106m 77ch 107m 20ch  
St James Street Station platform supporting arches   CJC 5m 52ch   29
St John's Hill     BML1 4m 5ch    
St Johns Wood over LEC1 62y MCJ1 204m 38ch    
St Julians River Bridge   150y HNL1 40m 47ch 40m 54ch 8
St Leonards     HGL1 151m 11ch    
St Lukes Business Units     HST 1m 0ch 1m 7ch  
St Pinnock   202y MLN3 269m 40ch 269m 49ch 10
St Stephens see Coombe          
St Thomas   548y MLN1 194m 59ch 195m 3ch 66
St Thomas   135y SWT 48m 28ch 48m 33ch  
St Thomas Street     LBC 0m 4ch 0m 18ch  
St Thomas Street     LBW 0m 4ch 0m 19ch  
Salford also called Middlewood   DSE 30m 48ch 31m 38ch 134
Salkeld Street     HST 1m 37ch 1m 40ch  
Saltburn     SSK1 27m 79ch 28m 16ch  
Salthouse     CBC1 28m 3ch 28m 10ch  
Sandstone     POD 124m 7ch 124m 10ch  
Sankey   150y DSE 14m 7ch 14m 16ch 9
Sankey Valley     MAJ 17m 16ch 17m 21ch  
Sark     WCM1 8m 55ch 8m 57ch  
Sarn Pile   19y SBA2 59m 46ch    
Satan's Bridge     SDC 6m 72ch    
Saw Mill     NKL 16m 14ch   7
Scarborough Bridge rail and foot spans   YMS 0m 16ch 0m 19ch  
School Arches see Abbey          
Scout Hill     LIV1?     12
Scoop   73y NDN 201m 35ch 201m 39ch  
Sea Mills see River Avon          
Seaton     GSM1 86m 63ch    
Selby Canal     ECM1 172m 42ch 172m 44ch  
Selby Dam     ECM3 175m 13ch 175m 20ch  
Selby Swing Bridge     HUL2 30m 70ch    
Sellafield see Calder          
Selly Oak metal spans to 45m 39ch, then brick arches 250y BAG1 45m 33ch 45m 45ch 13
Settle see Church          
Seven Arch   68y MLN1 31m 19ch 31m 22ch 7
Seven Arches see Oldmill Street          
Severn   1313y SAW 4m 54ch 5m 34ch  
Severn   517y WSJ2 171m 29ch 171m 53ch  
Severn And Carno Rivers timber 66y SBA2 53m 16ch 53m 20ch 11
Shaftholme     HTM 68m 41ch 68m 51ch  
Shakespeare     ATL 4m 70ch 4m 73ch 5
Shakespeare     CAT 3m 51ch 3m 54ch 5
Shand Street     LBC 0m 18ch    
Sharpness No 1   95y SSN 4m 34ch 4m 38ch  
Sharpness No 2     SSN 4m 46ch    
Sharpness Swing Bridge   64y SAW 4m 52ch 4m 54ch  
Sharnbrook (New) slow lines   SPC2 56m 16ch 56m 25ch  
Sharnbrook (Old) fast lines   SPC2 56m 16ch 56m 25ch  
Shay Lane     DOL1 172m 54ch 172m 60ch  
Sheepwash     PSE 144m 64ch 144m 65ch  
Shenstone     ALC2 10m 75ch 11m 0ch 13
Shepherds Lane     ATL 5m 41ch 5m 50ch 17
Sherbourne     RBS1 92m 76ch 93m 0ch  
Sherif Brow see Ribble          
Sherrington   73y SAL 121m 26ch 121m 29ch  
Shifnal   194y WSJ2 154m 33ch 154m 42ch 12
Shifnal Arches up side only   WSJ2 154m 24ch   9
Shillamill   227y DAC 215m 51ch 215m 62ch  
Shin see Oykel          
Shiplake early steel 230y HEN 33m 7ch 33m 17ch 11
Shochie     HGL1 156m 0ch    
Shoreham over River Adur;
built 1892
394y BLI1 6m 27ch 6m 43ch 16
Shrub Hill Station     OWW 120m 40ch   8
Shugborough also called Little Haywood;
masonry arches
66y LEC2 127m 68ch 127m 71ch 4
Signal Box     BML1 0m 55ch 0m 60ch 9
Signal Box     RDG1 0m 55ch 0m 60ch 9
Silver Street Station platform supporting arches   HDT 7m 71ch   15
Sirhowy grade II listed;
stone arches;
built 1864
110y MTA 13m 41ch   9
Sir Philip Rose's also called Penn 63y NAJ2 14m 14ch 14m 17ch 3
Six Arches     ETF 74m 42ch   6
Skewen   29y SWM2 209m 73ch    
Slade   275y MLN1 237m 57ch 237m 69ch 11
Slaithwaite   161m MVL3 21m 0ch 21m 7ch  
Slateford also called Water Of Leith   ECA2 98m 48ch 98m 59ch  
Sleeches     SCU1 41m 63ch 41m 70ch  
Slitting Mill     CHR 151m 28ch    
Slochd     HGL2 93m 69ch 93m 75ch 8
Slutchers Lane     CHW2 17m 68ch    
