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Name Notes Length ELR Start mileage End mileage Spans
Daff     WYS 7m 29ch 7m 34ch  
Daily Express Car Park see El Vino's          
Dalehouse Lane see Kenilworth Stoneleigh Road          
Dalguise   c.118m HGL2 20m 48ch   2
Daltangan     STR2 11m 29ch 11m 32ch  
Dandy Mire see Moorcock          
Dane see Holmes Chapel          
Danes Road     HHH 3m 11ch 3m 25ch 33
Dare     DAZ 2m 0ch    
Dark Arches see Ewer Street          
Darraton see Derriton          
Dartford     HDR 16m 79ch 17m 3ch  
Dawdon Dene     LEN3 83m 31ch 83m 37ch  
Dean     STY 1m 37ch 1m 45ch  
Dean Street?     ECM7 0m 11ch 0m 40ch  
Dean Street?     LEN3 101m 49ch 101m 59ch  
Deans Brook also called Stoneyfield   SPC1 10m 32ch 10m 36ch  
Deepcar     SKL unknown    
Delta   100y MCJ1 203m 15ch 203m 19ch  
Den Of Cowie     ECN5 226m 77ch 227m 3ch  
Denby Dale   299m PEH 9m 35ch 9m 49ch  
Dene see Chester Moor          
Denham also called Grand Union Canal 194y NAJ2 3m 76ch 4m 5ch 9
Dent Head     SAC 251m 12ch 251m 22ch  
Derriton also called Darraton   MJB 217m 74ch    
Derrycombe   104y MLN3 270m 75ch 271m 0ch  
Derwent see Halfpenny Billies          
Deveron also called Rothiemay   ANI1 45m 5ch    
Devonshire Street Goods Yard     LTN1 2m 0ch    
Dewsbury   177m MDL1 33m 74ch 34m 2ch  
Digswell see Welwyn          
Dinsdale?     DSN1 3m 3ch 3m 5ch  
Dinting Vale crosses A57 road and Glossop Brook   HAJ 11m 42ch 11m 62ch 12?
Ditton     WJL1 181m 33ch 181m 69ch 49
Dochart     KLB     3
Docker Garth's   c.125m CGJ7 23m 77ch 24m 3ch 5
Dockley Road     LBC 0m 69ch 1m 1ch 30
Dockley Road     LBW 0m 69ch 1m 1ch 9
Dolemeads   255y MLN1 106m 49ch 106m 61ch 37
Doon     STR1 46m 5ch 46m 9ch  
Dorking Road     NKL 4m 34ch 4m 45ch 33
Doughty's   62y SBA2 50m 12ch    
Dover actual name not known;
constructed 2016 below ground level as insurance against sea erosion;
Network Rail also quotes 238m length
235m XTD     139
Dovey Junction also called Glandovey;
crosses River Dovey
152y DJP 79m 12ch 79m 20ch 20
Down Cambridge Flyover     DCF 32m 64ch 33m 26ch 29
Down High Level down line only   BOK3 5m 36ch 5m 47ch  
Down Hump     KMG1 4m 6ch    
Down Side Siding now removed   SPC5 109m 0ch    
Draw Wood   179y MLN3 270m 40ch 270m 48ch 27
Drigg     CBC1 59m 51ch    
Drope   178y CTD 4m 70ch 4m 79ch  
Dry Beck     SAC 299m 6ch 299m 12ch  
Dryfe Water     WCM1 27m 28ch 27m 32ch  
Duddon see Foxfield          
Dukes Drive   163y BUX 1m 4ch 1m 12ch  
Dukinfield East     SAJ 0m 67ch 0m 72ch  
Dukinfield West     SAJ 0m 60ch 0m 65ch  
Dulais see Aberdulais          
Dulnain     HGL2 90m 15ch 90m 18ch  
Dunfermline see Woodmill Street          
Dunglass     ECM8 36m 2ch 36m 8ch  
Dunkerton   77y CMZ 5m 66ch 5m 70ch  
Dunninald     ECN4 26m 72ch    
Durham     ECM5 65m 74ch 66m 6ch  
Durham Warping Drain     TJG2 11m 43ch    
Dutch River Bridge     TJG2 7m 54ch 7m 69ch  
Dutton     CGJ1 173m 76ch 174m 18ch 20
Eamont     CGJ7 50m 7ch 50m 12ch 5
Earl Cowpers brick arches   HNR 65m 14ch 65m 19ch 15