Smardale     SAC 268m 49ch 268m 59ch  
Smedley     MVN1 1m 8ch    
Smithston     STR1 47m 34ch 47m 36ch  
Snow Hill     DCL 129m 34ch 129m 45ch 41
Soho     SCL 0m 9ch 0m 12ch 8
Somerford   150y SWB 90m 23ch 90m 29ch 13
Somerleyton Swing Bridge     NOL 17m 62ch 17m 70ch  
Somerton semicircular brick arches 116y CCL 125m 15ch 125m 20ch 5
Sopers Farm     HDB 12m 36ch 12m 43ch  
Souldern No 1   308y NAJ3 16m 32ch 16m 47ch  
Souldern No 2   404y NAJ3 17m 5ch 17m 25ch  
South Approach Arches     ECN2 9m 47ch    
South Bermondsey     BTH1 2m 24ch   13
South College Street Arches     ECN5 240m 45ch 240m 59ch  
South Drain     WEB 82m 25ch    
Southerham Lift     KJE2 50m 64ch    
South Esk   481y ECN4 30m 2ch 30m 24ch 16
South London Line     FLL1 3m 40ch   7
South Tottenham To Blackhorse Road Arches     TAH2 6m 13ch 6m 22ch 21
South Tyne see Ridley Hall          
Southwark Bridge Road     HHH 1m 18ch 1m 27ch 15
Sowerby Bridge   78m MVN2 28m 30ch 28m 34ch  
Spon End see Coventry          
Spean     WHL 89m 46ch 89m 50ch  
Spey     ANI2 22m 65ch    
Spey     HGL2 68m 22ch 68m 27ch  
Spicers Wharf     BSF 0m 71ch 0m 79ch 18
Spices Underbridge Flood Opening steel trough flooring (same as Cockmarsh Common?)   WBB 28m 26ch   6
Spread Eagle     BML1 0m 48ch 0m 55ch 11
Spread Eagle     RDG1 0m 48ch 0m 55ch 11
Spring Gardens   401y BUX 0m 9ch 0m 27ch 16
Stafford's Bridge   66y MLN1 191m 45ch 191m 48ch  
Stalybridge     MVL3 7m 77ch 8m 9ch 21
Stanford Road     MCJ3 91m 38ch 91m 46ch  
Stanningley   151m LBE1 4m 32ch 4m 39ch  
Stanway see Toddington          
Stapleton   224y KIG 128m 55ch 128m 66ch  
Stapleton Road   49y BSW 1m 56ch 1m 58ch  
Station     BTH1 2m 48ch   11
Station Arches     CGJ5 6m 46ch    
Station Arches     CGJ5 6m 51ch    
Station Road     CAT 3m 12ch   10
Station Road     CAT 3m 8ch 3m 16ch 10
Station Road     HHH 2m 76ch 3m 2ch 6
Staverton     MCJ3     9
Stechford     RBS1 109m 28ch 109m 30ch  
Steedman Street     HHH 1m 56ch 1m 59ch 5
Steedman Street     HHH 1m 65ch 1m 71ch 10
Stewarton     GBK 18m 42ch 18m 52ch  
Stewarts Lane     ATL 7m 0ch 7m 6ch 6
Stewarts Lane see Market          
Stifford     UPG 4m 51ch 4m 60ch  
Stockbeck     DJH 29m 12ch 29m 19ch  
Stockley North separate up airport line and up airport relief line viaducts   HLL 11m 55ch 11m 79ch 19
Stockport   597y CMP2 183m 10ch 183m 37ch 27
Stoke see Oldmill Street          
Stonehouse wrought iron arch ribs in river span 90y BGL2 102m 7ch 102m 11ch 5
Stonehouse Pool     MLN7 247m 32ch    
Stoneyfield see Deans Brook          
Stores     PWW 5m 50ch   9
Stourbridge   190y OWW 142m 69ch 142m 77ch  
Strangford   95y GCT 135m 32ch 135m 37ch  
Stratford also reported as 132y 73y SWM1 102m 32ch 102m 34ch 5
Stratton   c.45y WEY 158m 77ch 159m 3ch  
Stroan     CJD      
Stroud   145y STW 105m 4ch 105m 10ch 9
Stroud also called Merrywalks or Watts 132y SWM1 102m 15ch 102m 21ch 12
Succoth     OBN2 43m 54ch    
Sudbury     NSS 21m 15ch 21m 19ch  
Sun Wharf     NKL 5m 15ch 5m 17ch 10
Sun Wharf     NKL 5m 18ch 5m 20ch 5
Surrey Lane Arches     HST 1m 22ch    
Sutherland Square     HHH 2m 11ch 2m 14ch 4
Sutherland Street     HHH 2m 8ch 2m 11ch 5
Swainsley     SPC8 134m 57ch 134m 61ch  
Swaithe     SHB 171m 56ch 171m 67ch 10
Swale see Kingsferry          
Swansea Victoria   409y SWN 11m 66ch 12m 5ch  
Swanside     DJH 24m 71ch 24m 75ch  


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