Earl Cowpers     HNR 65m 48ch 65m 55ch  
Earn     CDC2 45m 28ch    
Earn     SCM4 147m 55ch 147m 65ch  
Easby     MBW1 9m 41ch    
East Brixton     ATL 5m 2ch 5m 11ch 19
(Cardiff) East Junction   177y CEJ 0m 10ch 0m 19ch 5
East Largin also called Largin 177y MLN3 269m 69ch 269m 77ch 9
East Lune     SJC 7m 49ch 7m 60ch  
East To South Dock   927y VON 48m 28ch 48m 70ch  
Eastville   134y KIG 128m 17ch 128m 24ch  
Eden goods lines   WCM1 1m 20ch 1m 26ch  
Eden main lines   WCM1 1m 21ch 1m 26ch  
Eden Lacy see Long Meg          
Edward Place     NKL 4m 57ch 4m 60ch 7
Eglington Trading Estate Arches     HST 1m 26ch    
Eglinton Street Arches     HST 1m 30ch    
Ehen     CBC1 64m 35ch    
Eign originally GCT 143m 18ch-143m 22ch 92y SHL 51m 79ch 52m 3ch  
Electric Avenue     ATL 5m 28ch 5m 36ch 7
Elephant And Castle     HHH 1m 41ch 1m 52ch 31
Elford     MOR 0m 57ch    
Elsick     ECN5 231m 3ch 231m 10ch  
Elton Wheelock     CMP1 161m 5ch    
Elvan Water     WCM1 42m 78ch    
El Vino's also called Daily Express Car Park   HHH 0m 50ch    
Elwells Brook     PBJ 8m 65ch 8m 65ch  
Ely River   66y BRY 1m 46ch 1m 49ch  
Ember River Bridge And Flood Arches     HAM 14m 69ch    
English Damside     WCM1 0m 13ch    
Enid Street     LBC 0m 53ch 0m 67ch 37
Enid Street     LBW 0m 53ch 0m 67ch 37
Enterkin Burn     GSW 71m 73ch 71m 77ch  
Enterkine     KCH1 45m 2ch 45m 16ch  
Erick also called Ewich   OBN2 31m 70ch    
Esholt     GUE2 0m 70ch 0m 75ch  
Esk     WCM1 6m 51ch 6m 58ch  
Eskmeals     CBC1 56m 43ch 56m 58ch 18
Etta Street     NKL 4m 26ch 4m 34ch 14
Ewer Street also called Dark Arches   BMJ 0m 71ch    
Ewer Street Depot     BMJ 1m 0ch   24
Ewich see Erick          
Exmouth   359y TJE 174m 72ch 175m 8ch  
Eynsford     SBJ 19m 73ch 19m 79ch  
Failford     ANN 47m 15ch 47m 21ch  
Fal   177y MLN3 291m 59ch 291m 67ch 7
Falls Of Cruachan     OBN2 52m 72ch    
Farmers     SKW1 244m 0ch 244m 3ch  
Farnley     DOL4 41m 70ch 42m 43ch 90
Farrer House     NKL 5m 11ch 5m 15ch 10
Fatherford   83y DAC 196m 43ch 196m 47ch  
Fauldhouse     EGS2 12m 25ch 12m 30ch  
Faulkners     CDM2 34m 30ch    
Felin Fran?     SDI2 1m 64ch    
Fenchurch Street To Bow Triangle Arches     FSS1 0m 0ch 2m 71ch  
Fenny Bridges   79y BAE2 157m 75ch 157m 79ch  
Fetteresso     ECN5 224m 28ch 224m 33ch  
Ffinch Street     NKL 4m 66ch 4m 76ch 48
Fiddich     DFN     2
Fillan     WHL 36m 45ch 36m 48ch  
Findhorn   208y ANI3 119m 73ch 120m 1ch 3
Findhorn additional two arches on each approach 405m HGL2 98m 4ch 98m 24ch 9
Finham Brook     LSC2 4m 27ch 4m 30ch 4
Finnart     WHL 11m 36ch 11m 40ch  
Five Arches see Wardsend          
Fladbury Flood Openings steel trough floor   OWW 109m 46ch 109m 49ch 11
Flaxman Road     LTC 3m 47ch   11
Float     WCM1 72m 47ch 72m 46ch  
Flood     KSL 125m 76ch 126m 0ch  
Flood Arches   50y DAC 177m 20ch 177m 22ch  
Flood Arches     ECM1 121m 40ch   6
Flood Arches     GSM4 106m 7ch    
Flood Arches     SSJ1 120m 55ch 120m 60ch  
Flood Arches     SSJ1 124m 47ch 124m 49ch  
Flood Arches     SSJ1 124m 62ch 124m 66ch  
Flood Arches     SWM2 115m 36ch 115m 36ch  
Flood Openings     NGL 19m 10ch    
Flood Openings     NOB1 15m 43ch 15m 46ch  
Flood Openings     NOB1 15m 53ch 15m 55ch  
Flood Openings     LJT1 12m 64ch 12m 67ch  
Flood Openings     SPC5 112m 58ch 112m 60ch  
Flood Span     WCK 9m 55ch    
Flood Spans     GSM3 105m 9ch 105m 11ch  
Flyover     BFO 0m 36ch c.0m 70ch  
Flyover     DHF 0m 68ch 1m 0ch  
Foal Mead see Langport          
Folds Road also called Turner Lane   AST 0m 0ch    
Forder   234y MLN2 252m 60ch 252m 71ch 9
Forder     SGZ 252m 60ch    
Foreign Street     HHH 3m 25ch 3m 28ch 19
Former North Circular Road     LEC1 6m 77ch 7m 0ch  
Forteviot also called River May   SCM4 144m 50ch    
Forth   152y SAA 0m 58ch 0m 66ch  
Forth   145y SCM3 118m 61ch 118m 68ch  
Forth Banks split East (22 spans) and West (10 spans)   NEN1 0m 22ch 0m 25ch 32
Forth Banks Yard 9 metal and 4 arched spans   ECM5 79m 70ch 80m 4ch 13
Forth Bridge     ECN2 10m 38ch    
Foulridge     TJC3 230m 15ch    
Fowey also called Lostwithiel   MLN3 277m 51ch 277m 53ch 5
Foxfield also called Duddon   CBC1 41m 6ch 41m 11ch 5
Frampton semicircular brick arches 130y SWM1 96m 54ch 96m 60ch 9
Frampton   c.25y WEY 157m 46ch    
Fremington Pill     NDN 214m 7ch    
Freshford segmental brick arch, stone substructure 114y BFB 5m 8ch 5m 12ch 6
Friar Street     HHH 1m 2ch 1m 8ch 10
Frodingham     DOW 20m 62ch 21m 28ch 84
Frodsham also called Weaver   CHW1 10m 48ch 10m 65ch  
Frome Road     CMZ 2m 16ch    
Fylde Road     CGJ6 0m 62ch    
Gaberston     SAA 7m 10ch    
Gallowgate And London Road Arches     HST 0m 38ch 0m 44ch  
Gambia Street     HHH 0m 66ch 0m 70ch 5
Gamlyn     DAZ 0m 24ch    
Gamma   127y MCJ1 203m 8ch 203m 14ch  
Garbh Ghaoir see Gaur          
Garden Street see Kilmarnock Water          
Garelochead     WHL 9m 52ch 9m 55ch  
Garnant River rails never laid   GGZ 0m 5ch    
Garndiffaith   187y BWB 7m 69ch 7m 78ch  
Garngaber also called Lenzie   EGM1 6m 68ch 6m 73ch  
Garroch     MAX 2m 65ch    
Garry     HGL2 39m 40ch 39m 46ch  
Garsdale see Moorcock          
Gas Factory Junction To Bow Arches     GFB 2m 57ch 3m 7ch  
Gas House   41y FNS2 0m 67ch    
Gas Lane arches through Bristol Temple Meads station   MLN1 118m 12ch 118m 34ch  
Gatehamton   99y MLN1 44m 0ch 44m 5ch  
Gatehead also called Irvine   BAK 3m 16ch 3m 20ch  
Gateside     GBK 7m 61ch 7m 74ch  
Gathurst     WBS3 20m 67ch 20m 71ch  
Gaur also called Garbh Ghaoir   WHL 63m 48ch 63m 52ch  
Gauxholme No 1     MVN2 18m 24ch 18m 37ch  
Gauxholme No 2     MVN2 18m 45ch    
Geddington see Harpers Brook          
Gedling Street see Perseverance [LBC]          
Gedling Street see Perseverance [LBW]          
Gelly see Manod          
Gelt     NEC2 51m 25ch 51m 29ch  
Gill Water     GSW 74m 54ch 74m 57ch  
Gillingham     BAE2 106m 28ch 106m 30ch  
Gilmour Street Arches     GOU1 6m 47ch    
Girvan     STR2 0m 8ch 0m 10ch  
Glais     MSV 6m 12ch    
Glamorganshire Canal also called Melingriffith Road or Tymawr   CAM 4m 42ch    
Glandovey see Dovey Junction          
Glanhafren   31y SBA2 35m 60ch    
Glanrhydyrech     MLT 77m 42ch    
Glantowy also called River Towy 102y VOT 24m 45ch 24m 50ch 5
Glasgow Central Arches assumed to apply through to 102m 24ch   WCM2 102m 0ch    
Glasshill Street     HHH 0m 78ch 1m 2ch 6
Glasshouse Walk     BML1 1m 8ch 1m 13ch 11
Glasshouse Walk     RDG1 1m 8ch 1m 13ch 11
Glazebrook   163y MLN1 230m 65ch 230m 72ch 7
Glazert     GBK 16m 13ch 16m 17ch  
Glean     WHL 45m 3ch    
Gleann Mama see Glenmama          
Glen     SUB2 6m 40ch    
Glendon     GSM1 75m 22ch 75m 26ch  
Glen Doune     STR2 1m 30ch 1m 31ch  
Glenesk     SBO     1
Glen Falloch     WHL 30m 50ch 30m 57ch  
Glenfinnan   416y MLG2 13m 65ch 14m 5ch 21
Glengarnock     AYR3 22m 7ch    
Glen Lusset     NEM5 11m 5ch    
Glenmama also called Glean Mama or Lochnan Uamh   MLG2 26m 67ch 26m 72ch  
Glen Ogle     OBA      
Glenury     ECN5 225m 32ch 225m 47ch  
Glossop Road     HAJ 10m 76ch    
Gloucester   345y SWM2 114m 21ch 114m 36ch  
Gloucester Road     BSW 6m 44ch 6m 46ch 6
Glynde Reach     STS 52m 20ch    
Goding Street     BML1 1m 23ch 1m 27ch 9
Goding Street     RDG1 1m 23ch 1m 27ch 9
Godley Arches     HAJ 7m 77ch    
Golcar   55m MVL3 22m 52ch 22m 54ch  
Golden Manor see Hanwell          
Goods Shed see Old Loco Sidings          
Goods Yard Arches     SJL2 1m 78ch    
Goole Swing Bridge     TJG2 5m 2ch 5m 15ch  
Goonbell   140y TNG 3m 78ch 4m 4ch  
Gordon Road   47y NAJ2 15m 72ch 15m 74ch  
Gors-Y-Garnant over CRZ   GWA 15m 29ch    
Gover   202y MLN3 287m 38ch 287m 47ch 8
Goyt Cliff     TTA1 175m 42ch 175m 48ch  
Granby     BML1 0m 73ch 0m 77ch 8
Granby     RDG1 0m 73ch 0m 77ch 8
Grand Junction Canal     BDN 0m 12ch 0m 16ch  
Grand Junction Canal     HNR 65m 8ch 65m 11ch  
Grand Union Canal see Denham          
Great Catch Water Drain     BGK 73m 61ch    
Great Howard Street     HXS2 35m 62ch 36m 10ch 32
Great Ouse     ECM1 58m 15ch 58m 18ch  
Great Ouse two structures side by side   SPC1 49m 33ch 49m 38ch 5
Great Suffolk Street     BMJ 0m 63ch   7
Great Suffolk Street     HHH 0m 70ch 0m 78ch 12
Greatham     LEN3 66m 41ch 66m 43ch  
Green Road     CBC1 42m 20ch    
Greengate Bridge     CBC1 28m 37ch   9
Greenhill also called Tenby 136y PEM 274m 39ch 274m 46ch 8
Greenhurst     SCU1 42m 64ch 42m 69ch  
Greenway     TOR 226m 40ch    
Gresham     CAT 3m 30ch 3m 33ch 4
Gretton     GSM1 83m 5ch 83m 8ch  
Griseburn     SAC 271m 53ch 271m 59ch  
Groes     CNH3 219m 0ch    
Groeserw     RSB 5m 32ch    
Grosvenor Park     HHH 2m 33ch 2m 38ch 10
Grosvenor Place     HHH 2m 38ch 2m 42ch 9
Grove     SGZ 255m 13ch    
Grovesend see Loughor          
Guernsey Grove     HHT 4m 19ch 4m 33ch 28
Guildford see Guilford          
Guildford see London Road          
Guildford Road     AAV 32m 26ch 32m 28ch  
Guilford also called Guildford 123y MLN4 318m 25ch 318m 31ch 6
Guinness     BML1 1m 13ch 1m 18ch 11
Guinness     RDG1 1m 13ch 1m 18ch 11
Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen   97y GWA 16m 7ch 16m 11ch 5
Gwenalt crosses CMN   TAL 10m 54ch    


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